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Losing Dawn

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Summary: Turns out... Dawnie wasn't made. She was born. No, not to Joyce and Hank... but a certain Ranger King and Elven Queen of Gondor in Middle-Earth...

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Lord of the Rings > Dawn-CenteredscarlettirisFR151754,3011310441,8147 Nov 0613 Jun 10No

Chapter Three

Note: Don't worry my wonderful readers and especially reviewers. All the details I've changed and added are in the story. Must be patient. It wouldn't be fun if I just told you everything to start with, would it?

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Legolas wasn't exactly sure what was happening for a moment. One

minute, he was dying it seemed. The next, he was looking up at large

blue eyes and dark brown hair. He felt her hand on his neck where it

hurt, and then she left, and he was left in fuzziness again,

although he could still hear voices.

Aragorn stared at the small girl who had appeared seemingly

out of nowhere. She had taken out the last of the creatures from

behind, piercing their hearts with a wooden stake as her weapon. He

couldn't help but think of Arwen when he saw her, but took it as

momentary foolishness. Anything would have reminded him of his wife

at the point, let alone a young girl with long dark hair and large

blue eyes.

"Is he all right?" he heard the man who had aided them say

to the girl. They seemed to know each other.

"He's lost blood, but I think… he'll be all right," she

said, pausing when she saw his ears. "He didn't lose as much as he

could have. It must have just been a fledgling." She took to tearing

off a strip of her shirt to tie around the bite on the… pointy…

eared…guy's neck. The man then turned to him and Gandalf, who were

both trying to catch their breath. He seemed to look over their

attire that was much different from his and the girl's.

“What are you doing here?” Angel demanded. She looked offended.

“I just remember there was still a gang of vampires and thought you could use some help,” she said, a discreet pout forming about her lips.

He didn’t have time to retort as she turned to the trio they had saved.

"I take it you just came from that pesky little portal that

just opened, huh?" she said. Aragorn frowned slightly for a moment at

the man's rather unusual description of inter-dimensional doors.

"Yes," he said, walking over to check on his friend, who

seemed to be shaking the confusion next to the nameless girl. "You

are familiar with those creatures?" he asked either one who was

willing to answer him. He watched as a sly smile slid over the

girl's features.

"Yeah, you could say that. Welcome to L.A."

"That is the name of this land?" Gandalf inquired.

"Yeah. Well, of this city," she informed them. "Short for

Los Angeles. My name's Dawn. This is Angel," she said, pointing

accordingly with her stake, " and we fight vampires, which are those

irritating, blood-sucking fiends that almost drain your friend dry

here," she said, indicating to the blonde somewhat behind her. The

elf started a bit at his near demise being talked in such a blasé


"Blood-sucking fiend is a bit much," Angel said, mildly


"He's a vampire, by the way, but he doesn't eat people,

don't worry. So what's up?" she continued to the confused group. "Did you come here on

purpose, or were you banished here by some formidable opponent with

a sick sense of humor? Were you not appreciating life like you

should and sent here to see how much worse it could be? Do you know

the true meaning of Christmas? It's not all about money, you know.

Any near death experiences? That does the trick sometimes too.

Especially when the Ass-clowns That Be get involved, not that I'm

bitter for anything they may or may not have done." The three stared

the girl named Dawn blankly as she continued to list the possible

reasons they could be there, but not quite understanding any of them.

"What she means, is," Angel volunteered, "why are you here?"

Aragorn looked at his companions quickly before looking back at

Angel, not sure whether or not to ask his for his aid in this world,

although they had save their lives. "Look," the vampire said with a

short laugh, sensing their indecision, "I understand if you don't

want to tell us, your business is your business, but that's what we

do," he said. "We help people. This world or not."

"Yeah, as long as you don't try to end our world or

anything," Dawn decided to add. "Or sacrifice any virgins… or

anyone, for that matter. Or if you-"

"Dawn," Angel interrupted, "I think they get the point."

"Um-" Aragorn started dumbly after a few moments, looking

back and forth to the two strangers. "We did come here purposely,"

he said. He was certain the girl had asked that somewhere in her

talking. "I am looking for someone here."

"Can you narrow that down?" Dawn said, pulling out her small

notepad she usually used to take notes for clients. "Long lost

relative? Kidnapping? Unpaid debt?" She looked up at them

expectantly. They all looked at each other still not sure whether or

not to tell of his missing child. Dawn rolled her eyes.

"Look, people, it's a business. Not that we're charging you

or anything, we usually don't charge out-of-dimension-ers. You

obviously don't know where you even are, let alone where to look for

this missing guy. If he's kidnapped, you're so not even prepared to

fight any-"

"Dawn, please," Angel finally said, seeing that seemingly

non-existent morale of these three guys was getting worse and worse

at listening to his youngest “employee”. "Look, we can leave you

alone if you want to look on your own…"

"No," Gandalf said quickly, not wanting to deter potential

aid. As amazingly blunt as she was, the girl was correct in saying

that they didn't know the first thing about where they were. "We

would most appreciate any help you could give us." The wizard caught

the look of Aragorn. The king withdrew his hesitation when Gandalf

returned his gaze with confidence. He was right. They had to gain

allies in this world and fast if they had any luck of getting Arien

back. These… people, strange as they were –well, the girl, anyway –

could prove a great deal of help if they knew as much about portals

as they seemed to.

"Very well," he said.



"So, let me get this straight," Dawn said, twisting her hair

as she checked over her notes. "Weird guys in brown robes take off

with your daughter, age 9 mos., and disappear into the night. You

find their hideaway in your kingdom, cause apparently you're a king,

and you find out in their plans that they left for this world. That

brings you here." They all nodded in confirmation. The AI team had

decided it would be best for them to stay at the hotel until they

figured out how to get his daughter and get them back to their

world, considering the trouble that could occur with them out their

on their own. The entire AI crew watched as Dawn questioned the

three, as was her designated job and specialty. "So you're the dad,"

she said, pointing to Aragorn with her pencil.


"And you're the friendly neighborhood wizard-dash-council

guy." Gandalf frowned slightly at yet another verbal barrier between

him and the young woman.

"Yes," he confirmed anyway. The pencil went to Legolas, who

stood firmly next to Aragorn and Gandalf who were sitting down on

the lobby circular couch.

"And, uh… what do you do. Moral support?"

"I shall slay the kidnappers of the Princess Arien, if need

be," he replied as firmly as he stood. Dawn's eyes widened slightly

and uncomfortably at the guy's intensity as she wrote his words

down. Cordelia and Fred both gave each other a look that said these-

people-need some-Valium-and-or-Prozac.'

"…if need be…" Dawn finished out loud, albeit

quietly. "Okay, well that takes care of the notes. In all honesty,"

she said a-matter-of-factly, "it's completely possible she's not

even in L.A. or even California. Or even in this country for that

matter. And even if she just so happen to be in here, L.A. has

millions of-"

"Dawn," Wesley interrupted, at seeing the newcomers' faces

dim once again as she told them the worst-case-scenario. It was good

that she expected the worst in every situation, but there was a time

and place for anything. She did usually gather the information from

clients. She was good at it, although tended to think out loud,

especially when think of those worst-case-scenarios she loved so

much. Dawn looked at the ex-Watcher and realized exactly what she

was saying.

"But…" she attempted, but stopped short. "Well," she said, a

bit more confidently, "if these guys were one-with-the-creature-ness

like you said, they were probably demons. And, well, the only places

where demons tend to congregate in this particular world are here and

Sunnydale, which is only few hours away. So your chances that she's

either here or there are really high."

"You really think so?" Aragorn said, a spark of hope in his

blue eyes.

"Sure," Dawn insisted, throwing her hand in front of her as

if to say ‘no problem'. "I mean, if they went all the way to your

world to get her, they need her specifically for something. Is there

kind of power she may have? Like, something she might have been born

with?" Aragorn thought to himself.

"My wife's father," he began after a moment of

thought, "Arien's grandfather, has the gift of foresight. He saw

that she was blessed by the Valar. She had a gift of some kind and

he believed that is why she was taken, but, we did not know exactly

what it was."

"See there?" she said helpfully, a cheerful smile on her

face. "In all likelihood, they won't just kill her or anything."

Aragorn's face fell, although Dawn seemed not to notice. If

anything, this was an upside. "Well, not until a certain time, and

this kind of thing usually involves some big ritual that's bound to

be traced." It was only then she saw the horror on is face. "Don't

worry, we're bound to get word of it way before it happens. We see

this kind of thing all the time."

"If she is to be killed-" he said panicked, raising up

quickly. Wesley stopped him before he got any more worked up.

"Calm down," he said, putting a hand on his

shoulder. "Relax. That's just a theory. A very… morbid, far-fetched

theory. If they really needed to cross dimensions to get her, it's

doubtful they would just be wanting to kill her." Aragorn seemed

calm a slight bit at this.

"How can you be so sure of this?"

"We can't be sure of anything, honestly. We can only go on

experience. We've had a lot of kidnappings, like Dawn said." Aragorn

reluctantly looked back toward the girl, afraid to hear anything

else she could say. She nodded in confirmation enthusiastically.

"I myself have been kidnapped… at least seven times."

Aragorn's and Gandalf's eyes met, not sure what to say in face of

her obvious familiarity with abduction. "They really, really only

wanted to kill me once. Two times they wanted to make me a vampire,

but that's not really killing, right? And, well, he was one of

them," she said, pointing at Angel, who smiled nervously when they

looked at him, "so, maybe, that like, cancels out, since he's good

now. So, 1 out of seven they want to use her blood to destroy the

world, 2 out of 7 the want to make her an immortal demon, 1 out of 7

they want to make her their demon-child-bride, 2 out of 7 she's

being used as bait, and I'm not really sure about the other 1/7, I

was too young to remember," she finished, scratching her head.

"They could want to raise her to come back and kill you

’cause they don't like you and it'd make their day to see you die by

the hand of your own kid," Connor volunteered from his corner.

Needless to say, it was not a brighter thought the king wanted to

entertain as he looked toward the young man. He pursed his lips as

he nodded noncommittally. "Happened to me. But hey, look at how good

I turned out," he said, putting his arm around his father with a

smile. Angel smiled helpfully as well. Aragorn fought to tear his

eyes away from the boy, raking his hand through his hair, almost

pulling it out by the root.

"Well, okay," Fred said, walking over to Aragorn and

Gandalf, "Now that you've officially scared the hell out of them,

let's just send them off to bed to sleep on it, shall we?"

"What?" Aragorn said, not really taking in anything that was

being said as thoughts of his daughter becoming a demon or being

raised to kill him danced in his head.

"Listen, you've all had a rough day, and we can't do

anything tonight. Just go upstairs and try to get some rest, and

we'll figure something out tomorrow."

"But," he went to interject.

"Trust me," she cut off, leading them to the stairs with her

small arms, "I know all about portals, it can take it right out of

you. You'll feel a lot better tomorrow, and we can search for Erin

then." Being more or less sent to bed was not something Aragorn was

used to, let alone by a complete stranger who was a good head

shorter than he was.

"Aragorn, she is right," Gandalf said. "We can begin our

search tomorrow. The hour is late and we could do nothing tonight as

it is."

"Connor?" Angel asked. "Can you get them a few empty rooms,

please?" Connor nodded as he headed up the stairs.

"Come on," he said when he saw they were not following.

Gandalf then turned and followed the boy without much question,

knowing they needed time to recover their wits from everything they

had taken in. Aragorn followed more slowly, looking back and forth

from where he was going to the group left in the hall, and Legolas

did not take his eyes of any of the strangers as he followed his

companions. They walked down a hall with several doors on both


"Most all the rooms have beds in them. Had the whole place

filled up last year. Just though you might like some that are

connected," he said, checking several doors.

"Connor, was it?" Gandalf asked.

"Yup, that's me," he replied.

"Tell me, you do this sort of thing for a living?"

"Yeah, pretty, much," he said, looking back at them with a

smile while continuing to check the rooms. "My dad used to just

fight evil, but, you have to pay the bills so, yeah he turned it

into a business. If it's life threatening, usually we don't charge

anything. Or if you're from not even from this dimension, we don't

worry about it either."

"And how is it that a vampire, as you call them, came to

fight his own kind?" Connor sighed.

"A long, complicated story, as is the one about how one had

a kid," he pointed to himself, "considering vampires can't have

kids. To tell you the truth, I'm not that good at telling it. If you

want the detailed, historical, bookish version, you might want to

talk to Wesley. If you want the dramatic, glorified, exciting

version, talk to Dawn. Here, here's three, clean and beds and

everything," he said, walking into one of them. "Even has T.V. in

this middle one. Not that you’d know what that was,” he finished to himself. “These doors open up to the other rooms, so if you

want to keep a clear circuit open to talk or something," he said,

opening up the doors as he talked. "So T.V., bathrooms," he said,

opening up the bathroom door and turning on the light, "you should

be set." Aragorn walked into the bathroom, inspecting the various

foreign looking objects. Connor suddenly got an understanding look

on his face. "Right, no technology. Medieval

dimension, right?" No response. "Don't worry, strange at first, but

you get used to it quick. Probably wondering what the high-speed

metal things outside were, right? I thought they were demons at

first, myself. Don't worry, you learn to love them. This is sink.

Running water is a blessing, trust me. Toilet, if you have to take a

piss or anything else, you do it in that and don't forget to flush,"

he said, demonstrating. The three were a bit surprised at his choice

of words, but got the message. "If you start to smell, might want to

consider the shower," he said, turning it on and off. "Easier way to

bathe. I’ll make sure to get you some soap. Any questions?" After a few moments of silence, Gandalf

observed his friends.

"No, thank you, young man, you have been most helpful."

Connor nodded, and left them alone.

"If you’re hungry, there's stuff in the kitchen, just let us

know," he called before he walked out. “Better yet, just get it yourself. We’re not that great of hosts. It’s more of a fend-for-yourself place.” The three stood together in

the room they were left in, a bit puzzled.

"There is something wrong with these people," Aragorn said.

"Indeed, there may be," Gandalf replied, amused if anything.

"Why did you want to come here? Why do you trust them?"

"We hardly have any choice, I'm afraid," the wizard

replied. "We know nothing about this world and it would have been

foolish to turn them away when they offered their help."

"Why would they so eagerly aid people who just fall from

other worlds?" he questioned.

"You heard the young ones," Gandalf replied. "It's a

business of some sort. Sometimes just something they do. Some people

do still enjoy helping others, believe it or not."

"You do not think they will try to kill us in our sleep?" he

questioned, although not really seriously as he removed his sword

from his hip, as well as his cloak and the vest bearing the emblem of the White Tree of Gondor.

"As… strange as they act, I do not sense any ill will they

mean us. Legolas?" The elf who had remained quiet concurred.

"I sense no true evil from any of them. Except from their

leader, but he admits he is one of those creatures that attacked us.

Perhaps it is something he cannot help."

"Ah, you see?" Gandalf said satisfied. The wizard sighed at the obvious concern on the

king's face as he sat down on the bed. "Aragorn," he said, sitting

down beside him. "I know it is hard. These past months have been

terrible for both you and Arwen. But you must have faith that we

stand a chance of finding her, or we are already doomed for

failure." Aragorn nodded, exhaustion clearly on his face. "Rest

tonight, you have not rested in three months. Tomorrow, we will

start fresh with the aid of the people of this world who have

offered to help us."

"Yes, need I forget," he said, "according to the girl, I

could be having a demon for a daughter by the time I find her."

Gandalf smiled.

"She is young and speaks far too plainly still. I do not

think she meant you any harm."

"I am not saying she did, but what if she is right? What if

one of those awful things happens to Arien?" Gandalf tried to smile


"Then I guess we shall have a demon-princess for Gondor," he

said, not liking Aragorn’s constant negativity.

"Go on to bed, Legolas, find what rest you can. Nothing of

any circumstance shall happen tonight," the wizard said, walking

into the next room. Legolas looked to Aragorn, who nodded in

agreement. The elf, not really sure what to do with himself, simply

walked into the room on the other side, leaving Aragorn to his

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