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The Most Memorable Year at Hogwarts

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Summary: the Hogwarts gang is at their last year at Hogwarts...they have brand new Big Bad is near...

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The Most Memorable Year at Hogwarts

Prologue/Summary of 1st 2 stories

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, BtVS and Angel world belong to Joss Whedon and the HP gang belongs to JK Rowling.

A/N: This is a summary of what happened in their 5th and 6th years for Hogwarts and the people that visited them. I hope you enjoy, if you wanna you can check out my fics but their not that interesting. When I summarize it you can read the sequel, which is the next chapter to the other fics, and you will understand what’s going on. Plus, it’s probably more interesting than taking the time to read the fics anyways. Enjoy!


First of all, the story takes place right after book 4 for HP and right after season 6 in BtVS. Except, there is a twist. Tara doesn’t die; Willow only tries to destroy the world because Tara breaks her heart some how in some way. I haven’t thought of that part yet.

Fifth Year:

Ali and Harry Potter met up when they were eleven years old. They never knew each other before that. They are fraternal twins. In their fifth year, Dawn, Buffy, Faith, Xander, Giles, Anya, Tara, and Spike went to Sunnydale to deal with Voldemort. Dawn is there to go to school while Tara and Willow assist some teachers and Giles teaches DADA and Spike helps Hagrid out. Buffy, Faith, Xander, and Anya visit over the Christmas break to make sure everything is okay during their break.

Here are the couples: Dawn and Harry, Ali and Oliver Wood, Ron and Hermione, Xander and Anya, Buffy and Spike, Tara and Snape, and Willow and Sirius Black. Ali and Oliver break up a few times and once she dates Draco Malfoy once and Xander another time. In the end, she ends up with Oliver who she’s been with for two years on and off already. Oliver is also an assistant professor.

Harry and Ali find out that Willow is their aunt (James’ sister who was adopted by Shelia and Ira Rosenberg). They would’ve been sent to live with her but she was too young when they were one. She was only about six or seven years old. Willow still gets her ‘evil’ spells. At one point in time, during the summer before their fifth year, Ali was with Draco.

She found out Draco had been cheating on her with Ginny Weasley. She dumps him and makes a huge scene at the ice cream parlor they were at. Her hair gets darker than it already is and her blue eyes turn jet black. Evil was put into her when Voldemort tried to kill her and her brother. She went through treatment with Ginny. Ginny was possessed. Draco was cheating on Ali because he was put under the Imperious Curse by his father. They were trying to get them on the dark side. They eventually got better.

During Christmas, Voldemort and his Death Eaters come and have a big battle with the Slayers and the Scoobs plus Harry, Ron, Ali, Draco, Oliver, Hermione, and Ginny in the Forbidden Forest. To make a long story short, Ali kills Voldemort and become the new Dark Lord or Lady (when she was under the ‘evil’ thing. Lucius Malfoy kidnapped her and took her to the Malfoy Mansion. Draco rescued her and they went back to Hogwarts to live happily ever after.

Sixth Year:

Harry, Ali, and Draco go to Sunnydale to visit the Scoobs. Ali goes out one night to walk with Buffy and they are in a deserted alley. Faith comes out and stabs Buffy a couple of times in the stomach. Buffy dies. The thing is, is when they finally get to Hogwarts they find out it was a demon who turns into a certain person and does something evil. It wasn’t Faith, even though she was sent to prison… again. Willow, Tara, and Spike resurrect Angel from his tomb. He was killed accidentally during a fight by one of his own reinforcements.

Over the next few days they find out who the new Slayer is… Ali. Ali has to go back to Hogwarts two weeks early to get some training in and she meets her new Watcher. It’s not Giles its Wesley Wyndham-Pryce. She doesn’t tell anyone about it, the only ones who know is Willow, Tara, Wesley, Giles, her, Faith, and Spike.

Tara and Snape have a falling out. She and Angel get together. Spike and Angel help train her. Oliver gets bitten by a new student and loses a lot of blood. Ali kills her right in front of the dining hall in front of tons of people after battling all over the school with each of them chasing each other down. Dumbledore explains to everyone that she is the Slayer. Dawn gets mad at her in the common room for not telling her. Dawn and Harry break up, no matter how much he loves her he can’t have his sister and girlfriend hate each other.

Ali visits Oliver in the infirmary after the fight and he dies. Wesley comforts her like a father and they leave. The school has a get-together outside the next day for Oliver and one of Ali and Dawn’s roommates that also had a bad vampire bite. Sirius Black is cleared of all charges against the Ministry and takes over for Oliver.

Ali is standing with Draco and two people walk in Hogwarts grounds. It’s Oz and Faith. Ali and Faith have it out on the way to training, big time. They eventually get separated by Angel and Spike. They talk and work everything out. Oz and Ali kiss and then are visited by Lucy Hanover, the first Slayer, and she gives them a prophecy.

She tells them that a huge battle will happen at Hogwarts and that there is one vampire in the school that was a student that has let all the vampires in the school. They all prepare and get some students to help. They have a huge battle. Drusilla led all the demons and vampires there. Ali and she have it out. Ali kills Drusilla and Spike watches as he fights. He comes over and bites Ali. Willow separates him from her as Oz comes to her rescue ready to chop Spike’s head off.

Ali is sent to the hospital wing for severe injuries: a slash across her stomach from a sword, a vampire bite from Spike that was deep in her throat and a stab wound right above her left hip.

She finally wakes up. Ali and Spike finally fight that night. They have almost gone over the limit with each other, but no more than kissed. She seems devoted to Oz and Oz thinks they are devoted to each other.

When they battle, Spike pins her on the ground and kisses her. Oz sees and leaves, heartbroken. She pushes Spike off, not wanting the kiss and not wanting to hurt Oz. She punches Spike one more time and leaves. She catches up with Oz and they argue.

A few months later they come over their differences and make up. Now, they are a couple. Ginny and Harry get together a little before that. Exams are through and only one more year of Hogwarts left.
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