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Wolves in Town

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Wolves All Around". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Wolf on board. *new summary* Oz comes home to find one of his own has been hurt. There's a big bad wolf in town and Oz is going to need help to win.

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Firefly > Oz-CenteredziliFR1369,07454616,57219 Nov 0621 Jan 07No

When the Blue Moon Calls

Title: Wolves in Town

Series: Wolves All Around

Rating: PG-ish

Disclaimer: I have kidnapped Joss Whedon therefore I own this. /Crash comes from the basement/ Nevermind he escaped again. /pouts/ I still don’t own Firefly or Oz. But I do own all the monks and everything dealing with Blue Moon Monastery. /smiles/

A/N: This takes place pretty much right after the last chapter from Wolf on Board. I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as they did the first one.

Chapter 1: When the Blue Moon Calls


“How was your trip? Well I hope.” Trystan asked taking Oz’s duffel bag.

“It was—” Oz started to say but was interrupted by Xiang.

“Who was that girl? She looked nice but she smelled weird. Really really really weird.” Xiang asked running around in circles.

Jian caught the boy around the waist and threw him over his shoulder. “Come on Xiang let’s give Trystan and Oz some alone time.”

“Awww but I saw Oz first!” Xiang complained.

Jian set him back on the ground, “I bet I can beat you back to Blue Moon.” He yelled before taking off running.

“Hey! That’s cheating!” Xiang began to chase after the older man.

Trystan and Oz continued along at a leisure pace neither saying anything for the moment. “My trip was fine. A little bumpy in the middle but it turned out okay.” Oz said.

“I’m glad you were able to come.” Trystan said.

“When the blue moon calls the wolf answers.” Oz replied.

“Sadly that is not always the case.” Trystan shook his head.

“So the problem’s wolf related then?” Oz asked.

Trystan nodded. “Xu Bai wishes to tell you about the situation himself.”

“Alright I guess. How’s life been at the monastery? I’ve been gone for what a year almost?” Oz wondered.

“Almost a year and a half now. But the year has past well. We have had no problem with adventurers trying to find us. Most have given up by now. Our crops are doing well. We have found two new brothers.” Trystan paused at a shout in the distance, “Little Xiang is growing up to be quite the young man. He misses you though. He keeps trying to dye his hair different colors. We had to shave it because he would get into the herbs. But lately he just keeps following Josh or Blake around.”

“When did Josh and Blake get here?” Oz asked.

“Josh got here a few weeks ago, we called him first.” Trystan said.

“Let me guess,” Oz interrupted. “Blake got here three days after Josh arrived. Are they still fighting?”

“No at the moment they are both in each other’s good graces.” Trystan said.

“Good to hear. While it’s funny watching them fight sometimes they get a little violent. And then Blake tries to throw priceless artifacts at Josh and he tries to use me as a shield.” Oz rolled his eyes.

“At which point you duck.” Trystan tried not to smile. Oz just gave the monk a small smirk. “Josh made the mistake of trying to hide behind Jian when Blake first arrived. They were still arguing at that point.”

“Oh?” Oz raised an eyebrow.

“Josh hasn’t made that mistake since.” Trystan was almost completely smiling now actually looking like the twenty-four year old that he was.

“Why’s that?”

“Jian grabbed Josh in a headlock, threw Blake over his shoulder and then threw them both into the pond and told them to cool off.” Trystan said.

“Sounds about right. How long has Jian been here?” Oz asked.

“A few months. He just got back from one of his trips.”

“You guys take forever.” Xiang said crossing his arms, “We’ve been waiting like an hour.”

“Try five minutes squirt.” Jian rolled his eyes.

Oz let his eyes take in the familiar site of the Blue Moon Monastery. It had the look of a small castle but it blended in well with the massive amounts of trees surrounding it. Plus the amount of magic that wizards and witches had laid around it to keep it concealed. The blue moon doesn’t just call wolves, it calls the magic of earth that was. Any one who has a taint of the supernatural ends up at Blue Moon Monastery at one time or another. It was a haven. Oz had made sure of it.

“Oz!” The werewolf looked up to see a tall girl with pale blonde hair running towards him. “Oz!” She took a jump before hugging him nearly taking him to the ground.

“Hey Blake it’s good to see you too.” Oz said once she let go. “Where’s Josh?”

Blake looked at Trystan and then at Jian, “You guys didn’t tell him?”

“Xu Bai wished to tell him.” Trystan said.

“Screw that. It’s Josh.” Blake grabbed Oz’s hand and dragged him into the monastery. She led him through the maze of a building stopping outside the room that was known as the infirmary. She took a breath before opening the door.

Oz walked and immediately saw a man of about twenty-seven the same age as Blake lying in a bed. He was dark-skinned, had black hair, and was around Oz’s height. He was also covered in bruises and bandages.

“Someone tell me what’s going on.” Oz growled. “Now!”
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