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Crossing Korman

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Summary: Unrelated mini Gordon Korman crossovers (Macdonald Hall/Stargate Atlantis; Our Man Weston/Harry Potter; I Want to Go Home/Stargate SG1; Son of Interflux/Charles de Lint's Newford 'verse)

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Author: Gordon Korman(Past Donor)LisaFFR134609029885 Nov 065 Nov 06Yes

Macdonald Hall/Stargate Atlantis

Title: Crossing Korman
Fandoms: Macdonald Hall/Stargate Atlantis
Disclaimer: Stargate belongs to MGM and affiliates. The Macdonald Hall series emerged from the infinitely entertaining mind of Gordon Korman. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material

Elmer had finished setting up his project and was hastily erecting the safety barrier when the boy at the next booth showed up. He opened a suitcase to reveal dozens of small parts, which he set about assembling. "They wouldn't let me build a bomb this time," he said when he felt the quiet presence over his shoulder. "But this is going to be so cool." The boy turned around and stuck his hand out. "Rodney McKay."

"Elmer Drimsdale," he replied, eyes widening as he realized just what was being put together in front of him, and just what they could do with it.

The Canadian National Science Fair was never going to be the same.
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