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Go West, Young Man

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Summary: The Powers needed the presence of a powerful demon to empower their Chosen Champion.They steal Son Goku from his Realm and after they were done, imprisoned him deep in a mountain.Thousands of years later the rest of Sanzo Tachi are reincarnated on Earth.

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Crossover: BtVS/Saiyuki/Supernatural/slight STTNG/even slighter mention of Inuyasha.
Pairings: so far Xander(Sanzo)/Son Goku
Disclaimer: I don’t own nothing!

Summary: The Powers needed the presence of a powerful demon to empower their Chosen Champion. They didn’t want an evil one though. So they stole Son Goku from his Realm and after they were done, imprisoned him deep in a mountain. The Sanzo Tachi are not happy neither is Kanzeon Bosatsu. Thousands of years later, Kanzeon finally is able to reincarnate the rest of the Tachi on Earth with a little help from an old friend. Now she and Q are manipulating certain events around the current incarnation of Sanzo. Who just so happens to be the one and only, Alexander Lavelle Harris. Soon the Sanzo Tachi will be reunited once again with all the chaos that implies.

Authors Note: This is based on a short I did for Halloween’s Reprise in which came about when my roommate and I began talking about it. It grew from being a little short thing to a multi-crossover epic. I did the short as I originally planned and then started this. Additionally I haven’t found a beta yet for my BtVS fic’s, I’m wondering if anyone is interested in becoming my beta. If interested email me at

Go West, Young Man


The Powers That Be regarded each other warily. They had finally come to a decision in regards to the creation of The Slayer. The Slayer would be a human female and they would empower her by using the eldritch energies of a high level demon. Now many of them had not wanted to use a demon. They had pointed out that the demon used would have to be very powerful and most demons who matched that particular requirement were evil. They were so evil that their power would eventually corrupt their chosen Champion and that would just not do.

Then one of there number pointed out that they could look outside of their Realm for a demon of the needed power levels. After all, take the demon known as Sesshoumaru in the neighboring Realm. He was not evil, more neutral. He killed all who invaded his territory whether they were human or demon. Now he was of the appropriate power levels but grabbing him was out the question. The Powers shuddered; it would be stupid of them to piss of the very powerful Inu Taiyoukai. The Lord of the Western Lands of Japan would rip them to shreds if they took him from his home.

Silence had settled over the table as the host of Beings contemplated what He had said. The other Powers thought about his suggestion and soon they came to an agreement. They would search the other Realms, looking for the perfect candidate and take him or her for their use. They had come to an uneasy agreement, they would do this. They would kidnap a high level demon from another Realm and use it to empower their Champion. All they had to do was find one.

Now they sat there looking at each other wondering who would do what was needed to find the appropriate demon. The Power who had originally proposed the plan spoke up once again. “I will look for the demon we require. When I find him or her I will bring it to the shamans who will be performing the spell.”

The Powers nodded their agreement and left. The Being who had spoken was left alone and He smiled. He already had a candidate in mind. He lazily waved his hand and watched a young man with brown hair used a Nyoi-Bo to smash his way through a host of lower level demons. The Being studied the young man carefully. Innocence and purity shone from his golden, brown eyes. Over his forehead he wore a golden diadem which the Power had learned was a limiter for the young demon’s power. He was dressed in blue jeans, with a white t-shirt and over top of the shirt was a green and red vest which had three bone spears emerging from the shoulders, a brown leather belt that crossed from his left shoulder down to the right. A pair of brown leather bracers edged with white cloth and a short yellow cape with a cream covered cowl around the neck topped the ensemble.

The Being who watched the young demon had decided He would not steal the young one away anytime soon. He would wait until the young man had completed his tasks in his own Realm and then he would be taken. The Being smiled darkly. Son Goku was the perfect demon to use. His innocence and purity would insure that their Chosen One would not be corrupted by evil and his great love for a good fight would also be passed on to the Powers Champion. He chuckled softly. The plan was off to a good start.


1 year later

The Power had waited patiently and finally Son Goku was done what he needed to do in his own Realm. It was time to take him to his shamans. He reached into the pool before him and wrapped his power around Goku and yanked him into His Realm. He ignored the cries of outrage that came from behind him as he left the misty room. His task was now done and he informed the other Powers of that fact. They had already agreed to block whatever attempts the Powers of that Realm did to take the demon back.


The PTB sighed, it was done. They know had their Champion. They looked down at the young demon chained to a rock in the center of the clearing where the spell had been used. They now wondered what they were going to do with him. They could not send him back to his own Realm because they still needed his demonic energies to empower The Slayers yet to come. The spell used would automatically recast itself once the current Slayer died and would draw upon his power to activate the abilities of the next Chosen One.

So know they had no idea what they were going to do with him. If he was left loose he would cause no end of trouble for them. The Being who had orchestrated the whole plan leaned forward and snapped His fingers. A panoramic vista of a set of mountain ranges appeared before them. “Chain him up here. There is no one around this area. It would be the perfect place to store him. We already know that he can live for hundreds of years without food. We’d only have to feed him every century or so.”

The other Powers thought about His suggestion for a minute and then smiled. Once again He had come through with a very solid plan for them to use. The demon known as Son Goku blinked. One minute he had been in a clearing chained to a rock the next he was in a dark cave with no light. He keened softly to himself as realized that once again he was locked away from the warmth of the sun. He curled up into a ball and prayed that Sanzo would find him soon. The Being smiled as he peeked into the young demons unshielded mind. There would be no rescue for Goku anytime soon or if ever. He waved his hand and the mountain range that would one day be known as the Appalachian Mountain Range faded from view. He and the rest of the Powers left the misty room, satisfied with what they had done.


Kanzeon Bosatsu watched as Genjyo Sanzo paced back in forth before her. The purple haired, grey eyed hermaphrodite goddess shook her head at the pissed off expression on his face. It warned people that now was not the time to draw his attention to them. He might hurt them. Kanzeon looked over at the rest of the Sanzo Tachi. They were very angry as well. Sha Gojyo was chain smoking, every now and then flicking strands of his scarlet red hair out of his eyes. His red eyes that usually held laughter were filled with a deep desire to rip something apart.

Cho Hakkai, on the other hand was quiet. Too quiet which sent a shiver down her spine. Hakkai, unlike the rest of the Tachi got quiet when he was angry. The quieter he got the more pissed off he was. Hakkai’s jade eyes were still, hiding the turbulent undercurrents within. One wrong step and he’d rip you apart with a gentle smile upon his face. He tilted his head, the short strands of his black hair brushing his fingers as he watched her. “What are you going to do get Goku back, Kanzeon?”

“Do?” She growled, “I’ve tried many times to bring him back but the damned Powers of that realm have blocked me every time. Hell, I’ve even tried sending you three to him. But like my attempts to retrieve him they’ve also blocked my attempts to send you three to him. I don’t know what else I can do.”

Hakkai closed his eyes thinking about what she had said while his two friends growled angrily to themselves. He stroked the back of his familiar, Jeep, as he thought about what he said. The miniature white dragon looked up at him, cheeped softly and rubbed her head up against his face. He sighed and whispered, “They’ll continue to block you. You’re going to have to wait until they’ve relaxed their guard.”

She nodded her head. “I know but unfortunately by the time they’ve done that you three will most likely be dead . . .”

Her voice trailed off and she sat there in thought. The three men waited patiently for her to speak. They knew that she had a glimmer of a plan and all they had to do was wait for her to flesh it out. Sanzo pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit it up. He took a deep drag of his cigarette and ran his hand through his short, blonde hair. Goku had once compared the color of it to sunlight. He closed his violet eyes sadly, he missed Goku. He may be an unemotional bastard to everybody but Goku got him. He and Goku had always had a connection that transcended words and sometimes Goku didn’t get what he was really feeling but on the whole they had a wordless understanding flowing between them. Goku knew what he felt for him even though he had never said it out loud. He loved the whiny, loudmouthed little runt and Sanzo wanted him back.

Kanzeon cleared her throat bringing his attention back to her. “Alright, I can’t do anything right now. The Powers there have their Realm locked up tight. So you three must die here and now and I’ll hold your souls to be reincarnated in their Realm the moment that they let their guard down. The ties that bind your souls together will eventually pull the four of you back together again. I will also try to guide you four together again to hurry the process along.”

The three young men looked at each other, nodded and said in unison, “Do it!”

Kanzeon smiled sadly and pulled out three crystal orbs and placed them in her lap. She closed her eyes and yanked their souls from their bodies and placed them in the orbs. Their bodies slumped to ground, empty husks that once contained the souls of three unique individuals. She looked down at Jeep and smiled, “Don’t worry little one. I will make sure your soul is reincarnated with your Master.” Jeep chirped her understanding and curled up around the orbs.

Kanzeon then waited and watched the Realm in which Goku was held. She waited patiently for the day that she could reincarnate his friends and companions. Thousands of years past and she tried over and over again to find away past the defenses that the Powers had set upon their Realm. Till finally she got fed up and decided she needed some help. There was one being that would help her just to watch the chaos that those four would create together. It was time to call on her old friend Q.
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