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Field Trip

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Summary: (FFA) Splinter meets Giles. The turtles' transdimensional portal comes in handy, but can they get the Buffybot to fly?

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Cartoons > Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(Current Donor)ShieldageFR721,309021,3233 Nov 0617 Jul 08No


BtVs by M.E. and Whedon, First TMNT Cartoon Series by Wolf Films Ltd and the original creators.

Let's say TMNT Season 5 (Well, Volume 5 DVD set). Somewhere around the time they pull Usagi the samurai rabbit out of his home reality.

Slightly AU in that the portal works in a useful way

I, Rupert Giles, was growing frustrated... Or rather, I was feeling useless.

My... Our Slayer had been gone for over a month. I was wasting my Summer trying to instill ancient ideals into a machine.

I wanted to help. I felt that the faux-Slayer would be better for my teachings.

Limitations... Proper breathing patterns are simply not applicable... Meditation for the robotic mind. Do robots dream of electrocuting vampires?

Ahem. My point is, that my mind was free to wander. Life was routine. Apocalypse season had passed. I wanted to break free of my rut... And a surprising opportunity opened up.

It had started out as a normal training session, until a shimmering blue window opened in mid-air and a rat stepped through.

It was roughly humanoid and brownish-grey in color. It wore a purple robe tied about its waist.

The Buffybot shifted ever so slightly. While remaining open and friendly in appearance, her new position allowed her free range of movement, to attack or defend based on my commands or her own deductions.

I was impressed by her finesse. At least some of my training was sticking with her.

As I opened my mouth to speak, she interrupted with her perennially cheerful voice: "Hello, I'm Buffy Summers. You're a rat. We haven't any cheese today."

... She was far from perfect.

"That is alright, my dear," the rat said in slightly accented English. "I prefer sushi."

"Ahem," I interrupted, fearing a useless string of dialog. "Our customers... Patrons of the magic store above us, generally use the front doors as a means of entry... May I help you?"

"Yes," he said, beginning his tale. "I come from a different reality where mutants, such as myself, and alien technology have a very strong foothold on Earth. Normally, those who wish to turn their energies to the destruction of humanity are held in check by my young wards, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

"I see," I said, for it was apparent he expected some sort of comment.

"Yes. They are normally able to solve their problems alone, or with my guidance, but today we are facing problems severely beyond the norm. A disease is spreading throughout our city. It gives its victims an overpowering desire for blood, inflated egos, and large black wings. I personally suspect a mutagen-enhanced vampire bat will be found to be the root cause, but until then we are severely outnumbered by violent people that do not deserve to be killed."

"We don't have a policy of killing humans either," I said, with a twinge of uncertain emotion. "And we will be glad to help in anyway possible to halt the spread and find a cure. But, I have to say, Master Splinter, that your reality bears a striking resemblance to a series of movies native to this one."

"Well, that is to be expected, Mr. Giles," the rat countered, undismayed. "How do you think we knew to come here for help?"

I stood there for a span of time, unsure of what to say. The Buffybot took this as a sign she should speak up.

"Cartoons are educational," she said brightly. "What's sushi?"
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