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Summary: Tru Davies ran away and changed her name to Faith after loosing someone very close to her. She has lived peacefully fighting evil along side her friends until someone came a looking. Ch2 is up now!

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Chapter One


Disclaimer: I don’t own Tru Calling or Buffy, but if I owned Tru Calling, I would have found a way to keep it going.

A/N: AU Buffy Season 6, before Tara dies, and messing with the time line, Faith didn’t show up till the 5th season, and she’ll be like 20 something, and she never went wacko crazy. Spoilers pretty much all of Tru Calling. Faith/Tru also remains a slayer. (Xander still left Anya at the altar so she’s a vengeance demon.)

Summary: Tru Davies ran away and changed her name to Faith after loosing someone very close to her. She has lived peacefully fighting evil along side her friends until someone came a looking.


Faith, Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles sat at the Summers’s dining room table, taking about the big article in the paper.

“A rash of deaths has taken place. All of them strange occurrences.” Willow read.

“Do you mean strange for us, or Sunnydale?” Xander asked.

“I dunno, the only linking factor is that they have similar tattoos on their left forearm.” Giles inputted.

“So are we looking for a cult killing demon?” asked Buffy.

“No, that’s the thing; there are no marks on them what so ever.”

“So are we guessing suicide? But then why did they all commit it?” questioned Faith.

“Beats me Faith, but I suggest that you and Buffy go down to the morgue and take a look around.” Giles ordered.

“Gotcha, we’ll be back soon. Xander, make sure Dawn gets to sleep at a reasonable hour.” Buffy said while getting up and walking out with Faith.

They walked down the streets of Sunnydale to the morgue. When they got there, they slipped in and looked around. They walked over to the prep room and saw the bodies there. Faith went to look at the bodies while Buffy kept watch.

As Faith looked at the bodies she couldn’t help but feel nostalgia for her old life with Harrison, Davis, and Avery. She lifted a sheet carefully and looked at the face.

“B, come take a look at this. They’re all kids. They had so much to live for.” Faith called.

Buffy came over to look and was mortified. “Are they all that young? What kind of a kid would have…”

She was cut off as they heard a loud crash in another room. “Faith get a picture of that symbol. I’ll go see what that was.”

Faith nodded, took out the camera and began taking shots. Buffy walked out of the room and towards the presence she felt.

She burst into the crypt and saw a man looking away from her. She pulled out a stake and slid it up her sleeve. She walked up to him.

“Hi, what are you doing here?” she asked sweetly.

“Funny, I could ask you the same thing, seeing as how you don’t have an I.D. tag on you.” The man replied.

“I’m just here because I got lost. I’m with my family in the hospital.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that, so you live in here right?”

“In Sunnydale? Yeah, I’m Buffy Summers.” Buffy replied extending her hand.

“Jack Harper, maybe you can help me. I’m looking for a girl named Tru Davies. I was a coworker with her, but all of a sudden, she up and left. We’re all very worried about her.”

“Oh, well as far as I know I’ve never seen an entry for Davies in the phone book sorry. Why would you look for her here?”

“We both worked in the morgue back in New York.”

“Oh, well if you want to stop by my house tomorrow, I have a friend that might be able to help you locate her.”

“Why thank you. I might just do that.”

“Ok, bye.”
Buffy left and went back to the prep room where Faith sat waiting. “What was it?”

“A guy named Jack Harper.”

Faith’s eyes went wide, “Did you say Jack Harper?”

“Yeah, why do you know him?”

“No, it’s just a strange name.” she covered, walking over to the door.

“Faith, I can tell by the way you’re acting that you’re not telling me something.”

“Trust me, I’m not. Let’s just go get these pictures back to the brains.”

Buffy nodded and they both walked out of the morgue and back towards the house. When they got to the door, Buffy spun around and looked at Faith dead in the eye. “Faith, if there was something wrong, you’d tell me right?”

“Of course B, everything’s 5 by 5.” Faith lied before walking in and giving the camera to Willow.

“Thanks, is there any other news?” she asked.

“All of the bodies were kids, probably no older than 12 or 13.”



Later that night when everyone was asleep, faith went down to the living room and got the cordless. She walked out to sit in the yard chair before calling up her old boss.

“City Morgue.” Davis answered.

“Oh god Davis.” began Faith.

“Tru? Is that you?” Davis asked, hopefully.

“Yeah D, it’s me. Listen you’ll never guess who showed up today.”

“Who? Harrison?”

“No, if it was Harry I wouldn’t be calling. It was Jack.”

“What? How, why?”

“Don’t know. All I know is that he has to be looking for me. My only question is how he found out where I am. I mean I moved cross-country to get away from him and everything.”

“Well did you have any rewinds since you left?”

“No, not a one.”

“I’ll get Harrison and we’ll fly out there.”

“No, if you two show up, he’ll know I’m here.”

“Well I’ll ask Harry if he knows how Jack found out you’re there.”

“Thanks Davis. You know I miss you guys right?”

“Now I do. Look I’ll give you a call once I talk to Harrison.”

“Good, talk to you later D, oh, when you call back ask for Faith, it’s my new name.”

“OK, bye Tru, be careful.” Davis stated hanging up.

“You too.” Faith replied, before standing up and heading back in, when she saw Giles sitting on the steps. “Hey, what are you doing up?” she asked.

“Nothing really Faith. Buffy told me about to day and your reaction. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

Faith sighed, “Fine, but if I tell you it stays between us right, Slayer/Watcher confidentially?”

“Yes, of course.”

Faith sat down next to him and began her story, “I know that guy, Jack. I’m the one he’s looking for.”

“But he’s looking for someone named Tru Davis.”

“I know, I’m Tru, I changed my name. I used to live in New York and work at the City Morgue. While there, I discovered a special gift…”
“Your slayer calling?”

“Before that. My first day on the job, I learned I could relive days, but only when bodies asked for my help. Then I get a chance to save them. I know that it’s totally strange and wacky, but it’s true.” Faith explained.

“Faith, we fight demons and vampires for a living. Nothing would seems strange to me.”

“So you believe me?”

“After all I’ve seen in my life, I’d be stupid not to.”

“There’s another thing. Jack he’s my opposite.”

“What do you mean?”

“Everything I told you that I can do, he can do it as well. But he doesn’t try to save them, he tries to preserve destiny.”

“Well, we’ll deal with this in the morning.”

“Thanks Giles. I’ll tell Buffy and the others soon.”

They went in and headed to bed. Faith awoke to the doorbell ringing. She stuck her head between the curtains and saw Jack outside.

“Shit…” she muttered as she got herself out of her room and down the stairs right as Dawn opened the door, making Faith dive into the kitchen.

Willow and Giles were in there talking and Giles asked, “Faith why did you do that?”

“Um, well Dawn letting in strange people would shock anyone.” She replied, looking Giles in the eye.

Giles nodded and went to greet their guest. Willow looked at Faith skeptically before going to follow, but Faith grabbed her arm. “Red, he’s going to ask you to help him find someone, someone who doesn’t want to be found. Do your computer skills but tell him that you can’t find anyone ok?”

“Faith, that’s crazy. Why wouldn’t the person want to be found?” Willow inquired.

“Trust me, if you do it, I’ll tell you everything tomorrow. Just get rid of him ASAP.”

“Faith, tell me what’s going on.”

“I will, have a little faith in me, k?”

“You know, your puns, not so funny.”

“Go do your thing Red.”

Willow rolled her eyes before walking into the dining room. Faith sat by the door, listening.

“Jack, this is my friend Willow. She’s a computer whiz, and I think she can help you find your missing friend.” Buffy began.

Faith silently scoffed at his before she heard Willow say, “I can try, but I can’t guarantee anything.”

“Hey that’s better than nothing.” Jack replied.

Willow typed at the keyboard, bypassing firewalls and shields getting to the people search database. “I’m in, what was the name again?”

“Tru Davies, sans e.” Jack reiterated.

“Gotcha.” Willow typed the name in and it popped up that the name was changed to Faith Lehane. Willow’s eyes went large at this but before Jack could do anything; she changed it and deleted it. “No nothing whatsoever.”

“Oh well, can’t blame you for trying. Here’s my card. Let me know if anything comes up.” Jack said giving Willow the card.

He left and Willow walked over to the kitchen door and told Faith to come in. Faith walked in and sat down at the table. “I guess I have some explaining to do.”

“Yes you do,” Willow began, “when I looked up the name, yours popped up as what it’s changed to.”

Faith sighed as she looked around. Dawn looked at her with big eyes, Xander and Buffy astounded, Tara and Anya curious, and Giles content. She then recounted everything she had told Giles the night before.

“How is that possible?” asked Buffy, “That can’t be true, oh wow, that was badly punned.”

“No it’s cool.” Faith responded.

“Actually Buffy, before I became human, I encountered another person who could do the same thing.” Anya stated.

“Really? How did you guys cross paths?” asked Faith.

“I guess I cursed a guy on a ‘day one’ as you called it, and he died, asked for her help, and convinced her to forgive him before I could grant the wish.”

“How long ago was that?”

“A decade or two ago.”

“It must have been my mom.”

“She had the ability to do what you do?” asked Tara.

“Yeah, but my brother, old boss, and I called it a calling, seemed simpler that way.”

“Oh, ok, have you had any of these repeat,” questioned Xander

“Do over,” Faith interrupted.

“Days since you left?”

“No, I left because I lost my sister and boyfriend and neither of them asked for my help. I gave up on it because I couldn’t stand the fact that I couldn’t save them so I ran, got my named changed and was called as Kendra’s replacement.”

“Oh, why are you hiding from that man?” asked Dawn.

“It all goes back to basic physics and the like…” began Faith.

“For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.” Willow stated.

“Exactly, meaning that while I try to save lives, Jack’s day rewinds yet he tries to keep me from saving them.”

“So he’s a murderer.” Anya stated.

“In a way, at least from my point of view; he says he only tries to preserve destiny.”

The group took that in, before splitting to do their tasks. Anya and Giles went to the Magic Box, Dawn went off with Xander to school, Buffy went off to the Doublemeat, and Faith went off with Tara and Willow to the college.

After their classes, the trio headed off to the Magic Box to hang and see if there was research that needed to be done. They went in and saw Buffy sitting next to Giles holding an ice pack to his head.

They dropped their school stuff and rushed over to them. “What happened?” Faith asked sitting next to them.

“Not sure, I came here after my shift and saw Giles sprawled out on the floor, and Anya was gone.” Buffy stated.

“Someone came in, wanted something I couldn’t give, and thus he knocked me out.” Giles explained.

“What did he want Mr. Giles?” Tara questioned as Willow walked behind the counter.

“Not sure if I remember…”Giles trailed off.

“The Meltio Stone and the Trie Dagger.” Willow answered.

“How do you know?” Faith asked.

“Well, Buffy was wrapped up in checking on Giles she didn’t see the broken glass in the display case over there, and those were the two things listen on that shelf.”

“Hey, forgive me for being concerned about our surrogate father…” mumbled Buffy.

“Well those two items are used in a lot of rituals, so we need to get started on looking those up.” Giles stated, starting to rise, but was pushed back by Buffy.

“Wait, what about the murders? The symbol, could it have something to do with it?” Faith questioned.

“It’s quite possible; the resources at home didn’t have the symbol. The books here might though. Willow do you have the camera with you?”

“Yeah, I’ll look it up. Buffy could you run up there and get some of the books from the private collection,” Willow stated walking over to her bag and looking for the camera.

Buffy darted up the ladder and started pulling some books down. Tara went over to the bottom of the ladder to help Buffy bring the books down. Faith walked over and sat down next to Giles.

“God I so don’t need this right now. I have enough on my plate now that Jack’s back, I don’t need demonic problems too.” She muttered.

“Faith, you have two callings to honor, you can’t choose which one you want to favor and which one you don’t.” Giles informed.

“I know, it’s just that, what if a body asks for my help? If Jack believes I’m here, he’s going to be watching the person intently, and when he sees me…”

“Faith, so what, you have friends that can help you out now. You’re no longer on your own.” Willow stated.

“Yeah, your right; I just hope no bodies come into my life anytime soon.”

Buffy and Tara set down a bunch of books and they all began looking through them. A little while later, Dawn and Xander came in came over to the table.

“Where’s Anya?” Xander demanded.

“She was called away on business. You really need to apologize to her.” Giles stated.

“Gah, I will. So what happened here?” Xander replied.

“Robbery, Giles got the short end of the stick.” Buffy stated.

They nodded and sat down and started looking through the books.

“So what are we looking for?” Dawn asked.

“Any rituals involving the Meltio Stone and the Trie Dagger, along with this symbol. We have a feeling there’s a new bad in town.” Willow stated, pulling a new book towards her.

“You mean besides the Geek Trio?” Xander wondered.

“They’re lying low ever since Buffy beat the shit out of them at the armored car.” Giles stated.

“That’s good right?” Faith questioned.

“So far…” Buffy stated as someone came crashing through the door.

“You think you can just do that to me? You think I'd let you get away with that? Think again.” Warren demanded.

He suddenly raised a gun and fired wildly at them. Everyone dived to the ground he shot fires wildly, but he stuck Tara through the heart, before Buffy tackled him to the ground.

“NO Tara, baby, please, don’t die. I need you!” Willow howled.

“Buffy, knock him out.” Giles ordered, while walking over to Tara and Willow.

Buffy did so and congregated with the other Scoobies around Tara’s body, and Willow sobbed excessively. She flipped her face over to Faith.

“Do it. Get her to ask you to rewind the day.” She ordered.

“Will, I can’t control when it’ll happen. If I could I would be telling her to do it right now.” Faith reasoned.

“But, I need her. Please just do it.” Willow continued to demand.

“Willow, please understand it doesn’t happen to everyone.”

Faith goes over to comfort Willow, when Tara’s face flips to hers, “Save me Faith!”

Faith’s day rewound and she shot up in bed. “Shit.” She muttered.


A/N: I kinda had the same idea for Tara’s death as in the series, but it was the easiest to do. hope you enjoyed and please review!
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