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Crossing Korman

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Summary: Unrelated mini Gordon Korman crossovers (Macdonald Hall/Stargate Atlantis; Our Man Weston/Harry Potter; I Want to Go Home/Stargate SG1; Son of Interflux/Charles de Lint's Newford 'verse)

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Author: Gordon Korman(Past Donor)LisaFFR134609029885 Nov 065 Nov 06Yes

Son of Interflux/Charles de Lint's Newford verse

Title: Crossing Korman
Fandoms: Son of Interflux/Charles de Lint's Newford verse
Disclaimer: Son of Interflux belongs to Gordon Korman. The Newford verse belongs to Charles de Lint. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material

When Simon Irving meets Jilly Coppercorn, it's in front of one of his largest paintings, and she's nodding her head and saying, "Yes, yes, definitely." He stammers up the courage for an invitation, and they wander through a park in downtown Newford talking about music, and commercialism, and trying to survive on an artist's salary. On their third date, he learns more about survival and homelessness and struggle than he's ever imagined. And when he follows her into the woods one evening, he learns about wonders and horrors and the true hidden nature of the world. Simon knows about secrets. He's known about secrets since his mother started her cooking experiments, since he started hiding the truth from his classmates, since Antiflux turned his life on its head. Simon knows secrets, but the truth is, he's never really been very good at keeping them. Looking down at the glittering fairy in the palm of his hand, he knows it will be different this time. This is one secret he will keep forever – or at least until someone decides to build zipper teeth on fae land.

The End

You have reached the end of "Crossing Korman". This story is complete.

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