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Ten Women Illyria Never Built A Kingdom With

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Summary: Written for the "10 Things That Never Happened" challenge. It delivers exactly what the title promises. Illyria/assorted women

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Multiple Crossings > Fred/Illyria-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR18105,90746034,1832 Nov 0631 May 09Yes


Title: Briarwood
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: R/FR18.
Pairings: Illyria/Madison Rocca
Disclaimer: Never quite figured out who owns the Buffyverse, but I know for a fact that it's not me. Ownership rights on Power Rangers (and the super sentai source footage) are a nightmare. Let's just say not mine...
Summary: Magical source, Illyria force?
Joe's Note: How many minions could an Illyria kill if an Illyria could kill minions?

     Vida Rocca sighed as she stood with the rest of the Power Rangers, hands on her pink-clad hips as she tapped one foot. "Can't we find some way to leave her behind from now on?" she whined. "We barely even get to fight anymore. This is just getting... boring."

     There were murmurs of assent from three of the four other Rangers as they watched their not-quite-ally continue to tear through the Hidiacs. "I agree," Nick Russell commented. The Red Ranger pulled out his Magi Staff as one of the undead foot soldiers broke away from the fight and rushed towards them, only to be grabbed from behind and thrown back at his cohorts.

     "Aww, c'mon," Madison Rocca, her tone indicating she was pouting under the blue helmet even though the rest of them couldn't see it. "She just does it because she feels the need to protect me. I think it's really sweet." Illyria picked that moment to tear a leg off one of the Hidiacs and began using it to assault the rest. "Disturbingly violent, but sweet."

     Chip Thorn tilted his head to the side as Illyria got bored of the quickly-healing undead minions and began snapping their necks to put them permanently out of commission. "Didn't you say Udonna was looking at a way to unlock her Ancient Mystic Mode?" he wondered. One particularly squirmy Hidiac received a fist through the stomach, Illyria pulling her arm back out and bringing his spine with it. "Oh God..."

     Most of the other Rangers were shuffling uncomfortably by now and turning away from the carnage, but Madison was a bit immune to it all by now. Their first date, first kiss, and first time together had all been interrupted by some sort of dark magic activity. After a while, she just got desensitized to watching her girlfriend tear apart demons. "Udonna says Illyria has an Ancient Mystic Mode and might even be able to turn into a Ranger and a Mystic Titan," Madison replied. "She's also looking into a way for Illyria to merge with me like Fireheart and Nick do."

     "I think I'd prefer that to the idea of a hundred-foot tall Illyria stomping around Briarwood," Nick mused. "That would just be..." He shuddered.

     Madison groaned and reached up to slap her leader on the back of his helmet. "Oh come on, just because she throws you around whenever you try to train with her doesn't make her a bad person," she said. "She's really not that bad."

     "Uh... yeah she is," Vida snorted.

     "I'm with your sister."

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