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A Lash Flashback

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Madam Lash Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Madam Lash Swings Again. What happens when the bliss of ignorance is swept away by memory? Joyce/Sam/Daniel D/s and other kinks.

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Stargate > Joyce-Centered > Pairing: Other(Past Donor)TheBearFR2114,542051,94923 Nov 0623 Nov 06Yes

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A Lash Flashback

Sequel to Madam Lash swings again.

By TheBear!

I don’t own any of the characters

AN: Written for November 2006 Kink Month on TtH.


“The colonel is going to kill me,” Sam moaned, dropping her head into the palms of her hands.

‘Thank God I can’t remember any details,’ she thought...

—just before the flashback.


“Daniel, Sam...are you alright?” a woman’s concerned voice was the first thing Madam Lash noticed as she tried to shake off the dizzy spell that had just hit her.

‘Hmm, I don’t recall a party on my schedule this evening,’ she thought as the revelry around her came to her attention. ‘Although, I can see how I might have been persuaded to attend,’ she added as she took in the source of the concerned questioning before her.

A lascivious smile stretched across her lips as she mused, ‘One can hardly go wrong with a classic catholic schoolgirl outfit...especially with legs like that. Oh, and pigtails! Such a convenient hand-hold.’

Madam Lash’s attention was drawn to the man standing next to her as the schoolgirl tentatively reached out to touch his shoulder.

“Daniel?” the pigtailed blond quietly spoke.

“Unhand me slave!” the man nearly roared. “I am the God-King Menes! Kneel before me!” he imperiously demanded.

Madam Lash let out a deep, sensuous laugh. “Mmm, very butch,” she said teasingly even as thoughts of taming the man at the end of her whip ran through her head.

“You will kneel before your God!” he intoned again, his countenance clearly indicating that he was used to being obeyed.

“You are a cutie,” Madam Lash allowed, feeling a sense of irritation rise up inside of her. “However, I bow before no one.”

“Daniel, what—" the schoolgirl’s demand was cut off with a startled squeak as the man suddenly swung a backhanded blow towards Madam Lash.

Outrage filled her thoughts, but her body acted as if by its own accord, catching his wrist and twisting him in an elaborate movement that ended with her guiding him forward until he struck the wall and was rendered unconscious.

‘That was new,’ Madam Lash was both surprised and pleased by her response.

“Holy crap!” the schoolgirl’s awed gasp drew Madam Lash’s full attention in an instant.

“Is he a friend of yours?” Madam Lash inquired softly.

“Yes, but you already know that,” the blonde responded, sounding confused. “You two came together—Sam what’s wrong with you...both of you?”

Madam Lash raised an eyebrow. “I don’t know who this ‘Sam’ is, and I certainly don’t know this man,” she gestured toward the fallen pharaoh. “He’s quite sexy; however, I would never associate with someone that behaved in such a manner toward me.”

‘Toward our slaves, maybe,’ she added as a mental aside.

“But he doesn’t...act like that, I mean,” the befuddled schoolgirl sputtered. “I’ve never seen him...both of you—you both stumbled for a moment and then this...”

“Interesting,” Madam Lash mused aloud. ‘I do wonder how I ended up here.’

The man on the ground groaned and twitched slightly.

“All that aside—and given his poor behavior, I think we should find a way to restrain your friend before he awakes,” Madam Lash suggested.

“Oh, that probably a good idea,” the blonde agreed, still seeming bewildered by the recent events. “I, uh...we could put him in the store room?” she asked, gesturing towards a door off to the right.

Madam Lash surveyed the scene around them, thinking, ‘What a very odd place this is...the others all seem to be deliberately avoiding even looking in our direction, yet the party goes on unabated.’

Shaking her head a bit, Madam Lash refocused her attention. “Ah, yes, that should do,” she agreed with the blonde’s suggestion. “Though, I imagine it’s locked. Do you know where we might find the key?”

“I have a key...this is my gallery after all,” the schoolgirl spoke as though reminding Madam Lash of something she should already know.

“Well, then,” Madam Lash responded with a slight frown of consternation. “Take his left arm and let us drag him in there.”

Looking down at herself as they dragged the Egyptian into the store-room, Madam Lash realized that she wasn’t quite herself. ‘Definitely something odd going on,’ she thought as she took in her outfit and the body beneath it. ‘The clothes are certainly me...but I think I would remember having such large, lush breasts as this. Also, I don’t think I would have had such an easy time dragging this much dead weight—and there’s the way I subdued him so naturally...almost instinctively.’

‘Some things don’t change, however,’ she thought as she glanced at her ‘assistant’ with a grin and a noticeable feeling of arousal. ‘Whoever’s body this is, I’m certain she won’t mind me taking it for a little spin.’

“Do you think...he’ll be ok...if we leave him in here?” the blonde schoolgirl asked, panting slightly at their exertion.

‘Mmm, delicious!’ Madam Lash thought warmly at the sight. Aloud she answered, “I would prefer that we had something more secure...”

The schoolgirl looked around for a moment and then ran across the space to grab something out of a cabinet. She bounced back toward Madam Lash and held up her ‘find’. “I have Duct Tape?” she asked with an eager, hopeful tone.

“Perfect,” Madam Lash purred, less at the proposed device than at the blonde’s willing, biddable attitude.

‘What a lovely woman,’ Madam Lash mused as she directed the schoolgirl in laying out and securing the rapidly awaking man. She licked her lips hungrily when the blonde’s skirt rode up high as she bent over to tape the man’s feet to the floor. ‘That ass is definitely going to be mine before the night is out,’ she promised herself.

“Just in time,” Madam Lash said as the schoolgirl secured a last piece of tape across the man’s mouth, cutting off his nascent tirade.

“This is so weird!” the schoolgirl said in wonder. “I mean—looking at him, that’s Daniel, but listening to him, that’s not really Daniel...and you...”

“Me?” Madam Lash prompted with a sensuous purr.

“Well, I just met you tonight, but you’re not acting like you were acting before whatever it was happened,” the blonde said in a rush. “And Daniel called himself Menes, which is what his costume was, and you...If you’re not Sam, who are you?” The schoolgirl looked Madam Lash up and down, her eyes seeming riveted to her outfit.

Madam Lash had to restrain a laugh at the way her companion’s eyes kept returning to her prominent breasts and erect nipples. ‘Oh yes, I’m defiantly going to enjoy whatever time I have in this lovely body.’ Boldly, she stepped into the schoolgirl’s personal space, running her fingers down the blonde’s arm and taking her hand. “What is your name, pet?”

“Oh,” the blond visibly shivered and her voice was breathy as she responded, “Um, my name.”

“Joyce,” Madam Lash drew her name out sensuously. “I am Madam Lash...but you may call me...” she leaned in to whisper in Joyce’s ear, “Mistress.”

“Oh God,” Joyce whimpered.

“Would you like that, pet?” Madam Lash asked, reaching out with her tongue to gently caress Joyce’s earlobe.

“Oh,” Joyce’s quiet voice trembled.

Madam Lash slid one hand up Joyce’s back and into her hair, grabbing a handful firmly, but not harshly, and pulling her new pet’s head back. “We’re going to have so much fun!” she said as she stared intently into Joyce’s eyes.

Joyce let out a quiet moan as Madam Lash began to kiss her, gently but thoroughly for several long moments. When she felt her pet’s hands begin roaming her back, Madam Lash pulled away. “Now, now...naughty roaming hands, pet. You didn’t have permission to touch me, did you?”

“Oh...I—" Joyce began stammering.

Madam Lash stepped over to a packing carton and sat down. “Take off your panties and come lay over my lap, pet,” she instructed with an eager grin.

Joyce flushed dark red and her breathing became somewhat labored.

Just when Madam Lash thought she might have to repeat herself, Joyce bit her lip and whimpered. She quickly reached under her skirt and yanked her panties down, leaving them to drop to the floor. She stepped out of the scrap of fabric and walked to her Mistress, nearly stumbling on her wobbly legs as she went.

“Mmm, hands behind your back, pet,” Madam Lash softly instructed. She grabbed Joyce’s wrists together in her left hand and flipped the school-girl skirt up onto her lower back with her right.

Madam Lash bit her own lip as she stroked her pet’s trembling cheeks and down to her thighs. “I think ten,” she said contemplatively as she savored the building anticipation. “You’ll count them out as we go, do you understand?”

Joyce whined slightly as she agreed, “Yes M...Mistress,”

‘Wonderful!’ Madam Lash thought joyfully as she applied ten swats, increasing from relatively soft to moderately sharp by the last one. ‘So very passionate!’

“I think you’ve been without proper for too long,” Madam Lash mused aloud as she stroked the now flushed flesh. “Well don’t you worry, pet. Madam Lash will make sure to take you well in hand before this night is out.”

“Oh thank you Mistress!” Joyce cried softly.

“Good girl,” Madam Lash said, gently nudging her pet up onto her feet. “Now why don’t you go find a pair of scissors or a knife and then strip down our rude-boy over there. Then you can watch your Mistress show you how she earned her name.”

Joyce was virtually panting as she nodded and replied, “Yes Mistress!”

Just as her pet went toward the door, Madam Lash interjected, “Oh, and be a dear and find something for me to bind your hands with...I’d hate to ruin that lovely skin with duct tape.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Joyce’s whine was louder now as she hurried to comply.


Madam Lash wiped the sweat from her brow with a happy smile. “Now this is an exercise program that I can truly enjoy!” she commented to herself as she looked on her ‘work’.

Long red welts covered the torso and legs of the man taped to the ground before her. The heavy sheen of sweat on his skin only highlighted the stripes she’d played on his flesh with her whip. A glance at her pet caused her smile to widen as she took in the wanton lust that radiated from the woman.

“His eyes say that he is furious with me, pet,” Madam Lash spoke. She chuckled as she continued, “But that lovely cock standing so stiffly at attention tells me the true tale I think.”

Joyce merely nodded, her eyes glued to his straining erection.

Having already stripped the woman naked before the whipping had commenced, Madam Lash took yet another opportunity enjoy the visible signs of the woman’s arousal. “I love the way your breasts stand out with your hands cuffed behind your back like that,” she opined.

Joyce’s attention was drawn to her Mistress and she blushed lightly as she replied, “Thank you Mistress.”

Madam lash set the whip aside and reached out to fondle her pet’s soft breasts for a moment. ‘Lovely,’ she thought at the sensation of silky skin. She finished her ministrations by viciously pinching and twisting her pet’s thick nipples, eliciting a startled cry from the blonde.

“Mmm, music to my ears,” she hummed with pleasure. She boldly reached between the woman’s legs and stroked her nether lips for a moment. “So wet...did you enjoy watching me whip that fine, sexy man?” she asked.

“Mmm, I bet you did,” Madam lash said with a smirk. She pulled her hand up and smeared the sticky liquor over her pet’s lips before kissing it away. “Oh I do like the taste of pussy on your sexy mouth, pet!” she crooned. “I can’t wait to taste myself on your lips.”

“God yes Mistress!” Joyce cried.

“Mmhmm, I knew the moment I laid eyes on you that you had a taste for pussy,” Madam Lash mused. She slowly peeled her latex top off, watching her pet’s lusty gaze as she revealed her own borrowed flesh. “Aren’t these lovely?” she asked, stroking the full breasts and tweaking her nipples with pleasure.”

“Oh yes Mistress!” Joyce groaned.

With a knowing smile, Madam Lash moved her hands down to the skintight rubber skirt, playfully snapping the waistband against her pale flesh. She turned and slowly worked the stretchy material down her hips, wiggling her ass to heighten her pet’s arousal, while also surreptitiously watching the bound man on the floor.

‘Hmm, stopped yelling and started staring,’ she thought—unsurprised, but pleased.

She slowly stood back upright and glanced over her shoulder at the panting blonde. “You like what you see, pet?” she asked with a low, sultry tone.

“Uh huh,” Joyce answered dumbly, her eyes glazed over with evident lust. Then she gulped audibly and hastily added, “I mean, yes Mistress. Very much!”

“Hmm, a bit slow to answer, but I suppose I can overlook it...this time...*if* you do an adequate job pleasing me,” Madam Lash said after a thoughtful pause. “Have you ever eaten pussy before pet?” she added.

‘I’ll be very surprised if the answer is no,’ she continued in her thoughts.

“Yes Mistress,” Joyce answered unhesitatingly. “In college I liked to pick up couples,” she explained with not even a tiny bit of embarrassment evident.

“Mmhm, I just knew you were my type of woman,” Madam Lash hummed with pleasure as she stalked the short distance to press herself against her pet. She kissed her hungrily and ended it with a quick nip to Joyce’s lower lip. “I love the way you whimper, needy and passionate,” she nearly groaned in her own excitement.

This of course caused Joyce to whimper even louder.

“Now then, where shall I put you so you can best reach me...” Madam Lash mused thoughtfully. It only took a moment to come up with the answer. “Yes, of course...why don’t you squat down and impale yourself on that big, hard cock right there,” she said, turning her pet’s head to look at the man taped to the floor.

“God yes Mistress!” Joyce cried, quickly heading in the indicated direction.

“Face this way, pet,” Madam Lash instructed, leaving Joyce to straddle Daniel with her back to his face. “Now, slowly take him inside,” she crooned. “And you—you just lie still!” she commanded the man on the floor.

Joyce wiggled around till she had him aligned properly—her cuffed hands making it impossible to just grab him and line him up. Daniel’s groan was muffled by the duct tape across his mouth, but it was clear that—regardless of his attitude so far, he approved of this new development.

Madam Lash knew what would happen next and grabbed up her whip, lashing out across the Egyptian’s stomach as he tried to thrust up into her pet. “Bad puppy, no treat’s for you unless you behave!”

Joyce immediately froze half-way down his cock at her Mistress’s admonishment.

Madam Lash smiled happily at the look on her pet’s face as she waited for guidance in spite of the obvious strain in holding herself in such and awkward position. “Keep going pet, nice and slow, bury that big thick cock deep inside of you.”

Though she didn’t speak, the look of gratitude on Joyce’s face was evident as she obeyed, sliding down onto Daniel’s dick.

Wearing nothing but her thigh-high boots, Madam Lash unashamedly strode over and stood with legs spread wide, straddling both her pet and her plaything. With one hand she grabbed Joyce by the back of her hair and guided her face up against her own slick sex. “Now pet, put that sweet mouth to work!” she commanded.

Humming in pleasure as her pet eagerly licked and sucked her wet pussy, Madam Lash kept her eyes open enough to watch the man before her for any sign of disobedience.

A few minutes—and several new red stripes—later, Madam Lash groaned loudly through her orgasm and the warm afterglow as her pet continued to lick her, though at a slower pace. Finally she stepped away and caught her breath for a moment.

“Mmm, I’m glad to see you haven’t gotten rusty since your college days,” she complimented her pet.

“Thank you Mistress,” Joyce panted. The expression on her face indicated that she was grateful for the praise, and yet clearly aching for her own release.

“I wonder, do you think you’ve earned a reward pet?” Madam Lash asked with a smile.

“Y-uh, if you think so,” Joyce managed the right response.

‘Given how well behaved she’s been, I’ll overlook the slip,” Madam Lash thought indulgently. ‘Despite the fact that she’s still nodding her head—she probably doesn’t even realize it.’

“Yes, I believe you do,” she allowed, drawing out the words teasingly. “I want you to lean back a bit, pet...just put your hands on his shoulders,” she directed. “Oh yes, that’s nice. With that big dick inside you, stretching you open like that, I can see your clit very nicely.”

Joyce whimpered and her stomach muscles clenched visibly.

Madam Lash knelt down and then laid between the Egyptian’s spread legs with her face right at the junction of her pet’s thighs. “Mmm pet, you smell delicious,” she opined before reaching her tongue out for a taste.

When her tongue ran up the short length of Daniel’s exposed cock, he thrust upward with a loud groan. It quickly turned to a muffled screech as Madam Lash dug her nails deep into his inner thigh. She couldn’t help but giggle when he stilled himself with a frustrated whimper. The tension in his muscles was clearly visible to Madam Lash, and she took a moment’s pity on him, patting his leg where she’d clawed him. “You be a good puppy and behave yourself while I reward my pet, and maybe I’ll let her take care of this ‘swelling’ problem you have.”

She looked around her pet’s waist to see the man nodding vigorously. “Good boy, now be still.”

She looked up at her pet’s face to see the lovely blond biting her lower lip with a look of sheer longing on her face. Wide green eyes slipped half shut with a loud sigh as Madam Lash slowly stroked engorged flesh with the flat of her tongue.

She kept her movements slow and deliberate, thinking, ‘Poor woman is a hair’s breadth away from cumming as it is...not that I’m ready for that yet. This is too much fun!’

Joyce’s breathing rate increased more and more and after a couple minutes she began to softly cry, “Please!” with every fourth breath or so.

Madam Lash smiled broadly and replaced her tongue with her thumb as she rose up to her knees, leaning into her pet’s body until their breasts were deliciously pressed together. “Would you like to cum, pet?” she asked in a low, seductive voice.

“God yes! Please Mistress?” the quivering blond cried aloud, her whole body straining.

“Look in my eyes, pet,” Madam Lash instructed.

Joyce struggled for a moment, blinking her eyes in an effort to meet madam Lash’s gaze.

When she had her pet’s full attention, Madam Lash increased the pressure and speed of her thumb’s movement on her pet’s clit, growling, “Cum for me!”

‘Can there be anything more beautiful?’ Madam Lash thought with awe as she watched her pet’s face seize with pleasure. She quickly wrapped her free arm around the shuddering blonde just as her arms went slack, catching her from falling back against the man taped to the floor.

“Did you like that pet?” Madam Lash cooed gently to her nearly boneless lover.

“Holy...God yes Mistress!” she panted, still working on catching her breath.

“Good!” Madam Lash crooned, drawing out the word while nuzzling her pet’s cheek. “Now, why don’t you get off and let me take this fine fat cock for a ride?”

As it was, Madam Lash had to help her pet up off of Daniel's erection. She took a moment to admire the phallus in question. “Slick with your yummy juices,” she muttered, tempted to go down for a taste, but in the end more eager to take a ride.

“Ok, pet, come over here,” she instructed. “Grab the base like this,” she said, moving Joyce’s hand so that her thumb was pressed tightly against the base of his cock, just above his nutsack. “Hold on until I tell you to let go.”

“Yes mistress,” Joyce acquiesced.

“I know you want to cum, puppy, but not quite yet,” Madam Lash addressed the bound man with a wicked smile as the moved to mount him.

He whimpered piteously against his duct tape gag as she slid down on him.

“Oh, you are a big puppy,” she sighed. ‘Whoever had this body before me obviously hasn’t had a good cock in her for quite a while!’ she thought, wiggling her hips to fully seat herself on him. ‘Mmm, and my pet’s knuckle is placed just right!’ she added happily as her clit rubbed against Joyce’s digit.

“Oh,” she grunted softly as she began to bounce up and down. “Ummmm, yes! Feels so damn good!” She rode him with abandon, focused only on her own pleasure, ignoring his whines and muffled cries.

After several minutes, the buildup was enough and Madam Lash came with a loud grunt, allowing herself to collapse forward onto her bound partner. Mmm, nice cock, she growled into his ear, reaching her head up to nip his earlobe, causing a squeak.

After a moment to enjoy the glow of a fine orgasm, Madam Lash rose up off Daniel’s dick with a soft, wet noise. She turned to look and smiled at the sopping wet cock—her juices having added to her pets, covering his pelvis and Joyce’s hand. “Mmm, pet. I almost envy you...”

Joyce’s face took on a puzzled look as she asked, “Mistress?”

“You get to clean up all that sweet, sticky mess,” Madam Lash said with an assumptive tone. “Just keep a tight hold...I don’t want him adding to the mess until we’re ready,”

Realization dawned on Joyce’s face and she softly cried, “Oh thank you Mistress!” Then she proceeded to lick her hand clean before moving to his pelvis, and finally trailing up Daniel’s now throbbing cock with long licks.

“Go ahead and start sucking, pet...but keep your grip,” Madam Lash instructed.

Turning back to Daniel with a cruel smile, Madam Lash softly spoke. “Poor puppy, are you desperate to cum?”

He whined piteously, nodding as tears ran down his face.

She reached out and slowly peeled back the tape covering his mouth and then growled out, “Beg me, puppy! Beg me to let you cum.”

He hesitated only a moment before desperation overwhelmed any remaining arrogance and he began to plead. “Please, oh please, let me cum!” he cried.

“Mistress,” she prompted.

Another brief hesitation before he capitulated. “Mistress. Please let me cum Mistress?”

She smiled proudly and turned to her pet. ‘Delicious,’ she thought watching her blonde head moving steadily up and down, taking his cock deep into her throat with each stroke. “Pull back a bit and let him cum in your mouth, pet. But, don’t swallow it—I want you to share it with me.”

“Yes mistress!” Joyce said, pulling away briefly before engulfing just the head.

The moment Joyce released her grip, Daniel screamed a loud, arching as much as he could against the tape securing him. Joyce let out a startled “Mmph!” and her eye snapped wide open.

Madam Lash laughed delightedly as her pet’s jaw dropped as far as it could and still keep her lips securely fastened around Daniel’s cock.

“Big load, pet?” Madam Lash asked as her laughter trailed off.

Whatever Joyce mumbled was clearly an affirmative.

“Go ahead and swallow a bit, my sweet,” she instructed. “I only want a sip, not a mouthful.”

Joyce had a grateful look in her eyes as she nosily gulped. A couple moments later, she pulled away from the still partially erect cock, eliciting yet another groan from the bound Egyptian.

Madam Lash pulled her pet into a deep kiss, drawing some of Daniel’s essence into her mouth. ‘Mmm, not bad,’ she thought, pleased. “Not as tasty as my pet, but not bad at all—a bit sweet even.’

She pulled away from Joyce, rolling Daniel's cum around in her mouth for a moment before a wicked thought struck her. ‘It’s not fair of us to hoard such a tasty bounty,’ she thought with a smirk.

Quickly, she spun on her knees and dropped a kiss onto Daniel’s open, panting mouth. She deposited his own cum into his mouth and then quickly pulled away. Before he understood what had hit him, she had his mouth closed and re-taped shut.

“It’s only fair that we all share,” she said with an evil grin.

He shot her a glare, but quickly dropped his eyes when she raise a brow in response. He gulped with a slight grimace and she patted his cheek. “Good puppy. The more you obey, the more times you’ll get to cum yet tonight.”

“More?” Joyce’s voice sounded torn between fear and anticipation.

“Oh yes, this night is just getting started!”


Sam licked her lips at the memory of snowballing her teammate. ‘He did taste pretty good,’ she remembered before remembering her situation.

“Oh my God,” she lamented, dropping her head into her hands. She glanced between her fingers to see Daniel giving her a stare that was equal parts exasperation, mortification and suppressed desire.

“Oh I can’t believe we did that...he’s *so* going to kill me!” Sam lamented in a loud groan.

“He doesn’t look upset to me, Mistress,” Joyce’s voice interjected.

“What?” Sam’s head snapped up, visions of Colonel Jack O’Neill walking into the room.

“Look,” Joyce said, gesturing toward Daniel, who must have remembered a thing or two himself—or at least his body must have, because his dick was straining toward the ceiling once again.

‘Good stamina,’ she thought admiringly for a moment before once again remembering her place. “No, the Colonel!” she cried. “My CO—Colonel Jack O’Neill. He’s going to kill me!” she explained.

“Oh...” Joyce trailed off for a moment, before brightening. “Well, it’s don’t ask, don’t tell, right?”

Sam again groaned, this time with ill-suppressed lust as the hot, naked blonde reached out to stroke the bound man from root to tip. “I’m sure you can ‘convince’ Danny here to keep quiet, right puppy?”

Sam’s eyes snapped over to meet Daniels fearful gaze. She was about to reply in outrage when an odd thing happened—Daniel began to nod in agreement. ‘Holy cow! He’s into this!’ Sam thought with shock.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell...” she mused aloud as her own body began to flush with fresh arousal. “Well, it is the law of the land,” she allowed.

Her smile grew wicked once again as she added, “And, I did always want a puppy of my very own.”

“Oh yes, Mistress!” Joyce’s reply was the last coherent sentence uttered for quite a while.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Lash Flashback". This story is complete.

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