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King of Hell

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Time's Heir". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Time's change, destiny changes, and Xander just got a new job.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredArchrFR1858,47103826,79018 Nov 068 Jul 07No

Time's Heir

King Of Hell Ch2- Time’s Heir

Disclaimer in Ch 1

The light burned her mind but she kept her eyes open. Rose did not know what she was really doing, but she knew she had to do something. The Doctor and Jack were facing nearly half a million Daleks, and death was a distinct possibility for those on the Game Station. The Doctor had told Rose that the TARDIS was alive, so she hoped the old girl would forgive the vandalism. She forced open the console that would allow her to stare into the TARDIS’s heart, and allow her to command the ship to rescue its master, in defiance of his original instructions.

She felt the burning energy fill her, awakening dormant portions of her mind. As her awareness increased, she realized the truth. She was the Bad Wolf, the predator of those things in the darkness. She would give fear and pain to those who threatened her loved ones. Her awareness of time and space increased at a rate to defy understanding or explanation. Her mind was aware of everything happening at all times and places, simultaneously. She saw what she would do, had done and was doing, all at once. She also saw the life of the Doctor -all of them.

She saw the future of their time, including several distinct possibilities for unpleasantness of the future. The Doctor had been alone for so long, and Rose/Bad Wolf knew he needed people around him, to care for, to keep him in the world, and not apart from it. Looking back at the Doctor’s history, Bad Wolf saw what she needed to do. A decision influenced, a former companion and future leader added another title.


Time Lady Romanadevaratrelundar had just finished another session as Lord (or Lady as it were) President of Galifrey. She had a deep sense of foreboding, but no real reason on which to base it. She had been thinking of the Doctor of late. She missed the years they had spent together, how he had taught her so much about life and what it meant to be in the universe and enjoy the moment.

She had seen many people in her travels and she remembered the joy of having children near. She still harbored the desire to be a mother, but never had gotten to that point, and the Doctor was not, at the time, the best of partners to share raising a child. As the Doctor had been recalled to Galifrey, the feelings had returned. He would never go along with it, but he did not really need to. She had access to his genetic profile in the Matrix, the great repository of all Time Lord knowledge, and to the genetic looms in the crèche.

She would be a mother, and the Doctor would have an heir. He had been too long alone and without a family.


The defenses were failing.

Romana knew it, even if no one else wanted to say it. She had sent off the best agents of the Celestial Intervention Agency to delay the Daleks, but still they came; over ten million ships aimed straight at the heart of the domain of the Time Lords.

Crises had been flaring out of control on several major temporal nexus points. The fabric of time, space and history had become the battleground for the two inexorable forces. That battleground had become torn, tattered and frayed. Time was changing. Immutable history had become fluid and chaos had been introduced in large amounts.

The Doctor had been sent to activate the failsafe, if it were necessary, standing guard over the system. He had fought at Arcadia, taking a mortal wound and regenerating into his ninth form, but for the moment, he was all right.

Romana also had taken another measure. Her most trusted aid had been sent to remove her child from Galifrey. She knew that it was almost certain that their home would fall. She would ensure her child had a life safe from this war. He would be hidden away, his legacy and biology hidden. He would appear to be a normal human, but once he was ready, he would gain his inheritance. Romana’s personal TARDIS, stocked with anything and everything she thought would be of use, was on automatic, hiding in the vortex, awaiting the call. The Doctor would find the boy and give him the device she had entrusted to him. He would look after the child. She knew it.


Bad Wolf looked from just outside of Time, out of the sense of the Time Lords. She looked upon her works and smiled.


Bad Wolf watched the product of her efforts grow. All she had done was let the boy tap a little of his senses and his regenerative abilities, not too far beyond human normal, but enough to give him a survival edge.

He was raised in a situation that Bad Wolf would have liked to have changed, but the die had been cast. She had the ability to watch and influence, but to actually alter things would divert more energy than she could afford. She still needed to save the Doctor.

While her physical form may only be hosting her for a short time, her mind was everywhere, everywhen, and it was enough to do what she knew she had to do.

She saw his trials and his injuries. She wept at his losses but saw they only made him stronger. In that, he was so much like his father. She would look forward to his meeting her, especially as she had already met him, from her perspective.

She saw his bonding with the Tok’ra and smiled again. They were a good match. As was his partnership with the Dark One, she who had betrayed and now walked the path of Redemption.

She saw his joining the organization that would put him where he needed to be. She nudged here and there, subtly and quietly, making sure her efforts were not noticed or resisted. She had learned well from the Doctor -minimum effort to maximum effect.

She watched and waited. Her time was nearly up for direct intervention, but she would do it. His first death was rapidly approaching, and she needed to make sure he got through it.

She would save the father and the son. She would give her love what he needed, a family. He had given her a day with her father. She would give him his lives with his son.

It was only fair.

A/N: I had always wondered what else Bad Wolf could have done. She was capable of putting her name everywhere, but why not adjust things. She saw the state of the universe at this point, so she could have made a few manipulations.

She made herself, an elemental of time. Once she exists, she always existed, and always will.
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