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Mein Teil

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Mein Teil". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: It was supposed to be easy. Just a simple trip back to the past for Ron and Faith to stop Voldemort before he became too much of a problem. Too bad nothing is as simple as it seems. Contains Deathly Hallow spoilers.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)CroweFR1818169,8022110130,5981 Nov 0612 Feb 12No


IMPORTANT A/N: Just a heads up - I am renaming this fic. Starting with the next update it will be called Beacon. Enjoy the chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter. They belong to Joss Whedon and J.K. Rowling.

Mein Teil
Chapter 17: Ollivander

Ron lightly tapped his fingers on his stomach as he lay in bed waiting for the sounds of the Burrow to die down. His room was dark with only the moon providing any light. He propped himself up against his head board and reached for his wand. His legs hurt from the angle he had been laying; in all honesty he was much too big for his single bed. He was finally at the point where his feet stuck out over the edge unless he situated himself just right. Maybe tomorrow night he could try an expanding spell on it? The only problem with those though was that they weren't meant to last long term and would need to be recast after a few days. Ron sighed as he wished that his family could afford to buy him something bigger. He supposed though he should at least be happy that he had a bed to sleep on and that he wasn't forced to share with one of his brothers or something as equally awful.

He tapped his wand to the lamp on his bedside table activating the on function. Tonight was a big night; he was finally going after Ollivander. The anticipation had been building up all day making him a little jittery and queasy. He wasn’t the only one acting off either; Hermione wasn't doing that great of a job hiding her nervousness. Earlier today, she had been going over cleaning charms with his mum and had accidentally broke at least half of the dishes with an incorrect wand movement. Needless to say, Hermione had stopped helping out in the kitchen after that and had went outside to find Ginny in the garden.

Ron resisted the urge to groan as he rubbed his legs. Sitting did not help him feel any better, instead he felt like he was going to sick up. He blamed his uncharacteristic behavior on his newfound youth. His fifteen-year-old self wasn't able to handle the pressure. Merlin he hated feeling like this, it was about to drive him bonkers. After all, he had planned much larger, more dangerous missions plenty of times before. Why did all of his knowledge and years of experience decide to leave him now?

There wasn't even a logical reason for him to be this nervous. Everything had gone as planned. He and Hermione hadn't had any problems in convincing his mum that they should do some of their school shopping early this year and that Harry should come along with them. They had met up with Fred and George just fine. All it took was a bit of illegally purchased Polyjuice Potion, and now Fred was now spending some time with the Dursleys so Harry could join the activities tonight.

Simple really.

All that was left was for Faith to take to Harry to Knockturn Alley to get a second wand and even that should have had gone down without a hitch. Ron had even left a little incentive with the shop owner to make sure that he would be open for Harry's purchases.

Ron took a quick look at the time to see it was a little after eleven. Harry should have his knew wand by now.

It was also about time for him and Hermione to be on their way.

His parent’s voices finally quieted down. Hopefully, they won’t for some unknown reason stop by either of their rooms to check on them. Ron didn’t think his mum would - but mum’s sometimes do strange things. He pushed himself off of the bed and padded across the room to his closet.

As he pulled his dark washed jeans on he heard the click of his bedroom door opening. Buttoning his fly, he turned around to see Hermione quietly shut the door behind her. She held her new wand in her hand.

“Where did you put my cloths?” she asked currently wearing her standard polka dotted sleepwear. They had decided to stash them in his room for easy access.

“They’re in the bottom dresser drawer,” Ron said turning to his closet to look for the dark gray tee he wanted to wear. He was still in his Chudley Cannons’ nightshirt - and that certainly wouldn’t work for the night’s activities.

Ron shucked off his shirt and tossed it in the direction of the bed. He was accurately aware of her gaze boring holes into his back. His cheeks threatened to blush at Hermione's blatant staring. He would never consider himself shy, but at fifteen and scrawny he wasn’t one to show himself off. Ron quickly pulled the sought after shirt off of the top shelf and over his head.

He frowned as it looked like it might have a few wrinkles. At least it wasn't stained.

“I’m changing, don’t turn around,” Hermione said followed by his wooden dresser drawer shrieking as it closed.

“Let me know when you're done.” Ron couldn't help but take a quick look over his shoulder. Hermione had her back to him letting him catch a glimpse of her smooth skin. She was in the process of pulling a black tank top over her head. Ron let his eyes linger on her back for a few seconds before looking away.

While they might actually be in a relationship now (at least he hoped they were), he didn’t want to push his luck.

“Done,” Hermione said.

He turned back around to see that a pair of dark jeans completed her outfit. She was currently engrossed in fastening her wand holster to her arm reminding Ron that his own was sitting on top of his other dresser. Ron grabbed it and plopped down on the bed. Cursing himself, he realized that he had forgot to tell Faith to make sure to get one for Harry.

His stomach somersaulted again. Merlin's balls, not this again. He refused to get worried when he knew that everything was going to go just fine.

“Are you ready?” he asked fastening his own to his arm.

“Yes,” she replied despite the slight wavering in her voice.

Ron reached out his hand for her to take it. Once her hand was in his, he gave it what he considered a reassuring squeeze and a small smile.

Hermione smiled back indicating that she was ready. Seconds later, Ron cast a silencing spell and Apparated them away.

They arrived in Fred and George’s sitting room with a telltale crack. Hermione stumbled as they landed making her latch onto his arm and almost took the both of them down in the process.

“Now Hermione,” came George’s voice, “don’t go taking advantage of my little brother.”

Ron shot George a glare as Hermione abruptly dropped his arm and regained her footing.

Faith’s laughter filled the room. Ron looked over to see her sitting over on the couch next to Harry. She was wearing the glamour necklace making her look like Angelina Jolie. Faith had told him the other night that she had a plan for the rest of them concerning their disguises but wouldn’t say what. She insisted on it being a surprise. Harry looked very much like himself wearing a pair of green cargo pants and a black shirt. The Polyjuice Potion that Harry had taken earlier in the night to pass as Fred had worn out. Strapped to his arm, Ron could see what looked like a new wand.

Ron smiled; Faith actually got him an arm holster as well.

“Have you had a chance to try it out yet?” Ron asked Harry as he grabbed a chair from the kitchen table and sat down.

“A little yeah,” Harry replied. “It fits almost as nicely as the my other wand. Still a bit strange though - ”

There was a loud creaking noise making Ron turn around and miss the rest of what Harry was saying. As far as he knew, there wasn’t anyone else in the house. Ron grinned widely. Out of the bathroom stepped Audrey Hepburn - not the real Audrey but he knew exactly who was underneath that glamour.

It was Willow.

Audrey was one of her favorite people to be disguised as.

“Oh thank Merlin,” the sigh escaped from his mouth before he could stop himself. He was relieved to see her. In all honesty, he didn’t think that Faith would have been able to convince her to help out. Oh sure, Ron might have been able to take down some of the security wards around Ollivander’s place but subtly dismantling wards was not his forte. He was much more of a blast it to shreds and charge in type of guy - subtle wasn't exactly the way he did things.

“Um, who are you?” Hermione voice interrupted his thoughts. “Like Lara over there, I highly doubt that you are who you look like you are.”

“Ah,” Willow began shyly. “I’m here to help. I guess you can just call me Audrey.”

“She the one who fixed me,” Ron said after Hermione gave him a glance. “Put me right in the head.”

“You’re from the Council too, right?” Hermione continued.

“Yes,” she replied. Hermione waited for her to continue but after a few seconds it was clear that Willow wasn’t going elaborate anymore.

“Audrey's going to dismantle the wards,” Ron said. He could see George out of the corner of his eye trying not to look too interested in what they were saying. Ron hadn't explained what they were going to be up to tonight only that they needed the twins help. As far as Ron was concerned, the less the twins knew, the better. George however, was no slouch in intelligence and Ron wouldn’t be surprised that if the news got out of Ollivander’s kidnapping, he might put two and two together.

“Don’t bother trying to get anymore out of these sexy vixens Hermione,” George said with a smile that was supposed to ease sex appeal. “I’ve been trying all night to get a Floo number and have been fantastically shot down every time. As to how my little brother, of all people, could score such lovely ladies as these, I am at a loss.”

“Shove off George,” Ron replied.

“Awe, don’t be like that,” Faith said and patted George on the leg. “It’s no fault of yours that your brother just has some serious skills.”

Ron felt his face redden.

“Stop teasing him,” Willow said walking further into the room. “We really need to get going anyway.”

Willow reached into her pocket and pulled out strings of gold.

“Harry already has his but these are for you two,” she handed them to Ron. He realized right away what they were and almost kissed her. Instead he settled for giving her a rather large hug. He could feel her surprise as she awkwardly patted him on the back.

“Let’s go,” he replied pulling away.

“Look,” George said. “I know you’re not going to tell me what the hell is going on here, but I highly doubt that it’s on the legal side. I can tell that much just by the look in the hot brunette’s eyes.”

“Don’t worry,” Faith leered. “I’ll keep the kiddies safe.”

"You better," George answered.

Ron led the way to the back door and to the stairway that continued down into the alleyway next to the shop. He could hear the others following after him.

The night was still warm and Ron was glad that he decided on the shorter sleeve shirt. Once Hermione was out with him in the alleyway, he passed her the necklace. She looked at him questionably but took it from him anyway.

“It’s a glamour,” Ron told her. “Like the one that Lara’s wearing. The spell is difficult to cast off us because it is attached to the necklace itself and we are not the ones anchoring it. The glamour is actually imbedded into the necklace. Ingenious really.”

Hermione slipped it around her neck. A few seconds later, the air lightly shimmered around her and when she had once been now stood someone else. Ron smiled as he readily recognized her from. Faith must have picked people that they had originally glamoured as.

“Well,” Hermione asked twirling around in a circle. “How do I look?”

“Fantastic,” he replied.

Bending over, Hermione picked up a discarded bottle and transfigured it into a mirror.

“Oh I love her,” she said smiling at the face staring back.

“I had a feeling that Julie Andrews would suite you well,” Faith replied taking up the rear as she followed Harry and Willow down the stairs.

Ron put his own glamour around his neck wondering whom Faith would have picked for him. After all, they all had a fairly large repertoire of people they had disguised as in the future. The gold fell against his neck and a moment later, he felt the shimmer of magic wash over him.

Hermione’s eyes roamed over his new look and she smiled. He grabbed the mirror from her to take a look. Ron grinned as he ran a hand through his hair only to see it go over a bald head. It was strange being able to feel his hair but not see it. Leave it to Faith to pick one of his favorite forms.

“Just call me John McClane,” he said. “Who are you Harry?”

Harry draped his own around his neck and soon stood in his place very young looking Harrison Ford - wearing a pair of glasses. Hmm, they have to do something about the fact that the glasses could give him away.

Hermione laughed from besides him obviously recognizing the character.

“Well, it’s certainly better then Luke Skywalker,” she said handing Harry the mirror.

Harry smiled. “Of course, Han Solo was always the far superior one in the trilogy. I used to sneak down the stairs and watch through the banister when Dudley had the films on. Loved’em I did.”

“Julie, Han,” Faith called, “John, lets go. We have a Death Eater’s ass to kick.”

Ron grabbed Hermione’s hand and pulled her along as he ran to catch up to Faith. With Hermione and Harry wearing their old glamour’s, it was almost easy to pretend he was back in his home time. While Hermione seemed surprised by the sudden movement, she only slightly stumbled as jogged along besides him. From behind, he could hear Willow and Harry’s footsteps against the cobble alleyway.

The short trek to Ollivander’s was done in silence. Ron had dropped Hermione’s hand as soon as they caught up with Faith. He would have like to continue to hold onto her, but they hadn't really had a chance to discuss what they were, and not to mention that they haven't told anyone else yet. It wasn't that he was nervous to say anything to Harry (Faith wouldn't give a shit and would probably pull Hermione aside to give her sex advice) but now was not a good time to even approach on the subject.

Instead, he focused his attention to the slayer walking slightly in front of him and rallied his mind to the task at hand. He knew that Faith had some murderous feelings when it came to Ollivander. Ollivander had done some horrible things to her, so horrible that some of it she had practically begged to have it erased from her memories. Ron wasn't sure what to expect with her tonight. Ollivander would be relatively caught unaware of the magnitude of the situation and it might be too much for Faith to resist. They needed Ollivander alive and not brain damaged.

His nerves started churning again and he wished that he had talked with Faith about this earlier.

The streets were relatively deserted despite the nice night. The few other witches and wizards that they passed eyed them wearily. Ron ignored their glances. After all, the Daily Prophet had just announced Voldemort’s return and everyone was being suspicious of people they didn't know.

Faith came to a stop causing Ron to almost crash into her. Hopefully, she didn't notice.

“We’re here,” Faith mumbled.

“We have a few onlookers,” Ron replied nodding to the old wizard who was watching the group from the tavern across the street.

“It’s just the old man across the street and the couple over there on a stroll,” Harry said drawing Ron's attention to the couple walking a few blocks ahead of them. Harry scrunched his face in disgust at the way the two lovers were cooing at each other. From the looks of it, they were both very drunk and a stampeding herd of hippogriffs wouldn't even faze them.

Ron turned his attention back to the old man who was now also looking at the young couple. With a subtle wave of his wand, the man’s drink slipped out of his hand and onto his lap. The man sputtered a few curses that were inaudible from where Ron stood as he floundered around for his wand. He forcefully ripped it out of his pocket and waved it in a rather sloppily motion mostly likely casing a drying spell. A few loud curse words later, he was up on his feet and heading back inside the bar.

“It doesn't look like it’s very busy in there,” Ron said. “We probably only have a few minutes before he comes back out.”

“I can give us more time,” Willow said. “Follow me.”

They followed Willow as she moved closer. Ron glanced up at Ollivander’s flat that was situated above his shop. Wouldn't it just muck things up if Ollivander were currently awake and looking out the window right now?

“This should be fine,” Willow said holding up her hand. She turned around and looked at the streets surrounding them. With the loving couple long gone and the old man now refilling his drink, it appeared that they were well alone in the night. She waved both of her hands a muttered something under her breathe. The air flickered in front of them.

Hermione let in a sharp intake of breath.

“What did you just do?” she asked.

“Illusion spell,” Willow answered turning back to the wand shop. “Anyone who looks in this direction will only see the building.”

Hermione’s mouth fell open as she gaped at Willow.

“But that’s…. that’s….” Hermione looked at Ron with a loss for words. It didn’t surprise him either. Willow just cast a complex illusion spell without the use of a wand and with barely a wave of her hand. Hermione tried again, “How?”

Willow smiled at the girl.

“I mean, the sheer amount of energy to cast something like that is astronomical,” Hermione said. “And not to mention that you didn’t even use your wand. That makes it so much more difficult. You either have a huge magical core or you’re channeling directly from the earth. Either way is dangerous. Where did you go to school? You’re American right? Did - ”

“Hermione, stop,” Ron interjected then realized he called her by the incorrect name. “You can ask her your questions later. Audrey is a unique witch and let’s just leave it at that for now.”

Hermione frowned but huffed in compliance.

“How long will you need for the wards?” Faith asked.

“I’ll let you know when I’m done,” Willow replied. “I need some quiet.”

Willow relaxed her stance. Even though she was glamoured, Ron could still see that her eyes went completely white as she began her work.

A hand brushed his and Ron turned to see Hermione brimming with more questions.

“What exactly is she doing?” she whispered. Harry moved closer to them to hear his response.

“Ollivander has complex security wards around his shop and flat above. While we can physically break in without any problems, he would be instantly alerted to our presence,” Ron quietly replied. “ Audrey is creating a door for us so we can get inside without him noticing.”

“You’re sure he’s in there?” Harry asked.

“Let’s hope,” Ron answered.

“Audrey has been inconspicuously watching the place all day," Faith interjected. "He returned from dinner and hasn't left since."

"Good," Harry replied. "If he's as awful as you say he is, then I'm guessing we'll only get one chance at this."

Harry was right about that. Ron had a feeling that if they fucked this up there wouldn't be a second chance. They would have numbers on Ollivander but they still needed all of the help that they could get.

He turned to Hermione and Harry.

"I'm going to cast a spell that will help us see in the dark. If for some reason he does turn on the lights, just make sure to Finite Incantatem yourself. Bright lights can hurt like bloody hell."

He cast the spell first on Harry and Hermione before doing himself as well. Dawn had once told him that the spell had the same effect as Muggle night vision goggles. Faith would have no need for such a spell and Ron didn't think he should disturb Willow's concentration quite yet.

"This is bloody amazing," Harry said. "Merlin, I wish you knew how to do this years ago. It would have made sneaking around Hogwarts so much easier."

"Harry," Hermione scolded.

"Just think about how much easier it would have been to avoid Flinch."

Ron turned his attention back to Willow and Faith.

"You sure you're going to be okay doing this?" he asked Faith.

She grunted in response.

"That's not an answer."

"Don't worry," she said after a moment of thought. "I'm not going to kill him, not yet anyway. I know we need him for information."

Ron nodded.

“I’m done,” Willow said. “I’ve also shielded the building so he can’t Apparate out.”

“John will lead and I want Audrey behind him," Faith said, voice hard. Harry and Hermione snapped to attention but Faith continued to address Willow. "Be on the look out for any other wards or traps inside. Other then that I want you to stay out of the actual fight. I have a feeling that he'll be throwing a lot of magic at your shields when he's not concentrating on us, so make sure he doesn't break them. The last thing we need is his fucking Death Eater friends or the Aurors showing up. If we need you otherwise, you'll know."

Willow nodded.

Ron and Faith had decided that between the two of them, Harry, and Hermione - they should be able to obtain Ollivander without having to take out the Willow Weapon of Mass Destruction as Faith had tenderly put it.

“Alright, let’s do this.” Faith pressed her lips together and pulled the katana that was strapped to her back. Ron frowned wishing that he knew how to make her one of the wand shielding devices. Unfortunately that had never been his specialty.

“Come here,” he said to her and tugged on her arm. She turned around and frowned at him. He tapped his wand on her wrist and muttered a shielding spell. While it wasn’t as durable and certainly not as practical, at least it was something. “It’ll only last one spell before the shield fails.”

“Thanks,” she said.

Ron pushed her aside and knelt down to take a look at the lock.

“Alohomora,” he whispered and felt his magic surge into the keyhole. He tired the handle only to see that it didn’t budge.

“Here,” Faith said and held something out to him. He grabbed the black velvet and opened it to see lock-picking tools. Figures, it would have been too easy if a simple Alohomora would do the trick. Ollivander must have put some sort of anti-spell charm on his lock making it so direct unlocking spells were ineffective. It was common of him to do and Ron and Faith had gone up against this method plenty of times. Bill had come up with a method of infusing Muggle lock picking with magic that was almost always successful.

Within seconds the lock opened with a barely audible click.

Ron led the way inside.

Light filtering in from the windows created looming shadows. He could hear the light tap of footsteps on the hardwood floors follow in after him.

"Audrey," he whispered once they were all inside. "Can you sense Ollivander's signature?"

"How did you…" he had a sense that Willow was shaking her head at him in disbelief. "Never mind, just give me a minute."

Ron didn't look over his shoulder at her, but he didn't have to for him to know what was happening.

"I sense someone upstairs," she whispered.

"Do you sense any other wards inside the house?" Faith asked.

"Just the protective wards around the outside," she mumbled. "Wait . . . there's one over in the back of the shop on the floor. My guess is that there's a staircase to a basement there."

"Ollivander first, basement second if we have time," Faith replied.

Ron took a step forward before deciding against it. Perhaps a little reassurance to Harry and Hermione would be a good thing right now.

"Hey mates," he whispered to them. "Remember that he isn't human. Okay? And not to mention a Death Eater. Keep that in mind while fighting."

He could see them nod yes in the lightened darkness.

Ron was struck with once again how well Harry and Hermione were dealing with this. He had at last expected a few difficult questions but there hadn't been any. They must have come to some sort of decision concerning how to handle the situation when he wasn't paying attention. He didn't think that they would keep the silent obedience for long though.

Ron led the way past the front counter and into the shelves of wands. He wasn't sure where he was going but he knew that the staircase up to the second level was in the back somewhere. It was fairly easy to find and Ron thanked the night vision eyes for that. The door was locked making Ron have to pick this one in the same manner as the front.

The hinges creaked as he slowly pushed the old wooden door open.

“Wait here for us,” he whispered to Willow.

Beyond the door was a short hallway and a staircase leading up to Ollivander's personal residence. Ron started forward, his senses on high alert. He treaded as lightly as he could across the hard wood floor. The walls were faded and water stained. In the distorted light, they looked like they were bleeding.

The staircase was steep and narrow. He started moving up paying close attention not to trip. Wouldn't that just be great, they took care in dismantling the wards only to alert Ollivander to their presence by falling and causing a ruckus on the stairs.

Ron could see another door in front of him. He still had the lock-picking tools in hand. Crouching down, he began on the third lock of the night. The small click as the lock gave away wouldn't be heard, but the loud creak of a floorboard behind him would.

He whipped his head around to see Hermione frozen as she tried not to make any more noise. A look of horror was on her face as she had also realized that she could have very well given away the fact that they were here. Ron turned his focus back on the door. From the gap underneath, he could see that the lights were still out. That didn't mean that Ollivander hadn't heard them though. It was times like this that Ron really wished there was a spell that allowed him to see through walls. Maybe he could ask Willow if she could look into it? It would be right useful.

Ron muttered a spell that amplified his hearing and pressed his ear to the door. He wasn't sure how much good it would do but it was better than nothing. He could hear the breathing of his companions clearly from behind him. He could also hear scratching of claws as something went about moving around in the wall, a rat no doubt. What he couldn't hear was an increase in noise from in the room indicating that they had been discovered. Ron cancelled the spell and let out the breath that he had been holding. He slipped the tools into his back pocket

After waiting another minute, he slowly pushed the door open and was rewarded this time by silent hinges.

The door opened into a living room

Moonlight filtered in through the curtains that hung on the wall overlooking Diagon Alley. Ron could see that the living room was lined with books. He was sure that Hermione would have a field day in here if it weren’t for the dire circumstances.

Ron weaved his way around the sparse furniture, a love seat and a large chair with a coffee table between them. He could see the kitchen beyond and to his right a hallway. Ron hadn't ever been up here before but he would bet that the hallway lead to Ollivander's bedroom.

He held his wand ready as he turned the corner to the hall.

Ron barely stopped himself as he almost ran head long into a figure before him.


"Hello there," he said in that unearthly voice that always frayed Ron's nerves. Hermione crashed into Ron’s back as she was unable to stop her forward momentum. Ron forcefully pushed her away and jumped back along as he brought his wand up. "I must say, I am surprised that anyone was able to break through my wards."

Ron flicked his wrist effectively cutting off whatever Ollivander would have said next. He didn't even bother with saying the spell. No need to give Ollivander any indication on what Ron was attacking with.

Ollivander held up his hand and the spell reflected off his shield. He was only a few feet in front of Ron and Ron had to drop to the floor so the spell fallout wouldn't hit. He felt the magic of a shield spring up to life behind him. Good thing that someone was paying attention. If he had to guess, he would bet it was Hermione.

Ron rolled to the side; just in time too as a bright orange spell scorched the floor that he had just inhabited. He could smell the burnt wood from where the spell hit.

"Reducto," Harry's voice called out from behind. Harry's spell crashed into Ollivander causing him to get thrown down back into the short hallway. He crashed into a decorative table that collapsed under the force of his impact. Glass shattered from the vase of flowers that sat on top.

A second spell from Ollivander followed quickly after as if the Reducto and the crash into the table didn't affect him in the slightest. Harry barely had enough time to move out of the way from the black smoke that billowed out from Ollivander's wand.

Harry let out a yelp as the smoke massed into a large beast like shape and snarled in his face. He barely conjured a shield in time as one of the large limbs came crashing down on him. The impact caused Harry to flinch from the sheer strength pressing against his shield.

Hermione shouted something from where she was pressed against the wall. Fire lashed out from her wand before being sucked into the dark creature. The creature snarled and turned around directing its attention on her. Harry shuffled away as quickly as he could and back to his feet.

"John," Faith's voice called out Ron's alias for the night. "Go after Ollivander. We'll catch up."

Ron nodded; he was the only one who could feasibly get into the hallway. He peaked his head around the corner to see that the hall was empty. With one last look at the inky creature that was now distracted once again by Harry, Ron dashed into the hall.

Ollivander was not in sight but it was fairly obvious as to where he disappeared. From behind him, he could hear Hermione shouting another spell but he didn't dare look back to see what it was. Instead, he crouched low and focused on the open door a little down the hall to his right. He frowned as he realized that there was a closed door directly across for it.

Great, Ron had a fifty-fifty chance on which room Ollivander had disappeared into. His instincts were telling him the open door and they had served him right on more occasions then he cared to think about. He dropped completely to the ground and sent a blinding flash of white light into the room. His instincts appeared to be right on as he heard a startled cry. Not a second later, the wall above him exploded. If he had been standing, no doubt he would have been caught in the spell.

Ron shot forward into the room. While the flash spell was over, Ollivander still had a hand in front of his face. No incantation was needed for the spell that shot from Ron's wand. The orange light struck Ollivander with such a force that it sent him flying into the window behind him. It spider webbed as Ollivander slid down onto the floor.

The still blinded Ollivander flicked his wrist not aiming in any particular direction. Ron dropped to the floor again as his spell went out in all directions slicing like a knife through the air. Pictures cracked on the wall behind him as the force slammed into the walls.

Ollivander still hadn't moved from his spot slumped against the window but that didn't make him any less dangerous. He sent a second blast of energy off in all directions, but this time was lower. Ron only had time to conjure a barely formed shield before it slammed into him. It sent him flying into a dresser with a large crack. A lamp crashed onto his head spreading ceramic everywhere. He paid it no mind though as he crawled onto his knees. Inadvertently, his hand clutched his left side that had taken the brunt of Ollivander's last spell. There was already blood soaking into his shirt.

He shoot another spell at Ollivander only to have the man flick his wand and send the spell sailing off to his left. Not even seconds after, Ron felt the buzz of a spell sail past him from behind. This one though, barreled into Ollivander.

Ron held his breath for a moment as the man slumped into himself. Blood soaked through Ollivander’s pale night robe alarmingly fast. At that moment, Ron wished that he could finish the man off.

Ron turned his head. Hermione was standing in the open doorway with her wand still outstretched. He could see that it was slightly shaking.

"Julie," Ron called to her but she didn't hear him or didn't register that that was her code name. Her attention was still focused on the man bleeding in front of her. She looked like she might pass out. Her breath was coming out in shallow gasps. Ron called louder the second time. "Julie!"

Her head snapped to his direction. Even with her glamour, her hair was sticking up all over the place. She had what looked like scorch marks decorating the left half of her face.

"You okay?" Ron asked.

She nodded.

Harry came up behind her. He had a nasty looking gash on his forehead and his glasses were broken and askew. His eyes briefly went to Ollivander before moving on to Ron who was slowly coming to his feet.

Ron tried not to wince as he got up.

"Merlin mate," Harry pushed Hermione out of the way and rushed to his side. "You're bleeding."

"I'm fine," he replied but didn't push his friend away as he staggered to his feet.

Hermione seemed to come out of her stupor and rushed to his other side.

Faith followed in the doorway. She stepped over the wall debris and over to Ollivander.

"He won't be unconscious for long and unfortunately he heals fast," she said not looking away. Ron had a feeling that she was holding herself back from killing him right then and now. Instead, she settled for giving him a hard kick to his abdomen. After another moment she continued. "We have to get him back for questioning."

"Wh…. where to?" Hermione stammered.

"I have a place hold him," Faith replied.

"Then what?" Hermione asked.

"It's probably best for you not to ask that question," Faith answered.

Hermione flinched besides Ron but didn't say anything else.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Mein Teil" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Feb 12.

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