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Wolves in Town

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Wolves All Around". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Wolf on board. *new summary* Oz comes home to find one of his own has been hurt. There's a big bad wolf in town and Oz is going to need help to win.

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Firefly > Oz-CenteredziliFR1369,07454616,57819 Nov 0621 Jan 07No

The Sleeping Werewolf Wakes

Chapter 6: The Sleeping Werewolf Wakes


It had been fifteen minutes of silence since Jian had left. River had only spoke the once and for the rest of the time was just curled into Oz’s side. Oz’s gaze hadn’t left Josh’s prone form. Simon had pulled out a book from somewhere and was reading. Though he kept glancing back up, at either Josh or his sister and Oz. Blake was as close to his bed as she could be without actually being in it. She was holding his hand and whispering slightly under her breath.

Suddenly Blake gasped, “He groaned. I heard him.” Oz and Simon rushed to the bed. Josh groaned again and turned his head to the side. “Josh?” Blake whispered, “Please open your eyes.”

“Blake?” Josh opened his eyes, “What’s wrong?”

“How do you feel?” Blake asked brushing back hair from his face.

Josh tried to sit up, “Fi— No I changed my mind. I moved and now I hurt. What happened?”

“We were hoping you could tell us.” Oz said as he helped Josh sit up.

“Oz? When’d you get here?” Josh asked. “What time is it? Who are those two? What’s going on?”

“Calm down Josh. Breathe. The kid’s name is Simon. He’s a doctor. He was on the boat that brought Oz here. And the girl is River, her and Oz are, “Blake cocked an eyebrow and smirked, “an item. She’s also Simon’s sister. You’ve been asleep for a week. Jian got his herbs confused with werewolf biology.”

Josh’s eyes bugged when Blake said werewolf. Oz quickly spoke up, “They know. And they’re okay with it.” Oz glanced at Simon, “However if he asks to run tests, just firmly say no.”

River cut in, “And lock him in a closet.” Oz smiled at River. Blake started laughing while Simon rolled his eyes.

“Brat.” He said affectionately.

Their attention was drawn back to Josh as he emitted a low growl and the color of his eyes flashed to that of a wolf’s. “Josh?” Blake looked down at her hand. He was clutching her hand so hard, she could hear her bones creak.

“Fucking bastard!” Josh growled.

“What?” Blake asked as she managed to wrench her hand from his.

“Memories come in floods. A tide of emotion gives a rush of power.” River hopped off her bed. She put her hands on Josh’s chest just as he was about to rise. “Not ready, not yet. Wait, explain. They don’t see what we see.” River looked at Oz sadly, “The war’s only started.”

Josh’s eyes returned to normal, “What?”

“Tell them what happened to you.” River said.

He looked at her for a minute before nodding, “We were out in the forest, you know, messing around. Last night of the full moon and all. I got ahead of Blake, was going to jump out and scare her or tackle her or something. I hadn’t decided yet.” Josh paused and shifted trying to sit up more. He let out a groan of pain and frustration. He finally managed to get settled. “I saw a wolf. I knew it was a were but there was something wrong with him. He attacked me… out of fucking nowhere. I fought back but he was stronger than me. He,” Josh’s hand crept up to his shoulder, “nearly ripped my arm off with his teeth. I was bleeding everywhere. I couldn’t stay standing. I fell. The other wolf howled before running off. I hurt so bad, I could barely see. I felt, I felt like I was dying. Then I couldn’t feel anything… I think I mean I guess I blacked out.” Josh said the last part uncertainly.

“Not exactly.” A muttered response made everyone turn to see Jian leaning in the doorway. “You’re awake. That’s good. I’ll go tell Xu Bai.” He turned to leave but Blake grabbed him.

“What do you mean, not exactly?”

“It’s nothing you don’t need to worry about it.” Jian shrugged before he tried to pull away.

“Maybe it’s something I want to worry about.” Blake countered not letting go of him. “So tell me what you meant Jian.”

“Let go of me Blake.” He said slowly.

“I died, didn’t I? That’s what you meant isn’t it?” Josh said quietly.

“Humans die, wolves don’t.” River walked over to Jian and Blake, “Human die in the night, in the light. Only wolves live in the moon light.” She turned to look at Oz, “For most of you anyway.” She put her hand on top of Blake’s, “You should just tell them. Everyone wants to know how you saved the day.” Blake’s hand dropped.

“You in my head little girl?” Jian took a step closer to the smaller girl.

River glared at him, “Fine don’t listen to me. No one ever does. I give warnings and no one listens. See where it gets you mage.” She kicked him in the shins before stomping back over to Oz.

“River!” Simon scolded his sister, who just rolled her eyes.

“Gorramit Oz you’ve got yourself a vixen, don’t you?” Jian said leaning down to rub his bruised shin.

“She still has a point.” Oz raised an eyebrow.

“This man is alive. Why wouldn’t you want to tell people how you saved him? You’re obviously a credit to being a doctor… or a healer I suppose as you called yourself.” Simon added.

Jian sighed. “When I got to Josh, he didn’t have a heart beat. He had lost too much blood.” He paused and shrugged, “I rushed him back to the monastery. Got his heart started. I didn’t even have to tranquilize him when he turned back into a wolf. He was still unconscious. Though it was interesting doing a blood transfusion on a wolf.”

Blake gave a slight laugh, “Why wouldn’t you want to tell me this? I owe, we owe you so much.” She hugged him before sitting back down at Josh’s side.

“Yea thanks.” Josh said.

“Got it started how?” Oz asked.

“I’m going to go tell Xu Bai that you woke up. You’ll probably be able to get out of bed soon. Tomorrow or the day after.” Jian said as if Oz hadn’t spoken. He quickly left the room.

Oz followed him out of the room, shutting the door behind him. He grabbed Jian’s shoulder and spun him around. “Answer the question.”

“Patient doctor confidentiality. Sorry Oz, can’t tell you.” Jian tried to push the werewolf’s hands off of him.

“Jian.” Oz shoved the slightly taller man against the wall.

“I saved him what do you care how?” Jian stopped struggling as Oz let out a growl. “Iungo Vita.”

“Who? Who did you make share their life with him?” Oz snarled.

“Blake.” Jian said after a moment. Oz punched him in the mouth so hard that he fell to the floor. “Fuck Oz. She would have done it anyway. I didn’t have time to ask her. The spell only works within the first ten minutes of death you know that. I wouldn’t have used her but she was the only one who had a connection to him. Unless you would have preferred me to use Xiang.” Jian sat up quickly, “Wait I didn’t mean to say that. I just needed a little bit of help to save him. The spell gave me that. I know there’s the possibility that if he had died right away so would she but I knew I could stabilize him. And once he was stabilized the connection between them would break.”

“I could have lost them both.” Oz’s voice was calm but there was fire in his eyes.

“I didn’t want you to lose either.” Jian said barely above a whisper.

“Daniel. Jian. Is there a problem?” Xu Bai and Book had turned the corner to see Oz standing over Jian.

The two locked eyes for a few moments. Oz broke the stalemate by holding out his hand. “No.”

“Then why is Jian bleeding?” Xu Bai asked.

Jian winced as he licked his bleeding bottom lip. Then he took Oz’s hand, “Because Oz disagreed with my methods, but we’ve come to an understanding.”

“Well that’s good, though next time try to come to an understanding without violence.” Xu Bai said.

Jian nodded. “I was actually just coming to get you. Josh is awake, Simon helped me figure out what was wrong. I thought you would want to see him.”

“Indeed I would. Let us go back inside.” Xu Bai gestured to the door.

“Is Josh like Blake?” Book asked as they walked through the door.

“Your ass is not getting out of this bed. You heard Jian, not till tomorrow or the day after.”

“Really Josh I must also insist.”

“I’m going to find that bastard and kick his ass.”

“You’ve only been awake for twenty minutes.”

“Yeah and I’ve been asleep for a week.”

“You are staying in bed!”

“Make me!”

“I have rope. Lots of rope.”

“…… You suck.”

Jian turned to look at Book, “You could say that.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wolves in Town" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jan 07.

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