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The slayer on the Gunsmoke

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Summary: BtVS/Trigun. Buffy ends up in the universe of Trigun and meets the legendary gunman

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Anime > TrigunDemonicangelFR181531,33121811,2987 Nov 0624 Dec 06No

Not in Kansas anymore

The Slayer on the Gunsmoke.

Disclaimer: Neither the universe nor the characters belong to me. I sadly don’t own a thing but my own imagination.

Summary: BtVS/Trigun. Buffy ends up in the universe of Trigun and meets the legendary gunman Vash.

Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance

Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth, Fanfiction.

Feedback: yes please.

That’s the first fan fiction that I’m writing, so some constructive criticism is more than welcomed. English is not my native language so please be kind and don’t fret too much. I also would really like to find myself a beta, so in case someone want to be a part of this story please contact me;)

Ok, here we go=))


Giles: There is something ... in the Watchers' diaries ... a quest.

Buffy: A quest? Like finding a grail or something?

Giles: Not a grail. Maybe answers. It would take a day, perhaps two.

Season 5 "Intervention”


Takes place after the season finale. In the new Slayer Council.

Buffy comes from a training session with new slayers holding a towel in her hand, walks down the corridor and enters the room, where Giles is sorting out the ancient books.

“Hey, Giles. What’s up?”

“Well, no apocalypses so far, how are the girls doing? (Buffy gives him a look) And you?

“The girls are getting better. And I’m…okay I guess.” She wipes her face with a towel.

“You know, you don’t have to help with the training, we’ve got it under control.”

“I know, I know, it’s just that, um…well, I has been thinking about stuff lately…and it makes me uneasy a bit.” They sit on the couch.

“Stuff? Is something wrong?”

“Not really, but ever since the hell mouth was closed and there are lots of mini me slayers running around, I don’t have to be the chosen one anymore, right? It was what I’ve wanted for so long, and I thought it was a dream come true, but the funny thing is… that it just doesn’t feel right. I took a vacation, went to Venice, got an apartment, managed to get Dawn in college, I have even gone to the Disneyland! I tried to live as a normal person, but I feel wrong.”

“I have always had a purpose Giles, my sacred duty.” Buffy pauses. ”A-and now I just feel…lost.”

“Buffy, you are bound to feel a little disorientated after all that happened.”

“I know, I just feel really frustrated now.” She gets up and starts passing the room.

Giles follows her and puts his hand on her shoulder.

“But you will overcome it. You always do. All I can say is i-it will get better.”

“Thanks Giles.” She smiles at him and the watcher returns to his book, Buffy meanwhile gets herself a glass of water, sits on a coffee table and simply stares at the wall.

Giles ~I wonder…~ he takes of his glasses and starts polishing them.

“Perhaps you should repeat a quest….”

“A quest? Oh! You mean that hokey-pokey thingy? Nah-a, nope, no way no more cryptic-death-is-your-gift-speeches, not me, not ever again, no.”


A slice of desert. There are sandy dunes with some scraggly bushes. Heat waves shimmer in the air. It’s a sunset. The oldest slayer and the watcher are walking across the sand. Buffy is in a black leather coat over dark pants and white topic. Giles wears jeans, a black shirt and a brown suede jacket.

“I don’t know how you managed to talk me into this again! It took us two days to only GET here! Dawn is most likely already getting prepared to be kidnapped. I have a very bad feeling about it!”

“Buffy please, it’s not Thursday and you have nothing to worry.”

They climb the dune. Giles kneels, takes out the supplies from his bag and stars arranging them forming a circle. Takes the gourd, stands up and looking embarrassed, jumps into the circle, jumps out, and shakes the gourd. Buffy makes an amused face.

“Are you sure you are doing it on a purpose of the “quest” and not because you like the dance?”

He sighs, rolls his eyes.

“Now you need to go further by yourself to the sacr-“

“Yadda -yadda…I know the drill, can I take the chips with me?”

Giles blinks.

“I’m afraid I left them in the car.”

“Great, just great! I’m supposed to go into nowhere of a desert, meet some spiritual guide, so it would lead me to a sacred place with no food or water, and then a week later the said guide will lead you to my bleached bones?”

”Buffy, please. It takes more than a week to bleach bones.”

Buffy grins. The man opens the book and starts reading aloud in Swahili.


It’s night and it is quite chilly, Buffy pulls tighter the coat around herself. Looks at the sky sprinkled with stars and moon, sights. When she return her gaze to the desert she notices a white furred wolf.

“Hello, puppy. You wouldn’t know by any chance the way, would you?”

The wolf begins to walk, she follows it. They go through a passageway made by two large outcroppings of rock. They come out on a large expanse of sandy desert. Then the slayer feels a blast of cold wind and a shiver goes down her spine, she looks at the wolf but doesn’t see it anywhere.

“Huh, where did it go?” Buffy turns around and still sees nothing. “Peachy, just peachy!” She mumbles with irritation, and sits on the rock. She hugs her arms and shivers, lets her head drop and her eyes close.
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