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Thunder over Smallville: Book One

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Thunder over Smallville". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to An Echo of Thunder and Story #2 in the Thunder over Smallville series. Xander Harris arrives in Smallville to start his new life. How will the presence of a Thunder God affect life in this not-so-sleepy Kansas town?

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anotherlostsoulFR1551240,4331691326687,49814 Nov 0615 Feb 08No

Chapter 24 – Scarecrow III

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, the Green Lantern, or any of the Mythology that I am about to mangle to suit my own twisted purposes. Frankly, if you recognize it, I don’t own it. This work may not be sold or used for profit in any way shape or form for that very reason. Please don’t sue me because I don’t have anything worth taking…

Author's Note: Okay, here it is, the final installment of the Scarecrow saga, brought to you on time courtesy of a bang-up job of beta-reading by misagoddess. Since she turned it around so quickly, here it is for your enjoyment. As always I can't thank you enough for all of the wonderful encouragement you've all provided and I hope you like what I've got for you today. And all of the reviews are wonderful! They're what keeps me going when a chapter is giving me trouble, like this one did.

-== Chapter Twenty-Four – Scarecrow III ==-

Midori wandered the halls of the school with a half-smile firmly in place. Her transcripts had finally arrived from Gotham City and she was now officially enrolled as a freshman at Smallville High. It surprised her somewhat to learn that classes had already begun for the year and that she had missed nearly a full week of school waiting on necessary paper-work. Still neither she nor the faculty anticipated her having any difficulty catching up when she began classes on Monday morning.

Unsurprisingly, the school building itself was largely empty as she searched the halls for her assigned locker and began working on locating each of the classrooms she had classes in. Principal Kwan had assigned her a student mentor to help her adjust to the new school and find her away around, but Midori had no intention of counting on someone else like that. After all, the sort of students who were likely to volunteer for that kind of program typically fell into one of two categories: uptight, overachievers who were obsessed with padding their activities list for college applications or moronic, pep-squad types who were more interested in getting all the juicy gossip about new students than actually being helpful.

Given the fact that Midori had no use whatsoever for the first type and even less use for the second, she expected the whole mentoring relationship would last about long enough to get a tour of the school, if she was on her best behavior and dressed conservatively. However, since she found the idea of being nice to stupid people abhorrent and had no intention of changing how she dressed, she figured she was quite likely to be on her on own come Monday morning. So, while the vast majority of the student body had fled the premises to prepare for the first football game of the season, she gave herself some time to look around.

She almost chuckled at the various decorations strewn about the building. Banners and posters welcoming the “crows” back and urging the football team on to a victory over Granville were scattered throughout the school. The Green Lantern could only assume that high school athletics and school spirit were a much bigger deal in Smallville than they had been at her previous school. Unfortunately, the fact that she had very little interest in either of those things didn’t particularly bode well for her social life here.

Of course, she wasn’t entirely sure how she was going to manage to fit a social life around school and being a Green Lantern at this point anyway. She’d spent most of her waking hours over the past few days working in secret to improve her control over the power ring and the abilities that it gave her, but with only the ring’s AI to guide her, it wasn’t easy. She had managed to build up some confidence in her control, but she still wasn’t sure she could hold her concentration together in a real crisis. Even the ring’s AI didn’t think she was ready for active duty just yet, though it had conceded that she could most likely handle the sort of normal criminal activity that was common on Earth.

Still, she could only hope that maybe, just maybe, she’d fall in with the right group of people and figure out a way to balance all the different aspects of her life. It wouldn’t be easy, after all it wasn’t like she could tell just anybody that she was the Green Lantern for this sector, but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t be worthwhile. Assuming, of course, she found some people worth getting to know.

As she considered the possibilities, she glanced down at the power ring on her finger. So far, she hadn’t made any real effort to conceal the ring itself, beyond twisting it around on her finger so that it appeared to be a plain green band. For now, at least, it was a very simple measure that kept the ring from attracting unwanted attention. The AI had informed her that the ring could remain in mental contact with her and respond to her mental commands at a distance of several miles, allowing her to remove and hide the ring when she wasn’t ‘on duty’, but for now she chose to just wear it constantly. If, at some point, it became necessary to stop wearing it or give up the secret identity she meant to maintain…well, she’d cross that bridge when she got there.

Looking up, Midori noticed that she’d reached the final classroom on her schedule. With a sly grin, she mentally asked the ring, “You’ve got the layout of the school and locations for my classes now, right?”

“Affirmative,” the AI responded in her mind.

At least now, she wouldn’t have to worry about ever getting lost on her way to class.

* * * * *

The three boys were still standing in the school parking lot when Xander suddenly looked around. The strange feeling of foreboding that he’d been experiencing all day had changed suddenly. Now, it suddenly felt as though he were being watched by something malevolent. His eyes rapidly swept over the lot and nearby buildings, searching for the source of the feeling. He frowned, finding nothing to account for the feeling, a fact that did nothing to alleviate his unease.

“So, are you still going to try and play football?” he heard his brother ask Pete as he turned his attention back to the other boys.

“After that little confrontation?” Pete asked incredulously. “I don’t think so. Besides, showing up in the locker room after what Xander did would probably be hazardous to my health.”

The Thunder God grimaced, having not really considered the fact that Whitney and the rest of the team might take their frustrations out on Pete. “Sorry about that, Pete,” he said sincerely. “I didn’t mean to ruin your chances of playing football.”

The smaller boy shot him a grin, “Yeah, well, I only joined the team so I wouldn’t get picked as the scarecrow, kind of ironic that they picked me because I joined the team.”

“And I think you probably have the shortest high school football career in the history of Smallville High,” Clark put in with a smile. “You didn’t even make it to the first game of the season.”

Xander grinned and was about to make a comment of his own when he felt the tingle of power building in the air. His eyes snapped toward the source of the energy to find the familiar form of Jeremy Creek standing mere yards away at the base of a streetlight. The Aesir could almost see the electricity stored in the boy’s body and could definitely see the look of madness in his face. It was the same, single-minded stare he’d come to associate with newly risen vampires.

“Pete,” the God said softly, his eyes never leaving the twenty-six year old teenager, “Run. Get Chloe and get the hell away from here.”

“What?” the other teen asked, shocked by the sudden change in Xander’s tone. He turned to see what Xander was staring at and was shocked to see the former scarecrow walking slowly toward them with a murderous look on his face.

Clark turned as well, following their line of sight. He stepped between Pete and Jeremy without a moment’s hesitation, standing almost shoulder to shoulder with his brother. “Go Pete!” he ordered. “We’ll handle this; just make sure you and Chloe are safe.”

“How?” Pete demanded even as the Kent brothers began to walk slowly toward the approaching meteor freak. “This is crazy!”

“Just go!” Xander shouted back. “We’ll explain later!” He glanced back to see Pete sprinting for the doors. Instantly, the Thunder God felt the air subtly change and whirled back toward Jeremy just as twin bolts of lightning slammed into him and Clark. He smiled grimly as the rush of power surged through his body and willed Mjolnir to his hand.

The blast was somewhat more effective against the Kryptonian, though not by much. The focused stream of raw electrons lifted Clark off the ground and hurled him backwards like he’d just been hit by a speeding car…again. The alien rolled to his feet before blurring into super-speed and charging angrily at his attacker.

“Clark, no!” the Aesir shouted in warning, but it was too late. His brother’s fist crashed into the supercharged air around the scarecrow before the sound of his words could even reach the teen’s ears. An almost explosive burst of electrical energy grounded out through the Kryptonian for a second time, tossing Clark backward again like the cork out of a bottle of champagne.

This time, the boy slammed into one of the parking lot’s streetlights with enough force to bend the metal pole and send it crashing down onto the pavement. Xander spared a glance to make sure that his brother was okay, just in time to be struck by another, sustained blast of electricity. Unlike the Kryptonian, however, the God of Thunder was completely and utterly unaffected by the strike as his body harmlessly absorbed the energy. The Aesir smiled tightly as Clark got to his feet and shrugged apologetically at Xander.

Turning back toward the disturbed young man, Xander held Mjolnir out letting the hammer absorb the lightning-like blasts his foe was generating. “You have to stop this Jeremy,” he called out calmly. “I know what those kids did to you. I know how they hurt you, but you got your revenge. It’s over.”

Unthinking rage twisted the other boy’s features as he shouted, “Over? You think it’s over? Just because you saved your friend, you think they won’t grab someone else?” Electricity crackled around him as Jeremy laughed bitterly. “You’re as bad as they are! It won’t stop. It’ll never stop, not as long as there’s a Smallville High School.”

Xander frowned as Jeremy unleashed another blast of electricity at him. He had hoped to avoid having to hurt the former scarecrow. He’d seen what the poor kid had been put through, the way he’d suffered in the hours before the meteor shower. No one deserved the pain he’d already been through, but he had to be stopped. “I don’t want to hurt you, Jeremy,” he shouted back, “but you aren’t leaving me many options. I won’t let you hurt anyone else.”

“I think I might be able to help you with that,” a female voice said from near the door to the high school.

* * * * *

Midori was walking toward the exit, preparing to head home when the doors swung open and a dark-skinned young man burst through them at a run. The panicked look on his face, combined with the way he quickly scrambled up the stairs without noticing her raised serious alarms in her mind. The boy looked as through the devil himself was chasing him.

Frowning, she moved cautiously toward the door and peered out through the glass pane. In the parking lot, she saw two similar looking young men standing together as a third crossed the lot towards them. The two teens standing closer to her were definitely hot. They were almost the same height with dark hair and broad shoulders… and even the shorter of the two was probably at least a foot taller than she was, even with the heels on her boots. Both of them were dressed pretty simply too: blue jeans and work boots with the taller boy in a red flannel shirt and the shorter in a light blue button down shirt worn open and un-tucked over a black t-shirt. The white lettering on the t-shirt read ‘Tact is for people who aren’t witty enough to be sarcastic’, a sentiment that brought an immediate grin to Midori’s face. The third teen was the poster boy for being nondescript: average height, lanky build, brown hair, almost mousy looking…except for the twisted look of rage on his face.

She was puzzled though, by why the other boy had gone tearing up the stairs like hell itself was hot on his heels. Then her jaw dropped as the mousy looking teen sent two blasts of what looked like lightning toward the other boys. The boy in the red shirt was tossed backward fifteen or twenty feet while the guy in blue seemed to be completely unaffected. Whatever was going on, it looked like something she should get involved in.

Turning away from the door for a moment, Midori twisted her power ring around and smiled as it responded to her thoughts, encasing her in a field of protective green energy and turning her clothes into her uniform. Spinning back to the door, she used the ring to phase through it rather than drawing attention by opening it. Once outside, she stopped for a moment, listening to the verbal confrontation between the boy in blue, who was now holding some kind of hammer, and the lightning thrower. Judging from what was said and done, she quickly decided that the two hotties were definitely the good guys.

“…you aren’t leaving me many options. I won’t let you hurt anyone else!” the boy in blue shouted at his attacker, while ignoring the blasts of electricity being sent his way.

“I think I might be able to help you with that,” she called out to the man with the hammer.

* * * * *

Clark picked himself up off the ground and struggled to his feet, shrugging in response to his brother’s questioning glance. How was he supposed to know that even trying to touch Jeremy was gonna knock him across the parking lot? The electricity didn’t particularly hurt, but the intense muscle spasms it seemed to trigger were rather uncomfortable. His arms and legs felt heavy and tired; something he hadn’t felt naturally in a very long time. A few more blasts and he’d hardly have the strength to move. The sensation was almost like being exposed to a weak form of Kryptonite, but not quite. Even now he could feel the strength flowing back into his limbs and causing the feeling of fatigue to fade, albeit very slowly. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, the younger teen hung back allowing his body the precious moments it needed to recover.

A strange glimmer of green light near the school caught the Kryptonian’s attention a second later, causing him to quickly glance toward the source. His jaw dropped as he watched an exotic looking young woman surrounded by a glowing nimbus of green light passed through the door as if it wasn’t there to float above the stairs. She was dressed in a decidedly punk-style with a green plaid school girl skirt, black and white striped leggings and a green and black top that exposed almost as much skin as it covered. Clark’s brain ground to a sudden halt as a sudden realization almost exploded in his brain: this was the same girl he’d seen in his dreams the night after his talk with Aphrodite!

For several long moments, he just stared slack-jawed and completely dumb-founded at the girl. Finally, he heard a voice that he recognized as Xander’s and his derailed thought processes kicked in again. Whoever the girl was, she clearly had abilities of her own… powers that could make her dangerous if she chose to side with Jeremy. He forced himself to push aside all other concerns for the moment, focusing on watching what she was doing. He had to be ready to act if she turned out to be another threat. For just a moment, he considered shouting a warning about her to his brother, before rejecting the idea. She hadn’t appeared to notice that he was watching her and he wasn’t ready to make her aware of that fact yet. He could only hope that Xander had a plan at his point, because otherwise things could get ugly…

* * * * *

“I think I might be able to help you with that.”

Instantly, Xander turned toward the unfamiliar female voice, wondering who he would find. The presence of a cute Asian girl floating a few feet above the ground and surrounded by brilliant green aurora was definitely not on the list of things he was prepared to find. He’d expected the voice to belong to another Valkyrie or one of his cousins, not another super-powered teenager. Even as his Asgardian brain processed the irony inherent in the realizing that he considered the appearance of actual Gods more normal than this, he shoved the idea aside in favor of more tactical considerations.

The Thunder God felt the subtle shift in the ambient energy flow that presaged another blast from his adversary and spun back toward Jeremy. The Aesir’s eyes widened in shock as the other teen threw his hand out toward the newcomer. A single thought crystallized in Xander’s mind: no human being could survive being hit by the amount of electrical power that one of those bolts contained. He exploded into super-speed in an effort to block Jeremy’s attack, but while Xander was capable of moving at over a thousand miles an hour, a bolt of lightning was able to travel thousands of miles a second. Realizing that he wasn’t fast enough, he whipped his head around just in time to see the electrical charge arcing along the outside of her energy field. Within moments the excess energy arced off her force-field to ground out against the concrete beneath her, leaving her completely untouched by the attack.

Midori’s eyes went wide as she watched the boy in blue blur into motion in an effort to intercept the lightning bolt. “I need options,” she thought to her power ring as both her tentative allies and enemies gaped at the way her protective shield dealt with the blast of electricity. “What am I dealing with here?”

“Your adversary is a low-grade metahuman. Scans indicate that his biochemistry is highly unstable and requires a constant influx of electrical energy to maintain itself in its current state,” the ring replied instantly. “Your allies are a Kryptonian, who has been significantly weakened by an unusual energy sub-harmonic present in the metahuman’s attack, and an extra-dimensional being of unknown origin.”

Before the Green Lantern could react to the new information her ring had provided, the boy in blue turned angrily toward the metahuman. “Alright Jeremy,” he shouted, “You like lightning so much? Try a taste of mine!” He leveled the hammer at the other boy and an arc of blue-white electricity leapt across the intervening space to smash into the meteor freak. The bolt lifted Jeremy off the ground and hurled him backward, carrying him nearly thirty yards before slamming him into a brick wall and holding him there, several feet off the ground as long as it persisted.

Releasing the bolt, the Thunder God frowned suddenly, realizing his error. As the former scarecrow fell from the wall to land on one knee, a vicious grin spread over his face. Jeremy’s entire body seemed to glow with stored power. As the other boy rose to his feet with a maniacal laugh, Xander said the only thing that sprang to mind, “Oops…”

* * * * *

Pete burst into the Torch office at a run. “Chloe!” he half-shouted and half-panted. “Xander and Clark are facing off against Jeremy in the parking lot! And the freak did not look happy.”

Chloe’s thoughts raced for a moment as she considered the situation. She knew that Xander had nothing to fear from an electrically charged meteor freak, after all why would electricity hurt a God of Thunder? But why didn’t he make Clark run too? Judging from the coroner’s reports, all it would take was one jolt from Jeremy to stop Clark’s heart and do enough internal damage to make revival virtually impossible. She knew that Xander would never let Clark take that kind of risk, not after the way he’d lost his parents…

It took Chloe exactly five seconds to put the pieces together. Five seconds for all of the little inconsistencies about her best friend Clark to add up with everything she knew about Xander and lead her to one, inescapable conclusion: Clark had superpowers of his own. Powers that he had been hiding from her for years and whatever those abilities were, they included him having nothing to fear from Jeremy either.

The blonde reporter snapped back into the moment at the sound of Pete scooping up the telephone handset. “Pete, what are you doing?” she asked, afraid of the answer.

“What does it look like? I’m calling the Sheriff,” he said as he started to dial.

“No! You can’t!” she practically shouted in a near-panic.

The insanity of what she was saying stopped him cold for a moment, “Chloe, two of our friends are facing off against a psychopath with the ability to electrocute people… Why shouldn’t I call the sheriff?”

“Because… the sheriff can’t deal with this, he’d never believe the truth even if you told him,” she said after a moment. “If he got involved, he or some of his deputies would end up dead. Xander’s been dealing with this kind of weird life or death situation since he lived in Sunnydale, Pete. I’m sure he’s already got a plan to take care of Jeremy, but we have to trust him.” She hated doing this, hated revealing even part of Xander’s secret but it was the only way she could see to keep Xander and Clark’s their powers secret.

“What on Earth are you talking about, Chlo?” the other teen demanded.

“I…I can’t say any more than that, it’s not my story to tell. I promised Xander I wouldn’t, but you have to trust him…or just trust me,” Chloe answered softly. “I’m sure they have the situation under control and after today, I think Xander will tell you about Sunnydale. But please, just don’t call the Sheriff…”

Pete frowned for a long moment, staring down and the handset of the telephone. He thought about the events of the last half hour: about how Xander had stopped Whitney and his goons, the way the brothers didn’t hesitate to tell him to get out of there when Jeremy showed up, and about Chloe’s insistence that they not involve the Sheriff. He knew that Xander and Chloe had gotten close fast, that Chloe and Clark both knew things about the other boy that he didn’t, but he’d never realized just how deep the trust between them ran. Pete had known Chloe for a long time and knew that she didn’t exactly trust easily, especially after the way her mom had abandoned her…if she trusted Xander this much, how he could he do any less?

“Alright,” he said, putting down the receiver after a moment’s consideration. “But somebody owes me an explanation when this is over.” He could only hope that Chloe was right, that Xander knew how to deal with Jeremy.

* * * * *

Xander gritted his teeth and used Mjolnir to intercept yet another super-intense blast of electricity from Jeremy. Even his divinely empowered muscles where starting to ache from the strain of holding off the constant stream of attacks. Hitting the meteor freak with such a powerful bolt of his own lightning had changed something. The blasts Jeremy was now throwing carried a hint of divine power in them, not enough to seriously injure or kill him…but enough to cause them to really hurt when they hit. “Okay,” he shouted back to Clark and the new girl. “That was a bad call on my part, anybody got a better idea?”

“He’s like a giant battery,” the new girl yelled back. “Maybe we can overload him or short him out?”

The Aesir glanced back at her to find that she was projecting a wall of green energy between her and the psychotic teenager from her right fist and that Clark had taken cover behind it as well. He considered her suggestions from a tactical perspective and he looked back at his foe. There was no doubt in his mind that he could get close and hit Jeremy with Mjolnir, an act that would more than likely kill the boy, but that was something he would only do as a last resort and he wasn’t ready to give up just yet. When the former scarecrow was absorbing his last blast of lightning, he hadn’t seemed able to attack, but super-charging him hardly seemed like a smart move. “Let’s shoot for shorting him out then,” he called back.

Instantly, the sky darkened as thick black rain-clouds formed above them. Within moments a deluge began as water began falling in thick, heavy sheets, soaking everything. Jeremy just grinned broadly and continued hurling blast after blast at his adversaries, completely unbothered by the downpour.

“It’s not working,” the Thunder God heard Clark shout.

“No, really? I hadn’t noticed,” he shouted back snidely.

Before Xander could say anything else, the girl acted. The green energy wall raced forward and enveloped Jeremy. It formed into a solid sphere that completely contained the youth.

Lowering his hammer, Xander willed the rain he’d summoned away before turning to face the girl. “Okay, that’s a nice trick,” he commented with a grin. “Now what do we do with him?”

“We need to submerse him in water,” Clark suggested immediately, “if that doesn’t short him out, nothing will.”

“And if it doesn’t work? Then what?” the girl asked him in a slightly strained voice.

“If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to do something…permanent,” the Aesir said grimly. “He’s already killed three former jocks and now he’s going after innocent students.”

“We need to get him away from here before someone sees us using our powers,” Clark said abruptly.

“I can take him somewhere and dump him in the water, but where?” the girl asked.

“The river’s pretty deep at the bridge and it’s only a couple of miles outside of town,” the Kryptonian suggested.

“Alright,” she said, rising into the air with the sphere still attached to her fist by a glowing stream of green light. “I’ll be back in a few…”

“We’ll meet you there,” Xander countered before blurring off at super-speed with Clark hot on his heels.

Midori blinked several times before lamenting, “My! People come and go so quickly here!” Unfortunately there was no around to appreciate the reference, so she flew off toward the bridge with the sphere in tow.

* * * * *

Chloe frowned as she watched the sky darken and a heavy deluge of rain seemed to dump itself on the town from out of nowhere. She knew that Xander had to be responsible for it, but when there was no thunder or lightning and the rain vanished as quickly as it appeared she couldn’t help but worry. What if Xander wasn’t as able to deal with the situation as she thought he was?

She and Pete were both standing by the window staring out at the sky in the wake of the freak downpour when a girl dressed in green, black and white flew past hauling a green sphere in her wake. The teens watched in utter shock as she soared off in the general direction of the LuthorCorp plant, completely oblivious to being observed. Within a matter of seconds, she had passed out of their line of sight.

Spinning toward Pete, Chloe took his slack-jawed expression as a sign that she wasn’t hallucinating…or that if she was, she wasn’t the only one. “Pete, grab the camera. We have to go after her!” she said quickly. Chloe may have promised to keep Xander’s secret, and by extension Clark’s, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t investigate this girl.

Shaking off his initial surprise, Pete grabbed one of the Torch’s cameras and followed after Chloe as the blonde hurried to her car. He found himself wondering just how much weirder his day was going to get before it was over.

* * * * *

Xander and Clark slid to a stop on the bridge where they first met Lex. Mere moments later, they both found themselves smiling as the girl in green swooped down toward the river and dropped Jeremy in the water. The meteor freak shouted in angry surprise as the water soaked him and electrical energy seemed to explode outward, dancing across the surface of the water.

The three teenage heroes were forced to shield their eyes or turn away as the sparks surged and flared, illuminating the area in a brilliant white light that was painful to behold. A short while later, the light show died away and the acrid scent of ozone and ionized air pervaded the area. Looking back, the group found the unconscious form of Jeremy Creek floating face up in the calm waters below. Before either of the boys could react, Midori pointed her ring at the boy and a beam of green light lanced out, wrapping around the teen’s chest like a life preserver. She lifted him out of water and gently lowered him to rest on bridge before landing nearby.

“Is he…” Clark began, trailing off without finishing the thought.

“Alive?” Midori added before mentally querying the ring about the boy’s condition. She sighed in relief before repeating the information she received. “His vitals are stable, he’s just unconscious. His ability to absorb, store and use electrical energy appears to have burned itself out. He’s just a normal human now.”

“How can you tell?” Xander asked with a frown. Admittedly he could no longer feel the weird energy he’d sensed around the meteor freak during the battle, but that didn’t necessarily mean anything.

The girl frowned in return before answering. “The sensors in my ring are monitoring him closely. His bio-energy field reads perfectly normal for a human being with no traces of the unusual radiation that he used to give off.”

“Who are you?” Clark asked with a curious expression.

“I’m the Green Lantern assigned to this sector,” she replied evenly, expecting that the two non-humans would know what that meant.

When she didn’t continue her explanation, Xander raised an eyebrow. “Okay, you want to vague that up a bit? What’s a Green Lantern and what sector are you talking about?”

“You’ve never heard of the Green Lantern Corps?” she asked surprised. “I’m sorry. I just assumed that since neither of you were from Earth that you’d know about us…”

“What makes you think that we aren’t from Earth?” the Kryptonian asked quickly, concerned about the girl might know.

“Well, there’s the fact that you’re a Kryptonian,” she replied after a momentary consultation with the ring’s AI. “Your home-world is in the Andromeda Galaxy almost 3 million light years from here… or it was until it blew up about 12 years ago.” She grinned at the look of surprise on his face before turning to Xander and continuing, “And you’re an unknown species from another dimension… So what are you guys doing on Earth anyway?”

“I was born here,” Xander said with a grin. “I am an Aesir now, but I was born a human being just like you. Well…except for that whole Y chromosome. I didn’t change until a couple months ago.”

Midori gave him a puzzled look, “How is that possible? I mean for you to be born one species and change into something else?”

“It’s a really long and complicated story actually,” the Thunder God said with a wry smile. “One of my ancestors a long time ago was actually an Aesir, so I wasn’t entirely human to begin with. What happened to me was sort of a one-shot deal.”

Midori nodded before looking at Clark again, “What’s your story then?”

“My parents sent me to Earth to escape Krypton’s destruction,” he replied guardedly. “I was adopted and raised by a human couple who found me. I’ve always known I was different, but I only just recently learned where I come from and why I was sent here.”

“That’s kind of a weird coincidence isn’t it? You know, two super-powered alien beings living in a small town in Kansas…” she said with a raised eyebrow.

“It gets weirder yet,” Xander said with a chuckle. “We’re related. His adopted parents were my Aunt and Uncle until my parents died a few weeks ago. Then his parents adopted me too… So what exactly is the Green Lantern Corps?”

“I’m afraid that explanation will have to wait boys…there’s a couple of cars coming which means I need to make myself scarce,” she said quickly before looking around. “I’ll dump this guy at the local sheriff’s office, anonymously.”

Before the boys could respond, she rocketed into the air, carrying Jeremy behind her in another of the green spheres she could apparently create. Xander quickly willed Mjolnir back to necklace form and shoved it in his pocket as he heard the sounds of cars coming from both directions. He turned back toward the road just in time to see both a brand-new, very expensive looking sports car and a beat up looking Volvo wagon pull up and stop. As Lex, Chloe and Pete all got out of their respective vehicles, Xander and Clark exchanged a glance. Both teens found themselves wondering if things could get any more complicated.
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