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Wolves in Town

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Wolves All Around". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Wolf on board. *new summary* Oz comes home to find one of his own has been hurt. There's a big bad wolf in town and Oz is going to need help to win.

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Firefly > Oz-CenteredziliFR1369,07454616,57219 Nov 0621 Jan 07No

Tell Me What Happened

Chapter 2: Tell Me What Happened



The werewolf turned to see Trystan in the doorway. “What happened Trystan?!?” Oz growled.

“Oz be patient, Xu Bai is on his way. We had planned to do this more gently before Blake stepped in.” Trystan said.

“This Josh we’re talking about!” Oz nearly shouted. He took a breath and looked back at the man lying on the bed, “Why hasn’t his wolf helped him heal yet?”

“The wolf has,” Blake sat down in a chair by the Josh’s bed and lightly stroked the back of his hand. “If he hadn’t been a were, he would have been dead.”

“Tell me what happened Trystan!” Oz growled grabbing the monk by the shirt.

“Daniel let go of Trystan please.” An old man wearing a monk’s garb walked into the room.

Oz let gently let go, “Xu Bai.”

“Hello Daniel. It is good that you are here.”

“Will someone please just tell Oz already. Or I’ll tell him the rest of it.” Blake said. She glanced over at Trystan who muttered under his breath. “Chur ni-duh nee go tsao de liou coe shway duh biao-tze huh hoe-tze duh ur-tze Trystan.” Blake said with a smile.

“Blake.” Xu Bai gave her a disapproving look.

“Sorry.” She muttered.

“Come Daniel and I will tell you what has happened.” Xu Bai said and walked out of the room with Oz and Trystan on his heels. The room they went to was sparse but contained a couch and a few chairs. Oz sat in one of the chairs while the monks occupied the couch.

The older monk opened his mouth to speak but Oz held up a hand, “Josh… please.”

Xu Bai nodded, “Very well Daniel. A few weeks ago, before we called Joshua, one of our monks had gone into town for some supplies. He heard the people talking of a few of their cattle and horses being brutally slaughtered. So he asked around some more and found that howls, wolf howls, had been heard as well. We figured that there was a lone wolf that had found its way into town. So we gave Joshua a wave, you know how he loves animals. He has helped us before when a wolf had been making its way into the cattle.” Xu Bai sighed. “The two weeks after Joshua and Blake got here, was fine. No matter where he looked he couldn’t find a wolf. So we thought that it must have been a false tale.”

“Oh?” Oz quirked an eyebrow.

Xu Bai shook his head, “A week ago the night before we sent for you, Joshua and Blake were romping in the woods. Joshua got ahead of Blake, she said she lost his trail and couldn’t find him. Then she heard his howl. When she finally managed to find him, he was alone and in his human form.”

“I thought he was dead.” Blake said leaning in the doorway. Her arms were crossed. “Isn’t that what you told us, when we die, we die as humans. Well he was all cut up and bruised and his arm nearly torn off and human. I couldn’t even hear his heart beating over the background noise.”

“Blake, I’m sorry.” Oz got up and put his arms around her.

“If Jian hadn’t been around collecting herbs…” Blake trailed off. “He said he heard the howls and was concerned. He shoved me off of Josh. I nearly bit him but I… he must have raised a shield or something.” She moved closer to Oz, “I thought we were stronger now but he looked so weak when Jian was checking his pulse. I didn’t know he could move so quick. Once he found Josh’s pulse he was running with him back to the monastery. It’s been a week and he hasn’t woken once.”

“Coma?” Oz asked.

“No, Jian says he’s responsive,” Trystan shrugged, “he just won’t wake up.”

“You didn’t see anything?” Oz looks at the girl slumped against his chest.

“No. I didn’t see anything. I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t even smell anything.” Blake growled.

“No one blames you Blake. Except for yourself. You have to accept that this was not your fault.” Xu Bai said soothingly.

Blake pushed away from Oz and stepped more into the room. “But I’m suppose to make sure that nothing happens to Josh. That nobody hurts him… you know except for me.” Blake raked her hands through her hair. “How could I not have seen anything?”

“It’s okay Blake.” Oz said placing a hand on her shoulder.


“I’ll fix it.” Oz said firmly before looking at Xu Bai, “I’m going to go into town to find out what I can.”

“One of the monks will prepare your room while you’re gone.” Trystan said standing up.

“Thanks Tryst.” Trystan nodded to Oz before walking out of the room with Xu Bai trailing quietly behind. He briefly touched both Oz’s and Blake’s shoulders on his way out. Oz turned to face Blake, “You coming?”

“I need to—” Blake shook her head.

“You need to get out of here.” Oz said.

“Josh, I—”

“Haven’t left his side since it happened?” Oz took her arm, “What would he want you do right now if he were awake?”

Blake rolled her eyes, “To go find the guy who did this to him so that when Josh gets better, he doesn’t have to look very far so he can kick the guy’s ass.”


“Fine, we’ll go into town.” Blake grabbed Oz’s hand as she walked out of the room. “We’re taking the bikes.”

“Then again…” Oz started to say.

“No you’re completely right I need to get out of here for a little while. A drive will clear my head.” Blake smiled.

“Or make you lose it all together.” Oz muttered.

“I do not drive that bad.” Blake said.

“I believe that there are several trees and one sheep that would disagree.” Oz said as they left the monastery and stopped in front of two bikes, dirt bikes to be exact. “I thought Josh said he wasn’t going to make you another one after the sheep incident.”

“First of all the sheep was not my fault. If it didn’t have enough sense to move then clearly didn’t want to live—”

“So the trees wanted to die too?”

“Shut up. And secondly Josh realized that if I didn’t have my own bike I would have to use his. I only had to tackle him twice before this realization hit him. He…” Blake trailed off. She got on her bike and started it, “He will wake up.” She said forcefully.

Oz got on Josh’s bike, “Damn straight. Let’s go.” The two wolves rode out into the forest. Oz had to work hard to keep up with Blake she was pushing her bike to the limit. She only almost crashed five times. For her that was a record.

When they reached the town Blake slowed down and they stopped in front of the local bar. They left their bikes outside. Blake and Josh were well known enough that their bikes would not be messed with when left outside.

“So who should be talk to first?” Blake said as they were entering the bar. “Oh how about Captain tight pants over there?”

“Hey Oz.”

“Oh my God, you know Captain tight pants. What have you been doing lately Oz?” Blake said rather loudly.

“Captain tight pants?” Zoe smirked.

Mal looked at his backside, “They are not that tight. Zoe do they really look that tight?”

“My wife cannot answer that question.” Wash said covering Zoe’s eyes.


“No sir your pants are not that tight.” Zoe said.

“Thank you.” Mal said.

“Your ass is just that big.”

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