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Not in Kansas

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Summary: Tara dies. Or so she thought.

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Harry Potter > Tara-Centered > Pairing: Ginny WeasleydaydreamerFR71556011,0799 Nov 069 Nov 06Yes
Title- Not in Kansas

Summary- Tara dies. Or so she thought.

Disclaimer- Not mine. Don’t and never will own Harry Potter or Buffy. I have no claim on the characters.

Pairing- Tara/Ginny (implied)

For the FFA

A/N Ok so i kind of came up with this one as i was writing a different plot for this pairing. This one seemed better so i went along with it. I have been planning on writing one for the ffa for quite a while now yet i just got along to it now. Yes i am a procrastinator.


She felt the gun shot going through her. She felt the bullet tearing her insides apart making a gaping hole through her chest. She felt her life force being sucked out by a higher being yet at the same time she felt Willows hands, she felt her words of love and comforting. Then she felt nothing.

For a while it was black. Tara did not know for how long. But when she did open her eyes, the first thing she saw was the sunlight blinding her. She asked herself if she was in heaven. For she knew that she had died. She tried to open her eyes again yet her body wouldn’t coo-operate.

The next time she woke up, she was in a white room of sorts. She was in a bed and she was in a lot of pain. That was all she knew.
An old man, with a long white beard who slightly reminded her of Gandalf, was sitting on her bed.

“Ahh so she who slumbers has awoken.”

Tara asked the one thing that was plaguing her mind “Am I dead?”

“No, child you are not, you are very much alive. We found you outside on our grounds, in the condition you find yourself in right now.”

“But the gun shot and... Willow. WILLOW. Where is she, what happened to her, is she alright?” She gasped out, still in pain.

“Sleep, everything will be answered when you will wake up.”


As she opened her eyes, letting them adjust to the light, she saw red. A curtain of dark, rich red. As she came to her senses she realized that it was hair. Some ones hair. That particular someone was leaning over her.

“Im Ginny. The nurse’s assistant. Don’t try to move or anything it will only cause you more pain. You really did a number on yourself didn’t you? Ohh I should shut up now shouldn’t I. Im bothering you with all this talking. Ok then shutting up now.”

Tara was speechless, this girl, the one who was to help her reminded her so much of her Willow. Tears started to glisten in her eyes just before they started cascading down her cheeks.


Dumbledore, for that was the man’s name had informed her predicament. She had been there for a month, not being well enough to handle the news until now. She knew she was never going home. She had been in that hospital bed for 30 days. Who knew how much longer she would still have to stay?

Maybe, just maybe she would grow accustomed to her new life. Then if that all went well, she would be able to start something with Ginny.

After all, she did have a thing for red heads.

The End

You have reached the end of "Not in Kansas". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking