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For the Heart of the Wolf

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Summary: Oz and Remus Lupin are in trouble. Voldemort has decreed any werewolf not under his command is to be killed.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > ActionTheaZaraFR1511,338141,1016 Nov 066 Nov 06No
Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon, Harry Potter belongs to Rowling.

Timeline: Post Series for Buffy, Post book 6 for Harry Potter.

Dawn didn't expect any sort of interruption or visitors. After all, she had jet lag and as such was wide awake in the middle of the night, and she had the apartment all to herself. As such she was doing the most embarrassing thing she could think of when her second biggest crush ever suddenly appeared in the middle of her apartment for no apparent reason.

Oz took in the sight of Dawn spastically dancing around, eyes closed, singing into a wooden spoon wearing only a short robe, bunny slippers that had seen better days, and a pair of wireless headphones with his natural aplomb, before dropping the small blue vase he was clutching like a life preserver, and falling over in a faint.

The sound of his body hitting the wood floor made quite a thump. Dawn slipped the headphones off her ears while looking around for what had fallen, but didn't see Oz until two stranger's popped into being in front of her wearing some sort of brightly colored robes. The older red haired man was gaping around the apartment in nothing short of amazement, while the short pink haired woman dropped down beside Oz, pointed a stake at him and uttered something that sounded to Dawn like 'nerve ate'.

A moment after she spoke Oz jerked awake, pulling back from her a moment as if scared, before his nostrils flared and he muttered what sounded to Dawn like 'loop in'. He looked over at Dawn and smiled serenely and said, 'Hey.' with a nod.


The pink haired woman stopped fussing with him, and smiled up at Dawn. "Wotcher" she said as she stood up holding out her hand to shake Dawn's.

"Almost," Dawn replied, wondering how this strange woman knew about her affiliation with the council. She hadn't seen Oz in years, so even he shouldn't know about her soon to be new job. "I'm not quite a watcher yet. I haven't been chosen."

Truth be told Dawn was still nervous about her current status. With so many Slayers called the new council had gone into overdrive training and searching out surviving watchers. To avoid the calamity that had been Wesley and Faith however, Slayers now chose their watcher from the available pool. Unchosen watchers continued training while working as translators and curators for the council's surviving relics. They still clocked field experience when need be, but it was kept at a safe minimum. Or it was in her case.

After not being chosen her first time through the process, she'd allowed Giles to persuade her it was her youthfulness that had kept her from being chosen. Slayers wanted an authority figure who knew the ropes, in time they'd come to realize her value, yadda yadda yadda. The limited field time she'd experienced since had caused her to come to a different conclusion. Her sister was the senior slayer, the scariest slayer, and the very overtly overprotective big sister slayer. Neither the council or the junior slayers would dare risk having Buffy's precious little sister as a watcher, not with the watcher mortality rate being what it was. That wasn't mentioning what Xander, Faith, and Willow would do to any slayer who let her get hurt.

Dawn shook off her own worries and refocused on the pink haired stranger, who was now giving her a rather odd assessing look, while her companion seemed to be fascinated by the light switch on the wall, of all things. She was about to ask the important questions... Like who the hell were they, and how the hell they'd gotten into her apartment when Oz tried to stand. He got about a third of the way up then suddenly fell boneless back to the ground and she rushed to help him, reaching out a hand.

Instead of taking it he scrambled weakly away, "No! Don't touch me, stay back." He said, his voice strained and harsh.

His reaction to her brought the attention of the red head back to her as he pointed his stake in her direction. "Who are you?" He demanded. "Do you work for You-know-who?"

His companion reached out a hand and pushed the stake down. "It's alright, Arthur. He's not afraid of her, he's afraid for her. Portkeys mess with the wolf."

He looked at her strangely, "The full moon is more than a week away, how could it be affecting him that badly?"

Oz was the one who answered. "The wolf is always there waiting to come out." Slowly he climbed to his feet, making sure to keep a distance from Dawn.

A distance she noted before speaking. "Oz, what's going on, and why is wolfie you having a problem with me, and not these two? Oh and who the hell are they by the way?"

"Wizards." He said simply.

Dawn gave him her best evil eye, while the older man sputtered what sounded like a denial, and the pink headed woman looked far too amused for her liking. "Oz, I realize you have this whole 'stoicism is you' thing, but this is going to require slightly more than one word answers. Please."

Looking both embarrassed and somehow pleased, he nodded before taking a seat as far from her as the smallish living room would allow. "You're right."


"Someone or something tried to kill Hedgwig." Harry stated as he settled in between his two best friends who were currently battling each other at chess.

All three of them agreed that Harry's owl had looked almost as bad as the time that cow Umbridge had hurt the poor thing in an attempt to monitor Harry's mail.

"Could it have been the thestrals? Hagrid has been much to busy to train them up properly since Du- well he's just been awfully busy lately." Hermione said with a grimace, her eyes locked on the chessboard in front of her.

"And Merlin knows what else he's got running around in the Forbidden Forrest these days." Ron added, moving one of his chess pieces before looking up.

"Who was she bringing you mail from?" Hermione asked before making her own move.

Harry leaned in before answering, his voice considerably lower. "She was supposed to bring me a reply from Remus."

Ron eyed the board critically, before making a move, to which Hermione triumphantly countered, with her own move and a cry of "Check Mate". After a moment she sat back, her face troubled.

After a moment she turned to Ron her face flush. "RONALD WEASLEY, DID YOU JUST LET ME WIN?" She 'asked' in a voice that rivaled Molly Weasley for shear exasperated anger.

Ron quickly looked at the board, then at his very angry girlfriend, and then did the only thing he could, lie. "Course not, 'mione. You've been doing loads better since we started playing more, and maybe I was a little distracted, what with worrying about Hedgwig and all."

Hermione's features softened just as quickly as they'd tensed up, and she gave Ron a sound kiss before grabbing her bag. "Sorry, Ron. I have a Runes test in the morning, so I need to get a good night's sleep."

Once they heard the door to her dorm close, Harry turned to his best friend with a smirk. "THAT was completely sneaky, underhanded and utterly brilliant, and this," He said giving Ron a punch in the arm, "Was for using my owl as an excuse."

"Bloody hell." Ron said rubbing his arm. He didn't complain though. It was still loads easier than what Hermione would have been if she'd knew he had thrown the game. 'Hit like a girl' was no insult when Hermione was the girl in question.

Harry settled back looking troubled, "We might be looking at this thing all the wrong way. Who's to say Hedgwig ran into trouble at this end of the delivery? Something could have just as easily happened at Lupin's end." Harry said quietly, his chest clenching as he thought about the dangers his friend could be in.

The End?

You have reached the end of "For the Heart of the Wolf" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Nov 06.

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