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Now Hang A Left At...

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Seven X". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Multi-Chapters begin! Knowing where you should be and getting there are two different things.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredAnimeRoninFR21510,59958425,84015 Nov 064 May 13No

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Now Hang a Left At… part 3

AN: Now, for the tie-in with the SG-1 universe…

He didn’t even look up when the door chimed, “Come in, kid.”

The doors to his temporary room opened and his younger self walked in, eyes narrowed and looking around, “You bellowed?”

Alexander snorted, turning around in his chair and standing up, “Lose the hostility, kiddo, I just want to talk.”

Xander looked at his older self, “Alright, so talk.”

“I bet you’re curious why I asked you here and, to be honest, I’m not sure if what I’m about to do is really the wisest thing.”

Xander arched an eyebrow, taking a slightly Vulcan approach to things as he didn’t say a word.

Alex smirked a little before the smirk died and he took a PADD from his desk and tossed it over, “That’s for you. You won’t be able to access everything for a while, but it’ll tell you what to look for when you start dealing with the Goa’uld.”

Xander looked down at the PADD and then back at his elder self, “Have I mentioned how much of a bad idea I think this is?”

Alex nodded, “Yeah, you have, but like I said, kid – the risks outweigh the rewards.”

Xander snorted at the dead tone that his elder self spoke with, “Once more with even less enthusiasm. What aren’t you telling me?”

“A lot,” Alex allowed with a ghost of a smile. He reached back and took another PADD off of his temporary desk and started to page down through some of the things he had on it, “Oh, and as you asked earlier, the Goa’uld actually do have a reason for being in this universe.”

Xander frowned and sat down, “And that would be?”

“What do you know of the Trill symbiotic organisms?”

Xander blinked once, twice, and then his jaw dropped, “What exactly are you telling me?”

“The Trill symbiots and the Goa’uld are evolutionary off-shoots of each other, kid. Believe it or not, a few dozen millennia ago, they were the same worms and what became the Goa’uld were somehow removed from the about the same time as the Trill hosts began to evolve on the planet. Nobody knows why, like I said, but Mother Nature does what she does and offers no explanations to we peons.” Alexander leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling for a moment, “Believe it or not, the Trill welcomed the Goa’uld back into their fold when they came back to the Alpha Quadrant, even knowing everything that the Goa’uld had done. You know why?”

“Wayward family syndrome?” Xander hazarded a guess.

Alex chuckled, “Close. I don’t remember the exact wording right now, but from what I was told, one of the Ambassadors said that the Goa’uld became what the Trill could have been at one point in time and welcoming them back into the fold would make the Trill stronger.”

Xander snorted, “Alright, fine, I can kinda accept that, the whole Nature versus Nurture thing, I guess. What I want to know, though, is why you’re blocking off all of this information from me on this thing?” Xander waved the PADD at him, “Is there something you don’t want me to know?”

Alex paused for a second, thinking of how to word his next statement before he settled on, “Answer me this – if you knew what Hitler could have grown up to be before hand, would you have smothered him in his cradle?”

Xander narrowed his eyes at his elder self, “That’s a trick question and you know it. If I had done something like that, someone the same or worse would have arisen in Hitler’s place or the Nazi party never would have arisen, at which point some other nation would have taken things over.. Stop stalling.”

Alex nodded, “Alright, the reason why I cut you off from the information for now is that you’re not ready for what is to come. Certain things have to happen in a certain order and, trust me, if something DOES happen out of order, that PADD will light up like a Menorah rigged up by Tim Taylor.”

Xander looked down at the PADD worriedly for a moment before he asked, “It’s going to blow up?”



“Well what?”

B’elana looked over at Harry, who had come down to help her with some alignments for the new weapons array they had been installing, “When did you put down?”

Harry rolled his eyes and looked at his very pregnant half-Klingon friend, “I’m not telling you.”

B’elana sighed and shook her head, “You’re no fun anymore, Starfleet. I would have normally gotten at least a stutter out of you a few years ago about how you’d NEVER bet on a pregnancy.”

Harry snorted as he saw both Captain and Admiral Janeway approach, “A few years ago I would have, probably, but sorry, I’m not telling you so you can sneak a bet in yourself.”

B’elana glared at him, “You think that I would put a bet on when I’m going to have my own baby, Harry?”

“It wouldn’t surprise me,” Harry teased her easily with a grin. Before she could retort, he looked up at the Janeways, “Captain, Admiral, we’re almost-“

“Why are you out of uniform, Harry?”

Harry frowned at Admiral Janeway’s tone of voice and looked at B’elana, who looked him up and down before she shrugged, which lead to him looking at the Admiral oddly, “Um, I’m sorry, Admiral, but I don’t know what you mean. I am in uniform.”

She arched an eyebrow at him, “Are you? I was under the impression that wearing the correct rank insignia was part of the uniform.”

Again Harry frowned as he reached up and felt for his single open pip, which was there, “No, Ma’am, I’m sorry, but last time I checked I was still an Ensign.”

“Then I guess we’re going to have to change that, aren’t we?” The Admiral’s hand came forward and sitting in her palm was a single solid pip, “Considering that this is being ratified by an Admiral, it’s my pleasure to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade, Harry. Congratulations, Lieutenant.”

Harry looked at the pip in his hand then looked at Captain Janeway, “Can she do that?”

Kathryn nodded with a smile, “She can if I recommended it, Harry. Congratulations.”

Harry blinked, dazed a little as B’elana took the pip from him and affixed it to his collar, “Not bad, Starfleet. Who knows, in another seven years you just might make Lieutenant.”

Harry shot her a faux-sour look, “Don’t make me wish more kids on you, B’elana.”

She smacked him on the arm in a semi-friendly, semi-serious way, “Do so and I’ll make you eat that pip, Harry.”

“Play nice, children,” Admiral Janeway said with an easy grin. “You’ll get enough of the bickering as your daughter grows up, B’elana.”

“I take it Captain Harris was right and she grows up to be as hard-headed as I am?”

“Not hard-headed, just independent,” the Admiral said with a wistful smile. “From what I remember of some of your more long-winded rants, it was even money on who was more mature, your daughter or him.”

B’elana paled, “And I let him watch her? Why?”

“Because he’s great with kids. Just wait for the triplets, though,” Kathryn said, getting a panicked look out of B’elana, Harry and her younger counterpart.


Even as Admiral Janeway grinned at the combined reactions of her younger self, Harry, B’elana and several of the Engineering crew who were eavesdropping, she made sure to get Alexander in on the gag later. There was no need, after all, to let this opportunity to go to waste… “That’s a conversation for another time. Tell me, how are the modifications coming?”

B’elana mentally shook her head as she pulled the schematics up of what they had done, “The ablative armor upgrades are going as scheduled and should be up and online in about four days, the new weapons systems should be functional enough for us to test in the next week, but so far we’ve managed to implement about ninety percent of the rest of the upgrades.”

The newly minted Lt. J.G. Harry Kim took over at that point, “Sensor capabilities have been increased by fifty three percent, energy reserves have been extended by another twenty two percent and because of that our replicator rations can be increased by six percent per crewmember.”

Captain Janeway smiled, “That’s excellent news, you two. I want a detailed report on what systems have been enhanced by these upgrades on my desk by twenty-two hundred tomorrow, but until then keep working.”

With both Captain and Admiral Janeway gone, B’elana looked over at Harry and smirked a little, “Sucking up to your commanding officer on your first day with a new rank, Starfleet?”

Harry gave her a sour look, “Triplets, B’elana. Triplets.”


“I must tell you, Captain, that your bio-systems are remarkably intact for someone who has as many as you do,” the Doctor said as he once again scanned Alexander’s body with a medical tricorder. “One would think you were Borg in this respect.”

“At that point in time, we didn’t have much in the way of options,” Alexander grumbled.

The Doctor looked at him sharply, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Alexander sat up and looked at the Doctor steadily, “I might as well be Borg, given the amount of stuff I’ve had replaced over the years, Doc. According to you, the you from the future, that is, I’ll end up living an extra fifty or so years past the human norm for the twenty fifth century if I don’t get any more implants. If I do, though, it’s anyone’s guess when the cute Goth with an ankh will show up to claim me.”

The Doctor blinked and frowned, “Excuse me?”

Alexander sighed, shaking his head, “Nobody reads the classics anymore.” He then stopped and frowned, “Then again, that personification of Death also usually shows up when the person’s born, so she’s probably kinda ticked at how late I am for kicking off this mortal coil.” The Captain shrugged, “Well, I guess that’s par for the course – pissing women off by keeping them waiting.”

“You know, with an attitude like that, it’s no wonder that you don’t have more replaced systems then you do. Were I a female and had heard that statement, I would probably react poorly.”

Alexander snickered slightly as the doors to sickbay opened and then shut, “Actually, you’d be surprised at how often I just get looked at strangely and walked away from. Nobody appreciates my humor.”

“Perhaps it’s because you are not all that funny.” Both Alex and the Doctor turned and looked at Seven, who had a flat look on her face as she looked at them both, a PADD clutched in her hands, “As I understand, humor is intended to bring mirth to others – yours does not.”

Alexander shrugged even as he felt his heart twinge, “There are many types of humor, Seven, and I have mastery over several.”

A pair of arched eyebrows from the Doctor and Seven were all that he got in response.

The Doctor rolled his eyes, “What brings you here, Seven?”

The former Drone walked over and placed the PADD in his hands, “A list of items for you to go over from Admiral Janeway, Doctor. Apparently she believes these new techniques and compounds will improve the survival rate in sickbay.”

The Doctor looked vaguely insulted, “I see.” He looked over the PADD and began to hem and haw about a few things, walking away from the pair.

Alexander looked at Seven, “Is that our cue to leave?”

Seven merely arched an eyebrow at him and walked away.


“So you’re going to take the Counselor path?”

Xander nodded at Kes, who had several PADD’s in front of her, “Yeah, I am. Let’s face it, most of the skills I do have were replaced a few centuries ago when the wood medium went out of style and unless you have a bunch of old prophecies to translate that your computer can’t do, I’ve got to find something else I’m good at.”

Kes shook her head, “You’re good at a lot of things, Xander, it is just…” She paused and tried to find a nice way to put that most of what he had to use was obsolete.

“I’m obsolete.” Kes looked at Xander and could see a ghost of a smile on his lips, “When all is said and done, Kes, I’m… obsolete.”

“Do you really believe that?”

Xander chuckled and Kes could plainly hear the harsh tone in his voice, “Even if I’d been born in this dimension, I’d be obsolete, Kes. I mean, long story short, I was never meant to live to see old age. I was supposed to die in some meaningless way in order to extend the life of a Slayer whose shelf life was two years, five months and one week and she didn’t even make it THAT long.”

Kes shook her head, “You’re not obsolete, Xander, you just need retraining. Now, I’ll be handling most of your classes, but you’re going to have to learn with Naomi on several classes.” She gave him a look, “Do try and be a little mature about things, okay?”

This brought Xander out of his dark mood and got a smirk out of him, “I make no promises.” He paged down on the PADD a few times and started reading about the subjects that he would be learning, “Interspecies Marriage Counseling, Diplomatic Relations for First Contact, and… Children: Yes, they probably are smarter than you.” He looked up at Kes and frowned, “That’s really something I’m going to have to read? I mean, yeah, I already know its true…”

Kes shrugged, “It’s a universal truth, Xander. Now, I want you to read through those over the next few days and then we’ll have a test covering them.”

Xander perked up, “Multiple choice?”

AN: Alright, there we go. What do you think? Reviews, please.
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