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The X Slayer

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Summary: A summer spent at a School in Westchester will change everyone's favourite Blonde slayer forever. Set Summer at the end of Season 3, Buffy/Logan

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Chapter One Buffy Sees Scotty

Pairing: Buffy/ Logan, some hints of past Buffy/Angel
Disclaimer: I dont own any of the Buffy characters, they belong to Joss Whedon and his crew. I also own none of the X-Men characters that are used in this story, they belong to their creators, Marvel. LOL
Timeline: Ok so the timeline of this story is Post X-Men 2, it's shortly after the first movie, though in this Logan never left to go to Alkali Lake. For Buffy, you may guess that this happens in the Summer at the End of Season 3, so Angel has left, though Buffy has not started collage and there is no Dawn in the picture

I'm dedicating this first chapter to Maxie Pryde, on Revolution Beginning, Thanks for Role Playing with me Maxie. I also dedicate this chapter to the rest of my Buddies at Revolution Beginning, Marie, Nat, Ice, Peace, Logan, Pietro and ofcourse Madrox, Kisses all of you guys.

Chapter 1 Buffy Sees Scotty

Starring absent mindedly out the window, Buffy jolted forward in her seat as the plane landed on the tarmac with a slight jam. Her hazel orbs continued to stare out the window, not really seeing what was around her. The blonde slayer had been told firmly by her mother that she needed to get away from Sunnydale for a little while, and ever the peace maker, her mother had arranged for her to visit her fathers nephew, and cousin, Scott Summers, in Westchester, New York.

Buffy had tried to explain to her mother that she couldn't leave the Hellmouth, not when she was needed to protect it, but Joyce put her foot down, saying that the Hellmouth could survive without a Slayer for at least one summer. Before she had left Sunnydale, the petite blonde had dragged herself reluctantly to the hospital, spending a couple of hours with the comatose body of her fellow Slayer sister, Faith. It had hurt Buffy to see the normally lively Faith, lying so prone and still on the hospital bed.

Sometimes it still surprised her that Faith had turned, that she had tried to kill them all, not to mention Angel. At the thought of the dark and charming vampire Buffy's heart gave a small thump in her chest, she couldn't help but wonder what he was doing at that exact moment, Where was Angel?

Filling down the narrow isle of the plain and through the terminal, Buffy followed the rest of the passengers like a robot, stiff and un emotional. She wasn't going to hide her distaste at having to come to Westchester, no matter who her cousin made her meet. Collecting her bag from the luggage carousel, Buffy easily hauled the two large suitcases into the main terminal, her eyes scanned the room, her slayer senses going hay wire.

Narrowing her eyes suspiciously, the slayer gazed around the room, expecting to see a vampire or a demon or something supernatural along those lines, her hazel orbs finally landed on a grown up version of her cousin Scott, with a Fiery Red head standing next to him. Raising an eyebrow, Buffy watched as the red head tapped Scott on the arm, jerking her head in Buffy's direction. Fighting the urge to duck out of sight, the former cheerleader plastered on her best fake smile and headed towards them, yelling out a high pitched, " SCOTTY."

Scott Summers, commonly known as Cyclops to his friends and collegues at Xavier's mansion, grinned as his cousin walked towards him, supporting two large suitcases.

" Buffy, You've changed so much, You look great," he said, stepping forward and embracing his small cousin. Jean, his girlfriend stood a little bit behind them, grinning happily as she watched Scott re connect with the girl who he had used to talk so much about when they were kids.

" Thanks Scotty, You look great too," the blonde slayer replied, her fake smile faltering slightly as she looked at the red head behind Scott, the vibes of the red head were making Buffy's Spidery Sense tingle, it felt like the tingle that had set them off before.

As if reading her mind, the red head stepped forward, extending her hand to Buffy, " Hi I'm Dr Jean Grey, Scott's Girlfriend," she said pleasantly. The slayer's green eyes looked Jean up and down visibly, before extending her hand also and giving Jean's hand a shake.

Wrapping an arm around his smaller cousin's shoulders, Scott grinned happily, " Come on let's get you back to the mansion, I'm sure Professor Xavier will be dying to meet you," he stated pulling his two favourite girls towards the check out area.

The blonde slayer inwardly groaned, mentally rolling her eyes, ' God he's still as annoyingly perky as he was when we were kids, Why oh why did Mom make me come here?' Buffy thought bitterly to herself.

Out of the corner of her eye, Jean cast a glance at the blonde, picking up a bit on her thoughts, shooting Scott a glance, Jean chose to stay silent, he probably didn't want to know what his cousin really thought of this situation.

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