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The Most Memorable Year at Hogwarts

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Summary: the Hogwarts gang is at their last year at Hogwarts...they have brand new Big Bad is near...

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsWillowFR1856,929013,0162 Jun 0310 Jul 03No

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

“Is everyone here?” Giles asked. He looked around at Faith, Dawn, Angel, Spike, Oz, Ali, Tara, Willow, Sirius, Connor, and Riley.

“I think so” Wesley whispered to Giles. They were in front of the table while everyone sat down, wondering why they were there.

“I have to be at Quidditch in half an hour. Tryouts” Ali spike up. Wesley and Giles nodded.

“The Watcher’s Council has informed Wesley and I that another Slayer has been called” Giles started.

“But they can only be called if the current Slayer dies. I don’t remember resurrecting either of them” Willow stated, going in her brain to remember if she had tried bringing Faith or Ali back from the dead.

“They are. Remember when Buffy jumped off the platform to close the mystical energy when Dawn was cut? Well, a Slayer was called in Australia and was killed a couple of weeks ago. They didn’t tell us until now” Giles said.

“Her name is Rona. She’ll be sixteen in a couple of weeks and she’ll be here on Saturday” Wesley said.

“Another Slayer? This is bogus” Faith muttered, slumping back in her chair. “There are three, why not make the rest of the young girls in the world friggin’ Slayers?”

“I’ll be to training in two hours, Wes. If I’m not, tryouts ran over” Ali called out as she ran out of the library.

“Oh yea! Me too, I’m trying out for Chaser” Dawn said, following her.

“The point is, Faith, we’re sending you back to Sunnydale to help Xander and Anya.”

“No way!” she bellowed. “Why can’t you send Rona?”

“She needs training. Wesley, Ali, and I will be training her” Giles stated.

“I’m not going; I have a job here.”

“We’ve spoken to Dumbledore about it.”

“Fine! I’ll leave on the train going back to Kings Cross on Saturday!” she yelled.

“Excuse me, this is a library. You need to be quiet!” Madam Pince snapped.

“Oh shut it, Pince! No one’s even in here!” Faith shot back. Madam Pince, the librarian huffed back at her a few times and stomped away angrily. Giles gave Faith a disapproving look and wiped his glasses off as she marched out of the library.


“We’ll start by letting you practice a little. First up: Ron Weasley and Seamus Finnegan for beaters, Harry Potter, Brandy Hamilton, and Dawn Summers for chasers, and Neville Longbottom as keeper. On your brooms” McGonagall informed the crowd in front of her.

On the Quidditch Pitch for practice that night was breezy. It wasn’t too cold; everyone just had to wear their cloaks. McGonagall had a clipboard in her hand and held a quill also.

The people who were called out flew up in the sky, hovering on their broomsticks in mid-air. Some people that were supposed to be there weren’t there yet or they just weren’t coming. On McGonagall’s command, Ali released the two Bludgers and Quaffle into the sky.

“Yes, they are pretty good” McGonagall muttered to Ali. “Sonorus” she said, pointing her wand at her throat. “Longbottom and Potter switch places” she boomed. Harry flew over to the goals and Neville flew over to greet Brandy and Dawn. They began to fly around again.

Dawn passed the Quaffle to Neville and he threw it as hard as he could to the goalposts, hoping it would go in. It pummeled hard, but a foot away from scoring, Harry caught it and threw it out to the open. After a little while longer, McGonagall flagged them down and sent six more people in the sky, including Ginny as chaser.

A couple of minutes after they flew around, more people came down to the Quidditch field. After testing out everyone, McGonagall and Ali talked about the team.

“I think we should pick out of the people who were on time” Ali suggested.

“Yes, but, Casey Shingleton and Rhonda Clemmons were pretty good and they were late.”

“They may have done well, but I can’t tolerate lateness” Ali said. “I already have barely enough time to eat with the Dueling Club, Prefect meetings Draco and I have to go to once a week, homework, studying for NEWTs, plus three or four Quidditch practices a week, plus when the new Slayer gets here I have to help train her” she panted for breath.

“I see your point” McGonagall said. “I think Clemmons is good; if she’s late, even once, fill in Finnegan for her.”

“Yes, Professor.”

“What about these people?” she asked, showing the young Slayer six names and their positions.

“I can work with this” she took the parchment to the common room bulletin board to post it.

It read ‘Below are the new members of the Gryffindor Quidditch team…

Keeper: Harry Potter

Chasers: Brandy Hamilton, Dawn Summers, and Ginny Weasley

Beaters: Rhonda Clemmons and Seamus Finnegan.

First practice is October 1. Don’t be late!’


On Wednesday, a couple of hours after dinner, the first Dueling Club meeting began. Tonight’s was focused on hand-to-hand fighting, or muggle defense.

“Welcome to the Hand-to-Hand defense of the Dueling Club” Angel said as he walked out of the shadows and looked upon the faces of the teens and pre-teens that began to quite down. The class was pretty much an extra Defense Against the Dark Arts class, but nobody had to attend it if they didn’t want to. “You can call me Angel, and her Faith.”

“We have a guest here today. Wesley will be joining us next time” Faith shouted loud enough so everyone could hear her. The room was, literally, five times larger than a normal classroom. “Spike.”

The bleach-blonde, souled vamp stepped out onto the runway-like stage. She stepped on after him. “We’ll show you how to fight. Pay attention and listen. You may learn something” she went on. She looked at the people gathered on the floor around her. Faith and Spike exchanged glances, ready to begin.

“You ready, Blondie?” she asked, facing him and giving them distance apart.

“You bet, Slayer” he replied. He went to punch her, but she blocked with a smooth glide from her leg and swung her fist up right after as he ducked. He kicked her feet out; she fell on her back, and rolled to her stomach.

She jumped up in fighting stance, ready for the ‘fight’ to continue. They kicked, punched, and dodged each others’ blows. Finally, Spike gave her one last punch towards the gut, but she caught his fist and twisted his arm around so he was facing the class and she was behind him, with his hand locked down to his back.

“You’ll soon be able to do that” Angel said. Everyone’s eyes widened in shock. Faith finally let Spike go. “Everyone in pairs.” As soon as he saw everyone paired up, he began speaking again. “Watch that last move they just did.”

After he said it, Spike began to punch her, but she grabbed his fist and turned it so he was facing them once again. On Angel’s command, they went slower so everyone could watch. This time, Faith punched, Spike grabbed her balled up hand. Everyone followed.

He twisted her arm and she was held up by her arm only. The class tried to twist their partners around, but it was barely manageable. After Angel, Faith, and Spike walked around, helping people out and taught them simple blocking moves, they were dismissed for their free time.

“Remember to practice. Next meeting is Friday at eight o’clock.” With that, everyone left.

“Good job, Deadboy” Faith said to Angel.

“Yea, Peaches” Spike smirked.

“You too” he replied, looking at Spike then Faith. Spike left.

“So did you make the next meeting Friday so everyone could say bye to me before I leave on Saturday? Because I kinda wanna say bye to ‘em” Faith said.

“Yea” he nodded.

She started walking out the door and turned back. “Thanks” and went out the threshold.

“You’re welcome” he whispered into the darkness.

“Hey” said a familiar female voice. He turned around and smiled.

“Hey Tara” he embraced his girlfriend for a minute and then kissed her.

“How did it go?” she asked.

“Pretty good” he replied.

“I’m going to sleep now” she said after a little more talking.

“Sweet dreams” he said. She kissed him for a moment, then smiled and walked off.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Most Memorable Year at Hogwarts" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jul 03.

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