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A New Life

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Summary: Post-season 2. Buffy/Cole. Yum. Buffy come back, to see Faith and Angel making out. She leaves. Finds a new life in San Francisco. Six years later the gang needs help. Who do they go to?

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Cole TurnerashaFR1819471283,4839 Nov 069 Nov 06No
Chapter 1: Past and Present

A/N: this is a Buffy/Charmed crossover. The paring is Buffy/Cole with smaller pairings as Faith/Angel, Oz/Willow and Cordelia/Xander.
The beginning may remind some of another fan fiction, I can’t remember the name (Please help me out, I want to find it again.), but it will change, there for example isn’t any Spike and Dru living with Buffy, not that I don’t abso-fucking-lutely love them, I do. This is my first Fic, and I don’t have a beta, but I do my best.

Disclaimer: Don’t own anything. * Tears *
Read and Review.

After sending Angel to hell for Angelus’ crimes, Buffy packed her stuff, and left for L.A. She worked as a waitress for about two months before helping Lily with the demon-slave problem. She decided to go back to Sunnydale; after all she was the slayer.

When Buffy walked down the street to her old house, she heard sounds in an alley. Pulling a stake out, and going to investigate from the shadows, she saw a pretty brunette slaying a vamp. This must be the new slayer, thought Buffy and prepared to step out and introduce herself, but a movement caught her eye. A man, who had hidden in the shadows like her, came under a ray of light from a nearby streetlight. Angel. Buffy stared in disbelieve and hope, the later of which, was squashed a moment later when he stepped up, and kissed the new slayer.

Buffy turned on her heel, and walked away with tears streaming down her face.

6 years later

”I cannot believe we have to ask that bitch for help.” Said Faith.

Giles sighed and polished his glasses. “The Council said she could help, and we desperately need it.”

“We are doing fine. Besides Buffy wouldn’t be any help. She left, abandoned her duty. She is a coward, and I want nothing to do with her.” Faith had never met the older slayer, but she hated her already. And what kind of name is Buffy?!?

Angel came up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. “That may be, but we need help in this fight. And Buffy is an amazing fighter.” Better than you, continued Angel in his mind. He may be with Faith, but compared to Buffy… she wasn’t even a blip on the screen. I will be with Buffy again…soon. She loves me, I am her soul mate. She isn’t here because she thinks I’m dead. That was the thoughts that had been on his mind the last six years, since coming back from hell.

Giles took over again, looking at the people around him. Angel, Faith, Willow, Xander, Cordelia and Oz. “The Council gave me her address, she apparently lives in San Francisco. We will drive there, and find a hotel, I don’t know how long it will take to convince her to come back here.”

The gang stood in front of a large beautiful house. It was red and white, with large windows. Even from outside, it seemed a bit antique, the whole Victorian build (a/n: Halliwell manor. - the halliwells). They could not believe Buffy lived here! They hadn’t called ahead, because they didn’t want her to run. The walked up the steps, and rang the doorbell. After waiting a few minutes, the door opened to reveal a pretty blonde around twenty, maybe twenty-five.

She looked at them, focusing mostly on Giles, who she saw to be the leader. “Yes, can I help you?”

“W-we came to see Buffy. Does s-she live here?” stammered Giles confused.

“Of course she does. She’s not here right now, can I give her a message?”

Giles shook his head. “Maybe we can wait for her. It is rather important.”

The girl hesitated, before opening the door further. “Okay, she should be home within the hour. I’m Billy by the way. Elissa and I are great friends.”

The group shared a perplexed look behind Billy’s back.


“Oh! That’s what Buffy is called now. I’m sure you know her real name is Elisabeth. She told me that she used Buffy when she was a child, Beth in high school in L.A. and Buffy again in Sunnydale. Now it’s Elissa. She said, a new name for a new chapter in my life. I think it’s great.“

They certainly hadn’t known. It made them even angrier. Didn’t she trust them?!

Billy, oblivious to the anger, chatted on about nothing in particular. They started to get impatient when the door opened and laughter flowed towards them. They heard Buffy calling out. “Billy, where are you?” Billy called back, and they saw Buffy walking in with a man by her side. The man was in his late twenties, with dark tussled hair and shining gray eyes. He was about average height, with good muscle mass. He wore a black, tailored suit, with a white shirt underneath. Simply put, he was very handsome. The gang turned their eyes to Buffy, or Elissa (a/n I’m going to use both, depending on who’s POV), and blinked. She was older, twenty-three, and more mature somehow. She was glowing. Her golden hair had grown to her waist, and was curled softly. Her skin was a darker gold than ever, and she was still slim with curves all the right places. She wore a tight pair of black dress pants, and a flowing green top, that matched her eyes. She was more beautiful than ever.

“The pair didn’t look the slightest bit surprised to see the Sunnydale gang in their living room, they just walked over to one of the sofas, and sat down. Buffy then said, “Cole, this is Giles, Xander, Willow, Oz, Cordelia, Angel and Faith.”

She then shocked them by saying, “Everyone, this is Cole Turner, My husband.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "A New Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Nov 06.

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