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I'll Always Remember

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Summary: Buffy and all of the Scoobies are sent back in time and space to Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1970s. When there, they meet the Outsiders. Darry and Spike finally make a decision concerning which world they want to belong to.

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A Typical Tuesday

Disclaimer: I own nothing. At all. *cries*

This is a crossover with the movie/play/book "The Outsiders". I chose to put it under the category of movie because that is the version I was better acquainted with at the time. Also, it has been brought to my attention that Spike and Angel are horribly OOC. Consider yourselves warned, and thanks to ForeverAndEver for bringing it to my attention.


“C’mon Darry! You always let us have cake before!”

“That was before seven people showed up for breakfast every day! I don’t make enough money for us to have a cake every day.”

“I could help pay.”

“No Sodapop. We need your money for bills, too. The only way we could have cake every day is if someone,” a pointed look to Steve, Two-Bit, and Dally, “offered us some money every once in awhile to help pay for our feeding them.”

“You know that ain’t gonna happen!” Two-Bit laughed.

“Then we ain’t gonna have cake for a few days. And would you turn off the television! We have to get moving.”

“But I’m watching Mickey Mouse!”

“Too bad! If you’re gonna watch it on a school day, watch it at your house!”

“But my sister’s always watching her shows then!”

“Not my problem. C’mon, y’all. It’s time to head out.”

The rest of the Greasers followed their unofficial leader out of the Curtis house. Steve, Soda, and Darry headed to work, and the other four went in the other direction, towards the school.

“Xander! Duck!” Xander followed Buffy’s order before what she said had fully registered in his mind. The entire group had gone to fight the demon this time, even Dawn and Giles. The demon was also a sorcerer, so they needed all the help they could get. And, since Angel had come down from LA for a visit, he was helping the fighters.

While Giles, Dawn, Anya, and the witches countered the spells the demon threw at them, the vampires, Xander, and Buffy dodged the punches and kicks, and, occasionally, got in a few of their own. Everyone’s attention was focused on the demon when another two of the same type showed up at opposite sides of the group. Both demons had large staffs with flames at the ends. Before anyone had a chance to react to the new demons, they began waving the staffs while reciting an incantation.

The staffs emitted a glowing light that slowly encircled all of the Scoobies. While they fought to get out of the light, the first demon moved to stand between the other two, forming a triangle of demons. He started to wave his hands and mutter something.

Buffy struggled as hard as she could, but was unable to escape the glowing light. To her right, she saw Spike collapse, not breathing, or even moving. Angel ran to his childe, and the glow brightened with the two so close. Angel only had time to pull the younger vampire to him before he, too, passed out. Buffy ran around the area, pulling her friends into a group, knowing that, whatever happened, it would be best for everyone to be together.

Just as she pulled the last person, Tara, to the group, she was knocked unconscious. Right before the blackness claimed her, she thought she saw the cemetery transform itself into a park.

“I hate school,” Steve complained on the way home that evening. He had returned to school for the afternoon classes that day. Darry and Steve came by the school when classes were over so that they could all talk and hang out on the way home that day. Ponyboy had had track practice that day, though, so everyone had stayed until dusk to walk home with him. They hadn’t quite reached the park when they saw a bright flash of light coming from the area with the fountain and merry-go-round.

All seven greasers ran to the area to see what was going on. The light was too bright for it to be a flashlight or even headlights. It was almost blinding, even from behind trees. When they got closer, they could see a group of nine people. There were four males and five females. All nine were dressed strangely, especially the boy with bleached hair.

“Wow… what happened to him?”

“Bet he’s real tuff.”

Before they could do or say anything else, though, the new people began to stir.
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