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Losing Dawn

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Summary: Turns out... Dawnie wasn't made. She was born. No, not to Joyce and Hank... but a certain Ranger King and Elven Queen of Gondor in Middle-Earth...

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Lord of the Rings > Dawn-CenteredscarlettirisFR151754,3011310441,8157 Nov 0613 Jun 10No

Chapter Four

Chapter 4

Gandalf conjectured Aragorn had a bit too many thoughts to sleep. As he lay on the bed provided him, he could hear the king rustling around in the next room quite easily, as they had left the doors connecting their rooms open. He could hear him walking around, opening a window, closing a window, pick something up, putting something down: anything other than resting. He heard a click of sorts and Aragorn’s gasp, accompanied by others’ voices. He became dreadfully curious and then heard another click and the voices ceased. Was the dwelling haunted? Aragorn continued to rustle about, so the wizard decided they were in no danger. He should have known better than to think he could sleep. He, too, could find no rest. Too many things had happened too quickly. Good fortune had been with them when the one named ‘Angel’ found them. If it were not for him and the young one, they might not have survived the pack of creatures with a few scrapes and a healing neck-injury for the elf. He sensed that the elf was a bit more shaken up than he let on in his ever stealthy silence. He had never come so close to death; and to have his life saved by a woman, nay, girl, so much younger and most-likely weaker than him showed how truly unprepared for this world they all were.

His thoughts turned to the young one with a smile. As young and seemingly ignorant of how what she said affected other people, she was as frightfully innocent-looking as a hobbit, despite her feat in the category of height. The girl had… not so much as worried him as interested him. As a wizard, he could sense the keen pull of power towards her. Much like the pull the spilled blood had in the cemetery. Had it been her blood? He had notice a small wound on her arm that could have sustained a loss. She had said, or at least implied, that she was a regular human, though. They were either hiding it or were unaware of it. The young man who had escorted them to their rooms, Connor, seemed to be her friend or confidant. They had stood close to each other and seemed to be whispering a lot. He at first thought them betrothed, but as Angel had spoken to them, he watched as they quietly bickered and fought with each other: pulling each other’s hair and such. They were siblings, he supposed. The rest of the lot seemed half-way normal. Their strange attire was one thing, but that was just a cultural difference. None of them seemed to stand out in his mind as much as the two younger ones. It was probably the fact that they had both been kidnapped, which was the verb that had been ringing in the ears of him and his companions.

Gandalf heard Aragorn finally lay down, and decided to get up. His thoughts had been plaguing him for hours. He quietly slipped out into the hall, taking notice of the number on his door for when he wanted to return. He walked down the stairs, surprised to see two were awake downstairs. The one he remembered to introduce himself as Wesley was bent over a book and paper. The young girl who had occupied his thoughts for a few moments was seated at the same table, only her books served as a pillow rather than research material. So there was only one awake. No, that was no book… What is that?

“Master Wesley, I believe?” Gandalf said. Wesley looked up suddenly to the wizard who had called on him.

“Yes,” he said, taking off his glasses. “That’s me. Well, the Wesley part, that is. Not so much the ‘Master’. Do you…uh… need anything?” he asked, rising from his chair.

“No, no, no,” he said, “merely walking about. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Of course not, of course not,” Wesley answered. “I’m just translating this passage and Dawn… well, was researching on any infants found within the last three months.” Gandalf frowned in wonderment.

“She can do that from here?” he asked. Wesley looked up at him for a moment, remember where he was from. He smiled a bit.

“Yes. I forget where you are from. There is a great many things we can do, now.”

“Indeed,” he said, staring at the device Dawn was laying on. Wesley noticed his scrutiny, and carefully moved to get the laptop out from under Dawn’s head. She shifted a little, but remained asleep.

“This,” Wesley explained, “is a computer.” He angled the thing so the wizard could see it.

“Is it magic, of some sort?” he asked, taken by its glow.

“No, it’s technology. Kind of is magic, in a way, if you’re not used to it. In this instance, if a child goes missing, and somebody find him or her, the usually take her to a home for missing children. Those homes generally host a site such as this,” pointing to the screen, “for others to find them for their parents, etc.” Gandalf was getting the concept down, even though the mechanics of it boggled his mind. “Don’t worry,” Wesley said. “Even I am not completely sure of them sometimes. She,” he said, pointing to Dawn, “handles anything having to do with computers, usually. What she lacks in fighting and communication skills she makes up in research and electronics.” Gandalf smiled, not sure what “electronics” was, but assumed it had something to do with “computers”. He watched as the man rubbed his eyes tiredly, then look at the girl and laugh quietly at her slacking. “Unfortunately, not infants of your description have been found in L.A. We can check Sunnydale tomorrow.” Gandalf nodded, slightly disheartened, but not surprised. Light snoring drew his line of vision to the girl.

“Is she Mas… Angel’s daughter?” he inquired, leaving out titles this time. Wesley looked at him.

“Who, Dawn? No, no, no. She’s… uh… a very dear friend to him.”

“Where are her mother and father?” Wesley took in a deep breath, preparing to answer any number of questions.

“Passed away, unfortunately. Well, her mother did. A few years ago. Her father had left them a while before.”

“She came to live here when her mother died?”

“Well, not so much. Her sister was to care for her. She did for a while. Unfortunately, she died a few months later.” Gandalf frowned.

“How did they die so close together?” he said, not sure how much the man would be willing to answer.

“Her mother, sadly, died of a sickness. Nothing could be done to save her. Her sister… well…” He paused, looking down. He didn’t want to tell too much of Dawn’s past without her knowledge. “Her sister led the same type of life as we, in short. How she died is for Dawn to tell, if she wishes. She’s quite sensitive about the subject, understandably. Angel was once in love with her, at one point or another. He wanted Dawn to be taken care of, so he asked her to live with him here.” The wizard nodded, accepting this. “We still have friends in her old home, Sunnydale: one of the only other places where really weird things happen. We’ll call them tomorrow at a decent hour and ask if they’ve seen anything suspicious.” He turned back to the sleeping girl as Wesley rose from the table and moved to pick her up. A noticeable twinge of pity rose in him. To lose your whole family in one way or another… She mumbled a bit. Wesley recognized it as something she had been translating. “If you wish, feel free to walk about anywhere as you like. I have to…” he motioned with his head to the girl he was holding. Gandalf nodded.

“Of course. I shall return to my company as well.” They climbed the stairs together, but parted ways at the hallway. They nodded goodnight to each other and continued on their way. Wesley did feel slightly guilty as carried Dawn to her room. He wasn’t wholly sure how she would take him revealing any part of her past without her there. But, logically, he felt he had to. If he told them freely about their pasts, they would be freer to share theirs.

He carefully opened her door, trying not to hit her head on anything. He pulled back her carefully made sheets and tucked her in, taking her small sigh as an indication of success. Of course there were some things he could not divulge to them. Namely, in this case, the power she might still hold in her blood. Had he said how his former slayer had died, that would have led to even more questions. He truly felt sorry for the trio. Surprisingly, he had no suspicions about them, really. Their entire presence seemed to radiate sincerity, which was rare. He wondered if Angel was at all suspicious of them. Hopefully not. Hopefully, they were genuine. Maybe if could help recover the man’s daughter, that might help him make up for what he did to Angel… and Connor.
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