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Runaway Slayer and Her Demon Rewrite

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Summary: Buffy stayed gone after Becoming Pt 2. She moved to San Francisco where she met Cole Turner, and sparks fly.

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Cole TurnerDeziFR18810,1531412233,85010 Nov 064 Jan 08No

Chapter 7

A.N. In the show Joyce went through treatments in 2000 and had her brain tumor surgery in the year 2001. But for the purposes of this fic I'm moving it up a year, so she started going through the treatments in 2001 and had the surgery in 2002.

Chapter 7

Before he could reach Drusilla and kill her Buffy grabbed his still muscular arm and threw the charging vampire against the wall with only her hand at his throat. The Sunnydale gang rose to their feet shouting for Buffy to let him go but instead she raised Angel further off the ground.

“Buffy it’s Drusilla!” Angel grabbed her wrist trying to move her but it’s like trying to move a wall, it was impossible.

“Daddy is mean big sister.” Pouting with sadness Drusilla glided up behind Buffy wrapping her arms around her slim waist. “Baby doesn’t like Daddy.” She whispered softly in a singsong voice.

The shocked Scoobies watch as Dru nuzzled Buffy’s neck, not even attempting to bite the Slayer, and Buffy allowing it. Buffy tightened her grip on Angel’s neck, although she knew he didn’t need breathe it would bruise his neck severely, if she tightened her grip just a little she’d even break it.

“Wake up you stupid moron, how the Hell would Dru get in if I didn’t invite her in? She’s still a vampire you idiot, the only way she could come in was if I invited her.” She hissed at the once love of her life. He threatened her family and nobody did that without consequences.

“Big sister protects me Daddy.” Drusilla grinned like a child, enjoying bring taken care of. Decades of trying to kill Slayers, succeeding with Kendra and now a Slayer was taking care of her and her Spike. It was a strange turn of events in her long undead life.

Cole strode over to Buffy without hesitation grasping her wrist gently till she looked at him. “Babe, let him go, this stress is not good for the baby,” he whispered to her, “Angel is not worth our child.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead.

About a year and a half after Byron and Logan were born Buffy had become pregnant again. She was a little girl and Buffy lost the baby when she was 5 months along. They had done everything right, made sure Buffy was healthy, took her to the doctor for regular visits, he, the sisters, Dru, Spike, Gunn, Cordy, and Wesley took over Buffy’s slaying duties.

Even after they did everything they could to ensure Buffy would give birth to their beautiful little girl healthy and happy, it wasn’t enough. Joyce at the time was fighting a brain tumor, Buffy never told him or anybody else except Leo. Leo had tried to heal her tumor but he couldn’t do it, Fate or Destiny wouldn’t let him, she begged Leo not to tell anybody.

It turned out the stress from worrying about her mother, keeping up with the various doctors treating Joyce, and training at the Police Academy raised her stress level so high that it was too much. While talking to one of her mother’s many doctors after hearing some rather bad news, that made the outcome for Joyce not very good she had felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.

Buffy was aware enough to call for Leo, but he was busy with a charge at the time, a charge that was being attacked by a demon. Cole had arrived home 5 minutes later, but by then Buffy had passed out from the pain and blood was pooled under her legs. The doctors tried to save the baby but they had to make a choice between saving Buffy or letting them both die, the doctors choose to save Buffy, what else could they do? It was unlikely the baby would have survived if they had chosen the baby.

That’s the reason why there was a 5-year age gap between the twins and Serena. He and Buffy were so heartbroken over the loss of their child. For a while Buffy couldn’t bare the thought of conceiving again, said it was too risky in her line of work and she didn’t want another one of her children to die.

“Come dear sister, let little sister take care of you pet.” Dru whispered in a silky voice her hands still resting against Buffy’s abdomen in her own way protecting the little life growing inside Buffy. It was after the Slayer miscarried that she and Spike moved in, it was a way for them to protect whom they considered their family.

Without setting Angel’s feet firmly on the ground first Buffy released her grip quickly off his neck and he fell to the floor with a loud thud. The Scoobies watch as Buffy breathed in slowly and exhaled, while Dru glided to the side of the blonde Slayer curling her tiny yet muscular arm around the woman’s shoulders leading her to the couch that was now free.

“Buffy sweetie, here have some tea, it will help calm your nerves.” Joyce handed her a cup filled with chamomile tea.

“Thanks mom.” She sipped it while Cole and Dru dote over her, oblivious to the stares.

“Umm, Buffy, that is Drusilla.” Giles stated dumbly.

“Really? It is? And here all along I thought it was Oprah.” She sarcastically commented to her once father figure. “I do realize who she is Giles, after all she’s been living in my home for 6 years, I don’t think it would have gone unnoticed.”

Instantly she felt bad for speaking to Giles that way. He didn’t deserve to be spoken to in the tone she used; he was like her father. Although he hadn’t been with her for the past 10 years she still considered him her family and much more of a father then Hank had ever been.

Hank Summers, when he found out that Buffy was marrying a lawyer, couldn’t wait to become a part of her life again. At first she was willing to give him chance, he’s her blood and she couldn’t turn her back on him, but she overheard a conversation with him a Cole one afternoon.

Her “father” wanted him to represent a client of his Frankie King, Cole flat-out refused, he knew what kind of man he was and he wanted nothing to do with that. That was the last time she saw her father, he didn’t even bother to give her an excuse before he left San Francisco.

“How can Drusilla, the blood sucking vampire that tried to help Spike kill us all, tried to kill you on your birthday, be staying with you in your house. Do you have a death wish? She’s just waiting to kill you all in your sleep.” Xander yelled at Buffy.

Cole was about to throw an energy ball at him and cause him to fall to the ground in sprinkling of ashes but Buffy’s hand on his wrist stopped him. “Xander if Drusilla wanted to kill us all in her sleep wouldn’t she have done it 7 years ago when I first invited her into my home, or hey how about the past 6 years since she’s been living with us?”

“I’d never hurt big sister, she protects me and my Spike. As we protect her. I think I should want to rip your flesh into ribbons and tie them onto a present with a surprise, your testicles perhaps, inside to send to your family.” Drusilla threatened the young boy already thinking about what color paper to use on the gift. Once she gave her loyalty to someone, as crazy as she was she honored that commitment.

“How can you be friends with someone who threatens to send your friend’s valued body parts in the mail?” Xander protested, turning to the side to protect his manhood.

“I didn’t see her threatening my friend, I saw her threatening an insecure little boy who only sees the world in black and white and sees himself as the judge on my life which by the way you know nothing about.” Buffy spoke calmly and coolly to her once close comrade.

A cranky cry cut through the house; the baby monitor that Cole brought out into the living room earlier carried the loud sound to every corner of the living room. “I better…” Buffy made a move to get up but her mother stopped any further movement.

“No, you stay down here, I’ll get my grandson. I haven’t seen him since your birthday.” Quickly Joyce scurried off to calm her grandson who had to be feeling the tension around the house.

“Alright, listen I want to get back to my normal life as much as possible, which means all of you,” she sent pointed glances around the room toward the Scooby Gang, “better tell me what you want and then get out. Some of you,” she looked at Willow, Giles, and even Faith, “I’d love to talk to you more at some other time but for now I need you to tell me information and leave.”

“I'm afraid it’s not that simple Buffy.” Giles took her.

“I'm making it that simple Giles.” The familiarity of her words striking a cord with her, Angel, and Giles.

“Now just one second Twinkie!” Faith stalked past Angel who had been trying successfully so far to keep her quiet but she wasn’t going to be quiet anymore. “We don’t need you, the Council can just…”

“If you don’t need me then why the hell are you here? I haven’t seen any of you in 10 years, and I don’t even know who two of you are. So I suggest you quit with the bullshit and get on with why you are here? So I can tell you to go fuck yourselves and continue on with my life.” Her mouth filter completely gone not being able to hold back the crass and blunt words. “Because I can pretty much guarantee that anything you know…I know already.”

“Don’t be so flip Buffy, the information I have is very top secret, I can guarantee that you don’t know anything about what I have to tell you.” Giles spoke with such confidence that Buffy for a second believed that she didn’t know what the major evil that was afoot would be. However she shook that thought off rather quickly.

“Well, we’ll just see about that won’t we?” She leaned back crossing her legs, the slit on her skirt showing a very enticing view of her firm, toned, and tanned leg. She wanted nothing more than to change out of these clothes and get into something more comfortable and with a lot more material. But that would mean everyone would be in her home longer than she wanted, so she decided to sit in silence about her outfit.

“It’s like this…”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Runaway Slayer and Her Demon Rewrite" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Jan 08.

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