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Hunters and Slayers

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Summary: John finally gets a call from his daughter and him, Dean, and Sam head to Cleveland to discover that good and evil isn’t always black and white and love can find you when you least want it to.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester
Supernatural > Faith-Centered
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Chapter One

Title: Hunters and Slayers
Author: chosenfire
Disclaimer: Another one of my pointless disclaimers that bore you to tears and give me more wordage and why are you still reading this, we both know I DO NOT OWN so go and read the story, stop reading this.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Buffy/Dean, Faith/Xander, Dawn/Connor (cause I have always loved Angel’s son.)
Spoilers: BtVS post season 7, SPN AU season 2
Summary: John finally gets a call from his daughter and him, Dean, and Sam head to Cleveland to discover that good and evil isn’t always black and white and love can find you when you least want it to.

Challenge by Melissa at Route66
Faith…A Winchester?
The Premise: AU.
Set: After Season 7 of BTVS. Season 2 of SPN *John didn't Die*:

Faith is the middle child of the Winchester family. Once Sunnydale has been destroyed, Willow does a little mojo to erase Faiths record. Faith knowing that its somewhat safe, contacts her family, letting them know that everything is okay. John, Sam, and Dean come to Cleveland where Buffy and Faith have set up shop.
A new evil is arising and so is the chemistry between Buffy and Faiths older brother Dean.
-A back story. Its up to you. I want to know why Faith hasn't been with her family all these years. Did the council take her? Did she leave on her own volition so she could hang with Buffy? Its up to you.
-Faith keeping in contact with her family, but not letting the Scoobies know about them.
-Mentioning a donkey.
-Faith breaking down in Buffy’s arms, and then later after something traumatic happens with Dean, Buffy falling apart in Faiths arms.
-A Faith/Buffy friendship. They got closer because Buffy couldn't forgive the other Scoobies for kicking her out.
-John and Giles arguing about Demons.
-Dawn letting it slip that Buffy lost her virginity to a vampire to The Winchester boys.
Big No-No's.
-No Sam/Dawn. I'm sorry. I know many ship them, but its weird for me.

Banner made by Dhfreak

Chapter 1

“Dad,” John heard the tentative voice come over his cell phone and his heart clenched as he could hear the small breaths of another person miles away. His hand tightened on the phone as he heard the dry laugh so unlike the care free melody he would hear years ago, when things had been simpler. “Well I guess you must be on a hunt or something I just called to let you know that I’m okay. Things were a bitch for awhile but I’m okay,” he held his breath as the message kept playing “I hope you get this cause I don’t think I’m ready to talk to Dean and you should be the first to know right.” He heard the hesitancy in her voice “I’m sorry about leaving, I know I owe you guys an explanation and I promise you I’ll give you one but its some complicated shit so…” she broke off as there was a loud bang in the background and he heard her yell to someone else something about getting some Band-Aids. She started talking again “Anyway I would like it if you, Dean, and Sammy could drop by, just ask about Summer’s Sanctuary in Cleveland .” she paused and he could tell she was vulnerable and trying to hide it “If you can’t make it that’s cool, we’ll get together some other time. We have a lot to talk about.” He heard the click of the phone as she hung up and the message stopped playing .

John saved it into his phone and entered the hospital room where Dean laid in the bed flirting with the elderly nurse despite his injuries from the car crash. Sam sat at the end of the bed shaking his head at his brother’s antics a large smile on his face the tension of the past 48 hours gone from his body leaving behind a euphoric relief.

For two days the doctor’s had fought for Dean’s life and his oldest had just barely scraped through and was now well on his way to getting better.

“How long do we have to be here?” John demanded turning away from his sons happiness and leveling the nurse with a commanding stare.

“At least a week.” she gave him a nervous smile and Sam turned to his father anger building thinking he wanted to start looking for the demon again and Dean just painfully sat up straighter ready to follow orders the best he could.

Sam stood up facing his father head on ignoring the silent plea from Dean to just let it go “You can’t possibly be thinking about going after the demon, dammit Dad Dean almost died, it’s a miracle he’s alive.”

“Sam.” John bit out warning his youngest child to back down but Sam, ever the obstinate one, didn’t.

“No,” his voice got louder and the nurse nervously slipped out of the room letting the family drama play it in private “We won’t follow you in your crusade.” he spat out a thousand emotions playing across his face, he had lost Jessica but he couldn’t lose Dean, he wouldn’t.

John felt a momentary flash of pride when Dean just didn’t speak up to back up his father but supported Sam with his silence, he had raised that boy to always look after his younger brother and he was, even if it meant going against John.

“Your sister called,” John told then softly letting the words sink in. Sam’s eyes widened as he heard the news and Dean looked stunned his hazel eyes momentarily brightening before he blinked furiously.

“Where is she?” Dean managed to get out hoarsely still weary from the pain medication and both of them looked at John expectantly.

“She’s in Cleveland , she wants us to come down there for a visit. So in a week, after Dean is healed up a bit more and Bobby does some work on the Impala we’ll get going.”

“Is she…” Sam asked softly “is she okay?”

Before John could answer Dean asked a question of his own his voice filled with a barely controlled anger “Did she tell you why in the fuck she took off?”

“No, she didn’t.” John said grimly his eyes dark as he remembered.

The last time he had seen his daughter had been eight years ago, at the tender age of sixteen Faith Marie Winchester had defied her father and ran away. John had searched for years to no avail, she was just gone.


Mary Winchester held her four year old son Dean in her arms as she entered the nursery a loving smile on her face “Come on, let’s say goodnight to your brother.”

She carefully leaned Dean over the crib and he pressed a soft kiss to his baby brother’s forehead “Good night Sam.”

“Good night, love.” Mary kissed her baby boy her eyes filled with love as she looked at her youngest child.

“Hey Dean.” Mary’s husband John came into the room their two year old daughter Faith attached to his hip sucking her thumb as she leaned her head on her daddy’s shoulder her dark eyes conveying how miserable she felt.

Dean squirmed out of his mothers arms. “Daddy!” he yelled and with a practiced move John scooped Dean up with his arm resting him on his other hip.

“Hey buddy! What do ya think? You think Sammy’s read to toss around a football yet?” he asked playfully.

“No, daddy.” the four year old said seeing right through his father’s joke.

“Fooball’s stupid.” little Faith croaked out taking her thumb out of her mouth and giving her older brother a cranky look.

“That’s cause you’re a girl.” the four year old shot back at his annoying little sister.

“Hocksy better.” she turned her large dark eyes on her daddy pleadingly and he, like always, melted “Sure is Princess.” She shot Dean a triumphed look slightly weakened by her drooping eyes as she once again burrowed against her father and sniffled.

Mary crossed over to them and put her hand tenderly on Faith’s forehead “Are you feeling sick sweetie?” Little Faith managed a weak nod turning her eyes on her mommy pitifully letting her lower lip tremble for affect. Mary hid a smile knowing it was just a small cold and placed a soft kiss on her daughter’s dark curls “Why don’t daddy stay up with you tonight till you feel better.” Faith’s eyes brightened and John gave Mary a teasing grin over the children’s heads.

John handed Dean back to Mary and switched the light off “Sweet dreams, Sam.”


“Faith go outside to Daddy’s car and wait there.” John ordered his young daughter panic in his eyes. Faith nodded and her small legs moved quickly as she ran out of the house and to her daddy’s gleaming black car her hand tightly holding her mommy’s necklace she had picked up her tiny body shaking in fear scared that she might get in trouble for stealing something of mommy’s.

She stood there for forever the cold seeping in through her thin pink princess nightgown tears running down her cheeks and she saw the orange glow coming from her house, she could smile the smoke and the child coughed as people began to gather around and she went unnoticed.

Finally she saw her big brother come stumbling out of the house little Sammy clutched in his arms and she let out a scream. He turned to her his eyes wide in fright and he hurried to his little sister bringing his body close to her cold one Sammy in between them screaming.

Then Daddy came with tears in his eyes and someone wrapped a blanket around the children. When Faith asked about Mommy Daddy said she was gone and the little girl cried against her big brother as Daddy drove them away from their home and away from a normal life.

Later Faith learned that a monster had gotten Mommy and that Daddy would get the monster.


“Any word yet?” Buffy asked the other Slayer gently coming to sit by her on the large, Council bought, bed.

Faith looked over at Buffy lifting her eyebrow question ally “Listen I know we’ve done the whole bonding thing lately but please no chick flick moments.

Buffy rolled her eyes and said sarcastically “Fine, we’ll just sit around talking about football and scratch our balls.”

Faith gave Buffy a dirty grin at the male anatomy reference and put in automatically “Football sucks.”

“Let me guess,” Buffy smirked “Hockey.” When Faith’s grin widened Buffy rolled her eyes. She really should have known better. The sport was almost bloody enough for Faith, cause if it wasn’t slaying then she would have to settle on hockey.

“Can I have just one teensy moment?” Buffy pleaded pouting. When Faith agreed with an eye roll Buffy grinned “Okay, first of all you should of told us you had a family and secondly,” she raised her hand stopping any comment from Faith, “If they don’t show up they’re complete assholes who deserve to be thrown into a vat of Bushualic spit and feed to Knarls.”

Faith laughed at that and Buffy smiled pleased that she had momentarily cheered up her sister Slayer. She got up to leave but before she did she turned to Faith “And no more brooding, your starting to remind me way too much of my ex-boyfriend.” Buffy was sure that when Angel had been teaching Faith about redemption he had slipped in some hardcore brooding skills.

Faith watched Buffy go the smile slipping from her lips as she left and her hand reached up to play with the silver heart locket that hung from her neck. The necklace had been her mothers and was all that was left of Mary Winchester, except for herself and her two brothers Dean, older, and Sam, younger.

Willow had given her a clean record with some wicked mojo and faith had finally got up the nerve to call her Dad knowing some things needed to be explained (like why she had ran away) and what she had found (the Council’s record on the demon.)
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