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Summary: Labyrinth / HP Sarah wasnt unchanged when she defeated Jareth, now she has to learn to live with the consequences. Luckily, there is this school in Scotland that can help...

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Labyrinth(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR133132,05024340,07926 Nov 0612 Apr 09No

Bets, a Revenge Missed and a Plan

Chapter 29: Bets, A Revenge Missed and A Plan

Hermione didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Okay, she had certainly gotten the idea that Sarah was popular and dare she say it, much loved... and for that matter, much lusted after. Not always by the boys either but this did seem to be taking it a little too far.

“She’s your friend, how could you bet on who she’s going to…” she blushed faintly, “pair up with.”

The twins just looked at her with amused aloofness, but it was Padma who replied, “Pretty usual really, I mean somebody’s always breaking up with somebody else….”

“Or chasing somebody else….”

“And it something we can bet on every week,”

Parvati nodded, “Unlike Quidditch matches which are too few and far between….”

“Or when Harry will next face a near death experience….”

Padma got shot a sharp look at that, her sister thinking maybe she had gone a little too far, but Hermione was just gaping.

“When Harry will next face…” she shook that thought off, “no, I don’t want to know. Besides, last month of school is a sure bet.”

“Sucker bet you mean,” Padma frowned, a little wryly, “but has that ever been the first time in the year he’s faced that kind of trouble?”

She had to concede that point, but still, “it’s wrong, betting on who Sarah will shack up with, I mean…”

Hermione darted forward, snatching the book out of Padma’s hands, glancing swiftly through it, “you’re not even sticking with twosomes….”

Her eyes widened and she practically threw the book back, “and I really don’t think she’s interested in that kind of thing.”

Padma glanced at the page in question and nodded, grimacing, she glanced at her sister, “a Slytherin house bet.”

“We’ve had to refuse a few bets from that house, some of things they were suggesting weren’t even legal,” Paravati explained.

“Or possible,” Hermione noted, glancing away, “well, I just hope you’re going to give Sarah a share of the proceeds at the end!”

“Right,” Padma replied shortly, shooting a ‘whoops’ look at her sister, “never thought of that.”

“Never thought of that…” Groaning, Hermione turned and walked swiftly out of the common room, muttering as she left.

“Padma, how could you leave that lying about!”

“I thought you’d put it back away,”

The door opened and Padma swiftly shoved the small pink book behind her back, plastering a fake smile on her face as Hermione walked back into the room.

“One Galleon on Jareth,”

Paravati grinned, and grabbed the book swiftly writing the bet down but she stopped, frowning as the door closed behind Hermione once more, “who’s Jareth?” she asked baffled.


Snape was displeased, mildly irritated…. He may even go so far as to say he was slightly vexed. Of course, to everyone else…

Consider this, you have a potions professor who lives in what any sane person would consider an apparent permanent case of PMT who, when surly was being handed out, got in the queue twice and decided to skip the sense of humour queue for another dose of bitchy. This is a man who lived in what everyone else would consider an unusually bad mood.

Now consider this: Snape is willing to admit that he is mildly vexed.

To everyone else in school that means he is very pissed off.

In fact, it means he is somewhat like a old grain silo right after being filled up, the airs loaded with dust, it hasn’t had time to settle and it wouldn’t take much to start a spark and make a surprisingly large section of real estate go away.

Unfortunately, being the headmaster, Dumbledore rather suspected that he had no choice but to be the poor stupid sod that walked into the area with hobnailed boots. One little spark…

“Something vexes thee?” Dumbledore asked carefully, one hand wrapped around his wand, a fact carefully hidden by the large and somewhat droopy sleeves of his robe.

“Lupin is still here,” he bit out, “he should have been long gone by now but one of the restoratives I brewed to help him recover faster from the wolfsbane and therefore get out of my sight faster was swapped for another potion.”

The headmaster frowned, “is he okay?”

Snape grimaced, a particular grim rictus this time, though it wasn’t as if Snape smiling was ever much of a pleasant thing, “depends on your definition of fine…he’ll live for certain. He just might regret it for quite a while.”

Dumbledore frowned, “Oh?”

“Alas, I did not notice fast enough that the restorative had been swapped for a rather… ingenious….” Snape hesitated, tasting the words for a moment, “gender bender so he is now loose on the school.”

“Gender bender…” Dumbledore frowned for a moment then groaned, “oh good lord.”


“I do have to ask though,” he hesitated, “why are you so angry about this, I thought you would have enjoyed….”

“I am, such a beautiful piece of work, could have been the perfect revenge….” Snape growled, his arms held ramrod straight at his side, “and. I. Did. Not. Think. Of. It. First.”

Dumbledore resisted the urge to roll his eyes, well aware that such a lapse might prove to be fatal at the moment. Of course, it didn’t stop him getting a little back on Lupins behalf…

“Well, that explains what Hagrid was babbling about at least,”

Snape shot him a contemptuous glare which quickly faded to sickly disbelief as the headmaster continued, “apparently Lupin paid him a very personnel visit earlier….”

Dumbledore turned and hid a smile as he walked away; of course, Snape wasn’t to know the personnel visit had more to do with the continued health or lack therefore of of a dark creature that had hurt Fang. Two could play the evil bastard game after all.


“Now that is not quite cricket”

Fred shot his twin a disbelieving look, and George flushed, “okay, a little too understated…”

“A tad,”

“You know, we are going to have to get some revenge back on Lupins behalf,”

“Quite, but this…” Fred gestured around the broom closet.

“Is important,”

“And draining,”

They glanced in unison at the pile of schoolwork developing on the table, a pile that was threatening to spill out across the floor if it got any higher.

“McGonagall is going to go spare if we don’t start clearing that,”

“What we need is an assistant,”

They paused for a moment, “some right evil-minded little bastard who’s recently got involved in the pranks business perhaps.”

“By George I think you’ve got it!”

Said George rolled his eyes, “we would need to know who first,”

“That’s reason two,”


“Reason one.” Fred noted

His brother smiled tightly, “wards.”

This was considered for a moment, “does show a more callous disregard for a person then we are willing too,”

“Not necessarily a bad thing in this case,”


“Easier to keep this up with a third person helping as well.”

“Reason three, keep your friends close….”

“A plan indeed.”
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