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One A.M. Phone Calls

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Summary: What if Angelus had turned Buffy at the end of S2? Who would Faith turn to if they were trying to destroy her?

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Anita Blake > Faith-CenteredAaronlisaFR131384011,56119 Nov 0619 Nov 06Yes
Title: One A.M. Phone Calls
Pairing: Faith/Edward interaction, Buffy/Angelus
Disclaimer: The Buffyverse belongs to Joss Whedon and company, while Anita Blake belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton.
Warning: contains some foul language
Notes: Set during an AU BtVS Season Three.

Faith was tired of running, especially since she could never run far enough from them. She was tired of thinking that she had found a safe haven, only to come home after a long night of slaying to find it destroyed by some macabre display left by Buffy and Angelus. There wasn’t enough evidence for any court to find them guilty of trying to destroy the Watchers’ Council or the Slayer line. It didn’t matter that ever since Angelus had supposedly turned a willing Buffy that Potentials and Watchers had been dropping like flies.

As Faith dialed the number from memory she was hit by an overwhelming sense of fatigue. All she knew was that she was tired of running for her life and tired of playing an elaborate cat and mouse game where she was the mouse. She was tired of running from her would-be murderers and she wanted it to end.


”Uncle Ted?”

”Who else would be answering this number, Faith?”

”I need your help,” Faith said, ignoring his question.

“Where are you?”

“In some shithole outside of Denver.”


”Sorry, but I am in serious trouble.”

”Give me your location and I’ll be there before morning.”

Faith sighed in relief as she let her Uncle take over things. He wouldn’t care about the legality of the situation. Instead he would just destroy the two vampires that were trying to destroy his niece, just like he had helped her destroy Kakistos in Boston. She smiled a feral smile as she realized that the minute her Uncle arrived, the most feared vampires in existence would suddenly find themselves the prey to the one man that that made the vampires have nightmares. Angelus and Buffy would be made to regret the fact that they had played their vile game of cat and mouse with her.

“You still there, little girl?” Ted asked.

“Yeah, I am.”

”Maybe when I sort things out for you there, you could give me a hand with some problems I’ve been having in St. Louis.”

“Anything you want, Uncle Ted, anything at all,” Faith promised.

“Be careful who you make promises to, especially promises like that. Didn’t I teach you anything?” Ted asked as he chuckled.


The End

You have reached the end of "One A.M. Phone Calls". This story is complete.

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