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Summary: Labyrinth / HP Sarah wasnt unchanged when she defeated Jareth, now she has to learn to live with the consequences. Luckily, there is this school in Scotland that can help...

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Labyrinth(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR133132,05024340,07926 Nov 0612 Apr 09No

Chapter 3

By Chaos_eternus

Chapter 3: Gringots  

Sarah walked nervously up to the cashier, now was pretty much the moment of truth, now she would know if Jareth was being truthful or not.

Strangely enough, she felt he was. Not like an impression so much as an awareness.

She shrugged it off.

“Yes?” the goblin asked her curtly.

She concentrated, and called forth a crystal into her hand as Jareth had told her too.

The goblin blinked.

His jaw dropped, then he drew in breathe, deeply filling his lungs before shouting out to the room “Vault six hundred and sixty six! Vault six hundred and sixty six!”

Sarah found herself swarmed by eager Goblins, literally being bodily carried by the small creatures through the bank, her body in a sitting position.

Glancing behind her, she saw the crowds of curious onlookers being forced out, a great screeching sounding as the massive doors were closed in the faces of the banks customers.

She got the distinct impression the Goblins considered her important.


“Vault six hundred and sixty six!” the Goblins shouted as the cart slowly drifted to a stop opposite an insignificant and tiny looking vault door, the floor way up to it marred by constant use and traffic, the whole area giving an impression of overuse and lack of care.

Sarah was however used to things not being as they seemed and quickly spotted that the nearest vaults opened from the inside, and had mirrors strategically placed around them, allowing those inside to see everything that went on outside.

Guard posts then, she realized.

Walking up to the vault, she noted that for a well used hatch, the handle hadn't been worn away and indeed, she saw less sign of wear then anywhere else.

It was being maintained then.

Glancing up, she saw a notice pinned to the top of the door.

“Heed me well, or heed me not.

Heed me; only enter if you know who has the power

Heed me not, and a new master you shall know”

Sarah smiled, and walked close up to the door and summoned a crystal into her hand which she placed deep within the vaults handle and whispered, her hand still on the crystal,

You have no power over me”

The Goblins sighed, a little awed as Sarah vanished, disappearing instantly into the vault.

She was the one then.

“Open the doors!” Griphook shouted, startled the assembled Goblins out of their stupor, “We're losing her and him money just standing around here”

The crowd dispersed swiftly back to their posts.


Inside the vault, Sarah was exploring.

There was no other word for it, passages led off in all directions, each one having doors leading into the back of every vault, gold and valuables we're piled in every corner, and laden shelves covered every inch of wall.

In this vault, there was enough money Sarah guessed, to buy out Britain and have change left over to get the Costa Del Sol as a place to go for her holidays.

It didn't help her awe at the volume of money displayed that there were several vaults contained within this main one, most opening up easily enough to her but several being sealed against her and a few, well she could head warnings like that.

It appeared Jareth had gathered and sealed some of the deadliest artefacts down here, and in a number of cases, had destroyed the locks to the vaults as well, hoping to ensure no-one ever opened them.

Which was curious, she knew enough to know that while Jareth was very grey, he wasn't black; he wasn't evil though he had touched and used it. He was neutral in the grand scheme of things, so for him to consider locking these artefacts up for all time…

Sarah wisely decided she didn't want to know what they were, though Chaapa'ai intrigued her, with its careful note to retrieve the other from the USAF and Russians and to make sure Stonehenge is never dug up.

Glancing at her watch, a startled Sarah noticed she had been searching just this one corridor for two hours.

Grimacing, she hurried back to the entrance, grabbing a sack of the weird gold coins as she passed.
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