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This is Us

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Summary: A light-hearted three-way crossover showing Buffy and Dean's courtship and romance...

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterfeekhFR132614,55135837,61820 Nov 0613 Sep 09No

This is Us down at the Mardi Gras

Disclaimer: I lay no claim to the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural. Those belong to their respective stations. “This is Us” was written and sung by Mark Knopfler, the greatest guitarist ever. No infringement is intended, I’m just playing.

A/N: So, a three-way crossover between Buffy, Supernatural and the song “This is us”. I don’t usually bore you with the details on how I come up with something but this is so unusual for me that I thought I would go on and tell you anyway. So, picture me stuck in a traffic jam with nothing on the radio, but a new cd my brother made for me. And on it was the song in question. And as I listened to it, these scenes just flashed before my eyes, about how Buffy and Dean’s life would be - hm lets say different than the song originally intended. Some of these entries will be quite short, others longer, depending on how my inspiration does. Each line of the song will get it's own chapter except for maybe the refrain. Because of this limitation they will not necessarily be in chronological order,although I will do my best.

Chapter One: This is us down at the Mardi Gras

“Why does New Orleans have to be so hot?” Sam whined.

Dean grinned at him, hazel eyes twinkling in his tanned face. “Don’t know what you are talking about, Sammy. Heat brings out the best in people and the clothes off girls.”
“Should’ve known you would see it that way.” Irritably Sam wiped a hand across his face. “Why can’t we just get on with the job and be done with it?”

Deans sighed to himself, how did he end up with such a whiny cry-baby brother? “Because, Sammy, all the leads we have point to Bellevue cemetery, that’s where most of the victims disappeared. You know this because you were the one to find that stuff on the net. So you also know that all this only happens at night. And seeing as the sun is shining, there is nothing much we can do but sit back, have a jd and watch fine specimens of womankind walk around with most of their clothes off. God is good, my brother.”

He watched with satisfaction as his brother rolled his eyes but refrained from making any comment. Stretching out his long legs beneath the table he leaned back and enjoyed the sun. It was Mardi Gras for chrissake. A time to drink, flirt with the ladies and kill an evil demon on the side. Good times.


Darkness fell almost unnoticed in New Orleans. The masses were more interested in partying, only the intrepid few out on other business.

Dean and Sam made their way silently through Bellevue. One of the older graveyards in town it was filled with the overground tombs and mausoleums that defined this city’s burial practices. For a long time the area had been more swamp than land and seeing corpses pop up after every inundation had not be palatable for the early settlers. Unfortunately this also provided a lot of hiding places for the creatures of the night. The heavy mist swirling through the shadows added to the atmosphere of hopelessness and gloom. The two hunters could only faintly hear the sounds of revelry coming their way from the main thoroughfare. Sam in particular was finding it difficult to avoid falling prey to the depressing and deserted air the place held.

So it came as something of a surprise when cheerful whistling reached their ears. Dean and Sam exchanged an incredulous and confused gaze. Keeping low so as to not gain any unwanted attention, they snuck closer to the source of the noise.

There in an open space at the centre of the graveyard a group of about five young girls were bouncing around a blonde woman and a man with an eye patch. The adults were smiling as they listened to the questions thrown at their heads.

“Can I have a go? Huh, can I? Oh, please. You said I could last time.” “No, no it’s my turn. Right, Xander?” This last was chirped amid a chorus of light-hearted protests by a little red-haired moppet, her curls springing around her face as she jumped up and down with excitement.

Dean blinked when he saw that the gleaming silver sword she held in one hand didn’t seem to slow the girl down the slightest. And just like in a game of Where’s Walter, once you saw one the others jumped out in sharp relief. The group was bristling with medieval weaponry. Amid a selection of axes, there was a smattering of crossbows, the odd sword slung across the backs of girls tat should be lying in bed dreaming of their latest crushs. And in the hands of the blonde woman at the centre of this madness rested a wicked looking blade that was positively humming with power.

Dean and Sam exchanged another look, then the younger piped up: “What is this? Some kind of demented eighth grade school trip?”

Just then all hell broke loose as seemingly out of nowhere a group of twenty demons appeared and spread out, growling the usual threats of death and dismemberment. It didn’t just surprise them when their only response was loud laughter from the girls in front of them. The two adults seemed wildly unconcerned by the danger they were in preferring to debate how demons weren’t getting any more intelligent over the years and maybe they should offer a course on witty repartee for the evil wannabe overlord. The one-eyed man insisted they should call it ‘So you want to be a big bad…’ The blonde scoffed at that, still ignoring the flabbergasted demons.

“What are they doing?” Sam managed to squeek out in an embarrassingly high voice.
Dean cocked his gun, checked to see that he had enough ammunition, then stood up. “Looks like we’re going to have to save their asses. Man, I hate civilians.”
He had barely jumped out from behind the mausoleum that had provided them shelter, when a girl shouted out: “Bored now!” And charged the demons.

The other girls exchanged mutters about how they hated that particular phrase and followed right after her. The blonde exchanged a laugh with the man and, whirling her odd weapon, threw herself into a dance of death that ended as quickly as it had begun, leaving her and her charges standing panting and slightly flushed in the moonlight of the cemetery.

Dean could only stand and stare. “She’s beautiful.”

It was left to Sam to stare as his normally unflappable brother fell head over heels for a girl even more dangerous than themselves.
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