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Summary: Labyrinth / HP Sarah wasnt unchanged when she defeated Jareth, now she has to learn to live with the consequences. Luckily, there is this school in Scotland that can help...

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Labyrinth(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR133132,05024340,07926 Nov 0612 Apr 09No

Chapter 7: Hogwarts

Chapter 7: Hogwarts

What Sarah hadn’t told them was that she had little idea what the Glass sphere was actually going to do. She knew what she had intended it to do, which was drop a “I’m a Narcissist, got a problem?” message on the back of the robes Malfoy and his goons were wearing.

But the whole control issue was why she was headed to Hogwarts, she had little idea what the sphere, now that it was out of her control, would actually do. That was a problem Jareth, for all his oversized ego, would not have. He was, as far as she knew, born with the abilities, assuming he was actually born and therefore very used to them.

She wasn’t, she had just ‘earned’ the powers by proving once and for all that Jareth had as much power over her as she let him have. She wasn’t going to say Jareth held no power over her, she knew better than that, besides she would only say that if she felt the need to taunt him.

But Jareth effected her emotions, bringing back memories of the Labyrinth each time he visited and that was power, of a sort.

So when Malfoys furious screech sounded in the corridor, to the accompaniment of outright laughter, Sarah just had to go see what chaos the sphere had caused, the Sorcerers following behind her


Okay, Sarah admitted to herself through gasps of laughter that had her holding her sides to ease the aching, that didn’t exactly work as planned.

They hadn’t just got the message, they had gotten mirrors that followed their every movement so that they could always see their own reflection, combs that floated around fussing over their hair and a clothes brush whizzing around dealing with any imperfections.

The look on his Goons faces was definitely a picture, one you would treasure for the rest of your lives but Malfoys face was going red. Very red, so red in fact that Sarah was wondering if a sphere to create cartoon like plumes of smoke coming out of his ears would be to much of a risk considering the unstable nature of her control.

She decided not to risk it, Malfoy looked ready to blow, he really didn’t like being the one getting taunted and laughed at. Sarah had no sympathy, she had a pretty good idea how much of a bully and a coward he was from her own impressions and the few comments her new friends had made.

Maybe being on the other side would teach him a thing or to, but she doubted it.

His kind rarely learned.

By the time the train got to Hogsmeade station, it was effectively under Martial law as Prefects tried in vain to restore order to students largely incapacitated with laughter or looking for photos off the great narcissist.

Sarah had to admit, she was surprised at how many people were almost eager for the opportunity to laugh at Malfoy, he was obviously less liked than she had thought. Almost feeling sorry for him, she withdrew the magic before leaving the train. Or at least, she hoped she had but she couldn’t see Malfoy anywhere to confirm if she had managed it or not.

It wasn’t long before she realized her mistake, they weren’t laughing at Malfoy so much, they expected it of him to a certain extent but his goons as narcissists was considered a joke of the highest order.

She shrugged; Malfoy had acted like they were laughing at him so mission was accomplished.

She had to admit the castle was impressive however, she had seen better, Jareths Castle for instance. But then, her memories of that placed were shaded by an internal design straight out of Escher’s works. She doubted she would find anything like that here.

But then, this Castle she would have time to properly explore, to learn to appreciate.

“Right, first Years and Miss Sarah, follow me to the boats…”

Slightly startled, Sarah glanced up to see Hagrid looking at her, “Come along now”

Sarah blushed slightly, she was getting distracted and lost in her thoughts too easily, she would have to watch that.


She could have used one of these boats in the Bog of Eternal Stench, Sarah thought wryly as she ducked down, her head narrowly clearing the low overhang as they passed into the cavern underneath Hogwarts, would certainly have helped with that bridge.

But then, she wouldn’t have met Sir Didimus, so perhaps that was just as well.

“Welcome First Years, I am Miss McGonagall. When you pass through those doors you will be sorted into your houses, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Whilst you are here, you house will be your family and you will earn and lose your house points”

The First years may be looking on her sternness with fear and a little awe, but Sarah was grinning slightly amused, she had spotted the slight glint in McGonagall’s eyes, the one that said this was a woman who truly loved kids and most likely, truly loved her job. Sarah smiled as McGonagall glanced at her, she could guess McGonagall may be stern but she would also be fair.

“Miss Sarah, due to your special circumstances we are not sure of the sorting hat will place you however Hogwarts Law and Hogwarts Tradition requires that we try, do you understand?”

Sarah nodded, and McGonagall sent her a slight smile before striding swiftly off, leaving Hagrid to lead them into the great hall, where Sarah promptly had to shield her eyes from the powerful illusion spell on the roof. She really needed to learn control; seeing reality and illusion all the time was not only confusing but headache causing. Just one glance at the ceiling with its overpowered illusion spell was enough to send a jab of pain through her mind.

She glanced around the room and grimaced, four separate tables with a different emblem on the ceiling mounted banners that identified the house that table was for, and each house had their emblem on their uniform as well. House Segregation… Well, it would increase competitiveness, get the houses concentrating on being one-up on the other, encouraging effort and most importantly, help keep the students busy and above all else, keep them from getting bored but Sarah didn’t like it.

It made it far too hard to make friends out of your own house, your own ‘cliché’ if you were separated all the time. And Sarah felt friends were the most important thing you could have, she had never had too many having always been considered a little odd but those she had were true friends and they certainly weren’t from her own cliché on account of not even being human.

Still, this was the way it worked and this was what she would have to deal with.

She grimaced again as she spotted the avid, coveting and occasionally hating looks the Slytherins were sending her, Harry had told her Malfoy was Slytherin and their he was, that’s how she knew that table was the snakes. And it looked to her like snakes was right, they way the bulk were looking at her screamed of manipulation, a desire for power and a disregard for the lives of others.

Sarah decided she wanted no part what so ever of that.

The next table she glanced at seemed… bland.

They looked at her curiously, sure, they chattered and there was life to them but…

Sarah made a swift guess; they were for the most part, those students who were nothing special, that would make them the Hufflepuffs… no, that wasn’t for her either. She might not have wanted it, but she had power now, power she must learn to control and ensure it didn’t control her. It made her different from the rest; it meant she wasn’t a nobody. No, Hufflepuff wasn’t for her.

The next table made her shudder at their looks, they looked at her far too much like she was an anomaly, an odd ‘thing’ to be dissected, classified and labelled.

Ravenclaws, bookish and often more intelligent then they were sensible according to Harry. Sarah knew she wasn’t particularly bright, she was no dunce sure but she had never been top of her class except for humanities or arts. No, she didn’t think she belonged their either.

That left Gryffindor.

The bulk of which was staring at her a little curious but with approval and acceptance.

Yes, that would do, that would do nicely.

Just in time too, as the odd one of the group she was last to be sorted and already all bar five of this years intake had been sent to their new houses. Five more people then it was her turn, she just hoped the ‘hat’, such as it was, would listen to her reasoning and place her where she wanted or if it couldn’t place her, at least let her go where she wanted.

Oh goody, her turn.
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