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The X Slayer

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Summary: A summer spent at a School in Westchester will change everyone's favourite Blonde slayer forever. Set Summer at the end of Season 3, Buffy/Logan

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredCharmedSlayerFR18912,42425241,20217 Nov 0630 Oct 07No

Chapter 9 Did you order an insane vampire?

Author Note: Thanks so much to everyone for their reviews. It's kept me going knowing that you guys want the story to keep on.

also please note that Miley is a made up charrie, which lived an extremely short life of barely a few lines. LOL.

I OWN NO BUFFY OR X-MEN, all i do own is this story line. Dont ya pitty me?

Chapter 9 Did you order an Insane Vampire

The petite blonde slayer had been sleeping peacefully in bed. A good nights sleep were becoming quite a regular thing since coming to the Mansion. Scott had started to pretty much throw her inside her room every night at the same time. Even though her secret was out, her older cousin still seemed determined that she was a child, even though she had legally graduated from highschool. Buffy knew that Scott would never change though, he had always been protective off her, no matter what the situation, and especially now that he knew about her pesky life or death job, he seemed all the more determined to be a royal pain in her ass.

At the mansion, Buffy had learned to keep her thoughts heavily guarded. Her slayer thoughts were of course protected from telepaths, but Buffy couldn't help but pull up her guard, especially when it came to her thoughts. She had seen many a terrifying thing in her time as a slayer, and it wasn't a good thing for just any old fourteen year old, or whatever other ages the kids at the mansion were, to see, mutant or not. Ever since meeting Bobby, John and Rogue , who Buffy found out was actually called Marie but didn't want anyone to call her that, the four of them had begun spending large amounts of time with each other.

Bobby and Rogue seemed geniunely interested in each other, though a little shy about going about it. While John was extremely anti social, a bit of a tight ass, but a cool guy none the less. In some way, John provided most of Buffy's entertainment around the mansion. He was her verbal sparring partner, and they were often found in the hallways yelling witty comments at each other. Their fights had even got physical at one stage, when John had decided it would be funny to singe of the bottom of Buffy's hair. He came out of that fight with a broken nose. Both had ended up with punishment. Buffy had protested to the Professor and Scott that since she wasn't a student at the school, they technically couldn't punish her, but their minds were made up. The petite blonde hated all stubborn people at that moment.

The wind howled outside Buffy's window, scraping the branches of a nearby tree hard against the plain glass of her window. But the petite blonde only curled up further into a ball on her bed. She was having pleasant dreams. Pleasant dreams that involved a certain Wolf like Mutant with far to tight of tops.

Logan seemed to be Buffy's number one reason for protecting her thoughts these days. Everytime he passed her in the hallways, the blonde would stop, and when she knew he wasn't looking, take a good hard look at his finely sculpted butt. Ok, so she had a crush. A big one. But with each going day, the blonde began avoiding Logan. She liked him, she honestly did. He was the first guy in a very long time that she had ever felt that way towards, since.. well since Angel. Thoughts of Angel these days only bought too much heartache for the blonde Slayer. Giles had told her that he was safe in L.A, but at times, when she was on her own, Buffy found herself wondering just what Angel was doing in her former home town. Was he happy? Did he have a new girlfriend? Was he fighting the good fight? Earning some kind of redemption for his crimes?

Turning over in her sleep, Buffy's blonde locks fanned out around her head like a hallow, with the wind in the background and the moonlight shining on her face, she looked almost angelic. That was, until a loud, ear piercing scream erupted through the hallways. Buffy awoke with a jolt, clamping her arms ontop of her ear in fright as she listened to Theresa, a girl she had met briefly in the kitchen with Rogue who had the power to magnify her screams, scream her heart out. The door to Buffy's room burst open and in rushed Logan, dressed in only a pair of trackpants, much to Buffy's sated pleasure. He too winced at the sound of Theresa's screams, but he was a man on a mission.

"Hurry up princess, everyone has to meet downstairs in the War Room." he yelled over the racket. The blonde slayer squinted at him, before he eventually just grabbed onto her arm and pulled her out into the hallway. Students were running frantically too and fro. They had been briefed on something like this before. Unless it was an emergancy, Theresa barely ever screamed that loud. She was like a warning system, and in a crisis they were to immediately report to the lower levels, or if they were comprimised, the underground garage.

Allowing Logan to push her through the mass of students running around in their pajamas, Buffy payed no attention to where they were going. Her ears burned with pain. The young girls screams had wreaked havoc on her sensetive hearing. She wondered why a school with as much money as the one she now stayed in couldn't afford to at least hook up their own bell.

Logan flung open one last door and suddenly they were in a large room with tables and two person chairs. Feeling oddly out of place among the X-Men who sat two-a-bench, Buffy positioned herself down next to Logan and raised her hand to her lips, trying hard to stiffle a yawn that had already escaped her lips.

"I'm afraid we have bad news." Jean stated, her face looking extremely downtrodden. Buffy raised an eyebrow at the look, what was so bad that they had had to call a middle of the night lock down.

"A group of our students were found killed in the grounds. From what Mr Giles explained to be a vampires wound, we believe that the children were attacked and killed by vampires." the Professor explained. The whole rooms eyes turned to face Buffy, whose eyebrow stayed raised by her expression did not change.

Aside from the usual X-Men, e.g. Logan, Scott, Ororo, Jean and the Professor, their were also a few of the older students, namely Kitty Pryde, Piotr Rasputin, John, Bobby, Rogue and some chick that Buffy briefly remembered being called Jubilee. The new editions made Buffy feel slightly uncomfortable, though she trusted Bobby, Rogue and surprisingly John, she wasn't all that familiar with Kitty, Piotr or Jubilee.

"Why didn't they use their powers Professor?" Rogue asked, in her lilting southern tone that always made Buffy smile at just how cute it was. The present situation excluded of course.

"They had passive powers, Rogue.. one empathy, one areokinesis, astral projection, death premonitions, technopathy.." Jean explained, only to be rudely interuppted when Buffy shot up from her position next to Logan.

"What? Did you say death premonitions?"

"Yes I did. Why?" the redhead asked, her eyes narrowing curiously at Buffy, whose eyes also narrowed but not at Jean.

"What was her latest vision?" Buffy asked, pushing herself away from Logan and towards when the Professor and Jean sat at the far end of the table. Buffy had a strange feeling she knew exactly who had killed the mutants, but she couldn't possibly be sure.

The room was silent, until Bobby finally spoke up. "Miley mentioned something about a woman, with dark hair and hypnotizing eyes... she mention something about the woman telling her someone was coming... someone who would bring her death... death by association." Iceman whispered. Buffy's eyes closed in pain, a woman with dark hair and hypnotizing eyes, it could only be one person.

"Shit!" Buffy cursed, strolling away from the table and pressing her hand to the bridge of her nose, a very Giles like gesture that seemed all to foreign on her.

"Drusilla." the Professor spoke calmly.

The blonde swung around to face him, a look of shock evident on her fine features. "How did you know?"

"You were just thinking it Buffy."

"Bu.." the blonde trailed off as Scott stood up. Even though he wore his usual thick red glasses, Buffy could tell he was really pissed.

"WHOSE DRUSILLA?" he yelled, getting fed up with not knowing. The thing about Buffy was that her life after L.A was a complete mystery to him. The whole Vampires, Demons, Slayers thing completely baffled the head of the X-Men, and being baffled wasn't a feeling he liked to experiance.

"A Seer. Well she was one once." Buffy began explaining, moving around the table to sit back down next to Logan. "A hundred odd years ago she came across a deadly vampire by the name of Angelus, he was cruel, ruthless but one thing he loved to do most was torture his victims. To him, Drusilla was his art. His most best sculpture. He murdered every single one of her family, anyone she ever got close too..." her voice trembled slightly as she thought of the scene at Giles apartment, how it had looked after Angelus had killed Ms Calender.

"On the day she was set to take her vows as a nun, he turned her into a vampire. Only problem was, she was completely insane. Being a vampire honed Dru, she's idiotic thats for sure, but her visions, her abilities, they guide her. She killed a good friend of mine."

The room looked utterly repulsed, but it was Logan who broke the silence in the room.

"Why's she here?"

"Revenge most probably. I stole Angel from her, made a bargain with Spike instead of ending the world.. ya know, general its gotta be about me stuff." she said with a shrug.

"Can you protect our students then?" Ororo asked, brushing a long white lock away from her face, her first concern would always be the children.

"Nah! Their fine as long as they stay inside, but just incase... I'm gonna head out... hunt Dru.. see what I can do." Buffy stated with a shrug, moving towards the door, only to be pulled back into her seat by Logan, whose vice like grip on her arm would have almost been painful, if it hadn't been her.

"I think it would be best Buffy, if you did not return to Sunnydale after the holidays are finished. Concidering you only have a few more days left before you are supposed to fly back. Due to the recent events, I think it would be most beneficial if you would agree to train a handful of our older students, and even our X-Men, in fighting vampires. So that we may be prepared for whats to come." the Professor suggested.

Buffy bit down on her lip, hard. Sunnydale would need a slayer, and she couldn't just leave it for Faith to pick up, concidering the rogue slayer was currently in a coma, which Buffy had coincidently put her in. The Hellmouth needed a slayer. But could Giles, Xander, Oz, Willow and Cordelia handle it without their leader? They'd done it before, that summer after Buffy had killed Angel and had run away to L.A. Even though the blonde was reluctant to accept, she cast a glance at Logan out of the corner of her eye. His muscled chest was even more defined in the buzzing light of the War Room, then it had been in the dimness of her room. He was gorgeous. Not to mention whenever they touched, even the little skims of their knees touching, the slayer felt her whole body turn to mush. She hadn't felt like this since before Angel's return from hell. Even after he had come back, things had been different, she loved him, hell she would never stop, but the fire that had been between them just wasn't their anymore. No matter how hard they tried.

Moving her orbs from Logan to Scott, she allowed her eyes to moved over everyone in the room. She had done it again, made those attachments. Attachments that she could barely bare to let go off. She loved Sunnydale, and she loved Westchester. So how on earth was she going to choose?

"I'll stay. But only until after Drusilla is killed. I'm needed back on the hellmouth." the blonde agreed.

At that moment, Rogue charged forward and grin escaping her features as she tossed herself at Buffy, squeezing her as tightly as she could possibly manage, without any skin to skin contact. Bobby and John also moved forward, and while Bobby hugged Buffy, John stood back. The blonde pulled him forward into their hug and the four stood their for a bit, before the slayer broke off and was engulfed into more hugs with Ororo, Scott, Jean and the Professor. Last but not least, Buffy turned finally to Logan, who had stood back away from the festivities.

"Dont I get a hug?" she teased, inching forward slowly. Logan smirked down at her, before pulling her roughly against him and craddling her there as if she was made to fit against him.

The Slayer let out a small sigh of contempt. She had felt torn on whether to choose Sunnydale or Westchester, but being craddled in Logan's strong arms, she felt all the more better about her decision.

"Now nick off. you're ruining my image." Logan growled gruffly, pulling away, causing Buffy to smile as she skipped off with Rogue and the rest of them, leaving Logan standing alone, watching them with an almost reluctant sigh. He hadn't want to let her go, but the hug had seemed to go on for just a bit too long. Far longer then a friendly hug would.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The X Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Oct 07.

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