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Go West, Young Man

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Summary: The Powers needed the presence of a powerful demon to empower their Chosen Champion.They steal Son Goku from his Realm and after they were done, imprisoned him deep in a mountain.Thousands of years later the rest of Sanzo Tachi are reincarnated on Earth.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other SlashtheladyofshadowsFR1523,3942133,57031 Oct 0631 Oct 06No

Chapter One

Crossover: BtVS/Saiyuki/Supernatural/slight STTNG/even slighter mention of Inuyasha.
Warnings: Slash, AU
Pairings: so far Xander(Sanzo)/Son Goku
Disclaimer: I don’t own nothing! Also in a scene later on in this chapter I pretty much copy the whole Duchess of Buffonia speech word for word.

Summary: The Powers needed the presence of a powerful demon to empower their Chosen Champion. They didn’t want an evil one though. So they stole Son Goku from his Realm and after they were done, imprisoned him deep in a mountain. The Sanzo Tachi are not happy neither is Kanzeon Bosatsu. Thousands of years later, Kanzeon finally is able to reincarnate the rest of the Tachi on Earth with a little help from an old friend. Now she and Q are manipulating certain events around the current incarnation of Sanzo. Who just so happens to be the one and only, Alexander Lavelle Harris. Soon the Sanzo Tachi will be reunited once again with all the chaos that implies.

Authors Note: This is based on a short I did for Halloween’s Reprise in which came about when my roommate and I began talking about it. It grew from being a little short thing to a multi-crossover epic. I did the short as I originally planned and then started this. Additionally I haven’t found a beta yet for my BtVS fic’s, I’m wondering if anyone is interested in becoming my beta. If interested email me at

Go West, Young Man

Chapter One

Kanzeon wandered through Ethan’s Costume Shop, unseen by the mortals around her. She had already influenced many of the human children to buy all the toy machine guns in the store. She smirked as the last machine gun was picked up and taken to the front counter just as a young male brunette with deep, brown eyes walked into the store accompanied by two female companions. The red head and the blonde were talking animatedly to each other leaving the young man out of the conversation.

She drifted over to him and examined the young man who was called Xander by his friends. She smiled, liking what she saw. He was definitely not as emotionally closed off as Sanzo had been. He had had a hard life. His parents were abusive drunks and he had to stake his best friend Jessie but he had not locked away his heart. She leaned forward. “It is good to see you again, my nephew,” she whispered in his ear.

Xander frowned and then shrugged it off. He strolled over to the bins, looking for a gun to complete his soldier costume. A few moments later he sighed. He could not fin a single machine gun in the place. As he rummaged through the bins, Kanzeon pushed a toy pistol into his hand. A slight scowl crossed his face as he pulled it out and examined it. He could use it but a soldier with just a pistol just wouldn’t work. Kanzeon smiled and moved a pair of fingerless black gloves into his line of sight. They looked exactly like the ones he used to wear when he was Sanzo. She grinned wickedly as she remembered how she and Q had gotten the story about the Sanzo Tachi turned into a manga and then an anime series. A series, that she knew, Xander had just finished watching.

Xander saw the gloves and then looked down at the toy in his hand. He smirked as an idea hit him. He picked up the gloves and began rooting around in the bin. All he needed was to find a gold crown that looked enough like the original and a blonde wig. He figured he could make the rest of the costume at home. After a few minutes of searching through the assorted bins he finally found what he was looking for. He picked up the crown and headed toward a case holding a bunch of wigs. He quickly sorted through it and found one that would work. He then took his prizes up to the counter to pay for it. He knew that his costume was now going to cost more then he had originally planned but it was still in his price range.

Kanzeon smiled and glanced at her companion. So far things were going as planned. “Are you sure this will work, Q?”

Q smirked at her. “Of course it will. After all, chaos is my specialty,” he replied wickedly.


After Xander got home, he raided his parents’ closet. He remembered seeing some of what he needed for his costume in his parents clothes when he did the laundry. After a few minutes of rummaging through the hangers of clothing he found what he was looking for. He pulled out a beige robe with a black tie and a black, sleeveless Lycra turtle neck shirt. He shut the closet door and escaped back to his room with his pilfered items.

On arriving at his room he placed the clothes on his bed and walked over to his desk. He had earlier pulled out some white paper, tape and some green, black, and red washable felts. He sat down and began working on the Maten Sutra that Sanzo wore around his shoulders. He did not notice when Kanzeon appeared behind him and began whispering instructions into his ear. She guided him in creating a new Maten Sutra that would end up becoming his ultimate weapon here just as it had been in his own Realm. She smiled down at him; the things that she did for her irascible nephew. She had missed him since he had been gone. She would be watching him and his friends create chaos wherever they went once again.

She watched as he leaned back and smiled down at his completed Sutra. He got up and headed down the stairs to the basement. A few years ago his mom had gone on the wagon and had gotten into crafts. Then she fell off it again and her craft kit had been regulated to the basement. She wouldn’t even miss the fabric or that breast plate thing she made out Popsicle sticks that he was going to appropriate for his costume.

He quickly found the box in which the craft stuff had been stored and quickly pulled out breastplate and began sorting through the fabric until he found a white piece that was of the appropriate length. He put that to the side and put the rest of the fabric away. He went back to his room and began to put on his costume. As he put on the tight black pants and shirt he thought about how glad he was that he was wearing a robe over them.

Kanzeon, upon seeing the expression on his face, took a peek into his mind to see what he was thinking. She shook her head sadly. Her nephew maybe more emotionally open new but he now had absolutely no self-confidence. She grinned as she realized that after tonight, self-confidence wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Xander pulled on the gloves that went just past his elbows and pulled the robe overtop and wrapped the Popsicle monstrosity around his chest, securing it firmly. He drapped his makeshift Sutra over his shoulders, slipped on his sandals and pulled the blonde wig on over his head, making sure all of his own hair was covered up. He grabbed the white cloth, draping it over the back of his head so it trailed down his back and placed the gold crown on top to anchor the cloth into place. He added the finishing touch by using the red felt to place a single dot in middle of his forehead.

He regarded himself critically in the mirror and then smiled. His costume was perfect. He picked up the toy pistol, put it in his pocket and headed downstairs. It was time to meet the girls at Buffy’s. He paused, eyeing the pack of his dad’s cigarettes on the floor. He glanced quickly around and then picked them up. Now his costume was perfect!


Xander soon arrived at the Summer house and rang the doorbell. Buffy, in her period dress, opened the door. As he stepped in he rasped, “Genjyo Sanzo here as you com . . .” He paused and looked her up and down then said, “Buffy. Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia. I am in awe. I completely renounce spandex.”

Buffy grinned up at him and then curtseyed gracefully. “Why, thank-you kind sir. Wait till you see . . .” Buffy trailed off as Willow came down the stairs.

She looked up at Willow in her ghost costume and rolled her eyes in frustration. Xander stifled a smirk as he realized that the costume that Buffy had planned for Willow to wear had been covered up in a sheet. Xander was not really surprised. Willow had been going as a ghost for a very long time now. He figured that whatever Buffy had bullied Willow into wearing was something meant to entice him into noticing her as a female. He knew about her feelings for him but he didn’t feel the same way. She was his bestest bud. His yellow crayon girl. He hadn’t said anything about her interest in him because he didn’t want to hurt her. He grimaced slightly as he realized he’d have to tell her how he felt about her soon. With Buffy trying to help her get him she would end up getting hurt worse if he didn’t head it off soon.

Xander knew deep in his heart that his destiny lay with someone else. He thought that when he met Buffy that she was the one. In time, he realized that she wasn’t that person. Now, like Willow, she had been regulated to the role of best friend. He wondered when he’d finally meet the one for him. He thought perhaps Ampatha was it but he quickly found out that she wasn’t.

He shook himself out of his morose mood. Tonight was about having fun not moping about his love life or lack of one. He extended his arms to Buffy and Willow. “Well, ladies, shall we go? Our night on the town awaits us.”

The two girls giggled and each grabbed one of his proffered arms. They slipped out the door and headed to the high school. A night of fun and games was about to begin.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Go West, Young Man" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Oct 06.

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