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Superpowers United

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Summary: Starts during ‘Empty Places’ when Buffy is being kicked out. Instead of just leaving the house she leaves the state and goes to Smallville. There she finds a whole new set of interesting characters, but what happens when her “friends” from Sunnydale show

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Smallville > Buffy-CenteredDeziFR1866,55388925,41210 Nov 064 Jan 08No

Chapter 5

A.N. Wow, a year since I posted an update. I'm so sorry it took this long. Hopefully the next chapter will be up in about three months. School is starting up again and that has to be first.

Chapter 5

Spike watched as the private jet took off with Buffy rising higher and higher into the night. "Would have thought you'd have known better than to stalk her?"

He turned and saw Doyle. "Not stalking mate. Only making sure she got onto the plane safe and all that. Friends do that you know." Spike defended his actions. He wasn't stalking--really he wasn't. He followed her out of concern for her.

The second she left the Mansion he gave a flimsy excuse to that Doyle chap and hurried after the Slayer. Never knew what she would come up upon and be in the need of the Big Bad's help. Although she did have that fancy slicing and dicing gadget, didn't stop him from worrying about her.

"You think of her as more than a friend." Doyle pointed out.

"Hey, you may be some all powerful seer but don't be looking into my head."

Doyle chuckled. "That's not my power. Would make things a little easier. Besides even if that was my gift vampire's cast no reflection--your thoughts are your own. Doubt there's a telepath strong enough to read a vampire's thoughts." He mused quietly.

Once the plane was completely out of sight Spike and Doyle left the airport. "What do you say we break the news to the traitors?"

"Yea, let’s get this over with.” Doyle agreed.


About 20 minutes earlier

Giles looked up when he heard the door open to the Summers’ home. Beaten and bloody the Slayer’s in Training limped in one by one, some carrying one of their teammates, into the house. “Dear lord, what happened?” He helped the ones that were carrying a girl.

“Ambush. It was a trap.” Amanda coughed out.

“Where’s Faith?” Angel came out from the kitchen when he heard the racket, Cordelia right behind him.

Kennedy called out from the doorway. “Out here.” She half dragged; half lifted the brunette Slayer with her. Angel came up and lifted her up in his arms. It was frightening to see a woman so strong be hurt like that.

“We’ll put her in Buffy’s room.”

While Angel brought Faith upstairs with Willow and Cordelia in tow, Giles began to ask questions of the others downstairs. “What happened down there?”

Kennedy spoke up. “There was a bomb where we thought the weapons would be. When it blew we were knocked out for a while when we started to regroup the Uber vamps showed up.” She looked down at the floor hating to admit that they couldn’t handle the vamps. She sort of held her own but if it weren’t for Buffy she had no doubt most of them would be dead.

“How did you all get away?” Was one of the girls showing signs of getting abilities? If that were the case it’d be the first time it happened. Never had there been two Slayers let alone three at once. Unless Faith or Buffy…no he wouldn’t think it.

“Buffy saved us.” Amanda told him.

Amanda was about to continue but Kennedy got there first. “She made short work of the Uber’s and she had a weapon of some kind that I didn’t see her leave here with.”

“Where is she now? Didn’t she return with you?” Giles frantically questioned as he hurried over to the desk where the first aid supplies were.

“She gathered us up and brought us back here. Buffy was carrying Faith but then she handed her to me and said to get her inside. When I noticed she wasn’t following I turned around to ask her if she was coming but she wasn’t there.” Kennedy told the Watcher.

“Why would she just leave like that?” Giles said more to himself then to the girls.

Amanda spoke up. “Maybe because we kicked her out. Why would she stick around?” She wrapped her long arms around her middle. She wanted to plop down on the couch in frustration but an injured girl took up the piece of furniture.

Moments later Angel descended the stairs and entered the living room with Cordelia not far behind. Angel swiped a hand down over his face, how did Buffy deal with all these annoying children living under the same roof. He’d only been there a few days and already he wanted to leave.

“How’s Faith?” Giles paused cleaning up one of the SIT’s wounds when he saw Angel enter.

“Unconscious but alive. Willow’s cleaning her wounds, bandaging her up; she’ll stay with her till she wakes up.” Angel stated.

Cordelia rubbed Angel’s back; he was so stressed ever since shortly before they came to Sunnydale. She had no doubt Saint Buffy was the cause of his stress. When the whole First thing was over with she’d suggest a nice vacation in the Bahamas, who wouldn’t have fun there? Of course Angel would have to stay in doors during the day, but he had to that anyway.

“What happened? Why were they injured?” He questioned Giles. “Wasn’t this supposed to be a weapons hold?”

“No weapons, just a bomb.” Amanda whispered.

Giles sighed and turned to Kennedy, “What about this weapon you mentioned Buffy carried?” He bandaged up a SIT’s arm. To be honest he could only remember a few of the girls names, there were so many it was difficult to remember them all.

At Buffy’s name Angel perked up. “What about Buffy?”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Superpowers United" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Jan 08.

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