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Immortal Summers

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Summary: Buffy/Highlander Crossover. What if Buffy was Immortal? What if she wasn't the only one? Buffy, Faith, and Joyce all have a secret they're about to share with the others. Will they still be accepted?

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherEvilguyFR18933,42641213,77017 Nov 0617 Nov 06Yes

Where it's all explained . . . sort of . . .

Continued from Previous…  


“Hey guys, how’s it hanging?” Faith asked in her Boston accented swagger.  Buffy, standing next to her, elbowed her in the gut, yet didn’t turn to look at her when Faith glared at her.  Shrugging, letting it go, Faith revised her greeting.  “Sorry, bad choice of words.  I meant, how’s life down here?”  Faith openly grinned, as did Xander and Amy.


Buffy audibly groaned and hid her eyes behind her right hand as she tried to rub the headache she was getting away.  Joyce, on the other side of the blonde was softly chuckling, trying not to go into hysterics.  Buffy looked up at her, glaring, “And I suppose you find this funny?” she questioned.


Nodding, Joyce could barely control her laughter enough to answer, “Yep.”  And then she loudly laughed as Buffy muttered, “You aren’t helping,” to no one in particular.


Also laughing, Faith slapped Buffy on the back and said, “Hey don’t sweat it B.  We know these guys.  Chances are they’ll either freak and run screaming into the night, try and kill us, or say ‘cool, what are you doing for lunch tomorrow?’  Right guys?”


The others not exactly in on the joke just stared dumbfounded at the miraculously resurrected girl.  Willow, the one that cared about just about everybody suddenly ran to Faith and hugged her with a belying strength coming from the petite redhead.  Faith easily accepted her, but was surprised to hear Red saying over and over, “I’m sorry Faith, I’m sorry Faith, I’m sorry Faith…”


Pulling her back some, Faith looked her in the eye, or tried to.  “Red?  C’mon Red, you ain’t got nothin’ to be sorry about.  It was my choice to take the knife.  Sides, I like ya too much to let ya die.”


Willow started shaking her head.  “No Faith, you don’t understand.  I’m sorry about hating you.  I’m sorry that I got so jealous of the time you were spending with Buffy, I’m sorry that I hated you just cause you’re everything that I want to be, I’m sorry….”


“Whoa Kemosabe,” Faith stopped her.  “First of all, I’m like totally forgive and forget about that.  Besides, me and B, we go way back.  And second of all…you wanted to be like me?”


Through her tears, Willow nodded.  Faith just smirked and coughed a laugh.  “Ain’t that a kick?  Well newsflash for ya Red, I’ve always kinda wanted to be like you.  First of all, you’re smart, second of all, everybody that has eyes and a brain likes you.  You’re easy to get along with, and you like, or at least accept everybody, right?  I mean,” Faith paused as she and Willow sat down on the couch, “look at how you treated me.  You just admitted to hating me, and still you at least gave me a shot and gave the whole “Welcome to Sunnyhell!” right along with everybody else.”


Confused, Willow asked, “Sunnyhell?


Smirking, Faith opened her mouth to answer, but Buffy beat her to it.  “A kind of nickname for the Hellmouth Will.  At least among the more supernatural circles, like vampires, demons, the guardians chosen to guard the Hellmouth from opening and spilling out legions upon legions of Satan’s armies.  Especially when they hear the town name that sits over the Hellmouth.”




Everyone else was still standing, having no clue how to react that the woman they had been mourning over for the past hour was alive and well, and making jokes.  Finally all the pressure got to Giles and he had to sit down.  Xander and Oz shortly followed, while Amy went over to sit next to her friend Willow, to offer whatever support she could stand.  She knew who Buffy, Faith, and Joyce were, or at the very least what they were.  Her aunt after all was dating an Immortal, planning on getting married before summer.


Seeing that Amy was the least surprised by this, Buffy smiled and asked the young blond woman a question that would let her know everything was OK.  “By the way Amy, how’s John Madison doing?”


Amy looked in near shock at the blonde once slayer.  “How-how do you know about him?” she asked nervously.  Buffy smiled and genuinely conveyed, “We’re old friends.  Met him shortly after the Depression, when we were all on the upswing.  Faith knows him too.  Ofcourse, I wouldn’t mention their relationship in front of Alison just yet.  You do know how jealous your aunts can be.”


Amy smiled and realized that Buffy Summers really was a friend of her soon to be “uncle”.  She nodded and added, “He’s good.  Still living in Northern California with the rest of my family.”  Buffy nodded and then waited for somebody to comment on what she had just shared with Amy.


Everyone was silent for over a minute, and then slowly, one by one, they all got it that Buffy knew something about Amy that none of them did, and vice versa.  It was Xander who first caught it and gave the two blonds a confused stare, but Willow was the first to comment on it.  “Buffy?” sounding scared and innocent, “How do you know Amy’s uncle?  And for all of us not in on the scam or joke or whatever, could you please explain how Faith is still alive?  Please?”


Buffy grinned at her best friend and took the seat next to her on the other side from Faith.  She then took the ring that Angel had given her, the crowned heart, the Cholera ring, and then she handed it to Willow.  “Put it on, everything will be explained,” Buffy told her.  Willow looked with apprehension at the ring, and then back to Buffy, she put the ring on, but Buffy made sure that the crown was the part facing her.  Then Buffy looked at Joyce, who nodded and left the room and returned a few minutes later with a strange glowing crystal.


As soon as Willow had the ring on, it flashed and her mind was just as suddenly elsewhere.  Amy, who had been watching, let out a startled gasp, and Xander, already on a hair trigger, got up to either beat Buffy to a pulp, or rescue Willow.  Both Amy and Faith stopped him.


“What happened?” Oz asked.


Buffy held up her hand for silence and just stared at Willow, until the young girl blinked and then shook her head, trying to shake loose the cobwebs.  “Whoa, what the hell was that?” she muttered/asked.


“My life.  Now, now you know everything about me Willow.  I’m sorry that I had to hide the truth from you, but do you now understand why I had to?” Buffy explained.


Willow gulped and nodded, her eyes glazing over in memory.  Buffy quickly removed the ring as Joyce returned with the crystal.  “Quickly Joy, recharge it.  I have maybe a day before the window closes, maybe less.”

Joyce took the ring and then somehow placed it inside the crystal and then left the room once more and didn’t return for some time.  The others looked after her in confusion, which seemed to be the new element in the air and was rapidly spreading as everybody sat back down to stare at the two slayers, if that was what they really were.


“OK B, what’d you do to Red here?” Faith asked.


“I showed her my life.  It’s a relatively simple spell, but only those that can use or sense magic can use it.  I figured it was a good idea to have somebody back us up as we tried to explain, and in order to do that, we’d have to explain, and this just simplifies it.” Buffy answered.


“You never showed me your life,” Faith grumbled like any mature young adult.


Buffy just grinned.  “Well, first of all, you don’t know any magic, and you can only sense what Joy and I point out to you.  Second of all, you’re also Immortal, so that further complicates matters.  Besides, I told you about my life.  Whether you hear about it beside a campfire or in bed, or it’s magically transcribed in your brain, it’s still the same story told from the same point of view.”


“It’s just not the same,” Faith grumbled.


Buffy and Willow just chuckled lightly and said at the same time, “Don’t worry about it Faith.”  Then they realized what they had just done, smiled at each other and shouted at the same time, “JINX!!”  They broke into giggles and it was Faith’s turn to groan as she got up and away from the giggling girls.  “And I thought Red was bad before, now she’ll be downright insufferable.” Faith muttered complaining.


The girls stopped their giggling and all was serious as all three caught the glares of Cordelia, who everyone knew hated to be left out of any gossip, Xander, who Willow understood the best as she was, or had been, feeling what he was, betrayal, fear, and frustration from having no answers to any of his many questions, and Giles, who was the worst out of the three.


Faith, the dark, brash, arrogant and confidant slayer that was more into sex than talking, actually gulped when she caught sight of the glare that he was sending his charges.  Out of everyone to anyone in the room, she had been the only one to ever see the “Ripper” in his prime.  Giles probably didn’t remember, but they had dated in college.  Faith decided this would be a good moment to remind him.


“Hey Rip, you still owe me five bucks from that bet!” Faith shouted at the Watcher.


Startled, Giles jumped at the accusation, while Buffy just grasped her forehead and groaned.  She turned to Willow and whispered, “I can’t believe she hasn’t let that go yet!”  Willow just grinned and giggled.


“Wh-wh-whu-wh…what?!?” Giles shouted at the “dead” woman.


“You owe me five bucks Rip.  We had a bet that I could guzzle down more bear than you, every guy on your floor, and the current school champion of the drink could.  Combined.  I might have had one hell of a hangover for the weekend, but I still won.  25 tequila shots, 57 full glass bears, not including the ones I dropped, 5 shots of moonshine, 5 shots of whiskey, aaaannnd 19 full bottles of “love potion number nine” champagne.  I even had another beer when I got home after the bar, Rip.  So pay up or I’ll beat your scrawny ass all the lung livin’ way back to Liverpool.”  Faith said the last part with a very distinctive English accent.


It was the accent that clicked it with “Ripper”.  His face registered the shock, and every teenager in there, Oz included, wished they had a camera.  When he finally spoke, it was in a hushed, scared tone.  “My-mmmmmyyy-my God!  Sara Fletcher!!!  But-but-but, you can’t be her!  She-she, she died saving a busload of children from a bomb!  She’s dead!  Your dead!!” he babbled.


Faith just grinned and grabbed her hair and held it up and behind her head until it was wrapped into a makeshift bun.  Then she grabbed Giles’ glasses off his nose and put them on the edge of her own.  Then in the same English accent she asked him, “So Ripper, how are you these days?  Oh yes, that’s right, your daddy wants you to be one of those unflappable and arrogant bastard museum curators.  Well, can’t do much for that old bean, tata and all that lollygag, hope you have fun.  Pick me up at eight!”  Then she winked at him and clicked her tongue in a just so suggestive way.


Faith just smiled at him as the shocked look remained, and then she handed him back his glasses, but she left the hair up in a bun.  She sat down next to Buffy, and Giles just followed her with his eyes, not believing that his old college girlfriend was in fact still alive and sitting right in front of him.  In fact, more than anything else, she was the one that helped to “create” the Ripper within him.


“Oh God!” Giles muttered in complete shock.  “How?  How are you still alive?  After thirty years, and at least two deaths?  And why do you still look the same?  And how in the nine hells do you know Buffy SUMMERS AND HER MOTHER!!!


Everyone in the room, save Faith and Buffy cringed away in fear at the standing embodiment of rage that Giles had become.  Faith actually smiled as she leaned forward and added in a singsong voice, “Hi Ripper, how ya been?”


The look of pure outrage and anger and quite literal “murder” that crossed “Ripper’s” face was enough to make even Buffy cringe back a little.  Faith, having seen it all before, just smiled a little wider, knowing that it would annoy the Ripper to no end.  But it was only for a second before Giles was able to regain control of his anger and rage.  When he did, he asked in a controlled voice, his anger still a mask of rage, “Buffy, Faith, and Willow if you know something, I suggest that you start explaining yourselves this very instant, or you will not be “miraculously” coming back any time soon by the time I’m through with you.”


At this, Buffy smiled, matching Faith’s annoying grin.  “You know, you’re right, he is cuter when he lets Ripper out to play,” she whispered, but loud enough for everyone to hear.  They stopped giggling when they suddenly heard a very intense, low growl.  Thinking it a vampire, they turned to see Giles.  Even Faith gulped at the look of pure malice on his face.


“OK, OK Giles, calm down.  We’ll tell you everything, don’t worry.  We’re just having some fun at your expense.  Calm down G-man.” Buffy soothed the beast that Rupert Giles had become.  Giles fixed her with a death glare and snapped out, “Don’t call me G-Man!”


At this, Buffy lost all trace of calm or understanding.  She stood up and stared Giles down with a gaze that could have melted the sun if it were possible.  “Don’t you dare speak to me like that Rupert!  Don’t you dare!  As much as I may look it, I am not some impetuous little girl, and I have not been for a very long time!  Giles, I’m not a slayer.  I’m Immortal.  I’m over three thousand years old, nearly four thousand.  I was born in northern Europe, in what would today be Norway.  I first died at the age of fifteen, believe it or not at the hands of my husband.  I was feared, loathed, despised, and overall hated when I revived.  I lost count of how many times they killed me that day.  My own family Giles!  The people that had raised me, taught me all I knew, that I thought would love me no matter what.  And they send me off to marry a brute of a bastard that kills me as he’s trying to “consummate” the marriage!” Buffy pauses to regain control of her emotions, with her being the center of attention.


Giles had sat down, and Faith was looking rather somber, but Willow was the only one that was confused.  “Buffy, I…I don’t remember that.  How did you die the first time?  I mean, I understand about Immortals and everything that you’ve done for like the past three thousand years or so, but…that memory thing, it…it didn’t show where you learned about demons or who your first teacher was, or how you died the first time.”


Buffy grimaced and nodded.  “I didn’t want you to see, to experience what I call the worst time in my life.  I nearly went insane from it…I-I didn’t want you to see it.  Nobody should.”


Silence surrounded the room as the people that called themselves Buffy’s friends and comrades tried to accept what she was telling them.  Xander asked out of the blue, “Is this for real?  I mean this is not some trick or mind control thing that the new master vampire in town or whatever is doing to try and open the Hellmouth or take over the world with making Buffy insane?”


Buffy smirked and answered, “No Xander, it’s real.  I’m 3,759 years old.  And I have calculated that out to the time that I was born, not since I became Immortal.  And Giles, you asked about my “mom”.  She’s 1,240 years old.  Faith is 94 years old.  And out of us, she’s the actual Immortal Slayer.  I’ll tell you the whole story.  All of you.  And I am not insane, and we have more proof and evidence that says what I’m saying is the truth than we’d like.  I let Willow see my memories because I want her to trust me again.  It’s not every century that you get to be a regular girl, a superhero, and a teenager all over again and all at once.”


“Speak for yourself blondie,” Faith teased.  Buffy ignored her.


Xander turned to the dark slayer and asked outright, “You’re really ninety four years old?”  Faith nodded.  “Huh.  My grandmother would love your moisture cream,” he joked.


“It’s Oolah del Franc.  I get it out of Paris, it’s the cheap stuff, but it’s homemade and it really keeps you fresh on a sea voyage.  I get it imported, but I could get you a case or two Xander.  I’m sure Irene would love a bottle or two for her birthday.” Faith told him.


Xander did a double take.  “Wait a sec.  I was joking.  You know me.  This is me joking.  Ha, ha, ha.  I wasn’t being serious.  And how’d you know my grandmother’s name?”


“We were in kindergarten together.  We kept in touch after I left Boston, and that’s how Buffy knew who to look for when she came into town.  I would have come in sooner myself, but we had to wait for the whole Kendra mess to be cleared up.  That and I had to perfect my cover as Faith the vampire slayer with the Watcher’s Council.  Then that bastard Kakistos shows up, and I know what I can and can’t take, and that hairy cloven-hoofed monster with his twenty or thirty vampire lackeys was way more than I could handle, so I came here and B and I took care of it.  Oh, by the way, Irene knows that I’m a slayer, but she doesn’t have a clue about the Immortality, so next time you see her, if you feel like mentioning me, make sure that I’m in a wheelchair, if you get my meaning.” Faith answered.


“And she was being serious Xander.  Faith spent most of the forties and fifties in Europe, so she probably knows where all the best restaurants, jewelry shops, fashion boutiques, etcetera all are.  And she does import quite a bit.  I should know, I end up having to pay for most of it.” Buffy added.


“Do not,” Faith countered.  “I still happen to have a cool mill in the banks, not to mention the mutual investments, B.  I cover my own ass as far as paying it goes.  It’s just when I’m…”


“Desperate?” Buffy supplied.


“I was actually going for ‘in trouble’ that I call you in to help.” Faith finished.


“OK, back to the subject at hand,” Willow interrupted.  “How does the whole immortality thing work.  I mean, I know it, but everybody else is kind of in catch up mode right now.  So how about we catch them up, kay?”


Faith and Buffy, looking chastened, nod their heads and proceed to explain about Immortals and Buffy and Faith’s various adventures.


“OK.  Here’s the story,” Buffy began, still standing, everyone else still sitting, all looking at her.  “For as long as humanity has existed on Earth, as long as there has been civilization, as long as the demons have walked the Earth as the plague of Humanity, there have been the Immortals.  Normal men and women that pass on through the ages like days of the week, living among us, working with us, fighting for us.  They aren’t gods, they aren’t angels, and they aren’t evil or even demons themselves.  We’re just humans that can’t die that easy.  Immortals are just like everybody else, some good, some bad, some evil, some fight for justice, but most are just regular people that happen to die rather violently and come back.  That’s the way it works really.  We’re often just found or adopted or something like that, and then we are raised as normal people.  And then one day, we die, like I said, rather violently.  After that, we stop aging, we don’t get sick, we don’t get scars, and any injuries we do get heal up in a matter of minutes to hours.  And we don’t die.  Shoot us, an hour later we get right back up.  Stake us, blow us up, burn us at the stake, etcetera, we survive.  In fact, there is only one thing that we can’t survive.  Decapitation.”  Buffy paused as everyone who did not know of it, including Willow, all rubbed their necks at the thought.


“Which brings us to what Immortals do, and what they are supposed to do.” Buffy said, bringing their attention back to her and the subject.  “Immortals were created by the Old Gods, with the permission of the God.  Yes, God is real.  I’ve never actually met him, nor was I anywhere near Jerusalem two thousand years ago, but I do know that God exists.  Unfortunately, so does just about every other deity out there, not to mention every story and mythology that man came up with three thousand years plus ago.  Giles, you’re right when you say that Earth didn’t exactly start out as a paradise.  Exactly.  It did start out as a paradise, but this paradise was overrun by demons, the Old Ones.  What most modern people call the age of dinosaurs.  When the Old Ones and the Old Gods left Earth, they mutually agreed to leave it completely behind and to not interfere in the affairs of the mortal animals.  Humans.  Well, obviously, the demons didn’t do that.  They left half breeds, vampires, and earthen demons.  To counter this, the Old Gods made the Immortals, meant to battle the vampires, the demons, and the last vestiges of the Old Ones.  Unfortunately, roughly about 10,000 to 12,000 years ago, I’m not exactly certain, the demons struck a major blow to the Immortals.”


“Immortals have a power within them.  We call it the ‘Quickening’.  It is very powerful and very destructive.  It is released when we are killed, and I think the theory is that if a hundred Immortals take on a thousand demons, and all of those Immortals are killed, the resulting discharge would be like a hydrogen bomb, or bigger.  Something that the demons learned though, was that if an Immortal is killed near a living Immortal, that living Immortal then absorbs the power of the quickening.  It still discharges, just the power is added to that Immortal’s.  So the demons killed an old Immortal, one of the oldest of the time.  They then impersonated him, and told two of his student’s this secret.  They went out, and only one came back.  From this student, the other Immortals of the world learned this.  And the ‘Game’ began.  That’s what the other Immortals call it, the ‘Game’.  Most of the Immortals of the world believe this fallacy, where Immortals are supposed to kill each other until there is only one left.  That’s the motto of the ‘Game’, “There can be only One.”  This One is supposed to take the prize, the complete power of all of the Immortals that have ever played in this ‘Game’.  They say it would be enough power to rule the world, and I’d believe that.  Only problem, it would be the equivalent of the power of any one of the Old Gods, and having met a couple of those, I can say they’d be none too pleased with that.  So, I don’t play the Game.  And I know for a fact that more than half of the people out there that are in it don’t want to play in it either, but they don’t know about the demons or vampires, they don’t know of any other way to live.  The ‘Game’ has been going on for more than ten thousand years, unfortunately, the oldest Immortal currently alive, is only five thousand years old.  So it’s gonna take a lot more than one four thousand year old girl’s word.  There’s also a reason that I’m telling you all this.”


“Aside from the fact that Faith “died” in front of us two hours ago?” Xander bluntly pointed out.


Buffy didn’t lose any wind though.  “That too.  We were going to tell you at some point, I was just hoping that it’d be a little while longer though.  The first reason however is that at some point, an Immortal stupid enough might actually walk through town, and rather than have them show up and start asking about me, Faith, or Joy, and then they find out that one of you know us, and it’s a headhunter, an Immortal that cares more about a mythical prize rather than fighting demons and vampires, then they’ll kill you, just to provoke one of us into fighting him.”


“But why?  I mean, it’s not like we’d…” Cordelia started.


“Cordy, honey, please not now,” Xander interrupted her.


Buffy smiled and answered Cordelia’s question anyway.  “Cordelia, the reason that these monsters would kill you would be to anger us into losing control so that they could have an advantage.  It’s how they’d kill you that would be the message to us.  They’d kill you like an Immortal.  Which is why it’s important that if you find out about another Immortal in town, or come across somebody you think is looking for us, that you come talk to anyone of us immediately, and we’ll see if it’s a friend or foe.”


“Friend?” Oz put forth.


Buffy nodded.  “In case you hadn’t noticed, Faith, Joy and I are all Immortals, and I’m the oldest here.  After a while, even Immortals who don’t know the truth get lonely and make other Immortal friends that aren’t their Teachers or students.”


“Teachers and students?” Giles asked.


Before Buffy could formulate her words, Faith stood up and grabbed Buffy’s shoulder.  “Don’t worry B, I got this one.”  Buffy nodded and sat down and Faith took her place before the group.


“B already told you that the guy that got whacked by the demons had two students.  Well, the way the tradition works, as I understand it, the old teach the new.  New Immortals are born practically every year, but it’s only after these “pre-Immortals” die the first time that they actually get into the fight.  Well, when an older Immortal finds a newly, heh, “risen” Immortal, they take that Immortal under their wing and teaches them the ropes.  In my case, Buffy and Joyce were my Teachers, not including my first Watcher who taught me how to kill the vamps.  For every other Immortal out there, they teach them the rules of the ‘Game’ and how to fight and win it.  Before the ‘Game’ existed, as I’m told, the Teachers taught the newbies how to fight demons and win.  So, after a while you occasionally come across other Immortals and if they’re after your head, you either fight, or talk’em out of it.  If they’re just passing through, you buy each other some drinks and talk about yourselves.  Thus, friends.  I haven’t exactly lived through the centuries, but after being a slayer and an Immortal, two secrets I can’t tell anybody, not to mention having to move away from anybody real close so they don’t get suspicious because you aren’t aging.  Or in the unlikely event that you die very publicly.  It sure ain’t easy, I’ll tell ya that.”


Buffy stood up then and nodded to Faith, indicating that she could handle the rest.  Faith nodded back, but instead of sitting back down by Willow, she went over to a recliner and put on some boots.


“Any questions so far?” Buffy asked, distracting them from Faith.


“Uh, yeah,” Oz spoke, “What was your real name?”


Buffy raised an eyebrow, and Faith looked up from lacing the boot, while everybody else was just plain shocked by the question.  “Well Oz,” Buffy began, “My real name right now is Buffy Anne Summers.  If you’re talking about my first name that I ever had, the name that I was given when I was reborn, it was Adriana.”


Reborn?” Oz asked.


Buffy’s face froze for an instant.  She gulped and sighed.  Faith, boots in place, stood up behind her and indicated her support by putting her hand on the blonde’s shoulder.  Buffy smiled at her student and nodded.  “I’m headed over to my apartment to check out.  I’ll be back in an hour or so.  I’m just gonna run a quick check through the cemeteries and crypts, OK?”


“OK, don’t be too long.  And leave your cell phone on.  There is a reason that I got you that for Christmas two years ago you know.” Buffy chastised.


Faith smiled, and pulled said cell phone from her pocket and waved it around so that Buffy could see that it was turned on.  With that, she grabbed a coat and headed out.


Turning back to Oz, Buffy answered him as though Faith hadn’t interrupted.  “After…after I was condemned by my…by the people that had raised me, I was left for dead for a long time.  Maybe only a year or two, I’m not really sure, but to me it felt more like a century.  I…I won’t go into what they did.  I…I-I…”


Willow stood up and immediately wrapped her best friend with her arms.  “It’s OK Buffy.  You don’t have to tell us everything.  We understand.  Just give us the general facts, no details.  I promise you, we won’t judge you.”  Willow glared at everyone there as she said the last part, making it a promise to all of them that if they did not do as she had just said, then they would be very, very, very sorry that they hadn’t.


Buffy smiled at the redhead and thanked her.  Then she unwrapped herself from Willow and continued.  “After killing my body, and my soul really, more times than I care to remember, they finally just left me tied up to a rock in the middle of the sea by which we…they had lived.  Like I said, I don’t remember how much time had passed by the time that I made it back to shore, but by the time that I had, the village had long since moved on and the wilderness had returned to the area.  But that was not all that I found.  No, there was a man waiting there for me.  He was an Immortal, like I was.  He knew the truth, and helped me out of the depression of guilt and fear and…loathing that the villagers had made me believe as they killed me over and over.  My name with the villagers was ‘Ellisif’.  Today, in that language, it means ‘demon’ or some other such synonym.  When Alaekiam, my first Teacher, found me, he taught me and helped me find the faith in myself again, (no jokes Xander!), we left that place by the sea, but I still go back, every ten years or so, and I throw a rock into the waters, and I curse out every name that I knew in that ancient village.”


Everyone was silent as Buffy slowly collected herself from her tirade.  She looked up at her friends, tears in her eyes from the tears of ancient pains.  “Sorry guys, old wounds you know,” she muttered.


Finally she had composed herself enough to continue on.  “After some time, with Alaekiam teaching me, and traveling all over, we…we eventually became lovers.  We married once, and for a time…it was the happiest in my life.  But all things end, especially happiness.  One day, traveling through Germany, about seventy-eight years after Alaekiam had found me, we came across a pair of monsters.  One of our kind, an evil Immortal that only knew and lived the ‘Game’ and had ransacked and destroyed villages across the known world had teamed up with a real live demon.  Ironically, a young Chaos demon.  Alaekiam was almost a legend at that time, one of the best.  I still had yet to even fight in an Immortal duel, so the evil Immortal ignored me, leaving me to face the demon while Alaekiam and Kronos, the other Immortal’s name, fought.  I remember that day very clearly…”



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