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Summary: Labyrinth / HP Sarah wasnt unchanged when she defeated Jareth, now she has to learn to live with the consequences. Luckily, there is this school in Scotland that can help...

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Labyrinth(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR133132,05024340,07926 Nov 0612 Apr 09No

24: Muggins of course...

Chapter 24: Muggins of course…

To make an illusion, that is a task I have learnt but not yet mastered. I can make… no, perhaps it would be better to say I can imprint my will on the world, make it appear to be real and with practise it grows easier to do so, less draining, faster, and infinitely more detailed.

I am okay for objects, for static things but what of these which are not static, what of flowing water, of trees bending in the wind, the subtle glint of perspiration on a persons face? These are the little details that make an illusion more real, more believable, but these are the things that elude me. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

I have tried memorising the shape, form and movement of water and imprinting that into an illusion but what you have is a replay and may be seen for such. The lighting alone often gives it away, not to mention the fact the edges will often not match.

No, a replay, a memory will not work though knowing now how to replay a memory for all to see is in itself a useful trick though I have yet to manage sound let alone surround sound. On the day that I do, I have already promised myself to introduce Hogwarts to the wonder that is Star Wars.

I think… maybe what I need to do is understand water, learn why it flows, why it bends, what and why does the light reflect of it so?

Easy this is not, is illusion truly all about understanding what you are trying to fake?

Or do I need to rely more on instinct then I do?

The illusions I manage when I do not try for control… they are the very embodiment of what I am aiming for in control. Flowing believable water; Such a simple goal for the moment, yet so far away and after that, there are more goals, once vision is perfected, sound, then form.

Jareths illusions… those looked real, felt real, sounded real, smelt real and even tasted real.

I fear I am a long way from that.


I was reading a discworld book earlier I borrowed from Hannah Abbott, in it he speaks of illusions and how sometimes the gaps, the little inconsistencies can be filled in, explained away but a mind wanting to believe it is real, or at least, not wanting to believe it is not real. Other books I have read both fictional and not have indicated the same thing, part of the tools of illusion are making the mind think it is real and making it fill in the gaps itself.

It makes sense of a sort, certainly a new direction to try.

Psychology… not something I thought I would be getting involved with when I learnt about my powers but it seems everything is far more connected then I thought. I’m sure then is some wisdom in that you must first understand in order to fake it but right now, all I see is more hard work, more learning, more practice.


McGonagall sighed with annoyance as yet another student came up to her asking how you became an animagus. Years of changing into a cat in front of the students and getting maybe one student in a year who would truly wish to become an animagus, not just label it as a ‘cool thing only McGonagall can do’, Sarah steps in, finds her form… and because it’s a flying form being an animagus is suddenly the new fashion.

Worse, the chaos Sarah had, admittedly unintentionally caused during her search for her form merely encouraged the interest, it seemed the opportunity to potentially take some potent hallucinogens under teacher supervision rated a cool factor all of its own.

Well, that she could honestly say she had no right really to comment about, not considering her initial reasons for finding her animagus form… but still. Enough students had come forward seriously asking about animagus forms to fill two classes and by a decree laid down by Salaazar Slytherin himself, two full classes meant it had to be taught.

And who at Hogwarts was the only person really qualified to teach such a course?

Muggins of course…

Like she didn’t have enough to do with her ordinary courses, head of house work, the Deputy Head job, the order… Well, at least she could honestly ask for help with this. With a class of spaced out students she would need it, besides, first of all she would need to weed out those least likely to make the transformation, then they would have to arrange parental permissions… maybe restrict the class to those over a certain age too, there were a thousand and one ways to reduce the number of students she would have to teach for an extra class. Unfortunately, no way she could see of getting out of it totally.

Not that she would, the staff betting pool would run rampant with this one, who could get a form, what it would be… Carefully managed, she could really clean up.

Yes, she grinned to herself; that would help compensate nicely.


“Oh we are so in,” Fred and George grinned at each other, their eyes flicking from the new notice on the board.

Ron glanced up from his chessboard, missing one of Harry’s knights kicking his bishop somewhere personal and immensely painful, and shouted, straining to be heard over the din off the full common room “what’s the new message about then?”

“Animagus classes, signup in McGonagall’s classroom,”

Ron picked himself up from the floor, glancing around at suddenly empty room, books and worse discarded and in a few cases, still yet to stop moving, “bloody hell…”
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