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Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Chosen not to Fade Away". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: In which we find out just how scary Buffy, Willow and Spike are. 7/? in Chosen Not To Fade Away series

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationgothfearyFR1512,5882106,91821 Nov 0621 Nov 06Yes
Author: gothfeary (a.k.a. Kat)
Title: Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Series: Chosen not to Fade Away
Rating: T. Because of violence and naughty language.
Summery: In which we find out just how scary Willow, Buffy and Spike are.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy or Star Trek, I just borrowed them for my own evil purposes.
A/N: Someone sent a plot bunny after me. The question of what would happen in Q ever ran into Willow and Buffy was asked, and that got me thinking, and you all can see the results! Reviews are love people
2535 Words

“Lieutenant Summers,” called out Commander Riker from across the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

“Yes Sir?” Buffy immediately looked up from her console at tactical, wondering what her new commander wanted.

“It appears there are two extra passengers on the transport.”

“Are they security risks, sir?” she asked confused. The transport was supposed to only be some new crew members and a few visitors.

“No, Summers” he chuckled at the calculating look on her face. He knew from experience that his first impression of her; that she was weak and flighty, a stereo-typical ‘dumb blond’, was simply a deceptive cover. She was a warrior as much as Lt. Worf. As much as Tasha had been.

“I believe you know these people.” Looking down at the pad in his hand, he double checked their names. “A miss Willow Rosenberg and your husband, ‘Spike’ Summers.”

Forgetting for a moment she was almost four hundred years old, Buffy let out a school-girl squeal of delight. “Permission to greet them sir?” She asked, positively bouncing up and down in anticipation.


“Sweet!” With that she took off at a dead run for the turbo lift, all illusions of professionalism forgotten.
As the doors closed, Chief Engineer Jordi LaForge looked over at his commander.

“What kind of a name is ‘Spike’?” he asked, not at all disturbed by Buffy’s behaviour. In the six months she had been stationed here, the whole bridge crew had become accustomed to her odd reactions and behaviours.

“No idea Jordi, but if he’s married to Buffy, he must be interesting.”
- - - - -
Buffy stood fidgeting, as she eagerly waited her husband and best friend in transporter room 3. The soft hum of the equipment, that only a slayer or vampire could hear, let her know they were just seconds away. A soft blue glow from the pad dazzled her for a second and as it dissipated, she took in their presence.

For a second or two.

Again, forgetting her professionalism, she let out a second squeal and leapt at Spike. The bleach blond caught her with ease as she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, and kissed him furiously. The technician watched, stunned as Spike let out a small growl and tangled his fingers in her hair.

A soft cough brought them out of the private little world the couple had gone into. “Um, guys?” asked Willow tentatively, “not the time or place.”

“Right then, Red.” Spike let go of Buffy’s golden blond hair, and she unwrapped herself from him, blushing furiously.

“Now get your butt over here miss ‘I’m too in love to hug my best friend’!” demanded Willow with mock irritation.
Buffy let out a laugh that sounded like music, as she moved over to embrace the young red-head. Crying with happiness, the two woman were unaware how long they just stood holding each other.

“Sir,” came the timid voice of the transport officer, “I need to beam the next group over.”

“Sorry Ensign.” She guided Willow and Spike off the pad, “Please continue.” She then led them out into the hall way, and headed in the direction of her quarters.

“Look at my girl, all in charge of the little ensigns.” Spike took her hand and pulled her close, “I could have turned you, and you would have had an army of minions, but no! Had to be the champion!” He looked over at Willow, his ice-blue eyes dancing. “We three could have owned the world, eh Red?”

“Oh yes, and there would have been all kinds of fun with the maiming and killing.” Buffy rolled her eyes.

“And the people in chains!” Added Willow as her roots got a shade or two darker at the idea, “and we could ride them like ponies.” She said wistfully.

“You just had to go visit the alternate reality with Vamp Willow in it, didn’t you?” Buffy gently smacked the back of her head to knock the darkness out of her friend.

“Ow!” Whined her best friend, pouting as her two companions began laughing.

“I’ll make it up to you.” Buffy said as they reached the turbo lift. “I’ll see if I can get Jean-Luc to let me give you a tour.”

“Really?” Willow asked, her green eyes lighting up.

“Really.” Buffy patted her arm. “Oh, did I tell you that he is related to Xavier?” she asked as the doors slid closed with a soft ‘whoosh’.
- - - - -
One hour later.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard stood with the two strangers as Buffy explained the various stations to her family. He and Buffy had become quite close in the time since his briefing on her special ‘status’. Only he and Commander Riker, and perhaps a few other she had chosen to tell, knew exactly who and what she was. And only they knew exactly who Spike and Willow were.

“Right shiny job you got here, luv.” Spike said as he looked over the weapons systems.

“I am so jealous Buffy!” Willow exclaimed. “You get to work with Jordi LaForge and Commander Data! I’m stuck doing Watcher stuff with the Vulcan Slayers.” Giles had recently determined that any planed with a mystical core like Earth, such as Vulcan or the Betazoid home world, had Slayers. He was now in the process of trying to establish relations with over a dozen different planets.

“I wonder if Data will let me look at his neural net.” She wondered, “I might be able to determine how it works.”

“Are you serious?” Asked Jordi, who had been listening in on their conversation, discreetly of course. “I don’t mean to eavesdrop, but what makes you think you can re-produce Dr. Soong’s work?”

“Ummm…” Willow looked at Buffy, silently asking if it was ok to tell him. Buffy gave a slight nod. She had told Jordi, Will, Diana, Worf and Data about her life one night over poker.

“Back in the 1990’s I got the chance to study a couple highly advanced androids back in Sunnydale. Even got to work on one! Later, just after the Eugenics wars, I worked on Slayer genetics with the first Dr. Noonian Soong while he was incarcerated. I then studied with his descendant just before his first failed attempt at a neural net, you know the one that got him laughed out of the academic society.”

Jordi was impressed, not just by her apparent qualifications, but by the fact that she said all that in one breath.
“I’ll talk to him about it later if you would like.” Jordi offered.

“Thanks.” Willow flashed him a bright smile. “Now, tell me about the modifications you made to the warp coils. How did you get the efficiency up to ninety-eight percent?” Buffy rolled her eyes.

“The techno-babble is making me go cross-eyed.” she muttered softy in Spike’s ear.

Spike flashed her a wicked grin and before he could make a lewd comment in reply, he felt his skin start to crawl.
Willow abruptly stopped talking, and Buffy dropped his hand, both of them having felt something similar. In a second, she was over at her station. Reaching under for the weapon she always kept there while she was on duty, she felt her slender fingers wrap around the cold metal of the Slayer Scythe.

Willow threw her mind out, and reached for the nearest source of life energy. Pulling power from the White Dwarf star they were orbiting, she let it fill her.

“Captain, something big is coming.” Her voice was hard and forceful as she warned him.
Picard acted immediately, barking out orders. “Red alert,” as the lights dimmed, he tapped his com-badge. “Lt. Worf to the Bridge.”

“On my way.”

Spike had dropped his trademark black duster to the floor, and pulled a short sword from the sheath that had been strapped to his back.

“Get back.” Willow ordered softly as her hair turned pure white, and the moss green colour bled from her eyes, leaving nothing but total blackness behind.

No sooner had the crew member around her hurried back from the three warriors, did a white flash envelop the room.

“Oh Jean-Luc, my dear friend! I didn’t even call ahead, yet here you are welcoming me!” A dark haired man in and admiral’s uniform mockingly gushed from the captains chair, oblivious to everyone else. “I knew you cared!”

“Q, get off this bridge.” Commander Riker ordered half-heartedly from beside him.

Suddenly, Q dropped his cheerful demeanour, and frowned. “I smell power. Lots of power.” He snapped his fingers and appeared before Jean-Luc and the three champions who stood as though all this was the most natural thing to them in the universe.

“Vampire.” he spat at Spike, “Your kind are suppose to be bound to that pathetic blue rock they call Earth.” Buffy stepped in front of him, the Scythe between her and this ‘Q’ thing. “Things change.” the venom dripping from her words.

“You are a Slayer, yet you don’t kill this slime?” he asked, genuinely surprised.

“For an all powerful being, I’m surprised you don’t know them.” The captain said with a laugh.
“This one,” Q disappeared with another snap with a flash, and re-appeared right in front of Willow, “I can’t even sense this one’s presence.” He looked her up and down, and finally met her onyx gaze. “Why?” he demanded of her.

Willow smirked at him, but said nothing. Furious, he turned on his heel, and looked at Buffy and Spike once again. “And these two, their minds are closed to me.”

He looked at Jean-Luc again. “What is this?”

“I’m standing right here you know.” Buffy stated with irritation.

“Quiet, mortal.” Q ordered, turning the last word into an insult. He didn’t even have time to turn back to the captain when Buffy’s fist hit his face, sending him clear across the bridge. Landing with a curse on the floor in front of the view screen, he sent a cold, hard glare at the blond and raised his hand to snap his fingers.

“Stay down.” Willow’s voice echoed unnaturally as she sent out a tendril of power with a simple gesture. Watching Q who now struggled to move, Spike strutted down over to crouch beside the helpless being. Resting the tip of his sword against Q’s jugular, he looked back over at Willow. “You got him Red?” he questioned.

“He’s not going anywhere.”

Buffy looked over at her Captain, as with a sure voice told him, “We’ll handle this.”

With a gentile smile he replied, “Be my guest.”
With that, Willow and Buffy calmly walked over to stand by Spikes side careful not to block anything from view, both knowing the crew would want to watch this.

“I would like to request though, that we wait for Lt. Worf. Q has tormented him many times over the years, and I do believe he would very much enjoy this.” There was no denying the sheer amusement in his voice.

Thankfully, they didn’t have to wait much longer. The instant the doors had slid open, Worf practically ran over to the Captain.

“Sir, reporting as ordered. What’s happening? Are we under attack?” His deep voice caught the attention of Q, who had been staring nervously at the sword pressing in on his some-how corporeal neck.

“Oh look, it’s the dog! Come to gloat, have we?” he snarked. Hearing Q’s grating voice, he turned and swiftly drew his phaser.

“Relax Worf.” Buffy told him, never once taking her eyes of the captive before her. “We have him under control. The Captain just wanted you were here to see us put the smack down on this creep.”

Buffy spun the Scythe in a complex move not even Data could have tracked if he had been there. Bringing the stake end down to rest on his heart, Buffy leaned forward to stare him down.

“Still don’t get who we are yet?” She asked with an evil grin.

“I thought the Captain said you were ‘all-knowing’? How could you not know who we are?” added Willow.

Refusing to be cowed, Q turned his furious gaze on the white haired woman who held him still. “Obviously, I don’t. I did say I couldn’t read you. Now tell me!”

“Watch how you talk to the lady, mate.” Spike pressed the blade down harder to get his point across. The observers were shocked to see a trickle of blood slowly drip from the wound.

“We got off on the wrong foot.” Buffy suddenly became a picture of girlish innocence, as she smiled down at the being pinned beneath her.

“I’m Buffy Summers, and this is my husband William the Bloody who is also known as Spike and my best friend Willow Rosenberg! Nice to meet you!”

Q went dead white when he realised the mistake he had made with these three. Trying to pull himself together, he managed to stutter out “THE Slayer… THE Red Witch… THE William?”

“In the flesh.”

“I’m so sorry my dear lady!” The once proud Q was now stumbling to make his apologies to the blond slayer. “Had I know, I never would have bothered you or your ship!” Pleading, he looked to Buffy. “If you release me I’ll leave, and never trouble you or yours again.”

Buffy looked him up and down, and nodded curtly.

“Now get the FUCK off my ship.” Her order was in a low voice, quiet and deadly, filled with the promise of swift retributions should he cross them.

As one, the three released him, and backed away.

Not even bothering to stand up, Q snapped his fingers once, and was gone in a flash.

“Well, that was annoying.”

“Wonder what he wanted any way?” Willow wondered as she released the magic back into the star she had borrowed it from.
“Probably just wanted to harass the crew for his own twisted amusement.” Captain Picard answered, watching her hair turn back to it’s natural copper-red colour with fascination.

“Well, that’ll learn ‘em.” Buffy quipped with good nature as she pulled a piece of black cloth from her pocket and wiped off her weapon. She studied her work with a critical eye for a moment before deciding she hadn’t missed any of Q’s all powerful taint. With a satisfied nod, she tucked the cloth back into her pocket before walking back to her station and retuning the scythe to its hiding place.

Lt. Worf followed he movement with his eyes as he tried to process exactly what he had witnessed. Thinking what had just happened was too amazing to be anything other than a dream, he turned his scowling face to his captain.

“Sir,” he asked, “what exactly just happened?”

“I believe, Mr. Worf, we just found a group of people that the universe should fear.” Quirking an eyebrow at Spike, he asked with a small smile, “wouldn’t you agree Mr. Summers?”

Spike, who had been in the process of pulling his long duster on again looked up, and with a cocky grin that showed off more tooth than was necessary, he added “The Universe should be afraid, be very afraid.”

With a collective shudder, the bridge crew found themselves in total agreement.

The End

You have reached the end of "Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid". This story is complete.

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