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The Wielder of the Slayers

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Summary: Sara's dream leads her to take a trip to Cleveland.

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Television > WitchbladeMaelwyseFR1542,8081134,5512 Nov 063 Nov 06No

What truths lie in dreams

Oh yeah! Disclaimer!
I own no characters in this story, and have no interest in imposing on those who do. This is merely the wanderings of a tired mind. No imposition meant.


With her not-unfamiliar tossing and turning Sara Pezzini's dreams turned to the shadows of the world.

In her dream, sparks flew as sword struck claws. Or were those bones? Why would bones be outside skin? And being used to fight with? The two figures turned and fought. The dream twisted and spun. For the briefest of moments, the dream snapped into clarity, first on one face, then the second. The first, a blond, expression stretched in concentration, with a scrape across her left cheekbone, bleeding. The second, glowing orange skin, horns, violet eyes, and a snarl that cut through the dream.

The dream clouded and stretched. The scene expanded to show others fighting also. An older man, pressed hard by another human. No. those glowing eyes could not be human, and that visage wasn't human. A young man, diving forward to pierce the heart of another of the inhuman creatures. As it fell to dust with a sharp crackling noise, Sara watched helpless as a redhead shouted a word lost in the dream and fire erupted from another of the beings.

The dream paused as the blond overextended a strike. The world slowing, allowing every detail to be caught and cataloged. An overhead strike, extended a bit too far, Sara's thoughts informed her. It was all the orange creature needed. A quick jab later, the blond fell, her stomach pouring blood.

The scream of the red-head pierced her mind and Sara woke up.

Sweat drenched sheets clung tightly around her, preventing her from bolting from her bed. Her breath coming in ragged gasps. Her world was shifting again. Sara could tell.

It wasn't like she didn't have enough on her plate.

“Well now. That was interesting.” Sara's head spun toward the familiar voice.

“Danny. What was that?” her voice cracked from the never before seen images.

“What was it I told you once about your confusion tolerance?” His smirk bled through into his words.

“Some bullshit, if I remember it correctly.”

“Hardly. The world is about to change for you, Sara. Again.”

“Come on. That couldn't be real!” disbelief and, was that a hint of fear?

“Real? Who knows. But it did happen” the smirk was gone.

“Give me something to work with, here!” Ordering a ghost around, while not typically a good idea, sometimes has it's benefits.

“You want the short version?” A nod later, “There's a war going on, Sara. One that has been waged since before the world was whole. The Witchblade is one weapon against the darkness. That girl, is another. Her line was forged through a different sin than the Witchblade was.”

“Wait. Hold on. How was this formed?” Sara extracted her arm and looked at the Witchblade in curiousity.

“That's not important now. What is important, is that somewhere, there's a war without a champion. Apparently, the Witchblade can be wielded only by those of the wielder line. You know this. What hasn't been revealed is that this line is a branch off a larger tree. That other branch holds the key to the fight you just saw.”

“And you call that the short version?”

A short burst of laughter burst forth. “Get up, Sara. Lots to do before you leave.”

“Leave? Go where?” even without an answer, Sara was already unwinding the sheets from around her.


“Danny? We're New York detectives. Or, I am, and you were. Cleveland? A little out of our jurisdiction.” Pulling out a bag and filling it with clothes, despite her objection, Sara prepared to go.

“I'll explain as you get ready. Besides. You know you're just wasting time here anyway.”

“Wasting time?” she spun toward the ghost of her partner. “No. I'm helping people. I'm solving murders, keeping Irons in check, and dealing with the crap left behind by several supernatural beings, or have you forgotten the trouble with the darkness recently?”

“Sara, if you don't go, I promise you, the world will end.” any emotion gone from his voice, Danny Woo stared straight at the Wielder.

Three breaths pass “Let me take a shower first.”
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