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What If They Don't Come Back

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Summary: What if Buffy never returned after season 2? What if Daniel didn't return in season 7?

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Daniel Jackson(Current Donor)RudesMomFR182633,01222285103,43314 Nov 0615 Jan 13No

Didn't Knock and Knocked


Spike reached the entrance to house seconds after Buffy and her minions. The sweet smell of copper was already in the air, drifting out the open doorway.

"Come on in Spike," Buffy smiled, blood dripping dripping from the oddly shaped knife in her hand.

The vampire strode into the building, stepping over a almost decapitated corpse. The Watcher and another man were being held by her minions. Spike hadn't been quite sure about trusting her, still wasn't in fact, but Blondie had definitely changed over the years. He wondered briefly what kind of vampire she would have made if Angelus had turned her.

"J'Kan, give Spike his snack."

Spike barely had time to change into his game face as he grabbed the man shoved towards him. He tore at his victim's throat taking a few quick gulps before snapping the man's neck.

"You are a lady of your word, Slayer," he said as his features slipped back into human mode

David Townsend watched in horror as Spike casually tossed the body of Hugh Davies to the floor. Death by vampire was a known job hazard but the vampire's words were beyond his comprehension. That female was a Slayer? And in league with William the Bloody, consort of Drusilla the Mad? Impossible. He didn't even realize he said the word.

The woman smirked at the stunned Watcher. "Impossible, no. Improbable but not impossible."

"No Slayer would ever ally herself with a vampire," he whispered.

"Why, because vampires are evil?"

"Yes, they can't be trusted."

"Now that's rich, you talking about trust. Spike is a vampire of his word and decidedly more trustworthy than you. Now where is your Slayer headed? You know, the one you've set up to die tonight." She walked up to him and calmly wiped her blade clean on his tweed jacket. She sheathed the knife and gestured to the same minion that had previously held Atkins. The man, if that is what he was, handed her a strange golden device. The blonde placed her arm in it, the palm of her hand cradling a large red jewel, while a gold band wound its way up her forearm. She raised her hand to his forehead and the jewel began to glow.

"Now where will I find the Slayer?"

David Townsend, Watcher, screamed.

In the basement, Drusilla smiled as she watched Bethany the Vampire Slayer pause outside the cell door.

Somewhere over California

Col. Lorne, SG-1's new leader, conferred with the leaders of SG-5 and 12 as the rest of SG-1 crowded around. The other teams sat within earshot a short distance away.

"Dr. Johnson, what can you tell us about the town," Evan Lorne asked SG-1's linguist as the cargo plane hit some turbulance.

"Nothing good." Johnson shook his head. "The explosion that took out the local high school back in '99 wiped out most of Harris' graduating class but the 'investigation' into the incident was closed in less than 24 hours. Local law enforcement is either incompetent or covering something up. Dozens, mostly teens and young adults, go missing every year and dozens more listed as dead, cause unknown. The town is a mortality sink, the birth rate is nowhere near replacement level. "

"So, are you suggesting bypassing the locals?"

"If at all possible. Harris made it pretty clear that the police were not to be trusted the few times that he mentioned his hometown."

"Any chance that there's a Goa'uld running the town?"

"Possibly. That might explain the missing as well as the lack of any serious investigation. Not to mention that for nearly a hundred years, incidentally ending when the school blew up, the mayor had the same face."

"You're kidding right?" SG-12's CO asked.

"Generations of Mayor Wilkins, each with an uncanny resemblance to his predecessor."

"Sounds like a Goa'uld to me. A cloaked shipped could be transporting the missing off world for use as slaves or hosts," SG-4's CO commented.

"Maybe," Johnson said. "But on the other hand, Harris would have said something once he got into the SGC and found out about the snakes."

"Unless he was already compromised," Lorne posited.


Bethany froze with indecision when she heard the screams from upstairs. Save the child caged with the vampire or save the unknown victim upstairs. But, she thought, the house was abandoned. There had been no one there when she had entered. Only the vampire...her brain started working again. This was a trap. But whose?

"Ooh, look sweetie. The big bad Slayer has come. She wants to punish poor Drusilla," vampire crooned to the child crying in her arms. "Don't worry, Mama's here and she'll save us. Came down from the stars she did to make things right."

"Mama," the child sniffed.

"My mama, but she knows where your mama's hiding."


Merdenn, once known as Daniel Jackson, was having breakfast with his daughters and Sam. His daughters were there in part to serve as a buffer for between the colonel and himself. She had become increasingly insistent that Captain Harris be freed. The buffer was only partially effective.

"Sam, I will not go against my wife in this. Xander, Captain Harris, is not being mistreated but we need every able-bodied person working to repair the damage before another Goa'uld decides to attack. Plus he betrayed Nimue once and I will not provide the means for him to do it again."

Before Sam could reply, a Jaffa entered the chamber.

"Lord Merdenn, forgive the intrusion," he said. "We are receiving a transmission from a cargo vessel on the outskirts of the system."

"Is it Nimue?"

"No my lord. He says his name is Selmac of the Tok'ra. He is requesting permission to land."

Merdenn turned towards Sam. "Is your father still Selmac's host?"

"Yes," she replied. "What are you going to do?"

"Let him land. He did, after all, ask first." Merdenn turned back to the Jaffa. "Permission granted. Once he disembarks, have him escorted to the main hall. Lady Samantha and I will greet him."

The Jaffa bowed and exited.

"Aurora, take Kendra back to your chambers."

"Dad," the girl whined.

"Go. You'll get to meet Selmac later."


"Promise. Now go."


Spike watched in fascination as blood began dribbling from the Watcher's nose and ears. A minute later, the jewel stopped glowing and the man slumped, semi-conscious, back towards the minion holding him.

"What the hell was that all about, Slayer?"

"Just a quick look through his mind. I'd rather not walk into any booby traps on the way. Lucky for us they didn't bother setting any," Buffy said. "Dru and Bethany are downstairs. And it looks as if Dru has a hostage, a child."

"What, she didn't just eat it?"

"Surprisingly, no. Your job is to make sure she doesn't. All bets are off if she kills the kid."

"Right then, guess we better hurry before Dru gets peckish."
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