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Green Glow

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Summary: Dawn crash lands in St. Louis after the events of Wrecked. Four years younger and without a way back, what's a girl to do?

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredwillowbeeFR1556,44076722,8841 Nov 0612 Nov 06No

Chapter 5

Hearing the door open, both Anya and Dawn turned their heads. In walked Mr. Really-Hot-Werewolf. Thinking quickly, Dawn pulled a pen out of her pocket.

“You’re going to sign my cast, right?” Dawn did her best to look like a kid. “Anya?”

“Huh? Oh, sure,” said Anya.

As Anya wrote her name, Dawn turned to look at Mr. Really-Hot-Werewolf. “Mr. Zeeman, have you met Anya? She’s my new bestest friend.”

“Really.” He gave them a suspicious look. “How long ago did you too meet?”

“Five minutes,” said Dawn.

Deciding to be helpful, Anya added, “We can both speak Norse and do the dance of Capitalist Superiority and do magic.”

He blinked at them, as if unsure of what to say.

Might as well mess with him even more. “We like to kill bunnies and sew and make rabbit stew as well,” smiled Dawn. “Oh-and we-”

“Want to make a club to protest the existence of bunnies as a free people,” said Anya. “And alert the public to the unspeakable horrors they have committed.”

“Do you mean something else by the word than the floppy eared mammal?” he asked unsurely.

“We’re talking about small mammals of the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha,” Dawn said helpfully. “They eat carrots and vegetables and occasionally their own kits.”

“But that’s just what they want you to think,” said Anya.

“They’re very good at hiding their true abilities.”

“Do you have any idea how many rabbit related deaths there are in this state alone each year?”

“The coroner thinks it’s natural causes, you know.”

Dawn was really beginning to enjoy this. “That Monty Python guy is the only person we know of who recognizes rabbits for the evil they are.”

“Those poor knights.”

Dawn and Anya bowed their heads as if in respect for the dead.

“They never stood a chance against such evil.” Dawn sniffled loudly.

“And why do they eat so many carrots? What do they need such good eyesight for, anyway?”

“And have you ever read Watership Down? Total rabbit supremist propaganda.”

“As if there is such a thing as a good rabbit,” Anya said dismissively.

“Although, there are exceptions to the rule. There may be a rabbit or two on the side of good.”

“I suppose we would have to rescue them from their evil brethren,” Anya said, as if upset about the very idea of a good rabbit.

“We must add that to our mission statement.”

“Oh fine,” pouted Anya. “But I’m not cleaning their cages.”

“Deal. I suppose we should warn the world about the rabbit armies as well.”

“Rabbit armies?” Mr. Really-Hot-Werewolf said weakly.

Maybe they should change the subject before Mr. Really-Hot-Werewolf became too confused. “Do we really need to be in middle school?”

“You need to go to school,” he said, looking grateful to be back on familiar ground.

“No,” said Dawn. “We want to know if we can skip to High School.”

“Don’t you want to be with kids your own age?”

Dawn and Anya shared a look. “No.”

“I suppose if you take a placement exam…”

“Let’s do it!” Anya practically shouted.

Dawn nodded and helpfully said, “Ms. Blake is in that office talking to the toad masquerading as a human.”


Dawn sat next to Anya, a rather smug look upon her face. A quick conversation before the test was all Dawn needed to explain the plan to Anya. Do well enough to get into tenth grade was all Dawn had at the moment, but it was better than nothing.

She knew that Mr. Really-Hot-Werewolf was suspicious, but she had no desire to be around all of these pimply faced brats longer than necessary.


“Right then, I don’t care if you hate me, Peaches jr., you’re going to listen to me.”

Connor was tied to a chair, his cuts and bruises slowly healing. Spike knew that as soon as the brat regained his energy, he would be able to break free, but that was still at least half an hour away.

Spike wasn’t sure why they were in an underground apartment that looked suspiciously like an apartment he’d owned with Drusilla a decade earlier. Perhaps it was that apartment. That had been a dimensional portal, after all.

“I shall never give in to evil.”

“This might take a while.”


“Are you sure you want to skip three grades?” asked Anita.

“Yup,” said Dawn. “And it’s not like I’ll be alone. Anya will be with me.”

Anita glanced at Anya Jenkins. The girl was arguing with her parents.

“I want to go to tenth grade and graduate from High School early and open my own store and make lots and lots of money!” she said petulantly, her foot stomping at every point.

Anita sighed. At least Dawn had made a friend. The bunny thing was a little worrying, but Anita was almost completely sure it was just some sort of kid thing.

She wasn’t sure how Dawn had managed to meet the only magic user in the entire school. Somehow they had decided they wanted to skip a couple grades and had convinced Richard to let them take a placement exam.

Anita was pretty sure that Richard had been so relieved that they had stopped talking about evil bunnies that he had just caved. Did they really believe there were evil rabbits? Was it just a game? Were they just messing with Richard’s mind?

“Fine! You can go to the tenth grade. Just stop yelling.”

Anita glanced at her watch. She had to get to work soon.

“Anita, go to work. I’ll take Dawn this afternoon.”

“Thanks Richard.”


Dawn lay on his couch watching Evita. She seemed to be enjoying it, although she had corrected the movie on several occasions.

Richard sighed an shook his head. Lenny Peterson really needed to study more. At this rate, he was going to fail the test entirely.

As the movie came to a close, Dawn sat up. Turning off the TV, she walked over. Dawn sat down on one of the chairs, wobbling it back and forth.

“Does Ms Blake know you’re a Werewolf?” she asked rather suddenly.

Richard gave her a hard look. “Yes. How did you know?”

“You feel like Oz,” she explained. “He used to baby-sit me a lot. Well, except on the full moon.”

“You need to shield yourself better. I can see your aura.”

“Green and glowy?” Dawn said, a slight hint of fear in her scent.

“Yes. What’s wrong?”

“H-how many others have seen it?”

“I don’t know.”

Dawn bit her lip. “T-this is what I’m like when I shield. I can’t shield any more than I am right now.”

“Why not?” Richard asked, his curiosity showing itself.

“Canines, serpents and those out of touch with reality can see me for what I am, no matter what I do.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Green Glow" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Nov 06.

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