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The slayer on the Gunsmoke

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Summary: BtVS/Trigun. Buffy ends up in the universe of Trigun and meets the legendary gunman

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Anime > TrigunDemonicangelFR181531,33121811,2987 Nov 0624 Dec 06No

What the...?

The Slayer on the Gunsmoke.

Disclaimer: Neither the universe nor the characters belong to me. I sadly don’t own a thing but my own imagination.


It’s already the morning and it’s getting hotter. There's a noise like an owl hooting and Buffy jerks awake, sighs and yawns.

“You want to spend the night in the middle of a freaking sand-box starving? Feel free to ask for Mr. Rupert Giles!"

"Great, just what I need! My guide has slipped away, I’m hungry, stuck in the middle of a desert and those two suns are scorching! Wait WHA???” Buffy springs up, her eyes widen impossibly.

”Ookay…T-that’s something new…and ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE!”

“What the hell is going on? Oh! I get it, I’m an idiot! I just had to jinx myself! What the hell was I thinking about “normal life doesn’t feel right”? Stupid, stupid, stupid!” she ranted while she was slowly rising to her feet.

“No, it’s Giles fault! He was the one who talked me into it! “you have nothing to worry abut” yeah, right! No worry my ass. Lots of sand, clear blue sky, TWO suns... What the hell is it? Some kind of Star Wars dimension?! Oh God help you Giles if it’s so, I’m gonna kick your watcher ass."

Buffy fumed looking around. All she could see for miles was yellow sand. Oh here and there were cliffs and bluffs, but most of it was sand. She decided to head the way she came from in hopes that Giles was somehow sucked into this nightmare as well.


She marched through the desert for better part of the day cursing her watcher, PTB, sand that cling to her and two blazing suns, that were the reason of her developing headache and sunburn. And then a small town appeared on the scene.

“Finally, some kind of civilization!”

The tired, dirty, hungry, and thirsty slayer approached the city,barged into the first bar and croaked for the water.The bartender obeyed.And held out a glass.

“Here you go miss.”

At the precise moment the doors to the bar opened and three men entered, bartender backed away. The fight broke out. There was a gunshot and the glass in the slayer’s hand shattered. Buffy’s eye twitched. She was tired, cranky, dirty, her hair was probably a rats' nest and she wasn’t even in her own dimension. THAT was the last straw.

“Aaaaarggh! That’s it! Now you have done it!”

She leaped up with a glare that would send the whole scourge of Europe crawl into the corner whimpering, and delivered a hard blow to the head of the nearest gangster ,knocking him out, then punched the other man into the stomach taking away his gun and in a second was pointing it at the last standing man.

“All I wanted was a drink! A simple drink after crossing this Sahara! And do I get what I want? do I? Nope! ”

The audience was in bewilderment, the slayer's speed was beyond their comprehension. The last standing bandit just blinked, not fully comprehending the situation he was in.

“D-d-don’t you m-move missy or I will shoot ya!”

“Been there, done that.”

Exactly at that time the sheriff of the town came in with a couple of his men, guns drawn at the attackers.

“Pull your gun down, Mad Joe! We have finally caught you! There is no escape for you now!”

Joe dropped the gun and put his hands up. While the authority took cake of the unlucky fellows, Buffy put the gun she borrowed on the bar stand and asked for another glass of water a shaking barkeeper. The sheriff,a tall guy in his late fifties, moved to the side where Buffy had taken a sit.

“Excuse me, miss.” Buffy glared at the intruder and put a hand up interrupting him. Then she gulped down the water and put the glass on the table.

“Now you may continue.”

“Miss, I’m not completely sure of what happened here, but I was notified that you were the one who prevented the assault.”

“Yeap, you can put it this way.”

“I’m Dorn, the sheriff of this town.” Buffy spared a glance at the said man. “I haven’t seen you before in our town, I would like you to follow me to the police-office.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. I haven’t had the time to do something wrong yet!” (I’m starting to hate this dimension so much more.)

The sheriff laughed deeply "Oh, no, you haven’t done anything wrong, but I assume you would like to get the award that went with this gang”

“Award?” Buffy asked confused.

“$$10.000 ”

“Sounds nice, I just might like this place. Show the way.” Buffy hoped off the chair and followed the man to the exit. "By the way,Dork, what’s the name of this village?”

The man fumed a bit. ”The town’s name is February, and it’s DorN miss….”

“Buffy Summers” said the girl holding out her hand.

“Well welcome to the February city, Buffy Summers”

At the same time, but so very far from the planet of Gunsmoke, a lone watcher was uselessly calling the name of his slayer and searching dune after dune for her.

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