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Allies and Enemies

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Life After the Invasion". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Winchester Clan gathers some new allies just as they realize they have some serious enemies.

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Supernatural > GeneraldragonfanFR151935,37276847,59820 Nov 0611 Mar 10No

Introductions or Halliwells meet Winchesters

Title: Allies and Enemies
Universe: Life after the Invasion
Disclaimer: I do not own anything belonging to Buffy the Vampire, Supernatural, or Charmed TV shows. This is intended for fun and not for profit.
Warnings: I am going with an AU version of Charmed, mainly that Prue didn’t die. A few other things are also changed. There are several possible romances beginning and continuing. The Demon is included in this story.

“Your charge?” the oldest man growled. All three of the men were pointing guns at her. Paige Mathews hadn’t noticed much more than that as she really hadn’t faced that sort of situation before and she was finding it much more intimidating than an encounter with a demon.

“Yeah, as in I heard one of these two cry and I came and I saw that they were being held by a snake demon so I orbed them over to me. Then you killed the demon and now you’re pointing guns at me and can you please put them away? Pretty please?” she added.

“Charge, orbed,” Sam Winchester mumbled to himself. “Are you saying you’re a White Lighter?”

“Sam?” John and Dean barked as one.

“White Lighters are guardian angels for witches,” Sam began.

“Natural born witches and we don’t look after those who chose evil,” Paige interrupted.

“Johnny,” all three men sighed.

“If my charge is Johnny, why isn’t this little lady?” Paige asked, relieved as the guns lowered.

“Party’s over guys,” Jordan quickly ushered the guests out the door. She knew that sort of information wasn’t for everyone in the world to hear and that there would be more coming.

Paige heard Jordan and waited until the party guests had left. “Siblings should both be witches if one is a natural born.” She walked over to the one chair that wasn’t covered in demon goop. “You know Johnny, usually I’m supposed to let you handle the demon body removal part of the job, but seeing as no one is going to have a place to sit and you’re still so young I’m going to make an exception this once.” She looked around the room. “Demon body parts,” she said and orbed the remains out into the ocean. She was sure that was a good place to dispose of them. She’d seen her sisters do it often enough.

She settled down and finally looked the men in the face. “You’re the Winchesters!” she said shocked. “So who are these little guys then?”

“My son and daughter,” Dean said flatly. Even if this was Johnny’s guardian angel he wasn’t too happy with her still holding on to them. He wanted to hold his children and make sure that they were safe and unharmed.

“Congratulations on keeping that quiet,” Paige was impressed. Being famous and keeping the fact that he had kids out of the papers was a big achievement. “So why isn’t Johnny’s sister a natural born witch too?”

“Because she’s going to be a Slayer,” John was watching this young woman with everything he had and he knew that something wasn’t completely on the up and up with her. There was something she wasn’t saying.

“First one in the family to be a witch, huh?” Paige asked Johnny, who was busy flirting for all he was worth. “Yeah, you’re a cutie alright. Great, so I’ve got a Melinda on my hands,” she muttered to herself.

Just then a small toddler orbed in front of the chair she was sitting in. “Ory, Annie Age! Ory!” he cried and shoved a book at her before stuffing a thumb in his mouth.

“Wyatt! What are you doing up? Does your mommy know where you are?” Not waiting for an answer she knew wasn’t going to be coming from her nephew she called, “LEO! Wyatt’s with me and he’s asking for story time!” Looking down at Wyatt she said, “You know squirt, I’m working right now. I really don’t have time for stories.”

“ORY!” the young boy wasn’t about to give up.

“I thought you said you were a White Lighter.” The guns were back up and pointing at her.

“I am, well half. My birth father was a White Lighter before he clipped his wings and my birth mother was one of his charges, but I follow my birth father’s path for the most part. I tend to get the charges that need a little more protection than the average witch.”

“Isn’t that frowned on?” Sam asked.

Just then Leo orbed in with Amber right behind him. “Wyatt, you know you’re not supposed to bother your Auntie Paige when she’s working!” he scolded, scooping his son up.

“Auntie Paige!” Amber squealed.

Leo just shook his head. They were just as stubborn as their mother. “Amber,”

“Leo, the danger is over and we have a little situation here. Johnny here is a first born natural born, like Melinda was. Can you go and get the rest of the family?” Paige interrupted his scolding. “His family is going to need some help, especially if they are as trouble challenged as their reputation says.”

Leo looked puzzled until he looked around and saw just who Paige was looking at. He stiffened up but before he could do or say anything Paige was already waving him down. “Don’t worry, Leo. They’re just not ready to trust us yet. They won’t shoot anyone without reason. And if they tried, you know I’d just drop them into a lake somewhere or something.”

“Paige!” Leo wasn’t as shocked as he sounded, but still.

“I know, I know, don’t be so bloodthirsty, Paige. Sheesh! I just said I’d drop them in a lake, I didn’t say I’d vanquish them! It’s a perfectly nonviolent way to deal with the problem.” Leo orbed out, amused at Paige’s skirting of the line. “Now, to answer your question, yes, it is frowned on and my birth parent’s had to hide me after I was born. You see there is this prophecy thing and I and my nieces and nephews are a part of it. Half born, three times three, is what our part of the prophecy says.

“The guy who just left is my brother in law and he is a full White Lighter. In fact he is my half sisters’ White Lighter and he married my sister Piper. Their marriage was really hard to get approved, but they finally did it. So their children are also half born. I’ve got two nephews and a niece.”

Dean wasn’t about to shoot a baby or a little girl so he put his gun back into the holster at the small of his back. Then he stepped up to Paige and took Mary and Johnny out of her arms.

“So where is these little guys’ mom?” Paige asked as she pulled Amber into her lap. She had noticed the casts of course, but she also knew through her healing ability that the little girl didn’t need them anymore.

“The bitch is dead,” Dean growled. He sighed and threw a satisfied smirk at Paige. “I found out she was abusing the kids the same day I found out they existed. She died in jail and I have custody.”

“Don’t expect me to get all teary eyed for her,” Paige drawled. “I work as a file clerk at CPS. Anyone who would do that to such a tiny baby gets what she deserves.” She could see that her attitude relaxed the men almost as much as seeing that the twins hadn’t been hurt at all. “She doesn’t need those casts now. She’s all healed.”

“We’re getting them off in the morning. I’d take them off myself, but CPS is watching me like a hawk because her mother abused her. There’s no way I can skip anything without risking losing her and I know it. That means I have to take her to the doctor to get them off.” Dean looked mulishly into the distance for a moment. He hated this being legal shit sometimes. “So, tell me about how you can be half angel and how does an angel clip his wings?”

“I’m half angel because I was conceived before my birth father clipped his wings, which means to give up his powers and to become fully human again. A White Lighter can make that decision any time he or she wishes. Most never do of course, but since they were once fully human, no powers or anything, God understands that sometimes a White Lighter will fall in love or be so hurt by losing one of their charges or something that he gives them that option.” She smiled, “Of course, they’re not supposed to fall in love with their charges but that happens sometimes too.”

“Much to the Elder’s dismay,” Piper said as Leo orbed the rest of the family in. She was holding Chris and Phoebe was holding Wyatt while Prue was prepared for trouble.

Seeing that everyone was much calmer than when he left Leo ushered everyone into seats close to Paige. “Introductions are in order I guess,” Paige said. “Ok, Leo you already know. These are my half sisters; Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell. Leo is married to Piper and these are their children; Amber, Wyatt and Chris. My sisters are natural born witches.”

“John Winchester, my sons Dean and Sam, my grandchildren Johnny and Mary, our Slayers Hannah and Jordan, and this is Jessica Moore, Sam’s girlfriend and fellow Watcher in training.” John said, introducing the people on his side of the room.

“And Johnny is a Melinda and my new charge. A demon was running off with him and his sister when I got here. I orbed them away from the demon and they dealt with it and its friends.” Paige summed up the events of the evening for her family.

“Why do you keep saying that he’s a Melinda?” Sam asked. He knew his brother was getting upset every time Paige said it but he knew that there had to be a good reason for it, mostly because if there wasn’t then Dean was going to blow his gasket.

“Melinda Warren was the first witch of our family line. It goes like this. The first natural born witch in a family will always pass on that ability with magic to any of his or her children. In our family there was a prophecy, which led to only girls being born until the prophecy was fulfilled. Wyatt is the first boy born in three hundred years, but he still has inherited Piper’s ability to do magic.” Phoebe explained.

“So, my son is a warlock and his kids will be witches and warlocks, no matter what,” Dean said trying to get a handle on the situation.

“No!” Prue said flatly. She hated the common mistake that a lot of people made by referring to male witches as warlocks. “A male witch isn’t a warlock. A warlock is an oathbreaker, someone who chooses to do evil. A male witch is just that and there are female warlocks. The first rule of magic is ‘do no harm’. We can’t use our magic to punish or kill regular humans. It is given to us to protect others and to vanquish evil and for no other purpose.”

“There is also the rule of consequences,” Piper added. “If you do a selfish or a personal gain spell, the results backfire on you three fold. It really isn’t fun,” Piper said with a straight face. Prue and Phoebe couldn’t quite manage it.

“I just wish I’d been around to see your first days,” Paige muttered with a blush. The punishment curse she’d cast on the sleaze in her office had backfired spectacularly by giving her normally small chest porno sized breasts, something she really hadn’t wanted. At the Winchester’s raised eyebrows (and it was cute to see that they all did it at the same time without realizing it) she explained, “Punishing the sleaze ball wasn’t worth it.”

The question and answer session continued for two hours until the Halliwells had to leave to help P3’s staff close the club for the night. “So, you’ll show up when Johnny’s in danger?” Dean asked as he handed Paige Wyatt’s storybook.

“I’ll show up if he calls for me,” she cautioned. “Even at this age he can get the message to me that he needs me. And, like Prue said, if Willow can’t get a good teacher for him, anyone of us is willing to pitch in. We’ve got our own to school you know.” She smiled, “And I just know the boys are going to just love having another witch around their age, especially one who isn’t a girl!” With that she orbed back down to San Francisco after her family.

John sighed. “Alright everybody, let’s call it a night. Most of you have school in the morning.” He carried Mary up to her room, followed by Dean and Johnny. “At least we know he’s got some serious reinforcements he can call on,” he told Dean. Dean nodded. It did help to know that his son could call on Paige even at this age.
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