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Blood Lines

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Summary: Faith, Xander, and crew go to Gotham to investigate a series of murders, but there are other surprises waiting for them

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Disclaimer: Sense my last name is neither Kane, nor Whedon it would be a correct assumption that I own none of the characters involved in this story.

Pairings: Though not the focus of the story the following pairings will be mentioned, or referred to. F/X, Grayson/Gordon, Wayne/Kyle, Drake/Brown and Drake/?

Timelines: BTVS post Chosen. I have mauled the Batman timeline to suit my own ends, placing Bruce Wayne in his early fifties.

A/N: I still have a pile of notes to write and organize before I can truly jump in to this tale, but I am placing the prologue for two reasons 1: to see if there is any interest and 2: most importantly to keep me from tweaking this to death. I hope you enjoy.



Blood Lines







With the reputation that Gotham City had earned over the years many laymen were often surprised when they heard that the G.C.P.D. is ranked in the top ten in the United States for efficiency, or that the unemployment rate in Gotham was the lowest of any city of its size in the country. The fact that generated the most surprise in many people unfamiliar with the science of statistics, however, was that the dark city of the east cost was not included among the communities with the highest per capital murder rate.


That is, until the numbers for domestic homicide, deaths caused by persons known to the victim, are removed from the equation.


Twenty years ago Gotham ranked third in ‘random’ murders, but then, seemingly over night, the death rate in Santa Carla, California dropped dramatically and the city that straddled the Gotham River rose to number two. Then, when another small Californian town by the name of Sunnydale collapsed into a sinkhole,in an event that three and a half years later still sparked debate amongst seismologist,Gotham unwillingly took its place as the serial murder capitol.


A fact that most people knew nothing about and mystified the handful of people ‘in the know’ was that Gotham City ranked last in the Western Hemisphere for supernatural activity. So it was understandable, to a certain extent, that the dark haired young watcher and his three slayer companions watched with anticipation and a touch of amusement instead of fear as a half dozen shadowy figures surrounded them.


“Rona?” the young man asked the dark skinned girl over his shoulder. “You feel anything?”


“Disgust? Contempt?” Rona shrugged.


“Bored.” The leather clad brunet added.


“Hungry.” innocent looking red head chimed in.


“So, that would be a big no on the dust bunny front.”


“But a big yes on the light workout front, Xan.” Faith added.


“Yo, One Eyed Willy.” One of the thugs, obviously the leader, exclaimed as he stepped forward to face the young man. “You need to be paying less attention to your bitches and more attention to me.”


Xander’s shoulders stiffened and with a forced smile the one eyed man turned back to gang leader.


“You have my attention.” He said through his teeth.


“I don’t know who you think you are, Capt. Jack, but the only one allowed to pimp ass in this part of town is Moe.”


Ignoring the intensifying death glares from the three women, the street tough puffed up his chest and continued.


“Now what’s going to happen is, me and my boys are gonna have ourselves a little party with your talent.” He said pulling back his shirt to reveal a large automatic. “And when we’re done, Patches, we’re gonna dump what’s left of your body in harbor.”


A smile slowly crept across the thugs face as he watched his intended victim’s eye widen and his face pale when he flashed his weapon. That is, until the one eyed man spoke.


“Dear God, please tell me you don’t have that hand cannon pointed at your crotch with the safety off.”


Unable to help himself the street tough looked down.


And the fight was over.


With unexpected speed Xander reached out and grabbed the man’s gun hand and, holding it in place, delivered a nose breaking head-but between the thug’s eyes. Continuing his forward momentum the young watcher swept the tough’s legs out from under him and followed the thug to the ground. A knee to the diaphragm and fist to the side of the head later the once cocky mugger lay unconscious on the ground.


By the time Xander regained his feet the tree slayers had finished off the remainder of the gang and were waiting for him


“Nice moves, Xander,” Violet congratulated, “We’ll make a slay-him out of you yet.”




“You know, sense you’re a guy.” The red head volunteered. “Instead of a slay-her you would be a slay-him. And now that I think about it, that sounded a lot better before anyone said it out loud.”


“Yeah, I think I’ll stick with Xander, Vi. Thanks though”


After glancing around the cluttered alley where they stood for a moment the original Scooby clapped his hands together and continued on to a new subject.


“Well, let’s get these idiots tied up, call the police and call it a night. We’ve got a lot of research to do tomorrow.”


“I’ve got a better idea.” Faith countered with a predatory snarl. “How about we hunt that Moe jerk-hole down and have us a little talk?”


Xander took a moment to stroke his chin in false contemplation.


“That’s not a bad idea.” He drawled. “I could use a little extra money.”


“Screw you, Harris.” Three voices called out in well practiced unison.


With a goofy grin the ex-carpenter raised his left hand to show Faith the gold band on his finger.


“Damn.” She snarked with a grin. “I knew there had to be a reason for me avoid that whole ‘I do’ crap. Well, I guess we’ll just come up with some other way to push your buttons.”


Without missing a beat Vi and Rona exchanged a look and a grin.


“Screw you, Harris.” The two chimed in chorus.


“Ha ha, freaking, ha.”






Unnoticed by the four demon hunters one of the shadow on the rooftop above them detached itself from the surrounding darkness and raised a hand to the side of his head.


“Did you get all of that?” it whispered.


“I’ve got it.” The grim voice from his headset responded. “It looks like we have some new players in town.”


“Right, I’m going to follow them and see where they go.”


“Agreed. I’m sending the tape to Oracle now. We’ll see what she can dig up on our new friends.”


With a nod Dick Grayson, better know to the world at large as Batman, kicked off from the rooftop and swung in pursuit of his new quarry.

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