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Hunters and Slayers

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Summary: John finally gets a call from his daughter and him, Dean, and Sam head to Cleveland to discover that good and evil isn’t always black and white and love can find you when you least want it to.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester
Supernatural > Faith-Centered
ChosenfireFR1835,01014811,47317 Nov 0624 Jun 07No

Hold Me Up

Title: Hunters and Slayers
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their
respective owners and I make no profit off this.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Buffy/Dean, Faith/Xander, Dawn/Connor
Spoilers: BtVS post season 7, SPN AU season 2 (John alive)
Summary: John finally gets a call from his daughter and the three Winchester men head to
Cleveland to discover that good and evil isn't always black and white and love can find you when you least want it to.

Answer to Faith...A Winchester Challenge issued by Melissa at Route66

A/N: Summer is the time for updates and I once again find myself apologizing for not getting this out sooner. I have a tendency to start a story and forget all about it and sadly this became one of them. Hopefully I can make up for it with this chapter. This chapter focuses entirely on Faith.
Enjoy : )

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Chapter 3 Hold Me Up

"You ready to go yet Princess?" Dean drawled as he stuck his head into the adjoining hotel room praying that he wasn't going to see anything an older brother shouldn't see. When his little sister was about a foot shorter and box shape he hadn't had to worry about that.

Faith stuck her head out of the bathroom her dark hair pulled into a high ponytail like the ones she used to wear when she had stopped making him brush those strands into pigtails and braids. Her face was pale and her eyes tired. Her steps were slow as she made her way out of the

Thin and old pajamas clung to her frame and Dean made a note to use some of the money he had made off his latest game to buy her some ones.

"I think I'm just going to sit this one out." she rasped out and brought her hand up to cover her mouth as she coughed.

Dean crossed over quickly to her side his arm going around her waist as he lead her to her bed "Do you want me or Sammy to stay with you?" he asked concerned as he helped her lay down
and grabbed the blanket to spread it over her.

She shook her head a weak smile on her lips "If you stay Dad and Sammy would kill each other and if Sammy stays I might just kill the annoying little brat, kid seems to think everyone else needs to be as devoted to their education as he is."

Dean laughed "Yeah well he's a geek." he smooth a hand tenderly over her forehead noting how hot and damp it was. He pressed a kiss to her forehead "Love you, we'll hurry up." he assured her as he stood. "Oh and Sammy's gonna stay."

She smiled again letting her eyes drift closed "Love you too bitch.."

"Hey, watch your language." he admonished her affectionately.

She peeked out at him her lips twisting into a tired grin "Get the job done."

Dean smirked "I always do." he watched her as she fell asleep taking a moment to enjoy the site of his baby sister without having to put with her teenage girl attitude. He had a sneaking suspicion she was dating and he would deny it for as long as possible.

She was his little Princess, Sam was getting to be a real pain in the ass and Dean had to grit his teeth everytime he got into it with their dad, but Faith, she was still his girl. She followed him around everywhere he went, could handle the Impala like a true Winchester along with a gun, and the girl knew more about an engine than most females.

Dean was damn proud of her and if it was up to him she would never date and never hunt, nothing would ever have a chance to hurt her.

Dean closed the door behind him ignoring the tightening in his gut that told him not to let her out of his sight, not this time.

How was he suppose to know that that would be the last time he saw her.


Faith paced back and forth in the front room, or what was the private front room, they had one set for visitors that wasn't loaded with weapons and books about witchcraft and demons. Stuff like that had a tendency to chase away the people who didn't actually know what they did.

She stopped in the middle of the room closing her eyes and dragging a hand through her hair wanting to scream until her lungs burned.

Hand wrapped around her waist dragging her back to a solid and warm body and she tensed "I've maimed people for less." she gritted out her terse words ineffectual as she let her head fall back to rest on his chest as she relaxed into his arms.

Xander's breath tickled her ear as he told her "Yeah but you already tried to kill me once and anymore bodily harm of the nonpleasurable kind would be harmful to our relationship."

Faith felt a small smile slip onto her lips "Did Andrew tell you that?"

Xander snorted resting his head on her shoulder as he started to sway softly with her in his arms "After I told him about the choking incident he whimpered and ran off, I tell you he's never going to find a girlfriend ifs he's afraid of having the life squeezed out of him.

"Yeah," Faith turned around in his arms to face him "about that..."

"A fond memory," Xander interrupted her firmly his eyes dancing with warmth and an emotion Faith wasn't too eager to name "the beginning of our very satisfying relationship."

Sometimes she didn't know whether to melt or roll her eyes. She wasn't good at this relationship stuff but with him that was okay cause he was even worse. He had been in relationships with demons and former demons and evil cheerleaders so a reformed rogue Slayer who had tried to kill him after she had popped his guy cheery was no big deal.

"So," Xander's hands spanned her waist as his eyes bore into hers "Are you going to tell me what happened or am I going to have to stumble around in the dark?"

She averted her eyes "What are you talking about?"

He drew her closer to him and she looked back up at him vulnerable and defiant at once. "About why you left your cozy little family behind." he stated softly and she tensed up once more but he just tightened his hold on her knowing she could easily break away if she wanted to, he was no match for a Slayer and he wasn't trying to trap her. He had learned early on in their relationship that when things got tough she took off and he had learned to hold on and risk getting thrown into a wall for a woman he knew was worth it.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath "It's no big deal. I was sixteen and the Council told me I was a Potential and gave me a choice, to go with them or let me family be killed by a world they had no defense against" she opened her eyes bitterness in her voice "when that didn't
work they told me what a Slayer really was and that I really didn't have a choice, my familywouldn't have understood, a demon was a demon, there were no shades of gray, if something was supernatural you killed it so I left."

Xander stared at for a second before telling her "I think they could have handled it, if you would have given them the chance."

She smiled bitterly "If they show up we'll find out if they can handle it or not."

Xander grinned "Oh they'll show and we'll all be one big happy family," mischief danced in his eyes "by the time we're done with them the whole Slayer thing won't even phase them."

There was a confidence in his voice that Faith wished she felt because one thing was certain it wasn't going to be one big happy family, not by a longshot. Still knowing the way things would
most likely play out the little girl that had once had a dad and two brothers wanted them to come, wanted to see them again.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Hunters and Slayers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Jun 07.

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