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Illegal Kills

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Summary: Faith reflects on her life since Edward became her mentor.

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered > Pairing: EdwardAaronlisaFR131563011,17219 Nov 0619 Nov 06Yes
Title: Illegal Kills
Disclaimer: The Buffyverse belongs to Joss Whedon and company, while Anita Blake belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton and company.
Notes: Set during an AU BtVS Season Three.

As the vamp threw her against the stone gargoyle, Faith groaned and she knew that in the morning, her back would be covered in bruises. She hated the ornate cemeteries that Edward made her patrol because of the large marble statues erected for the dead. She vaguely remembered his explanation for the angels, gargoyles and other statues that littered the cemeteries. All she knew was that she missed the more modern cemeteries of Sunnydale.

The vampire’s sharp hiss reminded Faith of the job that she was supposed to be doing and all thoughts about bruises, Sunnydale and gargoyles fled her mind. Faith took a silver dagger out from her boot and gave the vamp a feral grin before she charged at it. Before she knew it the hunt was over and she was covered in ash. She turned towards the sound of applause, ready to do battle again only to find Edward leaning against the gargoyle that she’d been thrown against.

“Primitive but well done.”
”Not everyone has a handy way with a flame thrower.”
“True enough,” Edward replied with an easy grin.
“Any clue on where the master vamp is this time around? I’m getting tired of all these minions,” Faith asked as she carefully tucked her dagger back into her boot.
“I’m getting closer but I want to make sure that the whole nest is destroyed.”
”Yeah I know, but minions still aren’t much of a challenge for me.”
”Not everyone is fortunate enough to patrol the Hellmouth all the time,” Edward stated, referring to Buffy.
”I’m sure that B’s got her own issues to deal with, well I get an exciting life of adventure and travel.”

Edward laughed at Faith’s comment and once again she was glad that Giles had decided to send her to Edward instead of keeping her on the Hellmouth. She had been terrified of Edward after she had found that he’d worked with the CIA and then the Council’s Special Ops, but he had turned out to be a great teacher. Unlike Buffy, Faith’s hands weren’t tied by legalities and warrants. Instead Faith was allowed to destroy dangerous predators before the manipulated their legal status to their advantage and their victim’s disadvantage. Buffy might always have a challenge living on the Hellmouth but she also had to walk a narrow legal line, while Faith got to slay and freedom.

She sighed contentedly as Edward’s arm rested along her shoulders and Faith briefly wondered what her life would be like without him. There was no sense in denying that she had been well on her way to being a violent and dangerous offender with super power. But a few months under Edward’s care had turned her life around and taught her to respect authority. Her life had changed for the better, and she had someone who could guide her that she didn’t have to protect and she could freely channel her anger into her slaying. Life was good for her and it was all because of the complicated man beside her.

”Everything okay?” Edward asked.
“Yeah, just tired,” Faith easily replied.
“That’s a first. I always thought you were hungry and horny after a slaying.”
”Normally, but not tonight, I just wanna a hot bath and then bed.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Illegal Kills". This story is complete.

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