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The slayer on the Gunsmoke

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Summary: BtVS/Trigun. Buffy ends up in the universe of Trigun and meets the legendary gunman

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Anime > TrigunDemonicangelFR181531,33121811,2987 Nov 0624 Dec 06No

Merry Christmas!

Disclaimer: I don’t own neither the universe nor the characters of BTVS or Trigun and claim no rights. This story thought is nothing more but a fiction of mine imagination.




The crowd cheers and Buffy wince, clutching her head. “That man is absolutely nuts. He didn’t even have a gun.“ She looks at him and their eyes meet. They hold each others gaze until... Buffy’s eyes widen comically in panic as memories of the last night catch up with her.

“Oh, my God!!”


Buffy smacked her forehead with her hand, turned around and slowly walked away muttering. “It’s just a-a dream, yeah just a dream! I’ll just have to wake up and poof! nothing happened…” The slayer pinched herself and looked around.


(That means…that means….Oh, my God! We, we, we…NO we didn’t, phew! We just kissed; it was just a simple kiss. Ugh! Who am I kidding?! It was more like a smooch-thon. Oh, God, what do I do? Ahh! He’s heading this way!)

The slayer quickened her pace in hopes to make a retreat. Vash was trying to catch up with her but the crowd was slowing him down.
When Buffy got a chance she ducked down an alley, looking around for a place to hide. A black cat yowled. Buffy glanced up and spied something above her.

Vash rфn into the alley panting and, not seeing her, was ready to turn back, but he slowed down noticing the cat, which was looking above itself. The outlaw blinked and continued his chase going into a different direction. Buffy meanwhile was in a handstand on a bar high above the ground. (Sounds familiar.) She watched him leave, jumped down soundlessly and looked sadly into the direction her companion had gone to.

“I’m regretting it just a little.”

(What am I gonna do now?) Buffy let out a sight and rubbed her temple. (Ouch. My head hurts.) When she turned around she walked smack-face into something soft.

“Huh?” She blinked. (Red? No way!) The girl looked up only to see Vash’s concerned face. Before she could ran away again he wrapped his hands around her arms.

“Please don’t run. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I-I… I’m sorry, Vash, but…”

“It’s about last night?”

“…It was a mistake.” Buffy didn’t look him in the eyes.

“Oh. Oh, I understand, it was alcohol, right? It’s okay. We can pretend it never happened. Just please don’t run.” She faced him and saw one of his fake smiles and sad eyes. The sight made her feel sick. Buffy quickly looked down but her eyes slowly shifted to his lips. (Bad idea!) Vash was still talking, but the girl couldn’t hear him anymore too absorbed with her own thoughts. Suddenly the small slayer got on her tiptoes and kissed him.

It was a simple kiss, nothing special but when she pulled away she could see a pure bliss on his face.

“Ugh!” Buffy groaned and slumped on the box that was lying in the alley.

Vash blinked. “Ookay.” He had a curious smile on his face. “Now I’m confused.” He sat by the side of the blond, who was cradling her head in her arms, and waited for her to speak.

“It’s wrong!”

Vash bit his lip. “Because you are from another dimension?”



Buffy looked at him. “We can’t pursue a relationship! There can’t be any relationship!”

“Aha.” Vash was staring into her eyes. (God, she’s sooo beautiful!)

“We-we will only get hurt in the end! I-I don’t want either one of us getting hurt….”


“We have our separate organized lives, well actually I don’t, but I’m working on it! Dating a guy from another dimension is sooo not doing any good for this matter.”


“Don’t get me wrong, you’re a very nice guy, actually you are great: you are kind, brave; funny, thought sometimes idiotic, very handsome on top of it….” (You are so not helping yourself Summers!) She was captivated by his piercing emerald eyes.

Somehow their faces began to unconsciously draw closer. Vash’s gaze shifted to her mouth.

“And, and…”

“Aha, I understand.”

“You do?”

“Aha.” They ended up kissing slowly and softly but with a little hint of passion.

(Oh, shit!)

Their tongues were exploring each other, their teeth slightly nibbling each others lips. Vash broke the kiss first and leaned his forehead on hers, breathing hard; Buffy moaned in complain with her eyes shut.

“I, I understand, Buffy, I really do. You need to find your way back to your friends and your sister. And that’s okay.” Buffy looked at him with a little bit startled look. “I just have never, and I mean it, never met any woman like you before. You are magnificent, Buffy. You’re a wonder. You are like an angel, a sarcastic one granted, but still!” The slayer cocked her perfectly shaped eyebrow at the last part of his speech but remained silent. “I-I just want to be with you while I can.” He opened his eyes and they stared at each other.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Vash. I-I have already hurt someone and I don’t want to-”

“Shh.” He put his finger to her lips, cutting her off, and gently stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. “No commitments, no promises. I know what I’m getting myself into. I know that you need to find your way back home. And knowing how much it means to you, I will help, I promise. I know this will come to the end soon, but until it does…” He kissed her softly. “I want to be with you.”

Buffy was absolutely mesmerized by what he said and couldn’t find her voice.

“”Life is short, seize the moment” weren’t those your words?”

Buffy blinked and stared at him in thought. (I haven’t lived by this motto for a long time…. Ever since I crawled my way out of the grave, all I wanted was…peace. That’s when my death wish kicked in. But maybe, just maybe…What the hell?! I don’t have to be the only one to save the world anymore, so no weight-of-the-world on my shoulders. That means I can be a simple girl, which didn’t work so well before but I AM working on it, I’m trying. And after all I will regain my peace; everybody dies sooner or later…. But while I’m still kicking, I should…seize the moment! Yeah, that’s right!)


(So what a normal girl should do in a situation like this? Grab the opportunity and date a hot, tall, fun-loving guy with gorgeous eyes? Well, okay, he’s from another dimension or future, whatever, but should I really care? What if there really won’t be any commitments, any promises, and any obligations? That sounds good, that sounds pain-proof… Maybe it’s time to start living again…)

“I don’t know what to do or say, Vash. But one thing for sure I want to live.” Her eyes were sparkling with determination.

“You want to leave now?” Vash was crestfallen.

“No, you big goofus. I want to seize the moment! I want to live.” Buffy rolled her eyes but couldn’t hide her smile.

“Really?” If the blond man smiled a little bit more his face would crack.

“Yeah. But I’ll need some time to think about…us.” The slayer had decency to blush.

“Great! That’s great! Let’s go and have some fun!” The gunman sprang up. “Let’s go get alcohol and doughnuts and you will have time to think it over.”

Buffy nearly fell. “What? Are you trying to get me drunk again?”

Vash looked sheepishly. “No, it’s just that my head kinda hurts after yesterday.” Buffy groaned remembering her own hang-over. The tall man smiled at his companion and held his hand for her. “If, my fair lady would allow me to accompany her….” The slayer smirked and linked her arm with his. The black cat only meowed.

“By the way that was one hell of a hook.”

“You were not half that bad yourself.” Buffy winked.


Later that day Buffy and Vash walked into the saloon. It looked very different from their last visit. It seemed as if the whole town got together to celebrate their victory in the place. People of absolutely different age were sitting at the tables, drinking, singing, dancing and talking. The place was buzzing with life. The air filled with smoke and a slight smell of alcohols. When the audience saw the newcomers they erupted in applause. Vash dramatically bowed and looked expectantly at Buffy, who rolling her eyes dropped a curtsey. The slayer looked around and noticed two insurance girls, who were sitting near a window. The tall one was waving madly at her and motioning at their table. (Bingo!) Buffy winked at the blond man, who was absorbed in hugs and pats on the shoulders from drunken citizens, and smiling to herself marched to the girls. (It’s good for him. At least this time he isn’t chased by a mob that wants to take down the great Stomping guy.)

“Hey, girls.” Buffy slipped into a sit opposite from Meryl.


“Miss Buffy it’s so nice to see you!”

Buffy smiled. “So how is it hanging?”

“In the end, the bandit was a fake. We didn’t get to see Vash the Stampede again.” The short haired girl sounded saddened and looked down at the table.

“You are still looking for the guy?’

“Yes, and thought we haven’t found him yet, we have someone who matches the description!”

“Really?” the slayer looked curiously at the tall girl.

Vash approached the table and stood near Buffy. “The insurance girls! What are you doing here? Slacking of the job?” He had a radiant smile on his face.

“H-How dare you…” Meryl was getting mad very quickly. She was barely holding in her anger mixed with frustration.

(That’s girl surely needs some anger management…) Buffy cocked her head and faced Vash. He was wearing again the green and red striped tie around his head. ”Where did you get it?” The blond girl twirled the said item with her fingers.

“No idea.” He was smiling warmly at the slayer.

“You surely look happy, Mr. Vash!” His smile only grew.

“It’s a happy day! Do you want me to bring you anything, darling?” Meryl choked on her drink, Buffy had a dear caught in headlights look, Milly was smiling.

“Well don’t you two make a cute couple.”

The gunman slung his arm around Buffy’s shoulder and suffered her elbow in his rib.

“We are not a couple,” was Buffy’s quick reply. She slipped away from Vash, who pouted. “Mineral water with ice.” She said falsely sweet and bat her eyelashes.

“Whatever my lady desire! Your wish is my command!” The guy winked and dashed towards the bar. The blond girl only rolled her eyes.

Meryl was staring at Buffy and stuttering. “A-A-Are you really going out with that….” she scrunched her face in a disgust manner “…that…that …idiot?!”

Buffy’s face became void of any emotions and the short haired girl shivered, Meryl could swear she felt the temperature in the room drop.

“He’s not that bad, actually I think he is a rather admirable person. And he is my friend. I suggest you won’t speak poorly about him.” She suddenly smiled her shiny carefree smile. “That’s way we might become friends!”

Milly returned the smile. “That would be so great, miss Buffy, won’t it, ma’am?!”

Meryl could only nod. She then let her gaze find the aforementioned guy, who was nearly forced to drink the beverage from the mayor of the town.

“I never caught his name.” The girl looked at Buffy inquiring, who just shrugged.

“I guess you never had a chance to be introduced. I myself call him needle-noggin. You can always call him doughnut freak!” The slayer smiled briefly, Meryl chuckled.

“Discussing a hot, irresistible, awesome gunman?” The man had a great timing. He sat at the empty chair and put the drinks on the table.

“Nope, just you.”

“Why do you have to be such a pest?”

“It’s fun!”

“It’s not.”

“Oh, yes it is.” Buffy started drinking from the straw.

“No, it’s not.” Vash was starting to grin.

“Yes, it is.”

The man smirked. The other two girls were watching their banter as a tennis match. “Buffy, what are you five or something? Quit it. You know I’m right.” The girl narrowed her eyes, while the man was shaking with laughter at her expression, took out an ice cube from her drink and threw it behind the man’s collar. That shut him up immediately. He sprang up and started at first running then jumping up and down, hoping the little bugger will fell out.

“Ahhhh! Wha?! Buffy! Get it out, get it out! Hah-hah-hah! It tickles, get it out!” Vash was occupied with unbuttoning his jacket, when Frank appeared and led him outside.

The whole table was laughing their asses of. Finally composing themselves and drying their tears, they returned to the drinks and snacks before them.

Milly giggled. “There is definitely something between you two.”

“Yeah, that’s called a frustration.” (Sexual frustration, being more specific.) Buffy quickly hid her blush behind the glass.

“So how did you two met?”

“In a bar fight.”

“Let me guess, it was his fault?”

“Actually... no. It was mine.” At Meryl’s raised eyebrow she continued. “It’s a long story…well actually it’s kinda short but VERY boring.”

“And how long have you known each other?”

“For a while.”

“Are you sure you are safe traveling with him?”

“Don’t worry, Meryl, I can take care of myself. Besides he won’t hurt a fly.”

“A gunman that won’t hurt a fly?”

Buffy was about to answer when she felt a slight cool breeze coming from the open door. Both she and Meryl turned into the direction to see at least six people dressed in what would have been comfortable traveling clothes were it not for the amount of guns adoring them. They were standing out of the whole warm and drunken atmosphere very much wearing somber expressions.

“Why do I suddenly have a very bad feeling about it?” Muttered the slayer and glanced at her partner to watch if he recognized the company.

The tall man in his middle thirties came forward and addressed the public, keeping an eye on the red coated man.

“We are looking for Vash The Stampede. We heard he was in this town.” Buffy tensed up, when she saw the leader turn to Vash.

“Perhaps you would know anything?”

In Buffy’s opinion the situation was rather tense, but nothing could break it better then some cheerful drunk, who wrapped his arm around the newcomer.

“Y-Y-You are newbie in he’ pal, an’t ya?(hic) Join our celebration! Vash t-t-the Stampeeeede was fake. Thi-thi-this guy over here (he motioned to the tall blond) saved the day! W-we helped toooo, didn’t we?!”

“Yeah!!” The bar erupted in happy screams.

“Vash the Stampede was fake?”

“Yeap man, he ran as fast as his legs would carry him from the town.”

“What an inconvenience….It seemed we are wasting our times, lets go p…”

“No, no,no! Not unless you drink with us!” With that the gang and the leader, whose face was struck with panic were pulled towards the bar by the very same guy they were looking for, who was grinning like a maniac.

Vash was proposing a toast. “Here’s to all the great folks who saved the town! In your eye!”


Buffy shook her head smiling. “What a dunce!”

“They were searching for Humanoid Typhoon, Milly! Perhaps they know something that would help in our own search!

“That would be wonderful, ma’am! Miss Buffy, you should probably look out.”

“Huh?” Buffy was startled a bit by the statement, then she felt a shiver go down her spine, but before she had a chance to turn, something icily cold and wet was sliding down her back.

“Ahhhh!” The blond shrieked and jumped up right in the waiting arms of her companion. She was squirming and trying to get the offending pieces of ice out of her shirt but all her efforts were useless. “Put me down! Put me down right now! Oh, you gonna pay for this one!”

“If you will excuse us ladies.” With a charming smile and a prize in his arms the ace gunman was gone. The audience cheered.

“What do you think you are doing?! Put me down this instant!”

“Gosh, you are strong! Can you try not to squirm so much. You are!”

The pissed off slayer stilled in the arms of her smirking companion and pouted. “I’m not behaving as a little girl.”

Vash stopped and gently put her down.

“Oh, God.” He traced her lip lightly. “You’re so adorable.” The Humanoid Typhoon whispered.

“And you are annoying.”


Sorry guys for not updating for this long. (Hides behind a keyboard)

I had a rather busy time getting ready to pass my credit exams. But yahoo! I passed them! Lil me did it! So no more overloading my poor brain that feels as if it might burst if any more knowledge was stuffed into it at the moment.)

And just for the sake of Christmas I thought I would be a nice girl and post today! Which I did )) Does it mean I’ll find some cookies in my sock?

Well anyway I just wanted to wish Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and great holidays to your all! Let all your wishes come true ;)

The End?

You have reached the end of "The slayer on the Gunsmoke" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Dec 06.

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