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Dark Legends

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Summary: Willow is pulled into a completely new world with a whole new meaning to the word "darkness". A BtVS/Legend the Movie crossover.

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Chapter 4

Title: Dark Legends
Authors: Rose
Rating: R (decided to up the rating)
Parings: Willow/Jack eventually
Summary: Willow is pulled into a completely new world with a whole new meaning to the word "darkness".
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. Willow and the Sunnydale group belong to Joss Whedon. Legend belongs to Universal.
Spoilers: Some spoilers for the movie Legend, none for Buffy.
Distribution: FanFiction.Net, Twisting the Hellmouth, if anyone else wants it, just email and ask.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Author's Note: Changes for the Buffyverse are that although this is season 2, Willow's magical ability is as it would be in season 5. Oz isn't in the picture, but Buffy and Angel did do the naughty and now Angelus is around. Changes for the movie "Legend" come after the movie ended.

Author's Note 2: Here is a link to a site that will give you information about the movie and images of characters from the movie Legend that will be making an appearance in this fic. Please take the time to familarize yourself with them so that you can get the full effect for later chapters.

Chapter 4

Willow shyly watched the young man sitting across from her in the meadow through lowered lashes. They sat amidst the fragrant flowers as birds of all colors flitted about their heads, one occasionally perching on Jack's shoulder momentarily before taking flight again. He had listened intently as she told her story, only stopping her once to ask for a description of the demons that Willow suspected of being the cause of her appearance in Jack's forest.

''Well, there were two of them. One was larger than the other. Really ugly and icky looking. Green skinned and slimy. Oh, and the smaller one had pointy ears and a *really* long pointy nose. It looked sort of like a carrot. A really ugly, disgusting looking carrot, but um, that's not the point, is it?"

Willow had felt her cheeks redden as she realized she was babbling again. Glancing down in embarassment she got back to telling the rest of what had happened. Jack had taken in the description of the two 'demons' and listened silently as Willow continued her tale. Now that Willow finished her story, they both sat in silence. Jack was still petting a fawn that was nestled in his lap and for a brief moment Willow felt envious of the baby deer. Then she abruptly blushed as she realized where her thoughts were heading and she quickly reigned them in.

*Oh, bad Willow! Bad, bad thoughts! No Jack goodness for you!* She scolded herself.

Finally, as Willow was beginning to think that the handsome young man had forgotten all about her, Jack spoke.

"I do not think that the creatures you speak of are demons at all, Lady Red."

Willow smiled dreamily at the nickname Jack had bestowed upon her for a moment before his words actually connected. She looked at him in surprise.

"Not demons? Then....what were they? Not vampires and not human for sure cause, hello, Mr Icky with a ugly carrot nose and, um....I'll shut up now so that you can explain." Willow looked back down again in embarassment. She realized this was becoming repetitive.

Jack smiled softly at the top of Willow's head. "No, my Lady Red, not human nor vampire."

Willow sensed movement in front of her and she glanced up. Jumping slightly, a soft 'eep' escaping her throat, she found herself staring into mesmerizing brown eyes. While she had been staring down at her hands, Jack had extricated the deer from his lap and had crawled over to her. He was now kneeling before her, his face slowly drawing closer to hers. Willow felt her breath hitch as she repeated her earlier question in a whispered voice.

"What were they?"

Jack's lips quirked at the corners at Willow's reaction to his nearness and lowered his voice to a whisper as well when he replied.


Willow felt her eyes widen in surprise. Of all the answers she would have expected, 'goblins' certainly hadn't been on the list.

"G-g-goblins? B-but, they're not....I mean, that's not....*goblins*?" The last word came out as a small squeak.

Jack nodded his assurance, the movement causing his somewhat shaggy hair to flop down into his face, partially covering his eyes. Instinctively, having had her own long hair do this on occasion, Willow reached out and timidly brushed the hair back from Jack's face, tucking it neatly behind his ears. She couldn't help but notice how soft it felt beneath her fingertips and when she was done found herself reluctant to withdraw her hand. Jack's soft sigh was finally what it took to jolt Willow back into reality, where she was shocked to find her hand actually caressing the side of the handsome man's face! She gasped out loud and brought her hand down to rest in her lap, where she grasped it firmly with the other to make sure it would not move of its own accord again.

"Oh...OH, I - I - I'm s-sorry. I didn't mean...I mean, I d-didn't realize...." Willow's voice trailed off as words fail her. She didn't know exactly *what* had led her to do what she had. She'd never been this bold before.

Jack, for his part, felt confused as well as guilty. Confused because he had actually enjoyed Willow stroking his face. It was the first real tender gesture that anyone had shown him since.....Lily. And there lay his reason for the guilt. His beloved Lily was lost to him, he knew this. She had given up all light she had possessed and had welcomed darkness into her soul and heart. But despite this fact, Jack still cared for her. They had gone through so much to be together, then to have her turn away from had nearly destroyed him. If not for the unicorns, he too would have truly been lost....Jack shook his head to clear it of the disturbing memories and focused back on the redheaded -- and now once again -- red-faced woman before him.

"Fear not, Lady Red, you have done nothing wrong. Your touch felt.... pleasant."

This only caused Willow to blush even harder and didn't help her in the least in finding the words to respond. Instead she opted for a few vowel sounds before falling silent once again. Jack chuckled at this for a moment before finally becoming serious again.

"From your description, I believe I know who one of the goblins was, although I'm not familiar with the other."

By now, Willow's cheeks had returned to their normal color and she looked at Jack expectantly. "Well, who do you think one of them was?"

"There's only one goblin that fits the description you gave me." Jack said softly, an angry glint appeared in his eyes. "Blix."

"Blix?" Willow scrunched up her nose as she repeated the name. "Isn't that one of Santa Claus' reindeer?"

"Pardon?" Her weird statement had taken Jack by surprise and he looked at her questioningly.

Catching his eye, Willow said, "Oops, did I say that out loud?" When Jack nodded, Willow simply waved her hand dismissively. "Ah, forget it, it's not important. What's important is that you know who at least one of the people, er, goblins who sent me here was. Not to mention Angelus--OH!" Willow gasped as she realized she had completely forgotten her best friend's psycho vampire ex-boyfriend. "Oh my goddess! I forgot, Angelus is here somewhere, which is *so* not of the good!"

Jack watched worriedly as Willow began to hyperventilate. She was very upset it seemed over this Angelus person being here somewhere in the forest. Not wanting her to feel distressed, Jack did the only thing he could think of.....he drew the panicking girl into his arms and began stroking her hair, almost like he had been doing with the fawn a few moments ago, all the while murmuring to her in reassurance

"Shhh, fair Willow, fear not. All will come to rights once more, you'll see." Jack murmured softly as his arms tightened slightly.

The gentle tone of his deep voice -- along with the soothing touch of his hand caressing her hair -- helped to quell Willow's apprehension about Angelus a bit. After a few minutes, Willow finally calmed down and she drew back to gaze into Jack's worried eyes. Blushing for what seemed like the hundredth time since she had arrived in this forest, Willow whispered a shy "thank you" before extricating herself from the strong arms that held her. Leaning back, she looked around, taking in the breathtaking scenery.

"It's beautiful here, Jack. Would you mind showing me around?" Willow finally asked, bringing her gaze back to Jack, who seemed to have not taken his eyes from her the entire time.

A gentle smile appeared as Jack nodded. "But of course, you have only but to ask, Lady Red."

Willow returned the smile brightly. "Then please proceed Sir Jack." She said, playfully falling into his way of speaking. It was really fun....almost like a fairy tale.

Willow's smile faded slightly as in the back of her mind, a thought came unbidden. In fairy tales, there is always a handsome hero. But there is also a great evil to be defeated as well.....


Angelus slunk through the shadowy darkness which surrounded the area of forest he now travelled. He knew he had been lured here, to this place, by some unknown force. A force which, to his dismay, he found he was unable to resist. He had just stepped from an enclosure of shrubbery when his sensitive ears caught a sound floating on the wind..

"In the bumps and the hollows....the sunlight and shadows."

Angelus froze as the voice reached his ears. It was a woman's voice singing, soft and entrancing as it floated on the breeze to reach wrap him in it's enchanting words. He cocked his head slightly to the side to hear more.

"He kissed her as those...bluebells blow. As his lips met her breath....he went sweetly to death."

Angelus felt his eyes flutter closed as the morbidly beautiful words caused a sensation to arise within him that he had never felt before.

"At the roots of the where he is laid...."

As the voice faded into silence, Angelus felt as if he had been released from an invisible net and he opened his eyes again and moved forward to seek out the owner of that intriguing voice.


She sat beneath the spreading oak, the leaves of the massive tree holding no other purpose but to sway in the breeze, for there was no need to provide shade. One would wonder how the tree or any of the other various plants and flowers survived with no sign of sunshine evident. Not one ray of sunlight penetrated the heady shadows that surrounded the meadow where the young woman sat.

If one had seen her only a month earlier, one would have never guessed that the seductive vixen that was humming the beautiful death song was once a light-hearted, innocent young princess named Lily with waves of auburn hair and eyes filled with kindness and good.... Now she was a tainted woman, her hair a cascade of raven black locks, her khol-lined eyes filled with evil thoughts and dark intentions. Her lips tinted so deep a purple that they were almost black against her deathly pale skin. One would almost think her a vampire.....

As she hummed her favorite tune, Lily mused at how she had come to be like this. She remembered what had occured almost a month before. She had thought herself to be in love with that weakling forest child, Jack. How foolish she had been. The only thing right to come out of her relationship with him was that he had been stupid enough to show her the unicorns. He should have known that she would want to touch one. He should have known that she wouldn't listen to his please to stop.

'T'was beauty lead the beast to bay.' Pox had said that day in Nell's cabin. How she had felt such dread and shame at that moment in knowing that it had been her fault that the stallion had been killed. Such weak emotions, she mused. But of course, she hadn't known then...what was to come....

She should have known that she was lost when her vanity and her love of pretty things had caused her to accept the gifts that Darkness had planted. But no, she had denied it still. Smiling to herself, Lily closed her eyes and allowed the now memorable scene to play itself out once again in her mind.


The silence was deafening. Lily looked around the room, panting in an effort to reign in her fright...but she was very scared. Sweat glistened on her skin from the humidity in the room as well as from the sprint she had just endured as she'd raced from the dungeon cell she had previously been in. It almost seemed as if she had been lead to this place...this room. Then she spotted the lace-covered table with the silver encrusted chest and intricate crystal goblets on it. Her eyes seemed to glaze over as she looked at the table. All the pretty trinkets and things to catch her attention.... mesmerizing her.

She gradually made her way over to the table, opened the chest and pulled out the huge diamond necklace that lay inside. It was dazzlingly breathtaking and she could not resist the urge to hold it against her throat, admiring herself in the mirrored lid. Suddenly from behind, a sound caught her attention and gasping, she turned to see an elegant black dress dancing seemingly by itself. Fearfully, she had backed up against the wall, eyes wide as the dress continued to dance to the music that had begun to play almost magically.

She watched in awe inspiring fascination as the dress danced closer to her, reaching out as if to touch her cheek. She clenched her eyes shut tight, holding her breath to await her fate, but it only stopped and continued dancing. Surprised, she opened her eyes to watch the dress' lonely dance once more. It motioned for her to come join in the dance and for some reason she felt compelled she did. Wrapped in the soft material, she let the dress lead her in a dance, spinning and twirling till she found herself laughing joyfully, carefree.... Finally they separated, but she was so caught up in the moment that she smiled and opened her arms for the dress to come dance with her again. Instead, the dress enveloped her with itself and suddenly she found herself wearing the delicately flowing loveliness. Her entire appearance changed drastically. Her auburn tresses darkening and dramatic makeup appearing on her face. She twirled a few times, taking in her appearance and she found herself stopping in front of a full length mirror.

It was then that he had appeared, when she had been looking up at the mirror. His large, red hand reaching out of the glass, not shattering it, but causing more of a ripple effect that allowed him to pass through the solid plate of glass. The hand was followed by a hoof, then another red hand, and another hoof. The shock had been too much for her and she had passed out just as the being known as Darkness had emerged completely from the mirror. When she had awoken, she'd found him kneeling over her, his fearsome face only inches from her own. She'd scrambled away, realization finally dawning on her of just who had given her these lovely things.

"How like you my gifts? Does the gown not please you?" The deep voice had been as soothing as it had been terrifying, making her quake with longing as well as fear.

Even as she had begun to sob then, she had known that she was lost. "No...."

"Can you speak so of your bridal gown? I have found my true mate and you know it."

"Never." She'd uttered with conviction. She had tried to deny it, even though deep down within her soul, she'd known he was right. His following words had been proof enough.

"Beneath the skin we are already one. Was it not your sin trapped the Unicorn? Even now, the evil seed of what you have done germinates within you."

"No! You lie. You disgust me. You're nothing but an animal."

"We are all animals, my lady." He had laughed, deep rumbling laughter that had chilled her then. But she only longed to hear it once more.

*~*~*~*End flashback*~*~*~*

If she had only known that he hadn't lied...none of it had been a lie. He'd told the truth about it all. Her sin *had* trapped the unicorn. The evil deed she had done had sown a seed of darkness so deep within her that it had just taken time to take root and grow. During that time, she had tried to tell herself that she loved Jack, that she wished to be with him and to remain in the world of light. But that had not been true. Soon her little sin had grown and infiltrated the deepest recesses of her being, contaminating it with its evil before eventually taking control of her heart and encompassing her soul. And when it finally had, she had known what she had to do.

So now, here she sat, humming the melody to the song she had just sang. Sitting, waiting, knowing that soon *he* would come. The one to bring her true beloved back to her. The body that would serve to house the Prince of Darkness and allow her to finally be with her Prince forever. Then together, with her as his queen -- as it was meant to be -- they would destroy the protectors of light....they would kill the unicorns....and plunge the world into welcoming darkness.....



The End?

You have reached the end of "Dark Legends" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Aug 03.

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