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Chaotic Circumstances

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Chaotic Circumstances". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The one that started it all. Not your typical YAHF in that "Halloween" is already over and done with, and instead of just Xander's costume becoming permanent its the whole Scooby Gang and because of an "unknown" bet they all dressed as the Uncanny X-Men.

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Title: Chaotic Circumstances

Author: Joshua

Disclaimer: Yet another post-Halloween costume AU BtVS crossover. And it *SHOULD* go without saying that if I owned even one thing of "Buffy" or "X-Men", that I'd be too rich to be writing Fanfic and posting it here of all places. So, /quite/ Obviously, I do not own any of the following concepts except the plot of this piece of fanfiction, which by its very definition, exonerates me from recieving any monetary or credential praise for the following work.

*SATISFIED?!!??* :(

Summary: The gang, on a whim, dressed up as various X-men, and Ethan's was the only shop in town to boot so EVERYBODY changed. Buffy, as a joke, went as Cyclops, Willow as Jean Grey i.e. Phoenix, Xander went as Iceman, and Cordelia went as Rogue. Meanwhile, the rest of

Sunnydale dressed as everything from storybook monsters, Hollywood productions, comic book characters, to creative 'self-costumes'. Not to mention demons, vampires, and werewolves OH MY! This is just as much their story as the Scoobies now.

AN: I blame ziziggy123 author of “Sunnydale Berserker” and Anime Ronin author of “Of Scoobies and X-Men” for the inspiration, if you want to call it that, for this little piece of fanfiction. Mostly it came from Berserker in seeing how Buffy and the brand new Xander aka Wolverine were getting along and it struck me as peculiar that “Wolverine” just NEVER gets along with a person named “Summers”. Then I started brainstorming 'What if' Buffy did dress up as Cyclops, and it became permanent the same way Xander dressing up as Wolverine did? Then I went further, and further, and further still and came up with all that follows. If you like, GREAT! If you don't, <shrug> eh, that's ok too.

AN2: I am always open to input, that is not pure uneducated dribble that is often referred to as “Flames” and usually involve cursing. Sometimes in numerous languages as well. But if you have constructive criticism, I always listen and try to reply to such, and if you have suggestions about where to go from here, those I *REALLY* listen too and enjoy and always reply back to.

E-mail/Reviews: and


Buffy woke up, her head pounding like the Hellmouth tentacle thingie was trying to burst out of her skull. After a few moments of feeling her head and making sure that it wouldn't physically explode, she carefully cast out with her over-sensitized senses, trying to figure out where she was and what had happened.

The last thing that she actually remembered . . .

Jean! No!! Please!!

I have to Scott . . . It's the only way . . .


Buffy squeezed her eyes tighter shut, her headache increasing in strength for a few moments, which felt like years of absolute agony to the mystically empowered warrior known as the Slayer. A moan of pure pain escaped her lips as she rolled over onto her side, trying to do anything to minimize the pain.

Suddenly another sound broke the deaf silence around her.

“Buffy? That you?”

The voice was familiar, but the identity of who was calling her eluded her mind amidst its suffering at the moment. He, whoever he was, kept calling her though, and after a bit she remembered who he was.

“Buff, are you OK?” Xander asked, sounding closer.

The headache began to diminish, however slowly, but she wasn't as bad as she'd been when first regaining consciousness. Too bad the Professor wasn't around when she needed him, the telepath could . . .

Her eyes snapped open in shock, self-revelation permeating her features.

Who the hell was this Professor she had just thought of?

An older bald man in a wheelchair. Frail looking, but with an aura of power that could not be denied. His very countenance demanded respect and for those that did not know him, fear.

Hello Scott,” a kind voice spoke in darkness, “My name is Professor Xavier. Now why don't we see what we can do about those eyes of yours. Here. Try these glasses on. Now open your eyes.”

The man, everything, everybody suddenly appeared in a reddish tint. People, friends were all around, looking concerned and expecting.

Buffy shook her head one more time to get the images out of her mind. Thankfully the headache was almost gone now, but something was different. She could tell.

Focusing her eyes, she recognized Xander's face, warmth and concern radiating from his features as he looked down upon her. His deep blue eyes locked onto hers and . . .

Wait. Xander's eyes were brown!

“Xander?” she spoke slowly, her throat a little dry, but still functional.

“Yeah, sorry I'm not better lookin,” he joked with a lopsided grin that seemed natural for his face. She chuckled and accepted his help in sitting up, which is when she noticed that she had been laying on the floor of the School Library.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Uhm, not too sure of that myself Buff,” Xander answered, scratching the back of his head in confusion and embarrassment. “Last thing that I can honestly say I remember for sure is Halloween and taking some of the kids back to the school.”

At the mention of Halloween, her brain seemed to kick start as she recalled her own night escorting the children of Sunnydale around town for Trick or Treating, as well as being roped into it by Principal Snyder, who had dressed up himself as some kind of goblin or something, though it was rumored that it was originally supposed to be a Troll costume.

“Yeah,” she mumbled, rubbing her head from phantom pains, “that's right. I was taking my group to one last house after they had gotten a bunch of tooth brushes from some old lady and then . . .”

This is Cyclops to anyone in range, come in!” The communicator was working, but it's range wasn't intergalactic like Cerebro's.

Cyke! That you?” a strangely familiar, but subtly different male voice came from the red and yellow X-emblazoned device.

Bobby? I mean Iceman? Are any of the others nearby?”

Yo, you two wanna cut the chatter? What in tarnation is goin' on around here anyway?” a southern accented female voice came through.

Rogue! Thank goodness. Anybody else, report in, NOW!”

'Don't worry love, I'm here,' a bodiless voice echoed through the speaker's mind. 'I can sense a few of the others. We are close to one another, but Scott, something else is going on around here. There are so many confused minds. Everyone is in great danger!'

“Great danger . . .” Buffy repeated quietly, trying to figure out what was going on with her.

“What was that Buff?” Xander asked, interrupting her thought process.

Shaking her head to clear the cobwebs, she accepted the young man's help in getting to her feet, saying, “Nothing, it's nothing. Is there anyone else here? Giles or . . .” the Slayer froze, her eyes widening in shock, “WILLOW!” she screamed and then raced forward to the prone form lying in a heap on the table. For some reason she felt a deeper pang of concern and fear than she normally felt when seeing one of her friends hurt or in danger. Not that she was heartless about that sort of thing, but seeing the redhead like that left a trembling echo of horror in her soul.

Xander was right beside her only a moment behind in helping to get their best friend into a more comfortable position. Xander looked as torn up about Willow's condition as Buffy was feeling, but that took back seat until she was sure that the young woman was all right.

“Willow?” Buffy tried to rouse the unconscious redhead.

“C'mon Wills, you're going to be late for school,” Xander whispered in a half-teasing voice.

Buffy looked up and glared at him, and he just shrugged, but was prevented from answering as Willow startled awake, shouting, “No, don't worry, I'll be on time!”

“See,” he said to Buffy, smirking, “works every time.”

“Huh? Wha—OWWW!” Willow suddenly clutched her head, in some serious pain.

“Willow!” both her friends cried out, wondering what could be wrong and what had to be done to fix it.

“Ahhh!” she seemed to be in pain from something, causing her friends to become even more worried. Then she said the one thing that shattered their world for the rest of their lives. “Stop thinking so damn loud you two! It hurts! And no I'm not dying Xander,” she snapped.

It took a couple of seconds before the Slayer and the blue-eyed man to fully process what it was that their red haired friend had just said, but once they had, they both jumped back away from the table, their brains in total shock.

“Uh . . . Wills . . .” Xander said slowly, “you . . . you can, you can read our minds?”

The redhead, her eyes much clearer and less pain-filled, nodded her head, seemingly perfectly at ease with the situation.

“Since when?” the blond demanded.

“Since last night when we got turned into our costumes and I dressed as Jean Grey aka Phoenix of the X-men,” Willow answered casually, until her mask broke and her face grew into a huge grin. “Isn't this *SO* cool!”

Again, total shock numbed her friends' brains, keeping them from replying.

“Uh . . . c-c-could you repeat th-that . . . one more time?” Buffy asked, stuttering.

Willow blinked and did a double-take at her friends. “Wait, you don't remember?” she asked, stunned.

Both of them shook their heads no. “Maybe you'd better start at the beginning Wills, cause the both of us are drawing total blanks,” Xander offered.

“Are you sure? Because Jean confirmed, before she left, that all of us would remember what happened. Especially after the X-men cornered Ethan and forced him to explain how the powers and other things were permanent now,” Willow said.

“Wait, the X-men?” Buffy repeated, “Wills, we dressed up as comic book characters for Halloween, not any kind of invocation or anything like that!”

“No, that was Ethan Rayne, the man that sold us the costumes,” the redhead prompted. Another awakening groan drew the groups attention however, as they quickly raced to the balcony where they discovered Cordelia Chase, laying flat on the floor and dressed in a skintight bodysuit that fit perfectly into every curve and bump of her curvaceous body.

“And why did Cordelia dress as Rogue again?” Xander casually asked his friend.

“Her reasons were because she made the outfit look good, instead of the other way around and that was a good enough reason for her. And I think she likes reading X-Men comics herself, but I don't have any proof of it,” Willow remarked.

“Watt the heyall hit mai?” the dark haired Queen C of Sunnydale High garbled out as she unsteadily got to her feet. It took a few moments for the others to realize that Cordelia hadn't mumbled or spoken with any kind of speech impediment, but rather with a distinctive southern accent.

“Cordelia, are you all right?” Buffy found herself asking with an authoritative voice.

“Aye think so . . .” bit by bit Cordelia's normal voice, with a Southern Californian accent, took over, “but I've got this killer headache, and for whatever reason, I feel like punching out somebody named the Cajun.”

Shaking her head in minor frustration at Cordelia's attitude, Buffy turned back to Willow, her mind turning gears as she tried to remember what all had happened last night. “OK Will, is there anything else we need to know right now, because, I'm seriously drawing a total blank here.”

“Wait, so you guys seriously don't remember?” Willow looked at all of them each in turn.

They were all shaking their heads, even as Cordelia slowly, but steadily, made her way down from the balcony to join them around the table. Willow herself, got down off the table and began to pace rather nervously back and forth. “Jean said you guys would remember, that Rayne had somehow fixed it that the powers, memories, experiences even would remain. And I remember, but if you guys don't then . . .” She trailed off as she caught and looked Buffy in the eye, at first only glancing and then outright staring.

“Oh . . . my . . . god . . .” The Jewish redhead looked like she was about to faint.

“Wills?! What's wrong, I don't understand . . .” Buffy exclaimed just before another migraine exploded in her head, making her wince in pain.

Jean, I don't understand! We're in another dimension but we're not, we're actually possessing spirits, but we're not dead, and the last thing any of us remember is going to sleep and the next thing we know we're waking up, on Halloween, in a nobody-ever-heard-of-it town on the West Coast!!”

All the X-men just stood around and stared after the brief tantrum, until the red-haired young woman in a dark leather outfit reached out and comforted the speaker, “Feeling better now dear?”

A little. Alright, any information on ways to get out of this people?”

The young woman with red hair was briefly encompassed by a fuchsia pink aura before speaking, “We go to the source. The young woman, whose body I seem to temporarily be in possession of, her name is Willow. She suggests that we find someone named Giles. I have a possible direction in either, but even if we find the source, we may have no way to contain it or reverse what's happened without the assistance of this Giles person.”

“Ugh, I'm beginning to really, really hate that,” Buffy grumbled as she wiped away the last of the migraine, and the confusing images that came with it.

“Don't be, those are your memories from last night returning,” Willow told the blond. “Oh, and Buffy, I'm not sure if you've noticed yet or not, but your eyes are red. And I don't mean from being tired either.”


“Just . . . whatever you do, don't imagine any kind of trigger in your mind, or shooting a laser beam from your eyes or anything like that, OK?”

“Willow, what are you talking about?” Buffy was more and more confused. Shooting laser beams from her eyes? What was Willow talking abo--

“HIT THE DECK!” Willow screamed at the top of her lungs even as she dove for the floor herself. Xander and Cordelia were only a beat behind her as they too noticed the bright red glow that had begun to accumulate around Buffy's eyes, and then, with only that and Willow's warning, a straight beam of solid red light shot out at the distant wall and instantly blasted through to what was beyond, the sound of thunder and explosion echoing after it.

From Buffy's point of view, it was hard to describe. One second she had been thinking about what Willow said, the next everything had gone reddish, and the next she felt a . . . a force go through her and leave through her eyes, and she saw . . . a red beam? . . . lash out and destroy the wall she was looking at.

In reflex, after that, she immediately shut her eyes and screamed out, “What the HELL was that?!!!”

“That,” Willow shouted as she pulled herself to her feet, “was Cyclops' mutant power to shoot Optic Beams from his eyes. A power that you've inherited because you dressed as Cyclops, aka Scott Summers last night for Halloween. Just like I dressed as Jean Grey, the Phoenix, Xander dressed as Iceman, and Cordelia dressed as Rogue!”

“Whoa there Sugar!” Cordelia, slipping into her country accent, exclaimed. “You're saying we've all got, like, super powers now or something?”

Willow just rolled her eyes in response.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute!” Xander jumped up, suddenly excited. “That means that I . . .” his grin almost tore his head in half it was so wide, “I have always wanted to do this!”

Rubbing his hands together before him, still grinning insanely, Xander thought to himself, 'OK, Cold. Think cold. Think ice. At least that's how Bobby described it that time his powers got switched . . .'

Suddenly, the knowledge was there, as if Xander had truly been born with these powers of ice and cold. Pointing his palms at his feet, ice-blue energy lashed out from them and inch by inch, his feet, his legs, and soon his entire body was being covered with solid white ice. When he was covered entirely, from foot to head in a very solid, seven foot block of ice, there was a healthy pause, right before cracks broke the ice, which almost instantly exploded outwards from the now living ice statue that was Xander Harris. Also known as, from this point on, Iceman.

“Oh man! This is SO AWESOME!!!!” The blue/white iced version of Xander was jumping up and down. The funny thing, in the girls' opinion, was that the ice armor Xander had put over his body was skintight, which meant to them that he was a naked iced version of Xander. Just minor some key parts, seeing as they were covered.

“I can see at least one of us won't be having any difficulty adapting,” Buffy spoke gruffly, crossing her arms as though annoyed, even though she was the farthest thing from it. She was petrified.

“It'll be OK Buffy,” Willow was suddenly there, wrapping her arms around the blond Slayer's tense frame. “And I'm sure your memories will come back soon. The X-men only wanted to help us, and another thing, they certainly didn't force this on us or anything. That was Ethan Rayne.”

“Who is Ethan Rayne?” Buffy demanded, but staying still, taking minor comfort in being held by her best friend.

“A chaos mage,” Willow dutifully replied. “Giles used to know him, back in college I think. And don't worry about Rayne anymore. He's taken care of.”

“Taken care of how?” she demanded once more, displaying an unnatural suspiciousness and worry.

Willow blinked in surprise at Buffy's surprising caring attitude, but just shrugged it off and answered, “Giles took care of him. The X-men thought it wise not to let us be present, and to be frank, even Jean agreed with what Rayne got. And she's as much a pacifist as any of them. Well, except for Professor X that is . . .”

“Nobody dressed up as him, did they?” Iceman/Xander interrupted, sounding worried. Or maybe panicked.

“No, I, or rather Jean, would have sensed his presence at some point,” Willow shook her head to the negative.

“Or maybe somebody did, and the Professor was powerful enough to resist the chaos spell . . .” Buffy suggested, but trailed off as everyone turned to stare at her, “ . . . and how the hell would I even know who the Professor is? I don't read comic books, especially the X-men!”

“Hey ya'll,” Cordelia interrupted, “Ah think I'm startin' ta remember some stuff of mah own. And I WISH this crazy accent would just go away! Gawd!”

“What are you remembering Cordelia?” Willow asked, ignoring the other comments the cheerleader made.

“Well,” it was obvious that Cordelia was struggling to maintain her “normal” accent, “I think I'm starting to remember last night. In bits and pieces though. And . . . flying. I definitely remember flying.”

Then Queen C did a double take. “Hey! Xander got to keep his powers, how come I don't get to keep the whole flying, invulnerability, and super strength stuff, huh?!”

“Cordy,” Buffy diplomatically inserted, “have you actually tried to fly yet?”

“Oh,” the native Californian's cheeks flushed pink, “Yeah. My bad.”

Three seconds later there was a hole in the ceiling where Cordelia had crashed through on her way to the upper atmosphere. Totally on purpose, of course.

“This place is going to have more holes than swiss cheese by the time we're done with it,” Xander/Iceman sarcastically commented.

“Well for right now, until we can find Giles, Xander why don't you see if you can plug these holes up, at least temporarily,” Buffy asked him.

“No prob Buff,” Xander grinned, and then going entirely on instinct, his arms raised and pointed at the ceiling hole first. A moment later the same ice blue energy blasted out and where once was a hole was now solid ice. A gesture and some more flashy energy and the Library was a sanctuary of privacy once more.

“Oh, wait, we should probably have left one for Cordelia to get back in . . .” Buffy amended, not really sounding disturbed by her latent thought, when the point became moot as a human female body fell through the ceiling, making yet another hole, which Xander immediately fixed, even preventing much of the debris from falling.

“Never mind,” the Slayer happily chirped.

Willow rolled her eyes in bitter amusement at the thoughts readily available to her now. It was a startling experience to say the least. Even more so now that Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force was no longer there. The powers were there, but the power was gone. Probably forever, she thought privately. She was still trying to decide whether that was a good thing . . . or not.

“OK, I think I just discovered the major downside to this,” Xander announced as Cordelia picked herself up off the floor.

“No Danger Room,” they all said together, apparently on the same wavelength.

More or less.

“Wait a sec, what the heck is a Danger Room?!” Cordelia exclaimed shrewdly.

“What she said,” Buffy added, pointing at the brunette.

“The Danger room is where the X-men trained in the use of their powers. Where they could cause as much damage as they liked without actually hurting anybody,” Xander calmly explained. “Thing is, it was made with alien technology, not to mention a multi-millionaire had it built and maintained and kept repairing it every time it got broke. Several things we don't have . . . and I have a bad feeling we're going to need them. Well, need it, to say the least. The Danger Room that is.”

“We get the idea Xander!” Buffy snapped. Unfortunately as she did so, her eyes began to almost crackle with the crimson energy again, giving Xander just enough time to duck, which in turn clued Buffy enough that she turned back to the first hole she had made, now covered with ice, just in time to make ice cubes and obliterate the tree outside she had toppled with her first blast.

After a moment as the dust settled, Buffy's eyes returned to normal, and she said to herself, “Boy, do we ever get the idea.”

“Great,” Xander mumbled from behind a small barricade, “I know we can't afford to have ruby quartz custom designed into a pair of sunglasses or a visor!”

“I'm sorry!” Buffy screamed, “I just keep imagining that trigger Willow mentioned, and I'm really upset right now and I don't need . . .” Her eyes began to shine and then spark with red energy again.

“Buffy!” Xander shouted out loud as he dove behind his barricade.

“Close your eyes!” Willow shouted at the last second.

The Slayer obeyed her friend instantly, and was surprised when she felt the energy that had been building in her eyes stop, and then move back down into her body. Hesitatingly, and focusing on just opening her eyes and nothing more, she cracked her eyelids. Thankfully, she was rewarded without seeing anything through a red haze and felt none of the energy spikes that had occurred as with the other times. They all breathed a sigh of relief.

“OK, hows about none of us lose our tempers and just focus on keeping control until this wears off or whatever?” Buffy casually suggested.

“Uhm . . .” Willow was suddenly very nervous as she realized none of her friends actually remembered the events of the previous night.

“For once, you actually had a good idea,” Cordelia commented, in her way, as she carefully made her way down the stairs.

Buffy growled in response, her eyes flashing a solid ruby red, but thankfully no energy was released and she calmed herself before causing even more damage.

“Cordy,” Iceman/Xander said in exasperation, “why don't you try not talking for a little bit, okay? Think of it as life threatening if you keep blathering on the way you do.”

“Hey!” the cheerleader exclaimed, and then some hidden instinct caused her to glance in Buffy's direction, and proved once and for all that Cordelia Chase did indeed have a brain as her higher brain functions deduced the logic in not making the Slayer angry with a random comment. So, that in mind, she just sat down quietly next to Willow at the table.

“Uh, guys?” Willow hesitated in saying.

“This won't wear off. It's permanent,” she told them. “The X-men, last night, which I thought you would remember, found out from Ethan that the spell he used transformed us. We're not mutants, technically speaking, but looking at our genetic structure now, you wouldn't be able to tell that. We all actually have the X-gene. As well as partial memories and experiences, and of course the powers of the X-men we dressed as last night.”

There was a disheartened exclamation over that, but the teens finally all settled down to wait for Giles to appear. Thankfully there was no school today, though none of them could remember the reason.

“Why did I dress as Cyclops again?” Buffy asked her friends to remind her.

“The bet last week, about that horned demon,” Xander reminded her, now back to his normal self, “And I thought it would be kind of ironic, what with your last name being Summers and all . . .” The blue eyed youth quieted down as he saw he wasn't really helping matters.

“Don't worry Buffy, we can deal with this, the X-men assured us of that before they left,” Willow comforted her friend.

“Well, did they happen to explain how we would deal?” the blond Slayer exclaimed.

At that the redhead looked a bit uncomfortable. Make that very uncomfortable. No, downright terrified. “Uh . . . no,” she finally squeaked.

At that moment, whether with good fortune or not, Rupert Giles, High School Librarian, mentor to the Slayerettes and Watcher to the Slayer Buffy Summers, walked in through the double swing doors at the front of the Library. He was obviously so tired and mentally exhausted that it was understandable that he did not immediately notice all of the damage to his “precious Library.”

In fact it took him hanging up his jacket, putting down his briefcase and walking around and into his office, and then coming out a couple minutes later with a steaming hot mug of English tea before he even noticed the teenagers all standing out in the open.

“Oh, hello everyone,” he mumbled, “here a bit early, aren't you?”

They could only stare in stunned silence.

Giles, still in the early phases of waking up, progressing faster due to his caffeine intake from his very pleasant mug of hot English tea, took their silence as a kind of agreement that they were here very early. A moment later, something very cold dripped onto the top of his head, causing him to recoil and look up in surprise. Ice had somehow formed on the ceiling and was dripping as it slowly melted.

'Must be the air conditioning,' he thought idly, his thinking still dulled from tiredness. 'Of course there's always the possibility that it's a poltergeist of some kind. Now that Halloween, which should have been a night off for all involved, is over, things like this are practically expected to happen with more and more occurrence . . .'

He trailed off as he turned and saw the very, very large hole in the wall, covered by a temporary wall of ice. Finally he started to wake up as he realized that something truly 'hellmouthy', as the teenagers had termed it over the years, was going on. Giles calmly took another sip of tea, thinking to himself that he should have Buffy look into several things in regards to these bizarre ice formations directly over the Hellmouth no less. Turning to do just that, Giles stopped cold, so to speak.

Buffy's eyes were glowing red, sparks of energy shooting out from them, showing just how dangerous such a phenomenon was. Willow, surrounded by a bright pink aura, was levitating, cross-legged, half a meter over the table she had been sitting at. Cordelia also hovered several feet over the ground, although it was clearly not levitation but actual flying. And Xander was now a living, moving ice-blue caricature of himself.

Giles promptly spit out the tea he had just sipped and dropped his Ming tea cup in outright shock.

Just outside the city limits, a hitchhiker on the side of the road looked up as a scream broke the silence of nature around him.

“/*BLOODY HELL!!!!*/”

The End

You have reached the end of "Chaotic Circumstances". This story is complete.

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