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Summary: Labyrinth / HP Sarah wasnt unchanged when she defeated Jareth, now she has to learn to live with the consequences. Luckily, there is this school in Scotland that can help...

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Labyrinth(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR133132,05024340,07926 Nov 0612 Apr 09No

Chapter 18: Party, Hogwarts Style

Chapter 18: Party, Hogwarts Style

“Do you think she knows?”

Harry shook his head dismissively at Ron’s question, “Sarah knows something is up, but I don’t think she has figured out there’s a party coming.”

“Surprised no-one’s told her,” Ron replied.

“McGonagall threatened to make the first student that told look after Hagrid’s menagerie next time he went on one of his… ‘trips’,” Hermione replied.

Ron considered this for a moment as his steps took him off the moving staircases and onto the relatively stable floors of Hogwarts main corridors, his step instinctively lengthening over a floor stone that wasn’t really there, “That would do it, but why wasn’t I told?”

Harry and Hermione shot their friend bemused looks, “McGonagall did catch you threatening Pansy Parkinson,”

“Right,” Ron frowned, “so what; she didn’t think it was necessary to threaten me as well?”

Hermione snorted as they approached the great wooden doors to the hall itself, “definitely not,”

Ron considered this for a moment, “I don’t know whether to be thankful or annoyed,”

“Settle for thankful,” Harry winced, “she went as far as to describe some of Hagrid’s latest acquisitions to her Slytherin classes…”

Ron shot his friend a questioning look and Harry shrugged, “was delivering some pine cones for a second year transfiguration class and caught the end of it. At least I know now where Ridley Scott got the idea behind Alien from,”

Hermione paused, a truly disturbed look crossing her face.


Shuddering, she led the way into the Great Hall, “you don’t want to know.”


“Okay, what’s up,”

Draco blinked, caught off Guard, “Nothings up,”

The look that Sarah shot the Slytherin Prince could best be described as disbelieving with a not so subtle hint of ‘yeah, right’ and a nice dash of ‘you couldn’t lie to save your life’. On reflection, Draco decided perhaps he shouldn’t have, yea gods, volunteered to keep Sarah distracted whilst the rest of the school gathering in the great hall. It was her expression that gave it away… then again; it was her expression, her behaviour around him that had him so interested in her anyway.

Everyone else in the school looked at him in a very limited way, there was the useful ‘you rank higher then me so I’ll bow and obey whilst it serves my needs’ from the Slytherins… of course, he didn’t see so much of that nowadays, ever since that ‘Dark Fart’ howler he sent Mouldy-shorts. Nowadays it boiled down to frank admiration for his bravery in telling the most powerful figure in the Wizarding World, bar perhaps a certain female not that far from him, what he really thought of him. The other Slytherins… well, if they showed up with dark marks on their arms, he wouldn’t be at all surprised. As for the rest of the school, he was either admired (usually for his body and not always by the females… yeech) or utterly hated. There was no middle ground.


Now Sarah on the other hand, she seemed to find him amusing. It was an interesting and perplexing change to say the least.


Okay, so occasionally she found him exasperating as well. That attitude he really liked, it was so much fun getting the terrible trio into that state…


Sarah rolled her eyes, “that’s ‘Pardon’, honestly, for someone brought up in such a high status home, you certainly didn’t pick up any manners.”

“Manners and status don’t always come hand in hand,” Draco replied, then froze, finding himself aghast at his own words, had he just stated something nice? Something that might suggest people of lower birth may actually be better in some ways then the peers of the Wizarding world?

Okay, he had thought it for some years, but dammit, it wouldn’t do his image any good to be actually heard saying it. Nervously, he glanced at Sarah out of the corner of his eye, had she caught his little slip?

“Why Draco, I do believe that is the nicest thing I’ve ever heard you say,”

Damnit, he should have known better then to think she would have missed that little slip.

Inwardly he groaned as he caught the twinkle in the corner of Sarah’s eye, she was going to let it go for now, of that he had little doubt, but he also had little doubt that she intended to remember that little Fraudian slip.

“So, when is the party starting anyway?”

How the hell was he going to minimize the impact of the little... what in Merlin’s name did she just say?

“Party…” Draco spluttered, “I have no idea what you’re talking about,”

The look he got in response could best be described as old-fashioned. It was, he mused inwardly, quite possibly Neolithic.

There was just one word that covered this situation, Draco noted, and unfortunately Sarah counted as polite company, damn.

“Are Hufflepuff having one of their ‘Day of the Week that ends in Y’ parties again?” he tried.

Bemusement, that I can work with, Draco thought to himself, “seriously, have you seen how… ah, ‘weighty’ their beaters are getting? No wonder they can take hits so well, all that cushioning!”

Good, she’s trying not to laugh; maybe I can keep her distracted.

“Nice try… but the Hufflepuff parties don’t normally take the entire house elf staff of Hogwarts to prepare, want to try another?”



Dumbledore’s lips twitched as he watched Snape quite suddenly and for no reason at all, apparently remember some work he had to do, something which had nothing at all to do with the arrival of a certain student. Not that that would get him far…

He grinned as Snape bounced back into the room, unable to pass through the exits, as some truly evil individuals had already rigged the doorways to stop him leaving. Oh yes, and let Miss Abbott know Snape would be unable to leave the party. Not that he had anything to do with that of course, the twins had… borrowed that spellbook from his room after all, waiting until his back was turned and at his advanced age, he couldn’t exactly be expected keep track of anything.

Of course, he wouldn’t let it go so far as to a relationship… but he had little doubt that determined and single-minded as she was, Miss Abbott could crack that thick shell of his. Most likely Snape would find himself someone else out of sheer self-defence, to save him from Abbott and that would be a great day. That stick was truly too far up his arse, he could do with somebody to loosen it.


“She mocks me too much,”

“My Lord,” Pettigrew grovelled, “she threatens your power, challenges you, makes you look weak,”

“Weak?” Voldemort hissed, rising, wand raised and ready from his seat.

“There has been talk… you are making your followers uneasy. They see a threat at a ripe age to be turned to your ends, a threat that has managed to turn several promising members of the Voldemort Youth from your sight and they see what you are doing about it,”

Voldemort sat slowly back down into his seat, “I see your point wormtail… still you questioned. Crucio!”

As Pettigrew screamed and writhed on the floor, soiling himself quite noisily, Voldemort turned to another of his followers, “we move tonight, the Traitor shall be killed under his very nose. Then they shall know that even at Hogwarts none are safe.”
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