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Summary: Labyrinth / HP Sarah wasnt unchanged when she defeated Jareth, now she has to learn to live with the consequences. Luckily, there is this school in Scotland that can help...

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Labyrinth(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR133132,05024340,07926 Nov 0612 Apr 09No

Chapter 9: Hearing of the Dark

Chapter 9: Hearing of the Dark

“Moldywarts?” she asked, more then a little confused. Talk about an odd name…. and this was from someone who had a Ludo and a Sir Didimus as friends!

“No,” Harry grinned, resisting an urge to laugh, “Voldemort”

“Right,” Sarah grinned, okay so ‘Voldemort’ was marginally better, but maybe it was time to have a little fun with her new friends…. “Folding warts it is, weird name though”

She grinned at Harry as she heard the choked cough at her side, she had a pretty good idea he knew what she was doing, so it was a game of who would figure it out next.

“No,” Harry shook his head, biting off his own laugh, “Voldemort”

“Solidly Thoughts?” she ventured.

“Hell, you have a death wish or something?” Ron commented at her side, “mocking He Who Must Not Be Named like that?”

“If I want to mock He Who Is Defeated By Babies, I will” Sarah replied, loftily.

Harry at this point was shaking with suppressed laughter, and Hermione had her head hidden behind a copy of Hogwarts: A History, pretending she wasn’t listening. The fact that the book was upside down and had been for the last fifteen minutes was something of a giveaway though.

“Anyway, this ‘mouldy farts’,” Sarah glared mock reprovingly at Harry as he collapsed laughing on the floor, “has so far been defeated by babies and children at every turn. Most likely why he hasn’t shown up here since he gained a new body, this many children? Dark Lord Kryptonite!”

Harry chuckled, struggling to get himself back under control, “oh, you girl are evil”

Sarah smiled, wanly, “never used to be, but certain events… lets just say I gained perspective and some good friends and am the better for it”

Harry caught her eye and she nodded, a moment of understanding passing between them.


“Arggh” Sarah shouted her frustration outloud, as her latest attempt at an illusion, a simple colour change, turning a blackboard white resulted in a rainbow, “every time I try this, it fails. I seem to have far more control when I am not thinking about it!”

Flitwick tittered, he had been lucky enough to find Malfoy apparently walking around school in Care Bear pyjamas, an event Malfoy still hadn’t lived down, despite having been in bed at the time it occurred. Interestingly enough, Sarah hadn’t been awake either, she had apparently dreamed up the latest punishment for the arrogant bully, it was taken by the teachers at least as a somewhat harmless indication of exactly how much control she had.

Of course, Flitwick had made sure he had a few photos before dispersing the illusion.

“That maybe the key,” Dumbledore commented quietly, “if control is a purely instinctive matter”

Sarah shook her head, “maybe, but if the control is instinctive, then there is never any real control. That’s the point and problem of instincts”

“Quite true,” Flitwick replied, “tell me, this ‘Jareth’, is it just Illusion he could control”

“No,” Sarah grinned, “I believe the phrase you would use is Animagus, he could become an Owl”

Flitwick and Dumbledore exchanged a quick glance, one which Sarah missed.

“We could attempt animagus training, seeing what animal form you have if any,” Dumbledore mused, “come at this from the opposite direction as it were”

Sarah glanced up, a little surprised, “how would that help?”

Dumbledore nodded, offering both Sarah and Flitwick a mint humbug out of a bag in his pockets, “Animagus training focuses on control for one, control which can always be applied to other aspects of your abilities”

Sarah nodded her understanding at that.

“But,” Dumbledore continued, “if your powers come from Jareth then it is likely you will achieve the change in form through…” he hesitated here, not quite sure of his wording, “these other powers”

She nodded, slowly consideringly, “your hoping it will teach me more about the powers that I have, get me closer to understanding them”

“It is certainly a possibility” Dumbledore conceded.

“For that however you will need to talk to Professor McGonagall,” Flitwick smiled at his student, “there are two Animagus on staff but she is by far the most proficient”

“For now,” Dumbledore added, returning to his seat, “Practise, as they say, makes perfect. The rainbow is nice but recall the illusion from the blackboard please”

She concentrated, imagining the blackboard as it used to be, the strand of power returning to her. After a moment, she glanced up, and grimaced as she noticed that each colour in the rainbow was now bordered by black. Not quite there yet…


“Who is she?”

“I do not know,” he admitted, unwillingly, “by all appearances she is a mudblood but the Goblins reaction to her was… most unusual, and they are not discussing her. They have threatened to close the accounts of any who ask too many questions”

“Your son… he has reported to you?”

“She was placed in Gryffindor but all her classes are separate. She is not following the normal syllabus, appears only to be taking lessons with Flitwick, McGonagall and Dumbledore”

“The traitor, has he sent any word?”

He grimaced, resisting the urge to curse the traitors name aloud, that disloyal scum. Still, the bite came through in his words, “he says he is endeavouring to discover her true identity and purpose, however the girl does not appear to have disclosed her last name. He also says that he is unsure as to whether she is actually a witch”

“You lie,” he braced himself for the coming pain, “not even Dumbledore would allow a muggle into Hogwarts. Crucio!”

As the man writhed, the serpentine being in the dark cloak turned to his other followers, “I want to know the identity of this girl, and I want to know what is so special about vault 666!”
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